DmC Devil May Cry Ships 1 Million Copies; Forecast Lowered To 1.2 Million

By Ishaan . February 4, 2013 . 1:07am

Capcom shipped 1 million copies of DmC Devil May Cry in January, the company announced as part of their nine-month earnings report today.


Additionally, the company has revised its sales forecast for DmC Devil May Cry as well. Initially, Capcom expected to ship 2 million copies of the game by March 31st, 2013. Now, that figure has been lowered to 1.2 million.


For comparison, Capcom shipped over 2 million copies of Devil May Cry 4 when the game launched in 2008. Devil May Cry 4 had/has the highest initial shipment of any Devil May Cry title in the series.


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  • Greek-God88

    fantastic news :D

    • Fub Frank

      How is it really fantastic? Low sales could determine what Capcom might do with the series on whether they really want to continue with it or not.

      • Greek-God88

        Better a legendary dead DMC than a Zombie like DmC

        • Fub Frank

          Well, the 3 is the last one I would call “Legendary”. So the series wouldn’t even be leaving on a high note considering 4 wasn’t that great either.

          • What’s with all the hate for 4? I don’t quite understand it. It’s my second favorite game in the franchise after the original.

          • I think it’s more of a reminder about two things:

            – The original series isn’t as untouchable/perfect as some claim it to be.
            – And it had its share of people who liked or disliked it.

          • yeah , the 4 is awesome , maybe dante use his old move too much , but Nero is bad ass too , I only hate that the developer don’t add weapon for him . But that can’t be the reason for the hate , can it ?

          • Fub Frank

            Don’t really hate it as much as it is one of the least good ones outside of the combat. The design is lazy and implementing Dante felt like nothing more than fan service.

          • Greek-God88

            Agree nothing beats style switching on the fly and credo
            also Nero is fun to use with exceed :p

          • It’s true that the 4 can’t be call “Legendary” but it’s never a bad one , more like a great one ! So yeah , i agree with Greek-God88 ,
            Better a legendary dead DMC than a Zombie like DmC

          • Greek-God88


  • Huge victory for Ninja Theory (this game puts them on the map for other publishers to see), but a disappointment for Capcom.

    • andref

      What do you mean, since I’m as informed about the significance of shipping numbers

      • Capcom wanted to ship 2 million by March. That isn’t happening. They now expect they’ll be able to ship 1.2 million. So, sales-wise, it’s not up to their initial expectations.

        However, critically, the game was very well-received, so that’s a huge plus for Ninja Theory (whose games people have had complaints about in the past, with regard to combat, framerate etc.).

        • andref

          Alright thanks for clarifying. Though there was no reason for the downvotes

          • DmC thread. Downvotes no matter what anyone says. :P

          • andref

            That is true but that doesn’t mean I don’t feel pity for anybody that does down vote anybody who has a positive opinion about the reboot

          • Luna Kazemaru

            downvotes for anyone who is remotely positive or neutral to the game but then again on this site the downvote is abused so much its fun to watch it happen since most of the time its people without an account and can’t speak because they can’t say anything of intelligences but troll.

          • Safros9

            Don’t think you can downvote without an account, only upvote.

        • ZEROthefirst

          By “critically, the game was very well-received” you mean companies like IGN, Metacritic, etc. that no one can honestly look to anymore for an honest review since they’ve become almost completely biased towards the individual reviewers own opinion now.

          While I won’t say the combat is bad in the game, it’s not as good as DMC3 or 4. The framerate issue is still very present in this game as well. For the most part it runs fine, (choppy at some points) but most cutscenes are very choppy.
          There’s NT trying to mock older DMC fans with the randomly stupid white wig flying on Donte’s head while he just happens to be in front of a big chunk of glass (I couldn’t care less that they did that, but it just seems like such a childish way of making fun of the older games), and brilliant dialogue, Dante and Vergil arguing with each other… I think you know where I’m going with this one.
          Anyways DmC in my opinion isn’t a “bad” game, but it could have been handled much better, preferably by another company (especially one that doesn’t have Tameem ignoring people addressing concerns about glitches and bugs or just telling people to “fuck off” over criticism).

          • None of what you said is anything publishers care about. They don’t care if you hate IGN. They don’t care if you hate Dante’s hair. They don’t care if you hate the game for not being DMC5. They don’t care how much you dislike Tameem. They care about how well the game was received, and it was received well. So yes, it is a big deal for NT because it shows an improvement on their part.

          • Locklear93

            Publishers do care about sales, too, to be fair. NT is establishing itself as lower selling. Yes, it’s the publisher’s job to push the game, but sales go beyond advertising. If NT is 3/3 on games that don’t meet sales expectations, with three different publishers, that says something too, critical acclaim or not. I rather suspect that unless something is in the pipe right now, NT’s next release will have to be from a much smaller publisher, on a tighter budget.

          • Guest

            Publishers care about money. NT making games isn’t leading to sales. All the critical acclaim in the world doesn’t matter in the slightest once you get a reputation for underperforming on sales.

          • Then they should care about the game not meet their expectation and even worst , they losing their money , am i right ?

          • ZEROthefirst

            Publishers look for good sales numbers and how well it was received. It was critically well received which seems to be almost perfect scores for every big name IP entry (example, IGN giving Halo 4 and almost perfect score, 9.8. I don’t know about you but even I can say this is not near being a perfect game, but it’s a good game regardless).
            Anyways I don’t hate IGN (I don’t trust their reviews though), I don’t hate Dante’s hair, I don’t care that this is not DMC5, I don’t hate Tameem (he’s a prick who needs to learn how to be professional in responding or at the very least ignore criticism), so don’t make assumptions that I’m you’re usual “I don’t like this game because it’s not what I wanted” or ” liek omg Donte looks like an emo fag.” I base my opinion on my experiences with the game and how I received it. If you read and watch some of the many and I mean MANY reviews for this game (there are a lot that are not being biased because of how they wanted it) it’s amazing to see how many of them actually point out the flaws, problems with script and dialogue, glitches, etc then it makes you 2nd guess the big name reviewers like IGN and their inability to even finish some games before writing off their own reviews on it.
            I know though “The publishers only care about how critically well received it was and sales don’t really account for anything.”

        • tridus

          In the end, sales matter. The game didn’t sell the way it was supposed to, and likely won’t make any money as a result.

          At the absolute best for Ninja Theory, it’s a phyrric victory.

      • I think he means Capcom rebooted the franchise because they weren’t satisfied with DMC4‘s sales, but this game sold even less, so Capcom didn’t reach their goals.

    • malek86

      I did tell you 2 millions was gonna be hard :P (but I thought they would lower it to 1.5 millions, so this is quite the revision)

      Good for NT for the reviews, but still, I wonder if they’ll ever develop a proper success game. So it looks like neither Namco, Sony, nor Capcom were the right publisher for that.

      • Haha, yeah, this is quite the revision. RE6 is an even bigger concern. That took a huge hit. Down from 7 to 5 mil. They’re going to need to rethink that series for good this time.

        Anyhow, bed time for me so I’ll catch you in a few hours!

        • malek86

          For RE6, yes. I guess the quality of the game must have hurt a lot (Medal of Honor Warfighter also got slammed and ended up selling badly). As for DmC, they must have underestimated the fan’s impact on the series’s sales.

          • That, or the market is simply so different from 2008 that it was never going to do as much as DMC4 in the first place. I’m very curious as to whether it really was due to the fan reaction or not.

          • malek86

            I wasn’t talking about the extreme fans’ kneejerk reaction. I meant simply those people who played the previous games and weren’t all that interested in this one because it seemed too different and didn’t suit their taste. I guess a comparison could be EX Troopers, which was pretty different from LP and presumably suffered because of it, while failing to attract its new intended audience.

            These people should ideally have been replaced by new fans, but I guess Capcom overestimated the impact of beat’em up games on mainstream audiences.

    • Jordan Coleman

      But how is this a big victory for them? Shouldn’t they already be on the map? Sony put a lot of money into them. Namco put a lot of money into them. And for both publishers they delivered mediocre games, both sales wise and critically. And I’m pretty sure Enslaved also shipped 1 million. DMC what was supposed to be a bigger success then past Devil May Cry games and hit a wider(and thus bigger) audience on the caliber of say GoW. Yet both haven’t happen. How does this look good for NT? Their two previous IPS that both publisher’s put their weight behind didn’t gain traction and now their game with a known ip has not performed the way it was supposed to sales wise? Why would a publisher want to work with them? It’s doubtful their games are cheap.

