Capcom Revise Resident Evil 6 Forecast Again, Now Down To 5 Million

By Ishaan . February 4, 2013 . 1:13am

Capcom’s expectations for Resident Evil 6 have taken another hit. Initially, Capcom expected to ship 7 million copies of Resident Evil 6 by March 31st, 2013. Then, they revised that figure down to 6 million in October.


Now, they’ve revised it again. As part of their nine-month earnings for the period ended December 31st, 2012, Capcom have adjusted their forecast for Resident Evil 6 down to 5 million copies shipped by March 31st, 2013.


Additionally Capcom mentioned that Dragon’s Dogma has seen an additional 100,000  copies shipped since the last time we last checked on the game. Total worldwide shipments of Dragon’s Dogma are now up to 1.3 million.


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  • Alex Loh

    You guys(crapcom) have expected way too much,we prefer survival horror.

    • Dick Mountainjoy

      The sales of Revelations and Code Veronica HD say otherwise.

      • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

        Sad truth.T_T

    • malek86

      RE5 was also action, but it well met its forecast, I think. In the case of RE6, the problem was the quality of the game (mixed reviews and word-of-mouth must have hurt its chances), and they might also have overestimated the market’s conditions (compared to 2009-2010, 2012 was a pretty big drop for industry revenue and console sales).

      • mirumu

        You may well be right, but I wonder if many just bought RE5 sight unseen based on the reputation of previous games (RE4 especially)? I mean we often don’t know if a game is our cup of tea until we actually play it. Selling well doesn’t necessarily equate to quality.

        I’m not saying that’s definitely the case with RE5, I know plenty of people liked it, but personally I wasn’t so fond of the change of direction. Maybe others felt the same way and it reflected in RE6 sales to some extent?

        • malek86

          The direction of RE5 was pretty clear from the videos (and the fact that RE4 was already a lot more action than before). If fans didn’t wanna buy it, they wouldn’t have. I remember a lot of complaints before release from the fans, but that didn’t stop it from selling well.

          From my own experience I’d say that RE5 was a pretty good co-op game, which RE6 didn’t seem from the demo. And of course, admittedly it also had the luck of coming out at a time when co-op shooters were all the rage (whereas nowadays the craze has died down a bit).

          Unlike DMC, I think RE is much less dependant on its fans. It’s a far more mainstream game, so word of mouth and reviews will count a lot more. And RE5 got pretty good reviews and was generally well accepted by non-fans, while RE6 was mostly reviled.

  • PABLO Rapetti Perez

    My take on this. The decline in RE6 sales is not about being an action game over a horror one (as much as I would love that). The thing here is that RE6 is a crapppy action game, with three mediocre campaigns full of spectacle and at the same time, full of nothing. Hope they go back to the RE4 days.

    • So basically, back to horror.

      • PABLO Rapetti Perez

        Na, back to RE4, which had horror and action. Not keen on going back to the ps1 days with the tank controls and out of screen zombie bites. Also, back to one quality campaign :)

        • EverEndingStory

          Resident Evil 4 had some action set pieces, especially later in the campaign, but overall its just as much a horror game as any other survival horror game with shooting as the main form of defense and enemy interaction (i.e., the previous Resident Evil games). It just has better mechanics and a much better choice of perspective.

        • pressstart

          RE4 still had tank controls, just the camera being behind the back, which makes it more natural.

    • Wake

      RE4 was the sweet spot of the RE franchise. I really hope it goes back to that.

    • eilegz

      it wont be the best TPS, nor its the best Survival horror game, but RE6 its the BEST modern RE, it improved so much over re4 and re5, gameplay, cooperative and content. I remember when re5 released everyone hate it, they didn’t like cooperative, there was people complaining about why they couldnt move and shoot.

      Now re6 people hate it because its cool to hate re6, they want to compare it to cod, uncharted and gears which all this kind of comparison dont make any sense, how re4 its better than re6 when it have the same amount of annoying QTE some of them its even worse, the storage option was crap en re4, oh and ashley babysit dont even get it started….

      At least the AI here its good and coop its optional and not forced like re5, you can finnally move and shoot, have some decent melee (remember i have to resort to the stupid knive on re4) and BALANCE thats what re6 outclass any modern re games.

      • Jordan Coleman

        Yeah I don’t agree. I believe RE6 is pretty awful.

