Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus Is Dynasty Warriors With Costume Damage

By Spencer . January 30, 2013 . 3:05am

See Yozakura above? She is Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus producer Kenichiro Takaki’s favorite character from the Death Cram School squad. While the 3DS games were side-scrolling beat ’em ups, Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus is a Dynasty Warriors style game. Girls from rival schools replace warlords and when characters take damage their clothes take damage too. The video below shows Murasaki who also attends the Death Cram School.


Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus comes out on February 28 for PlayStation Vita.


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  • TheExile285

    The graphics look really good for an anime game like this. I wonder if I should import this at somepoint….

    • AkuLord3

      Its not an anime game…it was a game series before being an anime

      • TheExile285

        I know but the graphics are very animey. That is what i should have said

  • fyi1191

    Feels like Sengoku Basara to me.
    Being alone in the battlefield is what I want. Don’t need to protect those useless generals.

    And that cute censor icon!

  • Angel wing

    All of you girls be mai waifu

  • Bobby Jennings

    Game looks awesome, i might import :D

  • d19xx

    Thank you Sony for no region locking….

    • fyi1191

      Guess this is what he meant by covering the world in happy boobs.

      • No, for that he meant Funimation licensing the anime.
        Because apparently the world = the US

        • Anesia Hunter

          I hope that wasn’t it, since he knows people are wanting the GAMES not the anime which is a fail so far.

          • Serpenter Rex

            I keep hearing that the anime is bad, but so far I’m rather enjoying it. Its a fun way to start a day, before being dragged off to evil crammed lecture theatres for hours on end ~w~

          • Anesia Hunter

            It could be better, but it all seems poorly done and feels like that just slapped in a bunch of things and didn’t put much thought or effort into it. ~_~ People are even saying the drama CDs are better than the anime.

          • Josephl64

            I didn’t find the anime necessarily bad, but it feels uninspired for sure

          • I want the whole shabang, man…

    • CirnoTheStrongest

      This is 80% of the reason I don’t have a 3DS. Region-locking is horrible

      • d19xx

        I share your sentiments, but you’ll be missing out on some great games.

        • CirnoTheStrongest

          Yeah, but the Vita’s been coming out with so many awesome games lately, that I don’t really need to get a 3DS. There’s only so much time in a person’s day, and having two handhelds and two Consoles would be pretty hard to pull off, on top of having a PC to play games on. So, I’m fine with my Vita+PS3+PC+360 combo.

          Although that was more why I got a Vita back then, rather than a 3DS, because I could have gotten a 3DS, but it was between the two, and I’m glad I chose the Vita ~

          • Josephl64

            I don’t game on PC so I guess that’s why I can balance 2 consoles(Wii+PS3) and 3 handhelds(Vita, NA3DS, JP3DS).

  • Wappuli

    Kinda low enemycount for a musou-game but yea, it sure looks like one.
    I just hope that those those clothes breakinganimations can be turned of, wouldn’t really like all those pauses in the middle of action.
    Maybe I should buy this and actually get a Vita.

  • Spider-Man

    Truly amazing, totally importing this delicious game. Murasaki would be a great yandere waifu. If this somehow gets localized, I’d double dip.

  • RitZ Andy

    will this be on the psn store for all region ?

    • lol

    • No, it’s only accessible via importing the physical game or downloading it from the Japanese PSN store.

      If you choose to purchase it from the Japanese PSN store, know that you will need a Japanese credit card or a Japanese PSN point card. You can get point cards from online importers like Play-Asia.

      • And know you need to flip accounts if you are currently on an american PSN. Hard copy probably way to go. Plus no guarantee it’s on PSN store right away.

        • I’m pretty sure all Vita games have to be day and date.

        • superdry

          Also, if you already have another PSN account, your memory card is locked to that, so you will have to buy another memory card. Stupid Sony.

    • TheExile285


  • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

    Yozakura ftw! Fist those kunoichi!! Uhhhhnnnn!

    In serious, both vids show this game as a pretty decent beat’em up, regardless of the flash, and boobs, and butts.

    But come on, one of these Senran Kagura games has to make it over sometime?! Stop torturing us!!! D=<

  • omeganeko

    Can’t wait for February 28. Good Times

  • Damn this looks fun. This better do well so we can see more SK games on the Vita.

  • Josephl64

    can’t wait for my nyunyu dx pack ~

    • Demeanor

      You stole the words right from my mouth XD can’t wait to play the hell of Katsu-nee and Homura-chan ^ ^

      • Josephl64

        Ikaruga is my fave though, but all I know is from the anime so far

  • Calintz YT

    Aside from the nice T&A the gameplay looks fun.

  • This game looks so damn fun to play, I want a Vita.