      • Jordan Coleman

        Ok you’ve clarified that on a critical level the game delivered. Yeah I guess, but that hasn’t saved many(if any) developers.

        • Richard N

          It’d going pretty well for Platinum despite their continuous mediocre sales.

      • andref

        Still shouldn’t the fact that January comes off the biggest month in spending due to christmas. I don’t know about you but in January I tend to keep a tighter hold on my wallet than usual, plus its tax season

        • Jordan Coleman

          You mean after Christmas were people have tons of giftcards? No I don’t think being January means anything. games sell in every month and most of them are front-loaded anyway. Is DMC going to have legs? Legs to the point where demand makes Capcom ship another million? Remember this dosen’t mean it’s sold a million.

          • surakian

            People either spend those cards immediately after Christmas or save them until later in the year. January is a slow spending month.

          • Jordan Coleman

            I doubt any of us here are sales experts, so I don’t really care.

            But do you really think releasing DMC at any other time was going to make a big deal? You think if they released it in February that means it was going to automatically sell better? May? April? Probably not. I really doubt the month of January had anything to do with this games sales. Maybe, just maybe people weren’t interested. Well see in the NPD were probably CoD and just dance performed fine either way.

          • andref

            Well how about I add this, ever since a budget wasn’t passed we went over the fiscal cliff and with it, more taxes were taken out of our paychecks and with it, (I don’t know about you) but I definitely would be rethinking what games I would be putting on my high priority list.

          • Jordan Coleman

            You just said “not high on my priority list”. If a game that was very high on your priority list came out now, would it matter if it was January?

            That was the problem, it wasn’t high on many peoples list apparently What will make it sales pick-up as time passes it buy, more games come out, and used versions become more of an option.

            I’m waiting for it to be heavily discounted and I doubt the publisher or the retailer wants me to do that.

          • andref

            Actually January does matter since I actually tend not to spend money in January but save up. Off the top of my head, I don’t particularly remember any year in which I actually felt inclined to buy anything new. I try to spend as little as possible and maybe get a few things used I couldn’t get the previous year due to my budget available

          • Jordan Coleman

            Well we really can’t argue with anecdotal evidence. Publisher’s keep releasing AAA games in January, it’s a growing trend and it seems to work. So I don’t think the month of January negativity impacts games. I doubt it impacted DMC.

          • andref

            Though I would argue that they are released in January or later so as not to compete with COD and the other big name releases around Nov and Dec

          • Jordan Coleman

            Yes they are, that’s the point. The publishers think it’s a good time to release their games.

          • yeah, if you’d have ever worked a retail job, you’d know that January is a low spending month everywhere. Gamestop and otherwise. my lack of work hours is a clear indication of that right now.

      • mirumu

        I tend to agree with you that Ninja Theory was already on the map. Both Heavenly Sword and Enslaved were pushed hard and got a lot of exposure. At the same time though I don’t really see DmC doing much damage to them. Capcom likely isn’t happy, but selling a million+ is still respectable and the critical reception was probably about as good as could be expected. The only lasting damage may one of reputation given everything Taneem said (accurate or otherwise).

        • malek86

          They were unlucky too, though. Heavenly Sword came out when the PS3 was still selling horribly, and it was probably also seen as a GOW substitute, it never had much of a chance to make it real big. And Enslaved wasn’t pushed all that much, or at least, only as well as Namco knows how to push games in the west (ie. not much).

          • Jordan Coleman

            You say this, but this dosen’t sound true. Yeah the PS3 was doing bad, but software was a part of that. Sony pushed HS as an exclusive, a system seller. They spent a lot of money on HS, pushing this game that was supposedly new and cool with it’s tech. This doesn’t sound unlucky to me. Your game is getting a lot of attention from people because it’s an exclusive and the publisher is using your game as a major title. That’s pretty awesome. Yet it didn’t deliver and I think that’s because of the game’s quality more then anything. There is no HS2 for good reason. There are Uncharteds, Killzones, and Resistances The PS3’s poor sales didn’t kill those series. I don’t that excuse works.

            And while Namco did not go all out with Enslaved(nor should it) it still got a healthy push for them. Talks of sequels and being their main game for that year, it’s obvious Namco was really behind the game.

          • andref

            Though I believe what ultimately killed HS was its length which I doubt many thought was worth the price of admission. (Wasn’t it only a 6 or 8 hr story?)

          • mirumu

            Yes it was really short. 5-6 hour completion was not unheard of. I quite like the game myself, but the length made it a regular joke back then. I recall many saying it wasn’t worth it for 6 hours.

        • Jordan Coleman

          They are supposdly a AAA studio and their games aren’t doing AAA sales. Didn’t HS do a million and yet they claimed they did’nt make any money on that? I’m not sure in this day and age 1 million is actually respectable for AAA games. Developers talk like it isn’t and well you have all these publishers and developers closing even though they make games that easily do a million or over. I’m no expert and don’t really care, but I’m not sure this is a victory for NT. DMC dosen’t seem to be hitting it’s goals. The goal was “to do better in sales”. It’s a decent game and well I see no reason NT shouldn’t exist or anything. I’m just dont agree this puts them on the map. How and what map? The map of ho-hum sales results?

          • mirumu

            Well as malek86 says, HS was a launch title for what was at the time a very poorly selling console. I think selling a million in those conditions isn’t so bad. I am with you however in not seeing this as a victory for NT. I’m just not sure it does much harm to them either.

      • @facebook-592701575:disqus @google-f3968aea901f635f48876fb0bcb5a9ac:disqus @google-2463e0cf04f97e550d610a3ad0db3b8e:disqus It’s a victory for NT because the game was critically well-received. The majority of people that dislike the game appear to dislike it because it isn’t Devil May Cry 5. While that’s fine, the game was never meant to be DMC5 and publishers understand that.

        DmC, despite what older Devil May Cry fans may think of it, is NT’s most well-rounded game so far. People have said they liked the story. People have also said that the combat, framerate and other such aspects are leagues above Heavenly Sword and Enslaved.

        It didn’t meet Capcom’s expectations, yes, but Capcom were the driving force behind the game. It was their job to market and sell it. As the publisher, that’s their responsibility, not NT’s. Ninja Theory fulfilled their end of the deal by putting out a good game. It’s sitting at an 85/100 MetaCritic average, which is pretty amazing for a game drowning this deep in controversy. It’s 100% a victory for NT because publishers know they’re a studio that’s capable of much more than they were 3-4 years ago.

        • Peeka Chu

          Metacritic, Enslaved: 82%

          Metacritic, DMC: 86%

          It is about as critically well-received as their last game. I’m struggling to see your point or understand the evidence that you’ve used to make any of your assumptions. They put out a good game by critics’ standards, which are laughable in the face of CoD and other yearly, shill titles that get 90% or higher by virtue of their name alone. Not to mention the swag bags and outright slander that many have engaged in against Japanese games, which you of all people here on Siliconera should empathize with. The industry is anything but infallible so please stop acting as if game critics or their opinions are holier than thou. In the end, the consumer speaks, for trash or treasure, and the consumer has spoken for DMC.

          NT has made three games that are critically lauded (even HS was) and that haven’t met commercial expectations. That is a fact. Publishers won’t care how “good” the studio is, and won’t keep giving them AAA budgets with little to no return. Nor should they. You see a developer with promise, I see a developer that has been making excuses for poor design decisions, then blaming publishers since Heavenly Sword. At some point, the buck stops with the people who are making the game, though I doubt NT’s hubris allow them to see their own mistakes.

          P.S. The frame-rate is universally criticised on almost every review for the PS3 version, so that statement is incorrect or requires an edit to be true. This problem was also present – and unfixed – since the demo.

          • Richard N

            Capcom gave them a chance despite that. Even EA gave a chance to Grasshopper even though they never give out big numbers. Though of course Lolipop Chainsaw was their most successful title, which is probably their most mediocre in my opinion.

