Xenoblade Chronicles Artist Posts Artwork To Recruit New Monolith Soft Staff

By Spencer . February 3, 2013 . 10:21pm


Xenoblade Chronicles and Project X Zone studio Monolith Soft is hiring. A notice on Facebook says the Kyoto Studio is looking for a 3DCG designer, motion designer, and effect designer. Know how to use PhotoShop, After Effect or Maya? Live in the Kansai area? Here’s more information on how to apply.


The artwork Monolith Soft used to advertise the jobs is from Xenoblade Chronicles artist Yasuyuki Honne. You may also know Honne as the art director for Xenosaga Episode 1 and Xenogears. Could his illustration be from a new Monolith Soft project?

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  • Phoenix_Apollo

    Might they actually make another new IP? I’d be very interested if they did.

    • PABLO Rapetti Perez

      Lets hope they do. Would love to see some WII U with a solid exclusive rpg arsenal.

  • Suppa Man

    ME! ME! ME!
    Oh wait I don’t fit any requirements.
    Looks like I can’t get my early preview of Xenoblade 2 T_T.

  • WOW Everything is epic about these guys.

  • Just in case people don’t know who Honne is, in addition to building the Mechonis and Bionis models for Xenoblade, he was Art Director for Xenosaga, Baten Kaitos and Xenogears. (He was also a map designer on Chrono Trigger at Square)

    Honne has been at Monolith for several years now, but at their new studio in Kyoto for just about a year, judging by his personal blog. In that time, the Kyoto studio has been involved in Skyward Sword, Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Project X Zone.

    In the case of the first two, Monolith and Honne are simply mentioned under “Special Thanks” but in the case of PXZ, Honne describes his involvement as “Map Graphic Supervisor”. We haven’t really seen anything grand come out of the Kyoto studio yet, so it remains to be seen just what they’re up to.

    • Don’t forget Chrono Cross! It’s Honne’s masterwork as far as I’m concerned. (Baten Kaitos is a close second.)

      • I knew I was forgetting something!

  • PABLO Rapetti Perez

    I would love a epic rpg ala Xenogears by Monolith Soft. Am I the only gamer that after seeing the Xenogears Episode 5 at the end of the game still dreams about a new entry? Of course I know it will be be impossible as I believe Square Enix holds the rights. I just wish to see another epic rpg that rises the number of questions Xenogears. Lets hope Tetsuya Takahashi delivers it on day with Monolith.

    Yes, way out of subject here.

    • There will be no more epic story from Monolith Soft like the Xeno games. And what about Xenosaga?

      • PABLO Rapetti Perez

        I doubt it too but what makes you say that?

        • Don’t feed the troll.

          • Guest

            Thanks for the tip, Im a little slow sometimes

        • Because now gameplay to Monolith Soft is all.

      • I remember you. I’m going to give you a very early warning here. If you start your nonsense again, you’re going to get banned, no questions asked.

        • Your definition of nonsense?

          • You know very well I’m talking about. No more “Xenoblade sucks” tirades. If you have nothing to say that’s pertinent to the topic in question, move on and don’t post anything.

          • The user above said that he wants new epic story from Monolith. I just said that there will be no more epic stories from the team. Where’s the problem?

          • Because, for one, you don’t know that. You’re just trolling as per usual. Knock it off. And for another, I’m sure a lot of people would consider Xenoblade “epic”. Now, let go of this discussion or there won’t be more warnings.

          • I just said my thoughts. Where’s the problem?

          • You have a history for your “thoughts” being nonsense.

          • That’s what you thinks. How this is related to my freedom of speech?

          • Banned. Poster has a history of derailing threads.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            We are not a government, just a site that asks its community to follow a few simple rules.

  • XypherCode

    A brand new epic RPG for the 3DS would be great. :)

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    I smell a ARPG that might push the 3Ds to its limits

    • Shiki

      I feel the same thing, but not sure if it’s for the 3DS, but I would like it to be, more JRPGs is what my 3DS is craving for, AS LONG AS THE GAME WILL BE LOCALIZED!!

  • Suicunesol

    I read somewhere that this is for a 3DS RPG…

    …but if Siliconera didn’t mention 3DS, it must just be an assumption from another site…

    In any case, WOW Monolith Soft sure is busy and growing! It’s a ripe opportunity for guys like me to jump in! It’s too bad I don’t live in Japan and do 3D graphics for a living. ARGGGG

    • Anyone that says it’s for any platform is assuming things. No platforms mentioned at all.

      • Farid Belkacemi

        I thought the Kyoto based Monolith Software was focusing on 3DS hardware…

        • Nothing of the sort is confirmed so far. All we know about Kyoto is that Honne and some of his co-workers were mentioned in the credits for Skyward Sword and New Leaf, and that Honne had some involvement in Project X Zone. Beyond that, we know very little about the Kyoto studio.

          • Farid Belkacemi

            You, Sir, are right :) I made a quick search and I found nothing about Kyoto’s projects. I just hope it’s Baten Kaitos related :)

  • kylehyde

    Whatever it is, whatever system gets released, is great to see that there is more monolith soft products on the horizon. I really like the vibe that transmit this artwork, like a fantasy world or a fairy tale, I will love to see something like that.

  • $39420547

    another game from monolith soft is just great, i know they can’t always create an rpgs that can be consider on of the best rpgs ever but am sure whatever they create will be a satisfying game

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    I am kinda torn here.T_T I am really happy that we are going to get another new IP from Monolith Soft here especially for 3DS.

    However i also wanted them to give us more Baten Kaitos.T_T

    Monolith Soft can you give us this and new Baten Kaitos please.T_T I will give you all my coin here. Or you want some golden mushroom?

  • Kai2591

    hmm…are the good JRPGs shifting towards Nintendo consoles? If so, I will have to seriously consider getting Nintendo consoles…provided they give dual-audio haha.

    I’ve already decided to get a 3DS for Fire Emblem and Pokemon Y though…

    • They’ve been for a long time, GBA and DS are full of them.

      • Kai2591

        but not the types that I prefer…until now :)

        • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

          You should try Soma Bringer there.^_^ It is action rpg which is damn fun to play.^_^

          • Farid Belkacemi

            I’d love to but I don’t understand Japanese… :(

  • Man, Honne is the best. Whatever he’s working on, I hope we get to see/play it soon.

  • Whatever it is that they’re making, I’ll take two please.

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