  • I can’t begin to tell you how much the Senran Kagura anime has soured me on this franchise. I was going to import this, but I’m not up for supporting something do mindlessly dumb.

    • Go2hell66

      have to agree with you there, that anime is horri-bad
      but i’m still very tempted to try the games,

      • I mean, I was sorta digging the whole concept and then the anime happened. FACE. HEEL. TURN.

        • So one of those series to play for gameplay only?

          • It’s Dynasty Warriors style gameplay, so… no?

          • I like those games.
            Just one of those general statements really.

          • Luna Kazemaru

            the vita version is a dynasty warrior type game the other versions for the 3ds are main line games and are side scrolling beatem ups.

    • AkuLord3

      Let me hate on something that only has 4 episodes and really based on the game its not really any different or a big surprise. Its nothing amazing but i don’t see anything really stupid and really…what were you expecting?

      • Persona 4 The Animation was excellent by its fourth episode. Air was excellent by its fourth episode. Amnesia was excellent by its fourth episode. Chaos;Head, Steins;Gate, and Robotics;Notes were all excellent by their fourth episode. School Days was excellent by its fourth episode. Higurashi was excellent by its fourth episode. Senran Kagura is an amazingly bad anime. The plot is stupid, the characters are cliches and the “fanservice” is overall unappealing. It’s literally Massive Tits the TV, except we had that already. It was called Eiken and it wasn’t very good either. Fanservice is something that can work, but fanservice for fanservice’s sake is and always will be dumb.

        • AkuLord3

          1. Those aren’t the only animes in the world and things start out slowly like any show. You can say it started out well then but how do i know you just like those shows so you already kept liking up that point
          2. Chaos;Head…seriously?
          3. A video game beat-up with Fanservices and its Anime has FAN-SERIVICE?! OMG I AM SOOOOO SURPRISED. Did you miss news on the other games? never looked at gameplay or anything? Cuz you seem surprised on how it looks.
          You don’t like fanservice that’s fine but guess what that’s what the series had and you SHOULD have known…and really fanservice doesn’t always make a series “mindlessly dumb”.
          Also comparing it to Eiken…yeah nooo its not the same level yo :L

          • I didn’t say I don’t like fanservice; please try reading the whole comment. “Fanservice is something that can work, but fanservice for fanservice’s sake is and always will be dumb.”

            Yes Chaos;Head. The very first episode was intriguing to say the least.

            You made an argument that I shouldn’t hate on SK because it’s based on a game and only in its fourth episode, so I made a list of anime that were based on games and effing awesome by their fourth episodes. Your logic doesn’t really hold up; you can’t have it both ways. I knew what it was, but sometimes things can surprise you. For an out of context example, I went into The Social Network expecting it to be terrible because Facebook. It was one of my favorite films of that year. I went into K Project expecting it to be totally badass. It was crushingly boring. So forgive me it I thought Senran Kagura should be given a chance to be good.

          • I guess you don’t mind “anime with fanservice” (like, I guess you could consider Dragon Ball and Ranma to be in that league) but Senran Kagura is a “fanservice anime” (like Eiken, Jungle de Ikou, or Maken-ki), there’s a difference.. it’s pretty much become a genre of it’s own, and not a genre that a lot of people who prefer other kinds of anime can generally accept.

          • My issues with SK isn’t that it’s a fanservice anime. My issues with SK are that it’s only a fanservice anime. Kore wa Zombie Desuka is a fanservice anime. So is High School DXD. My biggest gripe is that it’s not even trying to push beyond being “Tits hu hu”

            I’m okay with something being trashy if it aspires to be more than it is. I just don’t like when they just sit on their figurative laurels and say “This is what we are”. A good example would be the Oneechanbara series. Total fanservicey trash and nigh unplayable. But you can tell that the creators were really into it and trying so hard. They just failed.

          • Alright, I get it, I get it, you just really, really thought the plot was crap, even for what you’d expect from Senran Kagura. Well, hopefully if you check out the manga or games you’ll find more in them than just the boobs ^^

        • Mr_SP

          Well, of course that’s how it is. Persona 4 is an anime of a good game, as are Air, Chaos;Head, etc. They had a good plot and premise to start with, so being faithful worked for them.

          Senran Kagura is “Fanservice: the game”. There was never any expectation that it would do better, because it’s whole selling point was “3D boobs and tearing clothing”. I can’t have claimed to have played the game, and I certainly can’t read Japanese… but come on. Just look at the videos – huge boobs and excessive panty-shots are the few major elements that separate it from any other game series. And then they slapped schoolgirl ninjas on top of that as a “plot”. Yes, the anime could have been decent, but the very premise of it’s source material severely reduces the chances of that happening.

          • you cant always judge solely from the source material. look at akb0048. there is no reason that should be anything more than trite idol nonsense, yet it’s one of the best anime on the air right now.