          • Not to mention the swag bags and outright slander that many have engaged in against Japanese games, which you of all people here on Siliconera should empathize with.

            Sorry, but I see this as something of a myth and don’t sympathize with it at all. No one on our staff does. Good games are good games, bad games are bad games, niche games are niche games, and culturally different games are what they are.

            Nobody is slandering Japanese games for being Japanese. If anything, people are cheering Japanese developers on to do better. The moment anyone plays the “western media hates Japan card,” I find it extremely hard to take anything else they say seriously. This is a ridiculous myth born of a pathetic Internet hivemind justification for certain Japanese games simply being out of touch with western tastes or just simply not good enough.

            Metacritic, Enslaved: 82%. Metacritic, DMC: 86%. It is about as critically well-received as their last game.

            Yes, it is about as critically well-received as their last game, but the reception goes beyond just the score and into the contents of the reviews themselves. Many were cautious about DmC early on, given Ninja Theory’s reputation for being unable to deliver on the combat front. DmC has very likely contributed to doing away with that concern, at least in part. For NT, it shows a growth on their part.

          • Peeka Chu

            First three Google hits off “JRPGs dead”:




            This was all of course before Ni No Kuni. Just as critically acclaimed as DMC (87% Meta, currently), and also the most stubbornly Japanese game in ages. One that suddenly reminded everyone why they loved the genre after 5 years of shooting things. Capcom and NT could have learned from Level-5 in this regard.

            More to the point of the “critical” review process, its a joke. Most of these people have little to no experience in journalism or ethics. And 1/2 the people that play JRPGs for professional reviews don’t even like them, check out their Gamertags/ PSN lists, or personal bios. I always do that when I read a JRPG review and its often Halo. CoD or Fifa right up on top.

            Moving on, as that is another argument entirely, let’s get back to NT. Why are you so righteously defending them? That’s what I want to know. Are you friends with someone that works there? It seems almost personal the level to which you are reaching in order to defend a commercially so-so product. They’ve had three games to prove otherwise and the overwhelming consumer response, despite aggressive grandstanding, three different publishers, AAA budgets and proclamations of excellence from reviews has been a resounding “meh”.

            They make okay stories. For video games, not compared to actual literature. And that’s about it.

          • What was the point of posting those links? Yes, a lot of people—including many of our readers—were disappointed with the state of current-gen console RPGs before games like Xenoblade, TLS and Ni no Kuni hit.

            And I’m not interested in ridiculous conspiracy theories. Guess what? I love FPSes, too. Back in the day, I used to play Quake 3 and Unreal all day long with my school friends. Crysis and Mirror’s Edge are two of my favourite games. People are allowed to have diverse tastes, even if you don’t. You’re only making yourself sound more ridiculous by the second here.

            As for why I’m defending Ninja Theory… they’re a good, hardworking developer who overcame a lot of odds to deliver what they did and have shown growth in the process, which many studios don’t. If you’re too blinded by childish cynicism and Internet hivemind conspiracies to understand that, I can’t help you.

          • Richard N

            I defend ’em personally becauseI like the game and I would love to stop being called out just because I simply enjoy this particular game. It’s like when I try to convince people to play Katamari Damacy and my friends talk shit on it, I’ll defend that as well as the company because I think it’s a fun game made by some silly people. I’m sure you would do the same if a favorite game of yours or company was attacked so viciously in over 200 comments.

            As a fan of DmC I would like it if the company that made it would stop being attacked because I enjoy their work. It’s as simple as that. I’m not sure where you get this “meh” from though. All I’ve ever heard is fantastic things.

            And us “defenders” are only as passionate about defending as the “haters” are about hating it.

    • Luna Kazemaru

      And people will still be thinking the ‘won’ whatever it is they where fighting even tho the game is selling lawl. I’m going to enjoy the loldownvotes.

    • Peeka Chu

      Huge victory? Shipping half what the previous instalment did with three times the installed console base? DMC 4 was released like 2 years into the console cycle, let’s not forget when there was around 40m PS360s combined; we’ve almost quadrupled that figure now. Also, Enslaved was well received and its clear that NT don’t have any issue charming the press with their games. But this is a consumer driven industry, and just like film and television critics, “professional” opinions are becoming more and more outdated and ignored as time goes on; passed over in favour of purchaser aggregates and reviews on sites like Amazon.

      I mean this in the nicest way possible, but game-journalists are becoming increasingly irrelevant to dictate consumer trends. Its a great time to be a consumer – so many options, so many user-level opinions – and not so hot a time to be a critic. I don’t see that changing any time soon either.

      Sometimes I find myself in agreement with you Ishaan, then you come out of left field with some bizarre (obviously personally biased in favour of the game) comment. From a business perspective, there is no way to spin this story that doesn’t look desperate or misinformed.

      Edit: I’m also in agreement with what others have said. NT had large-publisher spotlights before with Sony and Namco. Third time wasn’t the charm, apparently.

    • Flandre Scarlet

      This was a AAA game by a AAA studio backed by one of the largest development companies in Japan, with a familiar and well-known IP, re-tooled in order to appeal to wider audience and generate higher sales.

      And despite great reviews (by critics), it failed to match the sales of the previous game in the series, which met lukewarm reception by both fans and critics.

      No, I would not consider this a victory for Ninja Theory. After this, Heavenly Sword and Enslaved, I would find it very surprising if another large publisher comes to them in the future, when they’ve proven now 3 different times they cannot generate revenue the way they’re expected to generate it.

    • Guest

      Edit: Nm, looks like a glitch in the system. That comment appeared as new.

      • That’s a glitch in Disqus. Refresh the page and you’ll see it’s not really there. I thought other people have come across this glitch already considering how long they wandered around previous threads.

  • 2m in the end of March? No way… since MGR is coming!

    • Now that you say it’s , DmC can say goodbye to it’s 2m forecast , there noway they can sell that high when MGR are out !

  • Guest

    And I assume kaihedgie will comment in this page again…

    • Let’s keep unrelateds talk to a minimum, please.

  • Lunar_Outcast

    Maybe you shouldn’t alienate an already established fanbase if you want your game to sell.

    • andref

      Yeah, a fan-base that has been way too critical, especially when there was that stupid petition to the president to prevent the selling of DMC

      • mirumu

        That’s easy to say, but fans think what they want. They’re under no obligation to buy what a company tells them to. Antagonising fans is rarely a good idea unless you’re aiming for a totally different and ideally bigger market. I suspect that’s actually what Capcom wanted to do with both DmC and RE6.

        • andref

          I won’t deny that but from my perspective initial hatred was mainly due to appearance and story change (which I also a bit unnerved), but I felt a bit better after it was revealed this game was set in a different universe. After reading the previews and playing the demo I thought the game was great, but I won’t deny P.R. was rude

          • mirumu

            I think that was some of the reason for the hatred, but a few of us from the start were more concerned about gameplay. I remember Testsubject909 and I saying that on quite a few DmC threads here, and it’s what most of the long term Devil May Cry fans I know were saying too. In that regard Ninja Theory seem to have done better than expected, but DmC is still a simpler less-challenging game than it’s predecessors. In that sense it’s still not the game those people wanted.

          • andref

            and thus they would buy it and don’t have to. But bias can get in a way of judging the game on its own merits without comparing it to previous devil may crys. My thought process was the same when there was criticism of Castlevania Lords of Shadow 1

          • mirumu

            Totally true, but you don’t release a reboot if you want a game to be judged on it’s own merits.

          • andref

            Still Capcom probably thought interest in the series was getting stale so they wanted to reinvigorate interest in the franchise by rebooting the series
            I would say this game is a standalone product that has little connection to the previous games except for alternative versions of the characters. Thus, the game shouldn’t be judged based on the previous serious but as a new franchise

          • mirumu

            I’m sure that is what Capcom thought and here we are looking at the results. You can say it should be judged as a new series, but I think you’ll find that’s a hard sell for many. Comes down to how people felt about the originals I expect.

          • Locklear93

            I agree. If you don’t want something to be compared with the original, don’t take tons of character names, and don’t take the title of the other game. If you want it to stand alone, let it stand alone. If there’s an obvious connection to another game, it IS going to be compared.

