Meet The Characters In The Legend Of Heroes: Trails In The Flash

By Spencer . February 19, 2013 . 1:05am

First seen in last night’s PlayStation Vita webcast, this trailer introduces the characters in The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Flash. Falcom completely transformed the series with 3D character models and a horse you can ride on. As seen in the movie, the main characters in the game are Rean, Alisa, Laura, and Eliot.


The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Flash will be released on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita later this year.

  • This better come to the west, or answers will be exacted in blood!

    A lot of the art reminds me of some MMORPGs, in-game. Neutral about it, just an observation. Then again, most fantasy games look pretty much alike.

    • JazzyMan123

      It most certainly will be localized!! ….in Chinese that is.

      Which is really likely. After all, China’s getting Ao no Kiseki next month.

      • raymk

        Will you quit saying that. Its not like games have never come over without other entries in the series. I still think we’ll see it in the west in 2014 because its a ps3 game and those are always first priority in the west.

        • JazzyMan123

          Well, good luck believing that. Like I said, I’m sure all the other publishers are aware of how this series works.

          If you don’t want to accept that then that’s just you.

          And the reason why I said “Chinese” is because it really is likely to be in Chinese. After all China’s getting Ao no Kiseki next month, and they already have all the preceding games in Chinese as well.

        • And who, pray tell, is going to localize it? That’s the important question. XSEED’s partnership with Falcom likely gives them dibs…

          And point #2 to remember for this: After Trails in the Sky was released on PSP in Japan, not a single company would touch it. Why would they touch Sen, a game that’s already been said by Falcom to be the largest game of the series? FC was the SHORTEST at 1.5 million characters. SC being 3 million characters is utterly ridiculous as well, and Ao and Sen are both bigger than SC.

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    That Tsundere vibe lol. And all my trust on you Falcom. You rarely dissapoint here.^_^

  • 紅蓮

    Now that i finished Zero no Kiseki evolution, all I need is Sora no Kiseki the Third HD and Ao no Kiseki in Vita. Then I’ll be ready for Sen no Kiseki!!!

  • JazzyMan123

    Sweet, day one import Falcom. Just have to have finish up my playthrough of Zero and soon Ao and I’ll be ready for this. :)

  • JazzyMan123

    *Sign* People, if this is ever going to localized in English it’ll probably be 2020 (if ever) because of various reasons already posted throughout such as here:

    • raymk

      Stop posting that as well because again none of that really matters. As I said its a ps3 game and those always have more priority over handheld games. Not to mention its on vita and ps3 and sure to make them more money than any of the other games.

      • JazzyMan123

        Just because it’s on the PS3 and Vita? Sure, keep believing that.

        And like I said, anyone who loves this series definitely agrees that they shouldn’t be played out of order. That’s just how Falcom designed the LoH franchise.

        And that’s not even getting into the massive amounts of text Sen is sure to have going by the preceding games.

        • Well, that’s their loss. I guess I just won’t bother with their series anymore. I’ll play games from companies that actually want their games to be played by people other than hardcore fans.

          • There are plenty of games you can go play that don’t have a continuous story. Falcom makes it pretty clear in their advertisements that the big part of this series is the continuous story that’s been carried over through multiple games. That’s something wildly unique to this series that no one else seems to be willing to do, and Falcom does it well.

            I’d say more of a case of ‘your loss’ really if you don’t want to bother with it anymore. Or if you want to see a better chance of Sen no Kiseki, you should probably spread the word more and try to get more people to start asking XSEED for Second Chapter.

            Remember, by skipping straight to Sen no Kiseki, you are also missing what the series fans pretty much agree is the best title of the ENTIRE series: and that’s Trails in the Sky SC.

          • I bought two copies of FC one for me and one for a friend. I like to think that I did my part spreading the word. Like you said, there are plenty of series with self-contained storylines that actually get localized so, yeah, it’s their loss. I’ll give my money to those other companies instead.

          • I think it’s funny that it seems like “spreading the word” to most people means buying copies themselves. It simply means talking about it and/or telling people about it.

            You don’t have to purchase more copies yourself, but if you talk someone into doing so, then you’ve done just as well as if you had.

