Check Out God Eater 2’s Charge Spear

By Spencer . January 28, 2013 . 3:45pm

Do you prefer to poking Aragami instead of slicing them? God Eater 2 has a new weapon made just for you called the Charge Spear. This weapon is designed for thrusting attacks and if you can target an Aragami’s weak point you can severely damage it. Fighting an Aragami that moves fast? You can do a cleaving attack that utilizes the Charge Spear’s reach.


Advanced users can do a gliding thrust where you dive into an enemy and an evasive backflip maneuver. Hold down the square button and you can build up power for a charge glide attack.


This video shows some of the Blood Arts, God Eater 2’s special attacks.



God Eater 2 is in development for PlayStation Vita and PSP.

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    • Zal_Yagun

      If you aren’t aware of god eater’s weapon system, you have a Melee and Range weapon with you at all times, though its role is a bit underplayed due to the fact that you need to get ammo by attacking with your melee normally.

      • I have burst. I want a gun main.

        • In this game world, there are no such things as Infinite Bullets. How will a Main Gun weapon work with that in mind? This series is one of those rare titles that Story and Gameplay follow the same rules (minus the dying part). For a Main Weapon to work, the Main Weapon shouldn’t be a gun, but an Enhanced Devouring Mechanism. One that would let you gain OP and Aragami Bullets really easy. And not only that, since Devouring would become your Main Melee weapon this way, you would be able to combo each and every bite!

          Of course, the catch for such a weapon would be that it deals mediocre damage output. It would only be used for all Ranged Weapon Users!

          With all that rambling of mine said, why think about a Gun Main, when Bullet Editing will return, as well as it being enhanced with more mod options?

          • My point just sailed on by, didn’t it? Let’s try this again. I want to play God Eater with a character that has a high powered sniper rifle and makes enemy’s heads asplode. I’m versed in the fiction as I played God Eater in Japanese as well as Gods Eater Burst in English. I don’t give a damn about the fact that bullets are limited or anything like that. I *want* to play as a character that exclusively shoots things. Not “I am going to make a character that exclusively shoots things”. I WANT to shoot things. I know it’s not possible to do this. I don’t care. It’s just something I want. I honestly can’t make that any more clear.

          • Raltrios

            Well, if you load up on OP recharges and build the right bullets you can win several battles using bullets exclusively. It’s often the quickest way to defeat some enemies.

          • That’s still not being a sniper. I just want to separate brains from skulls.

          • natchu96

            they don’t even have brains. Or spinal fluid, if you believe Sakaki. They’re a giant lump of overspecialized cells that don’t even have to stay that way. You’re essentially trying to headshot a clump of over a trillion amoebas that can grow its head back as your bullet goes through.

          • W/e. I want a gun.

          • neogeno

            Stubborn, aren’t we?!

          • I want what I want

          • OkamiKing

            Well in his defense he’s pretty damn clear. He wants to be an old type (No idea how to gather materials) But its surely not impossible. Limited, pretty foolish, but not impossible. It would be nice for them to implement a system where you can be an old type and get more rewards. Like higher damage, etc.

            Also it was to my knowledge Aragami had cores or something that function like brains.

          • natchu96

            They have cores, yeah. I think you can even see them on the arcs themselves. They’re probably nowhere close to the head, though.

          • OkamiKing

            Personally, I want a whip

          • neogeno

            So you want a character that is limited to a gun the way Sakuya and Kanon are. You don’t want to be a New Type GE. Its clear what your saying but with the current system, the best you can do is pretend.

            If its any consolation, they did say that their will be a sort of “partner system” where you and your partner will share one Oracle meter. Your partner could be the blade that fills the meter while you can hang back and shoot all you like.
            (I’m starting to notice that this game has a lot of dynamics in it!)

            EDIT: If its a crosshair screen from a sniper rifle your looking for then I dunno what to say. :/

          • Hey now! That’s useful.

    • jeof96

      So you want to be an Old-Type Gunner
      According to the Norn Database of Gods Eater Burst.
      Old-Type Melees’ gives the Oracle they gained to an Old-Type Gunner.
      I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t like that.

  • I want to play this sooooo bad lol

  • 猫 黒

    Not gonna lie, this actually looks pretty good. I hope when I get to play it, I can finally say GE can stand its ground with MH.

    • I don’t know. I kinda had that feeling when I played Burst. I must say that God Eater is the Golden Child of this genre! If Capcom puts their current business practices into MH3U and MH4 (cacellation, On-Disk DLC, “going Turbo”, blaming the fan base, no Mega Man, Street Fighter invading yet another Universe, etc.), then GE already won.

      • Locklear93

        As far as I’m concerned, GE won with Burst. MH never held my attention very long. Burst did.

        • Is no one playing RO?