          • Sylveria

            You can’t try to reboot a product and sell it on name recognition AND tell people to consider it as it’s own franchise. It isn’t. Especially when that franchise just released a game less than 5 years ago. If they wanted a new franchise, they should have made a new franchise.

          • malek86

            I suppose today the risk of publishing a new IP is too high, so publishers are more willing to reuse their existing series, even when they are retooled. Generally, your sales will be higher if you rely on a known name.

            We can theorize how much the game would have sold without the DmC name (likely less or only about as much), but it’s all just speculation.

      • Minos

        Actually, since the pre-orders of DMC4 and DmC were more or less the same, I would say the only ones who bought the game were actually the fans.

        The game failed to attract new clients.

        • And here I thought nobody was going to bring up or even remember that little important bit.

        • Peeka Chu

          That is the purest speculation considering the fan backlash, the shift in install base sizes and a number of other factors. Looking at the sales, it sold less. That is all. We can discuss that fact, because that is the only data that we have access to. Not sold to consumer metrics.

        • GGear0323

          At the same time, pre-ordering a game has become a bigger deal over the past 5-7 years. And for no real reason other than an increase in useless goodies tied to a pre-order. You hear much more about record pre-order sales nowadays than ever before.

      • tridus

        The fan base is the group with the money, and therefore the power. Gamers rarely exercise that power, but clearly they did so in this case by staying home.

        In the end, you alienate your fan base at your own peril.

      • Ennio del Vecchio

        oh my god! i’m part of the fanbase i would never do such a stupid thing… i voted in my way: NOT BUYING THIS GAME!!! yes i played it (i borrowed it, i beat it in 2 days … is boring as hell) and i think the petition was only a mean to give this game even more spotlight than it deserved… i do not think it was a fan’s idea but a promoter of the game’s idea. to get us look like morons

    • Oh dayum someone is serious here

    • FitzpatrickPhillips

      I like how everyone likes to pretend 1.2 million isn’t a lot of sales.

      • Locklear93

        Except it’s not sales, it’s shipped copies. That includes the many (many) copies sitting on store shelves.

      • Ferrick

        in reality, that’s rather low, because the budget used by capcom for NT to develop this game was needlessly high, taking that into consideration, along with the current shipped (not sold) total of 1 mil, and taking the 60 bucks as the default price for each copies shipped (again, not sold), capcom will only make around $60 mil, and 72 mil if they actually sold up to their forecast, and this is being very generous, if they reach 1 mil before the price gets chopped down

        • Except, you don’t know anything about this game’s budget and how high or low it was.

          • Ferrick

            well if you take the Avatar mocap into account, and using combichrist, noisia, and that one music video that “One Ok Rock” did, along with outsourcing to NT and QLOC (only for pc release), i’d imagine that the price would be colossal (from the view point of a college-university student)

          • Sure, but all major AAA games are made on big budgets these days. My point is that we don’t know if dev + marketing costs were higher than for DMC4 or not.

          • Ferrick

            point taken

      • Rukiafan Rukiachan

        Did you read this part?

        For comparison, Capcom shipped over 2 million copies of Devil May Cry 4 when the game launched in 2008. ‘


        • M’iau M’iaut

          We can do without the added snark. Yes, that point is there to be made, but also the market of 2008 is smaller for everything in 2012.

          • Peeka Chu

            Therefore – as I’ve stated below – this game failed to penetrate a significantly larger install base than existed for the last iteration. So 3-4 times the install base and not even a proportional amount of sales. That’s pretty bad.

          • Certain genres don’t benefit from a significantly larger userbase and history suggests that stylish action games is one of those genres. For instance, DMC4 sold more than DMC3, but there were more PS2s in the market than there were Xbox 360s and PS3s.

            Would you expect Disgaea 5 to suddenly start selling 12 million copies now that there are more PS3s in the market? No.

          • Peeka Chu

            You’re comparing Disgaea to DMC and that, right there, is erroneous. DMC was never that niche. You could easily also argue that the series (DMC) reached a high point with DMC 4, that is had actually saturated interest enough to become a lasting IP. Now, that consumer appeal has been eroded (or did so naturally).

          • Of course it’s erroneous, just like your claim that DmC needed to sell 3-4 times more just because there are more consoles in the market now. That was my point.

            Like fighting games, stylish action games have always had their niche, and unless something dramatically different is done with them, they won’t break out of it.

            Some games will sell a little more and some will sell a little less, depending on various factors. However, they won’t break out of their dedicated fanbase until a developer figures out the hows and whys of making them more accessible and appealing to a larger audience.

          • Peeka Chu

            Again you are mistaken. The expectation for sky-high sales was Capcom’s, not mine. They initially forecasted what? 4 million or so? That was later cut in half to 2, now to 1.2. So whatever expectations made by marketing and corporate strategists much better at this guessing game than you or I were WRONG. These estimations were made based on budget, console penetration and AAA status and weren’t just pulled out of the ether.

            Please stop acting like this game had shallow expectations going into its launch beforehand. There were tonnes of warning signs for failure, all of which were ignored by Capcom and a majority of the press and people behind the game.

            Food for thought, God of War consistently sells well and has hardly changed its formula, and especially not its titular main character (voice actor’s death aside). There’s a reason for its success, and it should be obvious.

            “Some games will sell a little more and some will sell a little less, depending on various factors. However, they won’t break out of their dedicated fanbase until a developer figures out the hows and whys of making them more accessible and appealing to a larger audience.”

            Here you’re going in circles. What they did with DMC 4 brought them the greatest success in the series to date. They should have stuck with that formula. To the letter, almost. That’s all people wanted.

          • Can you show me an official Capcom report that says they wanted to sell 4 million? If you can’t, then stop quoting that inaccurate figure.

          • puchinri

            I actually remember that from somewhere too. I’ll see if I can find a source.

          • Locklear93

            It wouldn’t sell 12 million, but it WOULD sell more. Mainly because I’m an idiot and buy Disgaea games for people almost at random, and I’d have more targets. <_<

        • FitzpatrickPhillips

          Yeah I read that part. Suddenly 1 million isn’t a lot of sales. Its the attitude like yours that causes developers not to look within reason anymore. Everything has to sell millions of copies like Call of Duty unless its a flop. Remember when Bayonetta hit a million and everyone was cheering? Suddenly 1million for DmC is a failure. Get real.

          • except Bayonetta is a new IP and DmC is the good old IP that everyone have hight expectation ! Yeah , that real for ya !

          • FitzpatrickPhillips

            Except nothing. One million is one million. Unless you’re Call of Duty, thats a crazy amount of sales. Especially when NT’s previous game didn’t hit a million, Enslaved. Heavenly Sword did though I believe.

          • puchinri

            I thought the point was that it’s 1mil shipped and not actually sold? (I don’t remember how much sold, but it probably should be near that by now.)

    • agreed. I bet they’ll keep that in mind in the Future.

    • the characterization of the characters in the new DMC is done horribly.
      Dante and Vergil as characters have Terrible personalities and cause of that the fans are FURIOUS.

      • Locklear93

        That’s a big part of it for me, to be sure.

      • Ennio del Vecchio

        the gameplay is slow and boring… that’s the real thing…. it’s never been about the hair or the personalities (but… yep they’re horrible)

  • Megamatics

    Multi Million dollar Budget title that took years to make can’t even break a million copies ? …Lets hope no other Publisher falls for Ninja Theory’s hacky work ever again. The only redeemable part of Ninja Theory is whoever does the level designs. Almost every other aspect of their games are plain garbage.

  • dahuuuundge

    60 bucks is not worth the roughly 7 hour campaign on hard, preorder weapon skin dlc, dante skin dlc, and future Vergil dlc.

  • Peeka Chu

    There’s a number of people, here and elsewhere on the web, “professional” critics and otherwise, who were screaming that the game is critically genius and – prior to launch – that the “vocal minority” of the fanbase was just that and wouldn’t matter at all. Now we can lay to rest those claims, because they’re clearly not true. The fanbase did speak, with their wallets, and they’re not interested in “New Dante.” Period. Why reboot a franchise whose last iteration was the most commercially successful to date anyhow? From a pure cost>risk analysis perspective, that never made sense to me to begin with.