          • Mr_SP

            That’s true. I just don’t think it’s reasonable to want a result more than one standard deviation from what you would expect from that premise. When the produced officially states that he spent “30 seconds” thinking up a premise, and decided “the thing people want to see in 3D the most are breasts”… Then my expectations start pretty low.

            Maybe the Senran Kagura manga is interesting… but then there’s Dead Or Alive Beach Volleyball and Ikkitousen to make sure my expectations stay low.

          • Well, FLCL was an experiment. Gainax wanted to see what would happen if they spent a cour’s worth of episode budget on 6 episodes. Sometimes keeping it simple works better. And I’ll give just about everyone 3 episodes to make me want to stay.

          • Many would argue against that… lol

          • CirnoTheStrongest

            The manga was actually a lot more interesting than the anime, leading me to believe the game is pretty interesting, and the anime’s just waaaay too hard focusing on fanservice.

        • Luna Kazemaru
          • God my oh! We don’t like the same things? Perish the thought.

        • DriftSlave

          Senran Kagura isn’t a bad anime because of the reasons you mentioned, why? Because its staying close to what it is….

          “the plot is stupid” Did you ever play or actually pay attention to what Senran Kagura’s plot is(game/manga)? they are about the same..

          “the characters are cliche’s” well damn, i didn’t know cliche’ was a bad thing since the series concept is something that has been done to death however its still popular, maybe that’s a opinion….

          “the fanservice is overall unappealing” While its obvious that this is a opinion, The style of fanservice present in the anime is the exact same or to a larger degree present in the games….

          If Senran Kagura is a bad anime, its because the content its based on is “bad”. I like the series and most parts of its continuity, at the end of the day….im going to have to agree to disagree.

          • You liking it has no effect on my opinion that it’s terrible. Just like all the anime blogs hating this has no effect on yours.

        • My face when you said Chaos;Head and Air….

          • Hadn’t realized my opinions was invalid. Must have forgotten to pay the bill.

          • Luna Kazemaru

            Ok really your opinion on the game/anime or w/e is fine and all but don’t be a fucking dick about it. You could have just let the damn thing at you saying you didn’t enjoy it not turn the comments into a pissing battle you don’t like fanservice thats fine but expecting more from a fanservice show is alittle silly which is the point some of them making. You’re not in the wrong for not liking the game/anime but don’t go using bad examples to support your opinion.

          • Read my comment about how I don’t dislike fanservice. Read my reply to Mr_SP. Now read your comments, you gaslighting ass. I’m not the one being a dick here.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            Everyone here needs to stop the back and forth. Luna, Raioh, Darrell, everyone. The game ends now, folks.

          • game over…continue?

          • I’ve been meaning to tell you. Nyanyaan is a cute name :3

          • My apologies if I’m only helping to aggravate things XD I hadn’t seen this post before commenting.. should have refreshed.

          • DriftSlave

            yes because apparently post was that hostile, ok…whatever im dropping it.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            It is just nothing was being settled and other parts of the ‘discussion’ were getting out of hand. Just wanted everyone to be aware of the situation.

          • You can like and hate whatever you want, but try to make better arguments and use better examples if you want to talk shit about something that’s apparently unbelievably bad for you.

          • My Raioh, did that dick talk on twitter really make you this bitchy?

          • How is it that you missed all the other anime I listed? Disagree with one or two, that’s fine, but are you really going to argue that Persona 4 is a bad anime? Because that’s the conversation; whether I should be judging anime after only four episodes.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            P4 the Animation’s glaring issue with some folks is that it held too close to the canon story arc of the game. One was basically watching the various in-game cuts and little new was added. Thus, one could lose impetus to continue watching.

          • True. It would have been a good way to introduce Golden. Then again, the Kubo fight was completely different. But I hold up all my other examples too. Like Higurashi, which is my prime example of a series that transcended its original form. That’s the whole point really. Just because the game has a weak plot doesn’t mean the anime has to as well. Plus what SK did in the gaming space was somewhat unique. Oh well. I’ll probably still give the game a shot.

        • You were ready to compare Senran Kagura to those anime when you know that it’s basically based on a video game that was basically (and obviously) inspired by other anime like Ikki Tousen in everything but the Sangoku-inspired plot? Have you read what the director of this game’s basic mission statement has been for creating Senran Kagura?

          Senran Kagura gets all points for it’s fun factor, gameplay and boobs, not it’s plot. There are other games and anime for that. This is indeed supposed to be mindless, but that doesn’t automatically make it unappealing… much like the idea of a typical summer blockbuster (and I still think any fanservice anime or game are actually smarter and more my taste than those movies XD)

    • What would you expect from an anime based on a game that’s supposed to be all fun and fanservice? A story better than the Street Fighter or Fatal Fury animes? It’s great for what it is.