        You say it has decent melee. Yes it does, to the point of being extremely over-powering. You say the knife sucked in RE4. Yes it did, that was the point. A last line of defense or a choice to use when enemies were stunned Either way be using it you were leaving yourself in a perhaps dangerous situation. That’s the point. RE4 was all about tension in it’s enemy encounters. People complain about how “oh you can’t move and shoot” well I mean thats the point. It creates tension and urgency. RE6 dosen’t do any of this. Moving and shooting was not something RE4 needed or should have. There’s no urgency or tension, just annoyance Annoyance in it’s crappy control scheme and terrible enemies who take too much to kill and do not reward smart usage of weapons or accuracy. They also just like to randomly spawn somewhere in the world. Oh and shoot at you, which is the dumbest thing for a game with the pace and speed of RE6.

        You think the inventory scheme in RE4 is stupid. I can;t agree. It’s incredibly shitty in RE6 with too much tedium to just make a herb and far too limited storage. Also it’s annoying that the game does not pause. If you want to have all these steps for me to do simple things then maybe you should pause when I try to use them. In RE4, storage was a mechanic itself. Offering upgrades and actual item management that felt involved. “How do I make this work, what do I prioritize and how can I optimize this” was what I thought looking at my attache case. For more interesting then the crap in RE6.

        You say the AI is better. It really is’nt, its just this time they don’t die. They are still mostly useless. I remember having to do basically everything when it came to boss battles. Not really an improvement It’s funny, people always complain about Ashley, but I don’t get it. She was never really a bother for me. I mean shes not with you for many parts and when she is you can hide her or just keep her at your side. If she’s dieing i’s kind of your fault, you aren’t playing well.

        Yeah I just think RE6 is a pretty awful game. I can’t even bring myself to finish it.

  • Eric Harris

    They claim they are going to go back to RE’s roots next game. They should have done so this game. I want to play in a creepy mansion, spooky woods, abandoned castle, etc. . I want a REmake/RE4 type game with today’s current gen graphics. That would be an amazing game.

    • PABLO Rapetti Perez

      I just miss the “Morir es Vivir” of RE4. In theory, the line is plain silly, but in a weird castle between all the atmosphere, it was unsettling as few things ever were. No more remakes, but I support a throwback to RE4. Maybe even a new look at the RE4 version with ghosts. RE needs something new.

      • Valtiel Ikari

        RE4 originaly would include all that looked very creepy and atmospheric, too bad they dicided to make it more action, with it sad because it looked awesome.

  • Jordan Coleman

    Capcom screwed up big time. Right now is the perfect climate for a zombie survival horror. The audience is there and the public open to it. RE already being a name, could have meant even more capitalizing on zombies now. If Capcom had delivered a good zombie game now in the time of The Walking Dead! They would have reached great sales.

  • Göran Isacson

    Man Capcom, dreaming big can be harmful sometimes. I do wonder how it came to this- how Capcom came to overestimate themselves so much. Were they doing spectacularly well up until this year? Or were things pretty much just “business as usual” and Capcom somehow believed that their games would sell far more than they have before because… well, because they WANTED it hard enough?

  • Hraesvelgr

    tbh, regardless of what anyone thinks of this or DmC (I have no interest in either, really), Capcom needs to lower their sales forecasts in general. Fan feedback for a number of their games has been awful and even well-received ones like Dragon’s Dogma still don’t end up being the smash hits they seem to expect (a shame, imo).

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    The whole problem i think for RE series is because they make the scale to big here.

    They make the zombie outbreak into something like Giant Terrorist Attack which makes it really difficult to bring them back to the horror game mode as the whole horror vibe from RE mostly comes from smaller scale location/building or deserted city.(Like what we see on RE: Revelations where the game happens in a ship.)

    In the recent RE, they moves to big big cities and the Umbrella Corp going aggresive and attacking the world which gives the game more action vibe.

    Hope Capcom will be able to bring back all the atmosphere that they have build before and bring back RE to it’s finest once more.^_^

  • Wake

    The writers clearly wrote themselves into a corner. The direction and scale they were trying to achieve warranted the gameplay change. So how will people react if Capcom decides to just reboot RE? Just do what they did with DmC. Will people welcome the change? It’s a polarizing franchise, but does the divide justify a fresh start?