    • Megamatics

      That is due to Capcom’s move this generation to climb the the heights of companies like EA and Activision. I think they’re far reaching in that sentiment since their games are more to the same iconic roles of Nintendo Games. You have your Marios(Megaman), You have your Legend of Zeldas ( Devil May Cry), You have your Pokemon(Fighting Games). Capcom was very unrealistic in its projection of what to do with it’s already established franchises and they’ve payed for that dearly in fan reaction which has since hurt the sales of many titles across the board.

      • andref

        Not to mention the canceling of Megaman Legends 3 which if I recall led to a few comments about not buying a product from capcom ever again

        • natchu96

          A few?

          • andref

            Ok, so maybe not a few, but I take many of those comments with a grain of salt since I would bet that many who posted those are like the same who say they will never buy a COD ever again and most likely buy the latest COD titles

    • So, you’re telling me that because the game sold bad– that disregards all of the good criticism?

      Beyond Good and Evil?


      Sleeping Dogs?

  • Herok♞

    In the time since DmC came out I decided to play the HD collection, and outside of 3 which I have barely touched at this point I feel that new DmC is about as faithful to the series as anything else, both DMC 1 & 2 don’t have the personality people claim for Dante, in 1 the only personality he shows is saving and pairing up with someone who tried killing him, and in 2 he decides everything based on a coin filp, which is also weird and the Combat is worse then DmC which is expected since they are old games. I really don’t see how this game caused such a big out cry anymore, all the games are pretty fun(yes I am including DMC2) and are good action games, I think like with happened with 2 the fans are being overly critical and unpleasable. since I liked the game am I telling you to buy it, no I am not but I still think behavior on both sides is to much.

    • GuyAlpha

      Dante’s personality in DMC1 was cool, calm, and a bit cocky. He felt like a really relaxed and confident hero. What you pointed out (loosely) was an event that happened at the beginning of the game and not a personality trait.

      • Herok♞

        I was referring to the end of the game(Mission 20 I think it was) when she ambushes him, then he decides to save her when she nearly gets killed, after the whole saving thing he yells about his mother’s fire and how he never wants to see her again, then when she pops up again, he cares about her for some reason.

    • XiaomuArisu

      You didnt played the third?!?
      PLAY IT NOW!

      • Herok♞

        Slow down buddy, I started the third but I am not far enough to say anything in particular about it, which is why I only spoke on the games I completed.

        • XiaomuArisu

          Sorry dude but the third really is the best trust us.
          Yes “us” Im not the only one who thinks that DMC3 is the best.

          • Herok♞

            I have been following the DmC hatetrain since the beginning I know most people think the 3rd is the best game.

    • British_Otaku

      I’m the third person responding to you but don’t you think it’s a little early to make assumptions about how the original franchise was based on the first (A strong start) and second installment (a terrible sequel). Aside from the famed DMC3 and DMC4, by extension we had a number of crossover titles and an anime where people form their views from.

      You would be missing out if you assumed one of the spinoffs (perhaps Move Heroes) was better than the original Jak trilogy, without even playing Jak 2 and Jak 3 as much as I love the original Jak and Daxter.

      • Herok♞

        So are you really saying I shouldn’t have based my reasoning on playing through half the original series, because if we are using jak as a comparison then it would be like me playing through Jak 1 and 2 but not playing Jak 3 and Jack the Lost Frontier. So no I don’t think it is to early to make assumptions about how the original franchise was.

        • British_Otaku

          The problem isn’t playing “half” of the original series as much as missing out on the definitive titles and seeming ignorant of the original premise especially when you have all – well most of the best titles on a single disc. As for Jak, I would define the original series as the Naughty Dog Jak, Jak 2 and Jak 3, with Daxter being a respectable outside project perhaps. As none of the games are inherently weak (unless you were expecting Lost Frontier to become a PS3 bombshell which blew Jak 2 and 3 out of the water), perhaps it is a poor comparison.

          Regardless, I wish I could play only one or two installments in a franchise and be able to judge it, but that doesn’t apply to Jak (collectathon platformer and sandbox skater platformer third person shooter racer), nor to DMC where the first title is great, the second is awful, the third is more or less definitive of the whole franchise and the fourth while a step up in combat has some degree of repetitive design in the levels.

          At the very minimum, wait until you have played the entire original franchise (minus DMC2 maybe) till you comment on how DmC translates the original series, especially when the game takes notes from DMC3 and DMC4 as well and doesn’t execute on them to become a better title.

          • Herok♞

            So what your telling me is before you pass judgement on a series you play every game, so in other words you couldn’t judge Final Fantasy on what you played because there is stuff you haven’t played, that later games probably bulid off of? What you are basically telling me is oh ignore 2 that doesn’t count as a DMC game because it was the worse (2 wasn’t even that bad of a game), at one point 1&2 were the entire original series(also read my other comments again I never made a single judgement on every game I just said that DMC 1&2 and DmC were good action games), so I can make statements about the games since I never even said I intend to play them all, I am only playing 3 of the games(1-3, 4 holds no interest to me, so I won’t play it.) but that should be fine because some people who claim to be fans haven’t played all the games either. Also an original premise refers to the original or first game which I have played to completion.

  • SunOatBoatMatadorQuattro

    Good the game deserved it. It may not have been the best DMC title but it’s a very good game.

    • GuyAlpha

      You realize that this is a bad thing for the game, right?

      • “Better a legendary dead DMC than a Zombie like DmC” , from a guy above , well , i agree with that !

  • FFmax

    Yikes this got ugly really fast.

    • Kaihedgie

      Already did :U

  • D2Exp

    When you go to disrespect an established franchise and its fanbase you should at least produce a smashing game. No matter what critics and journalists are trying to convince us, the game is hardly anything else but mediocre, as evidenced by the tons of legitimate complains about the writing, characterization and gameplay. It might have been about the hair when the first trailer came out, but now that the whole game is up the main character’s appearance is the least of its problems.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    So it was a win/lose Situation.

    Capcom: We wanted more sells! Back to the drawing board.

    Ninja Theory: Yay People is starting to love and hate us,as long as we are getting noticed.

  • Kaihedgie

    And so it begins again, more celebrating Capcom’s low sales, getting all giddy on apparently “teaching lessons”, hoping the series actually dies, downvoting everyone with a positive or neutral opinion and heavily upvoting everyone with negative opinions, no matter how nonsensical they are. And now I have someone trying to toss flamebait at me.

    Mods, don’t let this place turn into another SRK or Destructoid :U You laid down the line with these people and you’ve gotta stick with it.

    • M’iau M’iaut

      Then let’s show that the eggs don’t need to be thrown from either side.

      • Kaihedgie

        It’s a little hard to try not to when the people against this game keep clicking on every single article, downvoting everyone and now posting flamebait as if they’re justified about something.

        • M’iau M’iaut

          Then as I’ve asked before, let it be. If there’s insulting and flame bait, it will go away. If someone is finally taking the time to share a dissenting opinion without those things, enjoy the discussion long as we don’t insult them back.

          • Kaihedgie

            Why try to discuss with people who really have no intention to do so in the first place and merely just come here to gloat at Capcom/NT and basically insult anyone who doesn’t agree with them? Look how bad each and every DmC thread thus far has gotten because of it. You guys have been accused of being paid off simply for not sharing their view and actually enjoying something.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            I’d say the person in this very line is having an honest talk with you on how he sees the capcom world. There’s no insulting going on.

          • Kaihedgie

            Not yet at least. It’s already happened a few dozen comments ago.

    • Megamatics

      The reason people are celebrating the poor sales is simply because capcom had spurned fans so much this gen that it has driven a lot of people into pure ultra critical attitudes.

      If someone tells you “This is better then all the other games you’ve ever played ever” Then wouldn’t you be a little skeptical of that statement ? …This game on the other hand was visibly and playable not better then the previous games, yet Capcom shoved it down the throat of their fans that they shouldn’t whine about the hair, Or how Tameem clearly ignored the plethora of glitches to be found, Even lots of the gaming sites and reviewers were taking pot shots at fans of the series who carried dissenting attitudes.

      • Kaihedgie

        Capcom didn’t shove anything down anyone’s throat, not to mention Ninja Theory was the one workin’ on the story.

