Meet Sylveon, Pokémon X And Pokémon Y’s Eighth Eeevee Evolution

By Ishaan . February 14, 2013 . 5:33am

The Pokémon Company have confirmed that a new Eevee evolution will be introduced in Pokémon X and Pokémon Y. Called Ninfia in Japan, its English name is Sylveon. Here’s a look at Sylveon in battle:



Just what type Sylveon is hasn’t been revealed yet. It is one of eight possible Eevee evolutions, counting the ones from previous Pokémon generations.


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  • Sonicdarks

    The combat…beautiful !

  • Renaldi Saputra

    sylveon huh?? what does it mean anw?

    • Sylvan. Confirmed Grass/Normal type >:D XD

      • Renaldi Saputra

        anw they won’t do dual type for eeveelution..
        so it’s not possible

        • Steven Higgins

          At least not until all the current types have one. Then after all Dual type combinations we get second stage eeveeloutions. Oh then after that a Preeveeloution. (yay baby Eevee) lol jk. Talk about beating a dead horse. But I like all the Eeveeloutions so, fine with me.

  • InfernoCommander

    normal type evo >>

  • XYZ_JolteonZ980

    Jolteon is still my favorite one followed by eevee, I wonder what its requirements will be.

    • MediaMindControl

      Jolteon and Umbreon for me. You have good taste sir jolteon.

  • Kai2591

    dose 3d graphics :)

    • D H

      Yep. Those horrible 3D graphics, replacing my wonderful sprites… :(
      (I not saying the graphics in the game are horrible, for the record; just my disappointment in the change.)

      • Ben Sylvia

        I’m kinda hoping they still have sprites on the status screens.
        I can dream right?

        • MediaMindControl


      • Bakuryukun

        Seriously? I remember the days that people were BEGGING for a full 3D Pokemon game, and now that we are actually getting one, all people seem to do is moan about how the sprites were “better”


      • Maybe it was time for them to switch to 3D because it takes alot less time to work with than drawing multiple sprites and animations, and you can do so much more with 3D in general. B&W should have hinted at this.

        • Kai2591

          oh it takes less time to work with 3D? Didn’t know that…

      • Kai2591

        umm…I meant it as a compliment….or maybe you understood that hahaha~

      • Benny Tormoes

        Oh dear…
        How misguided you are…

      • MediaMindControl

        I’m with you. I know 3d is more cost effective for animating sake. But all i ever wanted was a more animated higher quality sprite sheet for pokemon. I mean there are a whole lot of them. especially now so that would be difficult. I can only imagine if arc system works had done pokemon sprites how beautiful they could be. Whatever, I end up skipping the animations anyways and their avatars just become zoroak inception to me eventually.

  • rebecasunao

    As far as I can tell those are normal-type moves. I still hope its type will be something else. :/

  • Minos

    He is obviously Steel.

    • rebecasunao

      Never thought about that possibility before. Makes sense XD

    • Renaldi Saputra

      maybe you’re guessing sylv for silver?

    • Go2hell66

      steel sounds about right

      • MediaMindControl

        I was thinking if it was to be steel sylv for silver, but The color scheme leads me away as all steel pokemon have a bit of grey on them if not all of them. Look at skarmory and steelix for example. The only shininess is in the eyes, and I would expect armor if it was steel type. Something Like how scyther becomes scizor, eevee would become this. I say flying or bug forsure. Ghosts are generally darker colors especially purple and dark grey. Also I wouldn’t think the ghost type version would have normal legs but ghost like legs. Alas the las tpart of my observation is that it could be normal BECAUSE of the BOWS. The pink white and light blue scheme seems to match chansey as well as many other normal type pokemon.

    • xavier axol

      or it could be a ghost type.

  • Shiki

    Eevee + Shiny Stone = Sylveon
    Maybe .. ?

    • Armane

      GameFreak using previously introduced old evolution methods for new Pokémon? Not likely. Enjoy your trade-while-next-to-a-rock-holding-a-new-item-with-max-beauty evolution.

  • Go2hell66

    I was guessing Ninfeon

    not even close

    • Renaldi Saputra

      ‘nin’ is for ‘ninja’

  • Xmas Lopez

    I want it to be dragon type.

    Also, can we talk about how ridiculously girly Sylveon looks? Like, holy crap it’s girlier than my sister’s My Little Pony dolls!

    • Adriaan den Ouden

      The fact that it has a very feminine look might point to it being a gendered evolution. Perhaps only female Eevees can become Sylveons?

  • Vorsun

    The name being Sylveon makes me even more sure it’s a Flying-type.

  • andibad

    Nymphali (ninfia on french) i just wondering with that name…..

    is seems type bug XP but who know

  • laoni

    Sylpheon probably comes from sylph, elementals/fairies/spirits of the air.