            Nevertheless, considering that with each new game, Falcom’s shown that they get more sales on the other titles as well. Enough so to justify the work to turn SC into a PSN title, or to port the games to PS3. So I’ll still hold out on the fact that it’s your loss for missing out a unique series, and where you’ve gone, Falcom will probably pick up at least a few more others in your place.

          • “Falcom will probably pick up at least a few more others in your place” Right, I wish them luck with that, they’re going to need it.

          • Yea, I kinda agree with you, I love RPG, especially story driven one like TLOH series, I’ve finished the Gagharv series and so it’s kinda sad that we only get the first series of trails. Sen really looks gorgeous and awesome (especially the mecha and the boss? artwork from before…). So it’s a really big loss for me to not able to play such great game because of poor chance of localization… If only every country in the world use the same language lol..

          • JazzyMan123

            “If only every country in the world use the same language lol..”

            Haha if only…that would really be a dream come true…but then again, be careful what you wish for…

      • Dede Ogbe

        Dude hate to burst your bubble but the guy’s got a point. There’s no way in hell they would even consider this without bringing out the previous games. Reason? it would be the equivlant of skipping all the harry potter book series and just adapting the final one into a movie. This guy is’nt trying to be negative. He knows what he’s talking about and so does Xseed. The previous games were building up to this game, and there’s alot of events and background knowledge that cannot be ignored. People seem to think that because its on ps3 it means that it has a better chance of standing on its own and has a higher priority. It doesn’t. It is very much a continuation of the events of the previous games. You have to keep in mind this is the arc the past 5 games have been building up to. Localizing this without SC, The 3rd, Zero and Ao is a horrible decision and Xseed knows that. Again am sorry unless Xseed localises the preivous games and they actually do well, the chances of seeing this are extremely low. And i wouldnt hold your breath on them doing the other games either, due to the psp current state over seas and the masses of text they have to get through. JazzyMan123 prediction’s about this coming out in 2020 are pretty spot on to be honest. If you want the game that badly i suggest learning japanese like i have done, play the previous trilogy and pre-order the game.

        • JazzyMan123

          Thank you. The post is obviously quite negative I admit but that’s really how it is. Skipping straight to Sen would be like reading LOTR: The Return of the King without reading the previous two books.

          • Dede Ogbe

            Interesting comparison. I like it. But Yeah as someone who knows the series well. Realistically the chances of this making it over any time soon is pretty low. Forgetting the fact that this game is proably the equivilant of translating 4 novels, there also the massive cast and text in the previous games. These arent the sort of games you can translate in a couple of months. No, these are MASSIVE games. It would take a company MUCH BIGGER than Xseed to pull it all off by the end of even 2015. Anyone who has played the series would know what am talking about. Using JazzyMan123’s example you cant just read the synopsis at the back of the first lord of the rings book and then jump into the last one. It wont work. This isnt a game you can even attempt that with. If there was something like a theater in which you can view the previous events of the first game then maybe, (kind of like Kingdom hearts hd) but as it stands, it wont happen. I want to play this game as much as you do in english. But we have to be realistic here.

          • JazzyMan123

            Right, the amount of text in these games is something lot of people seem to be forgetting:

            I mean, look at that, far more words than the f***king Wheel of Time. And that’s just text in the main story and sidequests, doesn’t include NPC text and other stuff.

            Heck, it took about over a year for XSEED to translate and edit FC alone. So there’s no reason to believe Sen will be any different.

        • Stranger On The Road

          Interesting; thank you for taking the time to explain the problem.

          But I find the hole thing strange; it means that the developer is targeting the people who played the original games and hoping that they are still interested enough to play the next installment (and will continue to do so until they die!).

          Not trying to bring new player to their franchise is one strange concept. They can’t really be expecting new player to acquire the old games –and the means to play them– just so that they could play this game (ignoring the fact that the new player’s taste in graphics and game play is different from when those earlier games were released).

          IMHO Final Fantasy and ‘Tales of’ had a better approach to this problem!

          • JazzyMan123

            I’m pretty certain that Sen in particular is being marketed to the long-time fans of the series (not too sure, but likely.)