        Insulting the fans? You mean something Tameem said a whole two years ago about a character’s appearance and fans overreacting and not getting over it? All games have glitches, the older games aren’t any different.

        It’s not hard to see why they would: accusations of racism, the petition, death threats, coming up with silly nicknames, and overall still lingering to stick around to continue complaining about a game two years ago they knew they weren’t going to like but still bothered to complain. If anything, the old fans have been doin’ quite the majority of the shoving, basically attacking everyone who says so much as anything remotely positive about the games. Ranging from Destructoid, to YouTube and now, GameFAQs. If the massive number of negative user reviews on Metacritic were any indication. Usually when a person says they dislike or hate something, they try to at least ignore it and don’t pay it any mind

        But no, you people stuck around flinging the exact same insults at NT and everyone who showed interest in this game.

        • Megamatics

          Capcom would alter dissenting comments on it’s unity forum awhile ago as well as ban users who dissented at the game. The only version of the game that was patched and the best version of the game was the PC release. If you’ve kept your head in a hole these past 2 years then it’s pretty hard for me to understand how you don’t think Capcom as well as some media outlooks were coloring DMC fans who did not like DmC in a bad light.

          • Kaihedgie

            Moderators, not in-house employees. They only edit out comments that broke the site’s TOS, mainly using expletives. People also tended to make accounts solely just so they could whine about the game, and it isn’t hard to imagine some of them went around doing ban-evades, too.

            This isn’t some crusade to “save DMC” and “teach Capcom a lesson”. This sounds like something else entirely.

          • Megamatics

            Well to delve into that a little further, A user on youtube you may know him, EventStatus. He has a Video highlighting some of the goings on in Capcom unity as per DmC (/watch?v=F-akvZ5xcF8). He like some other were banned for having a dissenting opinion about the game.

          • Kaihedgie

            I already heard about EventStatus. This only really just illustrates why any perceived “pot shots” or “insults” were apparently made by Capcom/NT in the first place.

        • Asura

          “Usually when a person says they dislike or hate something, they try to at least ignore it and don’t pay it any mind”

          Yeah, when it is irrelevant to their interests or tastes. When it’s directly tied to those things though, hell no the average person does not ignore it.

          And Tameem has been saying stuff throughout the whole process.

          • Kaihedgie

            Gundam is relevant to my interests and yet I’m not parading around every single CCA video announcing my dislike for it and expecting a gold medal for it. After watching it, I never looked back to watch it again and moved on.

  • AaqibRawat

    Devil may cry—— Introduction to the series. juggle enemies
    Devil may cry 2—— Diesel advertisements ( crap game)
    Devil may cry 3 —– 4 style system, ability to use 3 weapons at a time.
    Devil may cry 4—— new character, devil bringer,exceed level 3 combos,to switch between 5 weapons and multiple styles at the same time .

    DMC——– nothing new. apart from character

    • Ok. Let’s see: ability to use 8 weapons at a time, angel and demon abilities, ability to choose whether you pull yourself to enemies or pull enemies to you, platforming that isn’t complete ass, weapon switching that allows the moves to flow into each other

      • Jordan Coleman

        Switching the weapons to do easy combos that lead to easy juggles that are easy to do and don’t require you to learn how to play the game. What a great addition.

      • AaqibRawat

        pulling enemies to you and pulling your self to enemies

        Could be done in devil may cry 4.

        Dante can also use 7 weapons at a time and when using DT his moves power up and have new animations.
        Also moves flow into each other in devil may 4. ! are you mad !

        you have played that game right ?

        apart from Aquila which has round trip which is a move that the original rebellion has..

        the 7 weapons are pretty much the same as devil may cry 4 weapons or have variations of the moves so it isn’t really new.

        DMC rebellion = alistor = force edge = stinger
        Osiris = rebellion = prop shredder
        eryx= ifrit gilgamesh = real inpact
        kablooey= lucifer
        arbiter= rebellion = drive

        shotgun = shotgun
        ebony ivory = ebony ivory

        they could have gave dante a unique and completely new move sets but no they cribbed from all the games.

        i thought it was a fresh reboot


        ( COUGH 30 FPS)

      • Asura

        The chain was horrid. When it was first shown I was worried about effortless endless airtime, and it ended up being just as bad as it looked. Unfortunately I thought the rest of the gameplay had potential until I played the demo.

        Also the platforming is worthless for the most part. The “run” sequences particularly, when you have half a minute to walk down the object before it collapses.

  • Tee Niitris

    I knew this would happen… even if DmC did turn out to be a decent game (which it manged to be better than decent), the way they primed their fanbase into not buying the game was going to make the first part irrelevant.

    Unless DmC turned out to be revolutionary (in which those kind of games show up only once a year at best), corporate was going to have a hard time making a profit from this title.

    • I wouldn’t be so quick saying that the game isn’t profitable. Under expectations doesn’t mean that the project was completed and sold at a loss.

      • I have a feeling there would be at least one person to say you are defending the game or denouncing all negative comments :/

        • Negative comments are to be expected and no one can deny that the game isn’t meeting initial expectations. However, “not doing as well as hoped” and “not doing well at all” and “not profitable” are three completely different things.

      • tridus

        From the available information, it’s impossible to tell if it was profitable or not. But a 40% cut in expected sales pretty much wipes out the profit margin of almost any product.

        • But a 40% cut in expected sales pretty much wipes out the profit margin of almost any product.

          I would imagine that they weren’t expecting the game to be profitable only if it sold 2 million copies. The profit threshold was likely lower than that, and the additional copies sold would have been considered added profit that contributed to their earnings for the year.

          • tridus

            The profit threshold is definitely lower than that, but we have no idea where it was. Clearly if it sold 100k copies it wouldn’t be profitable, and if it sold 2 million (the original estimate), it would be.

            Somewhere between those extremes is the line where it crosses over. It’s not abnormal to try and double your investment on a product, so if we take that totally uneducated guess and apply it here the cutoff would be 1 million.

            So if they sell 1.2 million they’re not losing money, but they’re only making 200k worth of profit instead of 1 million worth. That bodes poorly for the budget of the next game in the franchise.

          • It’s not abnormal to try and double your investment on a product, so if we take that totally uneducated guess and apply it here the cutoff would be 1 million.

            That’s a giant assumption and one that I’m not willing to make, I’m afraid. Like with most other games, we’ll likely never know what the minimum profit threshold for this one was.

      • Tee Niitris

        True; that’s not getting into extra incentives (special/collector’s editions, DLC, etc…). Still, I’m sure they’re disappointed and borderline frustrated with DmC’s performance… nearly half of 2 million is pretty drastic.

  • GH

    What a shame… Instead of presenting this game on its own merits as a good action game with a new IP, they made it a reboot of another much more stellar successful series (just because the successful DMC4 sales didn’t “meet their expectations”), all the while alineating the fanbase with questionable choices to dumb the series staples down in hopes to get a wider audience. And that P.R.

    In the end, just like RE6 and ML3 / Megaman iPhone, Capcom’s greed came back to bite them HARD, degrading the whole series IP value, losing hardcore fan-support AND the sales they did all of this for.

    We won’t probably see a DmC2, but there is at least hope Capcom get snappe out of its misguided recent decisions, with the much more honest to its roots Resident Evil Revelations being ported to consoles.

  • tridus

    This is a really interesting thread if you weren’t following this game at all until now (and I wasn’t, not caring about this franchise at all). From a franchise point of view, this is not a victory for Capcom or Ninja Theory at all. Capcom gets to figure out how to fix the revenue hole in their projections, and has to now decide if the franchise is still market viable or not.

    Ninja Theory gets yet another game that scored well with critics and underperformed in the market. That’s great, if you’re an art house movie director. It’s really bad if you’re dependent on publisher contracts to keep making games. Sooner or later publishers are going to see a trend of chronic underperformance on sales (the only thing that actually matters in the end), and having that reputation is disastrous to a business.

    Maybe they can still make a profit, and maybe not. Can’t tell from the currently available information. But this number is not “good sales.” As a friend of mine said: “If Disgaea sells a million, the execs throw a party. If Call of Duty sells a million, the execs hang themselves.”

    If you’re projecting 2.0 and you get 1.2, that’s a very bad day.