      • I’m going to assume you haven’t read any of my comments yet, so please do that. Particularly the exchange with Mr_SP.

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    Must hurry and beat the 3DS ones before this! Stupid visual novel mode!

  • kaizin

    game looks great and the boss’s fight’s looks like a challenge guess my wallet will bleed this February i go to get this.

  • Magus KilIer

    I wonder how much time there is until someone compares Yozakura to Zenia or Bullet
    *sees comments*

  • THRINE-4

    Nice, Murasaki is from Snake Academy, not Death Cram though.

  • Darkrise

    Murasaki instant fav.

  • Zal_Yagun

    Being a long time dynasty warriors fan, I don’t see much Warriors in this, this looks more less like a typical Hack n slash and locks you in an area within a level till everything is dead and you move on to the next.

    This does look like every other Hacknslashbeatemup like God Hand, No more heroes, Devil may cry, Ninja Gaiden, Anarchy Reigns, and the Campagin of Fist of the North Star. Enemies count is modest at best.. though in that own right it does look like a good Action game, while everything else is a bit silly..

    • I don’t get the Musou connection either… I’d say it’s more like the ikkitousen games, which I think is what the same developer worked on before Senran Kagura on the 3DS, so it makes sense.

    • British_Otaku

      The Dynasty Warriors comparisons probably come from 3D action combat against the relatively low resistance from a relatively large group of enemies (which is fairly modest in comparison to Devil May Cry’s Legendary Dark Knight).

      At a glance, it appears closer to that as it doesn’t appear to be going for God of War, No More Heroes or Devil May Cry.

      Indeed, it isn’t really a Musou/Warriors type game.

  • Muffum

    I’m a fan of quite a few Warriors-style games, and this piqued my curiosity initially, but it looks to me that this game will have the “mash to win” difficulty many Warriors games are criticized of. Not saying that those games do, or this game does, but that’s how it seems just from these videos.

    It doesn’t help that the cinematic supers bug the hell out of me; I’d prefer them to just be integrated into the action instead of having to abruptly cut away like that.

    • British_Otaku

      The original 2011 Senran Kagura game on the 3DS let watch the cutscene before the real time attack or skip the cutscene at any time by pressing a button, so it can basically be as good as real time special in any other game or a cinematic one if you feel like it.

      I’m willing to bet that they let you see the cutscenes here so they can market them as an asset. Not sure if they will have options to make it automatically run in a real time fashion.

  • Serpenter Rex

    Seeing this makes me glad I picked up a PSV just the other day ^^ Can’t wait to import >w< I wonder if the 3DS ver is any good…

    Also, environments look quite bland… But still! I can't wait! Haha

  • Holy crap I’m lovin Murasaki! Dem spinnin blades lol. Looks like I’ll be importing then =^_^=

  • midgard229

    honestly i hate that this version is like dynasty warriors….totally skipping it because of it

  • Senran Kagura Shinovi is like ikkitousen with weapons, tits and ass flying everywere.

  • Man, do I wish this was one of those cross games for both PS Vita and PS3 (as a PSN game, even). Even if the PS3 version was only available in the Japanese store, I’d shell out for some Japanese PSN points to download it in a heartbeat!

  • Demeanor

    Murasaki has some serious problems, she’s got one single brain cell screaming “Noooo don’t get close to me stay awayyyyy” “But…why??” “NOOOOO!!!”
    Also, Ikaruga was SO cool XD I hope we’ll have a decent amount of battle options, also I’m curious about the difficulty, how high will it go? ^ ^

  • Lester Paredes

    hmmm… Team Ninja better take note, they’ve been out jiggled with this new and startling revelation: Butt jiggle animation…
    aside from clear cheesecake and fan service, this does kind of look like it’d be a fun button masher. Just, better not let you girlfriend or wife see. Oh, wait, who are we kidding? Any male that buys this probably has neither…

    • Hey you’re right.. I’m like, “dammit, why can’t this come out over here so I can buy it?!” now I realize, I just got a girlfriend recently…. :O it’s the curse. Damn, and she wanted to play it too… >.<

      And butt jiggle has also already been done by Soul Calibur and Mortal Kombat as well (and KOF if you count 2D without actual physics). But nothing… will ever top the jiggle of DOA1…

      • Lester Paredes

        Really? I guess I just never noticed all of the butt jiggle.

  • Tomcatters79

    This is a “REAL MUST HAVE” for PS VITA

    Why Sony dont make a deal with Marvelous and make Senran Kagura “The Flag” of PS VITA in Japan?

  • S- Class Wizard KaRamo

    i’m loving this game but i don’t know why… Lol

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