          • Dede Ogbe

            Exactly. Immediately after the first game the developers stop holding your hands. They expect you to know everything that occurred in the previous games. And what happens in the previous games and its characters heavily play a role in this game. Playing this game would not only be confusing for someone who has only touched trails in the sky. it would also be meaningless. Waay Too Much has happened. Personally i dont blame Xseed. This series would require every bit of man power they have and they cant afford to do that. Basically the only way to play this game with any meaning is to go back to the previous games. Check this out for a good indication of how much they actually need to translate.
            Another way of looking at it is this. Xseed has had the rights of the trails in the sky trilogy since 2010, and they’re STILL working on the second one in the series. They haven’t even gotten to the next saga, talk less of the new one. Doesnt help the first one didnt sell well here either.

          • JazzyMan123

            Having played SC for a bit, yeah. All hand-holding is dropped at the VERY start of the game and there’s no plot recap as to what happened in FC. And as for 3rd….there aren’t any tutorials at all and it is quite difficult from the very first battle.

            And Ao no Kiseki is even worse. Falcom certainly isn’t friendly towards newcomers…

          • Most interesting thing about 3rd is that you never get a combat system tutorial, like you did in FC and SC. They expect you to know the combat already by that point.

          • Ladius

            That’s exactly what’s being going on for years, though, and the Japanese audience has supported that effort. For instance, the PSP port of the first Trails game initially sold less than 40k copies, but went on to sell more than 200k after more people became engaged with its later entries and tried to figure out what happened before them (as of now, sales are probably even higher thanks to PSN digital downloads on both PSP and Vita).

            You would be right if the series’ narrative was mediocre, but considering it’s one of the best jrpg series in terms of setting and character development it’s not so strange to see people engaged in its continuing story. Even more so, the fact that its plot is so complex and deep has slowly become a strong point of its own, compared to the mostly stand alone jrpg games out there.

            We already have countless jrpg series without narrative continuities, there’s nothing wrong with Trails providing a different kind of experience.

        • Sergio Briceño

          I thought this was supposed to take place before the last game in the Trails of series. Kind of stand on it’s own. And it wouldn’t be the first time an RPG get’s released before (or without) it’s (previously released) sequel.

          • JazzyMan123

            It’s set in Erebonia. No chance of Sen being stand-alone once that bit of info was revealed.

          • Dede Ogbe

            No, a common misconception. This takes AFTER the last game, and relies heavily on the events that occurred in the previous game. As i said before, you cant just read the synopsis at the back of the first lord of the rings book and then jump into the last one. The series doesnt hold your hands and it expects you to know every thing that’s happened in the previous games to understand this one. And even that aside we also have to consider how much text these games have. This is the biggest game of the series and is the size of 4 novels in total. If you want to see roughly how much is needed to translate one game look here . I think we again agree that we wont be seeing an english version for some time. And i doubt Xseed would do it anyway as they have even finished the second game in the first trilogy. Which they started work on in 2010.

          • Technically, Falcom’s been super secret on when in the Kiseki storyline that this game takes place, but enough information is out to prove that it’s definitely after the Hundred Days War.

            The statement that this takes place as a ‘standalone’ title has been based on a mistranslation on an article that was released, as Falcom’s not said anything about that, either, to my knowledge.

            What it’s looking like, though, at this point, is that Sen no Kiseki will *start* concurrently with the other games sometime between 3rd and Ao. I also don’t doubt that it will definitely tie in to Ao’s “controversial” (I say this, because of how many people were upset at it being “just a summary” of what happens) ending, though.

          • Sergio Briceño

            Ok. I can agree with that, but the only thing I don’t understand is the negativity.

            I mean, you and JazzyMan123 have gotten your point across. There is little to no chance of seeing a localization. But:

            a) If you keep mentioning for us all, I think we are more interested in dicussing it’s good and bad points and the possibilities of it coming here, not the lack of it.

            b) Siliconera usually covers good asian games, not necessarily the ones getting localized. There is always importing.

            I don’t think all the people discussing the reasons why it isn’t coming over needed so many posts to do so. Just my opinion.

          • It’s probably because a lot of people don’t look at posts beyond their own, also. I am, actually, kind of tired of repeating myself, too, unfortunately. Especially since I tend to discuss things like this on multiple other forums, too.

            We do love this series, I promise you that. We just want people to put the same kind of effort that they are showing for “I want Sen no Kiseki!” into “I want Sora no Kiseki SC!” instead. This series as a whole, no matter the graphical appearance, is amazing.