    • midgard229

      I still love it being co-op honestly, mostly because of me and my fiance. to be honest though if they ditched the co-op and just made a single player game and a standalone mercenaries game with RE6 gameplay thats coop with a ton of levels then i wouldnt mind at all.

      instead of that garbage racoon city game, they should use release 2 sets, a coop side set, and a singleplayer game.

      and i actually really liked 6. but probs for me was chris’s campaign was aweful. Leons was really good, except for the story and helena, and jakes was my favorite story wise and gameplay wise

      • I love co-op as well and found I enjoyed RE6, but not as much as I wanted. I found your final comment funny, b/c I thought Jake’s story was my LEAST favorite, Leon’s the best and Chris in the middle. I liked Leon’s story and liked Helena. I found the first 2 1/2 chapters of Jake’s (half his campaign) just tedious!

        Glad some people liked RE6.

        • midgard229

          i didnt like chris’s because of piers (well till the end) and because there was no ammo at all lol. Jakes first 2 chapters were tedious, but their story was the best i think. i still gotta finish ada’s

  • brian

    I think they had expectations too high for this and DMC.

  • man, all you people do is bitch about how “bad” the RE franchise has gotten for some of you, just because you don’t like action and prefer survival/horror, doesn’t really make it a bad game, it never, ever will be, you see it as a bad game cause all you guys care about is getting what you want, thats not a real Resident Evil fan, you call yourselves RE fans, if you were, you wouldn’t bitch about a single game in the franchise

    • ToshiChan

      longest run on sentence ever award with an additional are you fucking kidding me with that last statement

      So if we’re fans we should just praise every game in the franchise even if it was in actuality a terrible game and played terribly? I am not following your logic.

    • Locklear93


      Are you seriously implying that stamping “Resident Evil” on a game means no one should complain, regardless of the quality of the game? Because that’s how your last bit there seems to read: “Real RE fans take what they’re given and like it.”

      That’s not a fan; that’s a sucker.

    • eilegz

      thanks to god that there are people with common sense, the whole complaining about RE since re4 its just bshit… like it or not survival horror its a dead genre… lets see if dead space 3 and the last of us will bring something

    • brian

      I’ve only played one (RE0) of these games, but something about it was special that RE5/6 appear to have lost.

      You should learn the concept of fans being alienated because they got into it because they liked being scared.
      Besides, some people really dislike combat-centric games.
      So it makes this series bad for THEM, but it still could be fun and solid.

    • Soulsden B

      >just because you don’t like action and prefer survival/horror, doesn’t really make it a bad game
      I love action games and RE6 is a shitty third person shooter.

  • Edzo

    i blame the giraffe blowjob

    • Locklear93

      MAN, cannot unsee. Ever since that was first pointed out to me, that’s been ALL I CAN SEE whenever that logo is shown. I’m almost surprised Capcom didn’t toss it and redo the logo. :P

    • SunOatBoatMatadorQuattro

      Well, the woman was asking for it

  • Soulsden B

    A well deserved blunder. Hopefully they’ll reconsider things.

  • eilegz

    what a shame, this game its amazing, its the best modern re improved over anything in re4 and re5… Haters gonna hate

  • l777l

    Good. Make a return to survival horror. And seriously, not just one where you pretend that it is a return, in statements, and have it be another RE 4, 5, or 6.
    By the way, I hope Mikami’s Project Zwei will benefit from this. Less stupid action, more survival horror, atmosphere, exploration, carefully orchestrated presentation, and pacing.

  • DietSoap



  • Loved RE4, Loved more RE5, liked RE6.

    It was good. It was bloated. There were some amazing over-the-top action sequences and fun portions. There were some areas that just dragged. I often wondered if Capcom released this as episodic content, maybe $15/each, would it be so frowned upon? You can’t deny it was ambitious, and tying each story together was pretty cool.

    Capcom has done MUCH worse than RE6.

  • Lostman

    RE6 is not a bad game. But it feels rushed and unpolished for such a big release. Hopefully the next one will be better. Though I hope it won’t be a purely survival horror game. A mix of both RE “eras” would be the best.

    • Jordan Coleman

      A mix of RE eras was kind of what RE6 was. It did’nt work. RE needs a reboot. Drop the terrible story as well.

      • Lostman

        Storywise maybe, but not that much in gameplay. What’s sad about RE6 is that the more I think about it, the more I think that what it needed to do was to be more like Dead Space.

  • Brian Waymire

    I think with the option to turn off QTE this game has had a major improvement. I liked the game and bought it day one. I only regret because the price dropped so fast (I don’t buy most games day one and thus not surprised entirely) but it’s still a good game and with it’s current price point I’d recommend it! Multiplayer is dying though so I don’t recommend you buy it’s new mode dlc I haven’t and have no plans to. Which btw charging for new modes in a game is bs.

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