    • Shiki

      So .. fly or normal ?

    • Cazar

      Yeah, which seems to suggest flying type more than anything. But I’m still betting on bug-type because sylph can also be associated with fairies which traditionally have bug-like wings. And notice Sylveon’s bug eyes and butterfly bows.

      Also to reaffirm your statement, the French name, Nymphali, is very obviously based on the Greek mythological female elementals – nymphs; so it’s certain that this is the theme that they’re going for.

      Edit: Just saw Vince’s comment. Wasn’t familiar with the term sylvan but if that’s what it is then more than likely it’s bug type.

      • andibad

        yeah i think so. … I better not see spoiler about her type <.< is too much for me.

        i just remember "Nymphale" is similar with french name of ninfia XD

      • Shiki

        Bug type? That will be kinda letdown, but if so, everything will depend on the stats, ability and moveset, hopefully it won’t be useless for OU battles!

      • They are liklely making the game using French culture. I’ve heard that there has been objects in the game that look like famous French buildings. Last time it had a country theme of Japan so they might be starting this country thing.

    • XyzzySqrl

      It’s just Skyla in a pokemon suit.

    • Yeah but what about Ninfa

  • Sylveon, huh? Prolly “Sylv” is from the word “Sylvan”— A person or deity who resides in the woods. It also refers to the spirits of the woods in myths.

    Maybe Sylveon is a Ghost type Eeveelution with some Grass type moves, perhaps?

    • Cazar

      If it is referring to sylvan then I’m definitely betting on bug type. Look at the eyes and the shape of her bows.

  • Definitely flying just because of the word Sylph often connected to the wind spirits. Now we need a manly Fighting Eeveelution that contrasts the feminine Sylveon. How bout Brawleon? :D

    • Diego Siqueira

      LOL this name is funny but i agree, a fighting type eevee is needed :D

  • Sergio Briceño

    My guess is, we have a new type of Pokémon.

    • I too also go for that theory/guess. I believe.. It’s been 3 Generations since Dark and Steel types were introduced, was it?

      • Sergio Briceño

        Yup, and I’d love for it to be a new type actually. In GenII steel and dark were rare, but they became pretty common from GenIII onwards.

        But your theory of it being a forest associated Poké could hold true and make it a female bug eeveelution. Because there is no way one of the requirements isn’t for it to be female, no way in hell…

        We had stone requirements, day time and happiness requirements, and specific location requirements too. So why not have gender specific eeveelutions? Like say, maximize a female Eevee cute/beauty stat and make her win a Pokémon contest and voila, you got yourself a Sylveon.

        Come to think of it, a steel eeveelution could be attained by having a male eevee maximize it’s steel/cool stat :p Now that would be nuts!

        And also, not happening. They would be the hardest to get eeveelutions.

  • Misty Dawson

    Gothitelle’s bows look just like that, except solid white. Same shape.

    I thought Sylveon = Sylph, which was always an air elemental in many video games that I’ve played.

  • Serpenter Rex

    Flying type wouldn’t surprise me, but I’m expecting normal from this one. First time I saw it, I wasn’t sure what to make of it – But after seeing it animated, I quite like the looks of it. Its got… Really odd looking eyes for an eevee though.

    • komiko12

      I think Sylveon performed Normal-type moves.
      To me, it looks like it used Swift, Final Trump and what I think is Hyper Beam.

      • Ulicies

        Lots of Pokemon can use Normal moves, though. Using a normal move doesn’t guarantee it being Normal type.

        • komiko12

          lols. I never said anything about the type. If you ask me, I still want it to be a Dragon type :D

  • Yvonne Tsang

    Those eyes stare right into my soul…

    • komiko12

      I think Espeon has the more piercing stare.

  • jugun

    Flying type!You can see by the chart all the eevelutions are the opposite

    • MrRobbyM

      Hm. I’m not sure about that if only for it’s design. If it was flying type I’d think they’d make it look more like…a flying type.

      • Think about it this way: What makes Gyarados a Flying type?

        • Christopher Nunes

          That is indeed true… Gyarados should’ve been Dragon but then again you got Magikarp early and since Dragons were powerful beasts in the original old Pokemon games that didn’t want to make Gyarados too powerful and easily wipe the Gym leaders in the beginning.

        • Misty Dawson

          His moustache.

    • MediaMindControl

      smartest comment I’ve read. Pretty set on flying or bug. Something makes me feel like if it was bug the moves shown would be slightly different and that it would have more bug like features instead of bows.

  • MrRobbyM

    I’m thinking Normal type but the fact that they’re keeping it a secret for this long makes me skeptical.

  • marclair

    guys, it’s obviously a kawaii-type pokemon

  • Why they are making such a big deal on it’s type? Kinda tease for a new kind of type.