          • Locklear93

            I have it, but it didn’t really pan out for me. I really, really want to like it, but I’m only in chapter 2 and mandatory missions are frustrating me solo. I can’t farm materials to make better gear, because I had the best available at my point in the game; I haven’t gotten any game goods from Near that would help (I’ve never seen a SINGLE assassin weapon from Near–craploads of sword warrior weapons), and so on. I got to a point where the game was just more annoying than it was worth to keep playing. It’s a shame; I’d been having fun with it at first.

          • You need someone to play with. Add me on PSN: dhaikage. I’ll at least keep you alive. Though, Assassin is pretty much hard mode.

    • I stated my opinion on MH in an earlier GE2 post already. As a solo gamer I couldn’t care less for MH. Judging by the visuals of MH4 Capcom wouldn’t even be able to produce a visually appealing title anyways. Additionally I can’t stand the huge fugly atrocities they call “armor” in MH and the game features no story and/or interesting characters at all. I’m putting my money where my mouth is, an that is GE2. GE Burst had already surpassed any MH entry, can’t wait for GE2.

      • almostautumn

        That’s a less-considered opinion, but I agree with you entirely. I also could not get into MH at all, but GE:B was really the opening for me and the hunting genre. I was absolutely blown away by the story, the fighting is just very animate and engrossing, armor/weapon upgrade simple and inviting, and bullet-customization a terrific tool for social means and just for those who really want to get nuts with it. In particular I loved how, after the “main” story ended, there was still over 50 hours of story to go! And for real; GE’s world and cast is just very cool.
        I’mma throw some Earth Seeker love in here too!!! …anyone?

        • I really can’t wait to see the full cast of GE2 and it still blows my mind how well the character models look. I hope from now on all developers doing multi-platform titles will start modeling and texturing on Vita first (basically making it the lead platform) and the nip and tuck on the PSP/3DS version instead of merely raising the native rez to to 960×544 and correcting the AR to 16:9 as was the case with Time Travelers. Don’t know if I could ever bear to watch lo-poly models again after having seen GE2 footage.

  • Rudy Soto

    I was skeptical at first, but the Charge Spear is a pretty solid weapon. I simply love it’s pole arm techniques, and its acrobatic maneuvers.

  • TatsuyaKyo

    Hmmm… Blade or Spear? Blades are very versatile, while the Spear is very punishing, not to mention pole-arms are my favorite kind of weapon. Choices, choices…

    I guess I’ll start with Spear for MAXIMUM PENETRATION.

    • JAM IT IN XD I wonder will tht scare off the Aragami XD

      • TatsuyaKyo

        I… don’t think aragami have functions like the one you’re implying, but then again, they change their appearance based on what they eat, so I guess it is possible. :P

    • Locklear93

      Spear for me. I’ve been accused of having a polearm fetish. It’s very disturbing. <_<

  • MikeTxn

    Good thing I bought a Vita a while ago.
    I really love God Eater.

    • I know right, gonna so play this with my cousin who has a PSP its gonna be loads of fun!

  • Miralizmis

    Crap, even if it does come here, I don’t have a Vita(or PSP)… :T

    • lol Buy, buy, buy, buy and buy….xD

      • Miralizmis

        Teez, yeah. XD
        I want one, but they’re really expensive…
        Plus, with all the Nintendo games coming out in March… I’ll have even less money… :T
        Well, maybe when there’s a price drop… :T

    • Time to invest for one XD

  • Raltrios

    As one who mained Short Blades in Burst, I’m rather fond of acrobatic manoeuvres and piercing things. It actually appears to be a lot more nimble than I was expecting. This lance looks right up my alley.

    While I already have a PSP, if this (and/or Demon Gaze) gets localized I’ll probably upgrade to a Vita. It’s the excuse I’m looking for that will also let me try out Disgaea 3, P4G, and a few other titles that have me mildly interested.

  • Watahashi

    I’m really loving the increased mobility. Man, those backflips.

  • Valtiel Ikari

    I want this game, like know!!

  • Lester Paredes

    The more I see of this game, the more I want to play it. C’mon, guys! Bring it out here!

  • This title is looking better and better every time I see it! They’ve improved on things from its predecessor. Hoping it receives localisation.

  • Elvick

    This is looking really good.

  • AyaisMUsikWhore

    This game looks great! If MH was made for the vita in sure it would look like this. But more vibrant and beautiful. Capcom played Sony but no big deal. It give games like this the opportunity to be greater

  • Charge Spear kinda reminds me Gunlance from MH but less sluggish, i guess i will use this one as my primary melee weapon in the game since i don’t really have any particular attachment with the previous 3 melee weapon classes.

    I hope this game will come to US Shore by Next year at most.

  • TheExile285

    ugh, I want this this localized SO bad. the first game was amazing and this one looks alot better

  • Ferrick

    well that’s that, as much as i love shortblades, i think i’m going to main as a charge spear user in GE2

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