    • I think it only “underperformed” based on the game’s way too optimistic projections; the game only launched a couple of weeks ago, and capcom’s fiscal year ends next month, I’d say 1.2 is still very good as it will clearly keep selling when the new fiscal year starts
      Dragon’s Dogma in comparison was released 10 months ago and has sold 1.3 which capcom considers a commercial success.

      So yeah they were just being too optimistic with their projections for DmC and RE6 given their timeframes, but they definitely haven’t made a “loss” on either titles.

      • Locklear93

        The problem is that companies have to project their profits and make plans based on those projections. If DmC does turn a profit, and it may or may not, we don’t know yet, Capcom may still have a problem on their hands if that profit is enough smaller than projections that they don’t have the operating revenue they expected to have.

        There are a lot of things we don’t know right now, so many that it’s really hard to say what’s going to come out of all of this. Things we do know:

        *Capcom rebooted because DMC4 didn’t sell as well as they wanted
        *DmC undersold DMC4 in at least two major territories (Japan, Europe)
        *As a result of those sales, Capcom slashed what they intend to ship by 40%

        Can they still make money on the game? We honestly don’t have that answer yet. What we do know is that Capcom’s goals weren’t met, and the margin by which they fell short is significant.

        • Most of what you say doesn’t add up; DMC4 is still the best selling DMC to date, they didn’t “reboot” the franchise because of underwhelming sales, they did it because it felt like the natural next step so they could revisit familiar characters.

          DMC4 infact sold 2+x better than DMC3 and I’m lead to believe that this large amount of sales prompted capcom to base their projections on how DMC4 performed: It sold 2 million in it’s first month, same thing they wanted for DmC; overzealous optimism.

          You say “we honestly don’t know”, but that is wrong, you can extrapolate a lot of info from other statements/projects
          If previous DMC’s were comercially succesful and Dragon’s Dogma is considered a success (which cost more time and money to develop than DmC), then you can be damn sure DmC has already turned a profit.

          Lowering projections will lower revenue and thus profit sure, but 2.8 million units less, on projections that were clearly overly optimistic, is only going to put a small dent in their revenue which has been sitting at ~750 million euros for years; it’s not going to put a “problem” on their hands.

          • Guest

            Regarding your first paragraph, there’s been a general consensus in discussion threads that the reason they rebooted was to attract more sales from a new audience. Yours is the first suggestion I’ve seen that it was because a reboot was natural. You’re entitled to your opinion, but I respectfully disagree.

            Regarding your second, yes, DMC4’s sales were quite a bit stronger than DMC3’s. I don’t agree though, that expecting it to maintain the previous game’s sales is “overzealous.” You don’t generally publish a game hoping it will sell worse than the previous iteration.

            Regarding the third, you say I’m wrong for saying “we don’t know,” then call for extrapolation, and are “damn sure” DmC has already turned a profit. Where are your figures? I haven’t seen any actual numbers for the cost of DmC’s development. You tell me we “know” things, but then don’t present hard facts; you present extrapolation–and don’t provide the figures you used to extrapolate from. You absolutely may be right, but you’re not presenting a convincing argument.

          • My first paragraph is not an opinion, it comes straight from an interview with Capcom:

            “What led you to make a Devil May Cry reboot instead of another sequel?
            Motohide Eshiro: We started to examine Dante as well as Devil May Cry and the world it takes place in. We thought it natural to take a “rebirth” sort of approach where we revisit the character and who he is.”

            Regarding my second, yes it is overzealous because they disrupted the franchise, and PR department can tell you making a move like that will likely cause a hit in the existing userbase; who might’ve bought your product on a whim will now wait it out and see how it fairs first.
            Or in other words, it was overzealous because they weren’t selling “the same” product anymore.

            Regarding my third, I listed the statements I used and didn’t see the point of using figures, because I felt they explained themselves.
            But if you want numbers:
            DmC was developed with a team of about ~150 for about 2.5 years.
            Dragon’s Dogma was developed with a team of about ~350 for about 3.5 years.
            If you wanted to develop both in a year, you’d need 375 ppl for DmC and a whopping 1225 for Dragon’s Dogma, from which we can conclude it was at the very least 2x more expensive.
            DD sold 1.3m units to date and is considered a succes.
            RE5 cost about ~20 million$ after 3.5years, which means at release the costs were ~25m$; it was in development longer than DmC (4.5 years) and had a larger team working on it (between DD’s and RE6 (600)).

            I can list more but I think you can see the patterns now.

  • SirRichard

    It’s not a good time for Capcom, between this and the reduced forecast for RE6. It really seems like they just let their ambition to be a mega-publisher by 2020 get ahead of themselves, chasing imagined audiences and sales rather than growing what they already had. I can see trying to broaden your appeal, but I question the need for rebooting a series that was in its prime, especially in a relatively niche genre.

    The future’s looking brighter, at least, with RE’s producer admitting that he’s started to revise his opinion on the newer gameplay style of the main games and ORC. Perhaps they’re beginning to realise that they should play to their strengths and not the whims of that mythical 5 million strong audience that’s totally just waiting in the wings, and perhaps they’re realising that fans, however screechy, do have an impact.

    They’re still going to put us through Lost Planet 3, but baby steps.

    • I have to admit, I don’t see what they’re going for with LP3 at all. At least DmC looked different and interesting. Lost Planet 3… really doesn’t. But then, that’s just me speaking personally. I frankly have no clue if the FPS market will latch on to the new direction or not.

      I don’t see Remember Me being a giant success either, as nice as it looks. So yeah… we’re left with Resident Evil and Monster Hunter as their strong pillars, Dragon’s Dogma as a growing franchise, and… maybe a Street Fighter 5, whenever that happens. I sure as hell don’t think Darkstalkers 4 (when it comes) is going to do well. I guess Dead Rising is still doing okay, too.

      The next round of consoles is going to be interesting for Capcom…

      (edit: added a bit more stuff)

      • Wake

        There’s also the Mega Man Legends 3 cancellation aftermath. They didn’t want to waste the MML3 engine so they came up with E.X. Troopers. They messed that up to with the whole hard coded issue.

        Capcom used to be so good in the past and it’s hard to watch them make bad decision after bad decision. But like you said it’s the next round of consoles. New IP’s are going to pop up and hopefully Capcom can just blow everyone away again.

      • SirRichard

        The last I’d heard of LP3, it was off frustrating journalists at an event with QTEs and clunky controls, so I think we can safely write that one off on making any headway into a large audience.

        I had entirely forgotten that Remember Me was a Capcom-published game, and it’s sad to say that you’re probably right about it not taking off either, which is a shame as the setting has potential. Apart from that, it’s basically Resident Evil, Monster Hunter and Street Fighter as their pillars, but the first one’s faltering and the third one can’t be relied on regularly without people burning out.

        I’m not entirely sure what they could do right now, beyond reigning in their expectations and trying to keep dev costs under control. They’re obviously hoping for some kind of hit out of Dragon’s Dogma or Remember Me or any other new IP they’re working on, but I’m not sure if they’ll find one.

        • Yeah, their ten-year development plan that involves hiring 100 new employees every year kind of scares me right now. They need to figure their game direction, budgets and profit margins out, or we’re going to be seeing a buttload of lay-offs a couple years down the line. I really hope it doesn’t reach that stage.

      • LynxAmali

        Lost Planet 3 really doesn’t look like Lost Planet to me. I’ll play it but it definitely looks very different from the first two.

  • Richard N

    Sounds about right, kinda what everyone expected I’m sure. Like people have already said though this is still good for Ninja Theory as despite all this ruckus and mediocre sales their game is still praised from all fronts. They’re probably gonna end up being one of those cult classic companies bringing out unique games to niche markets at this rate. Which is cool, as long as they keep doing their thing.

    I still find it funny however at the amount of people saying how inferior this game is, even though I’m sure more than half of the people saying that haven’t even played and finish the game. But hey, a demo is all it takes to rate a game, right?

    • D2Exp

      Aren’t you being rather presumptuous? The same thing you’re accusing fans of being? Instead of trying to discredit them, you should have argued their points, then your opinion would have had some real weight to it.