  • Steven Higgins

    Hmmm…. could come from Silver, Sylph, Sylvan, or the Salvia flower. (unlikely ’cause Leafeon). Nope, no way to tell the type from the name. Also could they be using normal type moves to ensure that the (new) type stays secret ’till an official announcement is made? BTW has anyone else noticed that new Eeveeloutions always appear in even numbered generations? And that they always come in pairs? And that one is always weak against the other? Gen II Espeon/Umbreon, Gen IV Leafeon/Glaceon. Guess the real question is, Who’s Sylveon’s partner?

  • Guest

    Focus blast? so it must be fighting type lol jk Its flying

  • Just Tim

    I hope Sylveon would be a pure Flying-type with an ability that would make it immune from Rock- and Ice-type attacks. >:3

    PS: Hey there Umbreon, say hi to Gary Oak for the rest of us.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    I seriously think people are over thinking this. It could just be a normal type, regular evolution without stones.

    • I don’t think it’s regular evolution, otherwise Eevee should be able to evolve on another region by leveling up, either they’ll do an environment evolution or a stone or something that will satisfy some sort of new gimmick.

    • Herok♞

      impossible there have never been 2 pokemon that can result from the same evolution method(in this case it would be leveling up) because then it might block espeon or umbreon

    • MediaMindControl

      It has to be bit by a bug type pokemon from a specific move called bug bite as eevee as the killing blow. Then it resurrects in battle as this pokemon with full HP.

    • If we take a look at Delcatty, Wigglytuff, and Clefable then this Eevee could me a moon stone evolving normal type that comes out cure and pink looking. We can’t take the moves into consideration because all Eevee-lutions can learn those moves in its Eevee form. We are over thinking. There is not telling what this eevee will be. We still have not had a trade evolution and trade item evolution Eevee, a dual type Eevee, nor an Eevee to transform with the moon, leaf, sun, dawn, shiny, dusk stones. The Pokemon company has a lot of different directions it could go in for Eeveelutions

  • Rothion

    Looks a Normal-type Eevelution, lulz – boring, to say at least.

    So it uses Swift and Last Resort at the video – yay, exciting, right?

    PS: Design is lame too.

  • Lazulis


    • That always irked me about Pokemon, some evolutions turn out with the pokemon wearing clothes or carrying objects.

    • JustThisOne


  • Sergio Briceño

    Do you guys remember how moves were determined to be special or physical based on type before generation IV?

    We have these special types: Water, Electric, Fire, Psychic, Dark, Grass, Ice and Dragon.

    Out of all of those types, we still have yet to see a Dragon eeveelution.

    Yes, I know a Dragon typed eeveelution would be bad ass, and the name Sylveon certainly doesn’t do a Dragon type Poké any justice.

    But still, I always thought that the eeveelutions would cover all the types, starting with the special types.

  • SpecDotSign

    I think it’s a Dragon Type. It has the same colors as the Dragon type logo in the game.

  • Sylveria

    Bug type (cause of the butterfly ribbons) or flying type cause.. reasons.

  • Masengan

    I thought they would name it Nympheon, maybe they were scared of the word nympho? Regardless, I don’t like its eyes… I think it will be the normal type, a female Eevee evolved by level up or something. So let’s see what the male Eevee will look like, I’m thinking blue-ish.

  • tapoutplayer

    It reminds me almost of a Mienchao because of the color and ribbons…would be cool if it was a fighting type

  • PowerOfTheFlamesIori

    At first I just figured it was a normal type, but they really do seem to be making a big deal out of it’s type. What with all the question marks and stuff. Could the big N be introducing a new type with X and Y? D:

  • Light type anyone?

  • HEY! listen up. Sylph, for its name, relates to fairy. look it up. so what if shes a light type like clefairy?

  • Gogi

    It’s a new type “light”… same as Xerneas…

  • So kawaii~~~

  • Alnath B

    Why can’t it be dual typing? It can be Psychic/Water or something

  • Looks normal to me. Look at the moves. The one when it threw a flaming or energy ball at the enemy: fire or normal. The one when it threw cards and scratched the enemy: normal. The one when it charged: electric. The one when it used Swift: normal. Some people say it’s flying. Should have feathers then. Some people say it’s steel. Should have hard parts. Some people say bug but bug is hard to Imagine and might take some time.

  • Ulicies

    The Eeveelutions really are one of my favorite Pokemon families. Every generation I keep hoping to see more evolutions.

  • Louny

    Looks like a cross breed of a Victini and an eevee to me..

  • wartortle

    i think sylveon its type beatfull his evolve when is happy at afternoon

  • Lari

    its fairy type

  • Lari

    fairy type <3 yes I KNOW IT IS A FAIRY TYPE SO YEAH

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