Dragon Quest VII 3DS Remake Ships 1 Million Copies In Japan

By Ishaan . February 11, 2013 . 11:05pm

Square Enix have shipped 1 million copies of the Dragon Quest VII remake for Nintendo 3DS, according to a Famitsu.com report. The game was released last week on February 7th in Japan.


The original version of Dragon Quest VII shipped 4.1 million copies on the PSOne according to Famitsu. The Nintendo 3DS version features completely redone visuals in 3D, an orchestrated soundtrack, as well as other improvements and additions like the StreetPass trading feature that made Dragon Quest IX such a hit.


We should have a better idea of the game’s first-week sales figures this Wednesday when sales tracker, Media-Create, release their weekly software sales chart as per usual.


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  • McBonJon

    What are the odds of this game coming out in North America? I enjoyed IX and this looks like a good one as well.

    • Ethan_Twain

      I would say 50/50 toss up. On one hand, Nintendo and Square Enix collaborated to bring over an awful lot of Dragon Quest on the DS, including the remakes of IV, V, and VI. So there’s precedent. Also Iwata said that his solution to the 3DS’s sluggishness in western markets is to bombard them with all the Japanese game product that’s making the systems such a success in Japan. So those are two reasons to think it’s coming over.

      But on the other hand, the most recent Dragon Quest game to get localized, Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2, sold terribly. And other 3DS Dragon Quest games (Terry’s Wonderland 3D, Rocket Slime 3) have not been localized. Lastly, DQ VII has a simply insane amount of text in it. The game is massive beyond all reason, so localizing it would be a monumental task.

      • So, DQVII is like the Trails games on Sony’s handhelds? Hopefully we’ll still get it though. Especially if we could get Nintendo’s localization team to work on it. They’re one of my favorites in the industry.

        • Ethan_Twain

          Even if it isn’t Nintendo’s internal Treehouse localization team, they sometimes contract these things out. Both Dragon Quest VI for the DS and Fire Emblem Awakening were handled by the Eight-Four team. They’ve also worked on Skulls of the Shogun and Monster Hunter 3 in the past. That’s just an example though, this could easily be Square Enix internally too.

      • McBonJon

        Localizing any game seems to be a grand task. RPGs in general are the biggest ones. I have faith that this game will come out here and considering that IV, V, VI, and IX have made the jump here, VII doesn’t seem to be any different.
        Now considering the sales of the spin off’s, there might be some lost chance, but since the main games in the series sell well, it would be stupid not to capitalize on this opportunity. Considering that Fire Emblem Awakening came out to much acclaim by fans and more alike. Even with the upcoming release of Tales of Xillia, Project X Zone, Soul Hackers, and Pokemon X/Y (just to name a few), this is a great time.

    • If you liked 9, if you get the ps1 version of dq7, you will likely love it. Part 7 and 8 are by far my favorites. For me part 9 was a bit lukewarm due to how boring your characters are. Part 7 and 8 do not have this issue.

  • Solomon_Kano

    Can’t wait to see it destroy everything else on the charts. It’s always fun watching a DQ game release.

    Two things, though:

    1) I’m curious as to how much the PS1 version of DQVII sold.

    2) I wonder if this will open with more than Terry’s Wonderland? Should be interesting to see.

    • I don’t know about the PS2 version of DQVII, but yes, this will 100% open higher than Terry’s Wonderland 3D. :)

      That opened at 513,000 copies. I would expect this will debut around 700k if not a bit more. For reference, DQVI opened at 900k, but the Nintendo DS userbase was far higher at the time.

      • Wake

        Ok. Am I missing something here? I know it’s a PSX game. Did they rerelease DQVII on the PS2 in Japan?

        • AkuLord3

          I believe they meant VIII since that’s the only DQ game to be on the Ps2 (i’m probably wrong on that, wouldn’t be surprised)

          • Farid Belkacemi

            You forgot the DQ V remake on PS2 (and DQ VIII spin-off with Yangus) ;)

        • Oh, I assumed they had, since Solomon said there was one, but I guess he meant VIII instead. I dont see anything about a PS2 version, no.

          • Solomon_Kano

            Yea, I meant PS1. Whoops!

        • Solomon_Kano

          Yea, mess up on my part. Had my mind on DQV, the PS2 version of which was also worked on by ArtePiazza.

      • malek86

        Given the usual first week sell-through ratio for RPGs, I’d also say around 700-750k.

        • Now to see if it surprises us or not. :P

          • malek86

            It likely won’t. We haven’t heard of any shortages, so the ratio probably won’t be above 80%.

    • William Cole

      This game will outsell Terry’s Wonderland in no time. I expect 2-3 million for this game if it’s marketed correctly.

    • fanartflan

      Dragon Quest VII sold 4 million copies in Japan when it was released on the PS1. It was the best selling ps1 game, and it’s still the third best-selling console game ever in Japan, behind New Super Mario Bros Wii and the original Super Mario Bros.

      • Solomon_Kano

        Ah. Cool. I saw that it shipped 4 mil, but I wasn’t sure if it actually sold that much.

  • I hope these sales spell good news for our prospects of a US release.

  • Hubr Ulah

    “…improvements and additions like the StreetPass trading feature that made Dragon Quest XI such a hit.” I believe that’s supposed to be DQIX :o But I’ll be psyched if this might possibly be released stateside.

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