      But anyway. I really don’t see this game becoming a cult classic. Heavenly Sword didn’t and I wouldn’t say Enslaved did. DmC doesn’t really stand out in any aspect. I don’t see any group of fans that will remember and love it for the years to come. As for the negative reaction, it’s hardly unique in gaming and I’m sure things will calm down after a bit (ME3). A lot of reviewers (not all) praised it, but hardly anyone dubbed it exceptional in any aspect. And, as we all know, fans universally dislike it. The cult classics are mostly games that were not very popular, as opposed to being regarded bad by a wide audience. If I had to bet on it, I’d say this game will be forgotten soon enough. But this is just how I see things, only time will tell for sure :D

      • Richard N

        Argue to what end? If this comment section proves anything we all just go in circles and never reach an agreeable end.

        I don’t exactly see how I’m being presumptous when I’m just stating my opinion which is what all the fans are doing. They see it as a bad game, I see it as a game that will make Ninja Theory more recognizable. And I didn’t mean as in DmC will be a cult classic, but that Ninja Theory will continue to deliver games that are received well but small, as in they’ll be like a cult Company at the way things are going. Kinda like how despite Atelier’s Company continuing to release rather bland games by most people’s standards, they still continue to appease to certain people.

        Though I will say Enslaved does seem to be a cult classic to me, whenever people tell me about I hear good things. The amount of those people however are usually drown out these days by people yelling to me about Ni No Kuni. Selling a measly 800k or so and with DmC only selling about 1mil I say it fits your definition for cult classic.

        • D2Exp

          When I said you were being presumptuous, I was referring to your statement that half of the people complaining haven’t even played or finished the game. You can’t know that, just as the fans can’t know whether reviewers were payed to give the game high scores. Both sides using such presumptions to disprove valid arguments about the quality of the game is only detracting from the real issue. And you are calling out fans for “judging the book by its cover” when that’s the exact same strategy you’re applying to their opinion.

          I didn’t give a definition to a cult classic, I only pointed out that they usually (if ever) don’t have a large group of fans that hate them. A cult classic is a game that despite not being too popular or largely known when it came out, has a devoted fanbase, which which loves and supports it years after its release. Low sales are hardly enough for a game to fit that bill. I’m not aware of Enslaved having such following, though I might be wrong. And as I stated, I don’t see how DmC could achieve such feat, but to know for sure, we’ll have to wait and see if anyone still cares for it after a few years.

          • Richard N

            Hah, that my friend was an assumption by me. Lurking forums like I do, from gamefaqs to ign the majority of people who bash the game often openly admit they have only played the demo and will never buy the game. So unless they’re pirating or playing it at someone else’s house I will assume they never beat it or barely played past two levels. You don’t have to look far to see people who are quick to attack, who if you ask will tell you they only played the demo. Perhaps it was a bit too much of me to say “fans” for everyone who didn’t play the full game. So I’ll say the majority of the fans didn’t instead, if these messages boards and comment sections are anything to go by.

            And the whole paid to get high review scores get more and more ridiculous the more I hear that. It’s just people don’t have the same opinion of them and are openly vocal about it. Unfortunately the most annoying people are always the loudest.

            The amount of people who are defending it (like myself) I believe is a good indication of that small devoted fan base you are talking about. You won’t run into much of us who would recommend it to someone else, but we’re there, somewhere.

          • D2Exp

            I can see why you got that impression. I’m sure there are plenty of people who didn’t play the whole game and they are probably more vocal than some who did. But to dismiss arguments about the quality of the game based on that is unfair, because there are plenty of people who have played the game to the end, didn’t like it and made a good argument as to why. With your statement you’re dismissing their legitimate complaints.

            That’s exactly why I made this parallel. But just as some people think that fans are being unfair to give the game 0 and 1 out of 10, a lot of fans think reviews are giving the game too much of a break. I actually think that’s one of the reasons why the hate escalated so much. I don’t think reviewers were paid, but I can see other reasons why they have it, in my opinion anyway, easy on this game.

            But this is irrelevant. Whatever the reasons, I would try to prove their scores wrong by pointing out the flaws of the game, not by undermining them. Because if I’m right that’s all I’ll ever need to do.

            Even the worst games have fanbases. Of course a lot of people are defending this game now that all the hate is at its highest. But in a few years, will they still care? I’ve already stated that I don’t think so. Most people who are defending the game now won’t care anymore when the haters calms down. The truth is, I’m yet to hear of the game having something exceptional that will make it rise above other games for the years to come. Most cult classics are remembered for their exceptional or ahead of time story, gameplay, mechanics, etc. Cases in point, Planescape: Torment, Deus Ex, Eternal Darkness. The only thing I see DmC to be remembered for is the hate.

          • Richard N

            I honestly feel like us arguing about our first paragraphs is getting more and more ridiculous, hahah. Of course some people played it to the end, I never said there wasn’t. Majority of the complaints like I said. Alright let me restate my thought again “even though most people only played the demo and never played the full game. the people who did finish it and didn’t like it, well hey. still funny though for most people.” Either way, Imma just gonna say you win this argument because this is getting really pointless and leading us no where. *bows out*

            Ah, I dunno man. People always seem to get their panties in a twist over a little number or letter grade. For example 1up gave Ni no Kuni a C+ recently and shit went crazy in the comments. Or when Skyward Sword got less than steller reviews. Maybe some people honestly felt it was a 10, but if people don’t share it it’s time to flame. Reviewers definitely have it tough though, they always have to stay an open slate and play all sorts of game, even games and genres they don’t favor sometimes. I can definitely see how maybe a reviewer who maybe just got off a 2 month stint of hardcore X-Com and coming into DmC may have alter his overall opinion of the game or something similar. It might’ve made him think the game was a lot more fresh and fun than if he came into it right after playing Bayonetta or something. But that’s way too much speculation.

            Personally I would recommend this for people who have never played DMC before or are looking for a gateway to Action games. Like everyone says it’s pretty easy and lenient compared to the others and is much more welcoming to casuals. Like if someone told me they were gonna get God of War, I’d be like “ew, gross, get DmC or Lords of Shadow instead.” And I think I’ll always remember this game for it’s crazy levels and i think showing a trailer that features the club scene would entice a normal person.

          • D2Exp

            Haha, well, ok :D

            I mostly meant factors such as low expectations, lowered standards, solidarity with the developers, even an attempt at patronizing the fans. All that because of the fan’s reaction. All the articles that had journalists making fun of fans for disliking the game could support such claims. After all, the same thing happened with ME3’s ending. But as I pointed out, such things cannot be really proven and it’s pointless to even attempt to do that when I could just point out the flaws of the game.

            Hey, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying the game is ultra bad or anything. I think it’s a decent game, definitely not as good as some reviewers are trying to say it is though. Where it really sucks is as a DMC game, because it butchers the things that made the franchise so great in the first place – the unforgiving difficulty, crazy-skill combos and spectacle battles in and out of cutscenes. I also found the characters in DmC to be highly unlikeable, on top of the bad writing. I can see how it can be an easy way into the genre for newcomers and some people might even find the story enjoyable. But I hope you can see how it can also be a middle finger to fans of the previous games.

            NT also made it worse by being disrespectful to the original games on quite a few occasions during the development process and failed to deliver on the promises of bringing the game’s story and writing to a new, higher level. On top of that, critics are rather forgiving of the game’s flaws and journalists are mocking fans left and right for daring to voice their opinion. I’d say the fan’s reaction is rather understandable.

  • O.O

    I can only imagine what the devs are going through right now….i hope capcom payed them well

  • igotareallybigthingwithcars

    ps4 is one of the many reasons

    • Jordan Coleman


    • FFmax


  • Ricardo C

    You know… this is the reason why I got into the series in the first place. Wasn’t a bad game.

  • Naruto

    Well this isn’t to bad.

  • Adol

    I really like the new Dante and his new attitude, the old one was a comedy character in comparison with the new one, i really hope that the game sells a lot to forget about the old Dante.

  • TrevHead

    Going up against MGR is probably the worst thing Capcom could have done.

    BTW I’ve heard a rumour that Inafune is the person responsible for the new Dante, I just wondering if that’s true or not?

    • Ferrick

      nope, inafune left long time ago, so i don’t think so

  • Cool, we can stop talking about it now.

  • Jack Markley

    so capcom, is it a good idea to reboot a franchise at the height of its popularity?

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