            It kind of leaves the “where were you howevermany number of years ago” impression to me. I was with the *extremely few* people calling for it to be localized when FC first jumped to PSP in 2006, too, but multiple companies said that they couldn’t localize a game of its size- we were EXTREMELY lucky that XSEED took a chance with FC.

            I apologize if I sound a bit upset- I’m actually not as irate as I might sound, even. I just think that the same energy that these people are putting into wanting this “shinier, prettier” game should be put into trying to get other games in the series out instead.

          • Ladius

            I couldn’t agree with you more on the “ask for SC, not Sen” thing.

            This series is great beacause of its complex, deep world building and its ability to slowly build interesting characters and narrative themes during many games, bypassing most of the series just to play the game with shinier graphics completely defeats the point of playing the Trails series.

          • Zharkiel

            Actualy, if a campaign is being made it should be for FC on steam. Asking for SC and then releasing it on the PSP is asking for an FC part deux catastrophe

            While there’s a PSN version readily available that is also compatible with the Vita, I firmly believe that trails would benefit more from the kind of exposure Steam can give. It has worked for YS, it can work for Trails..

          • Thankfully, while the changes for FC are minimal, SC actually got quite a few changes in it from PC to PSP –> More playable characters and items and so forth – but the big one is what XSEED used as leverage for advertising: Retry Offset.

            This is because of the fact that the PSP versions had the difficulty modes in them. The PC versions for the original trilogy do not. And then you get into 3rd’s additions, which has a significant number of new items, a couple of new quests, characters that don’t have voices in the PC version now have voices in 3rd, etc etc…

            And not to mention at that point, they can’t continue. The Chinese PC port of Zero no Kiseki is subpar, buggy, and laden with SecuROM8. Falcom stopped PC development at that time.

            Of course, with the work that Sara’s done with the PC port for Chronicles+, I imagine that she can possibly work at it with the original Kiseki trilogy, too… but considering how long it’ll take them to translate the script, on top of a process of programming the extras in?

            To be honest, I’d prefer if we had the option to have the PSP extras instead of the PC versions at this point, since they’re relatively barebones. And by releasing to PC at that point, they’re also abandoning the fans who play on PSP without PC gaming (yes, there are those out there) that faithfully picked up FC on the PSP as well.

            Damned if you do, damned if you don’t, I guess. :|

          • Zharkiel

            PSP is kind of a dead market ridden by piracy. I’m the only one of my peers who played the game and actually bought it, releasing SC on the PSP is asking for no sales.

            Yes, there is piracy on the PC, but there’s also a market on the steam platform. It has been working for Ys sans chronicles, and at risk of sounding like a broken record, it can give the Trails series the exposure it desperately needs.

            You’re thinking too far into the future, let’s be honest with ourselves, Zero and Ao aren’t even on xseed’s map, let them worry about those when they’re actually done with the original trilogy. We don’t even know if Trails will actually succeed on alternative platforms yet.

            I completely understand your preference for all the extras the PSP releases have, but honestly, I’m more worried about having the actual game getting translated than a couple of new playable characters or new skills. Yes, the PC versions might be barebones in terms of updates, but as long as the plot, which is what actually matters the most is the same, I’d say they should go with the most profitable market, which sadly, the PSP is not.

          • Sergio Briceño

            Point taken. You don’t sound angry. Just repeated yourself too much. And I can tell you love the series.

          • Dede Ogbe

            hmmm take ur drift. Yeah sorry bout that wasnt trying to be negative. Just caught up in the explanation. Really do want this game to come over. If possible like how Xseed are releasing the Ys series. But this series needs more attention first and people need to start spreading the word first and get more people to purchase Trails in the Sky. And yh as you said there’s always importing as well. Pre-ordered mine with Senran Kagura SV yesterday ;-)

          • Raine_evenstar

            iirc from the magazine interview, isn’t it that the general story synopsis for sen is 4 novels in length? so the actual in-game text will be way way more than that. but yea still the longest in the kiseki series :) I personally can’t wait

        • raymk

          I know what he’s talking about but at the same time plans change and what was said before can be meaningless now. They know they can’t release the psp games so the only hope is for them to be released on ps3 as well not vita alone. I still don’t think there’s enough info out for people to say they won’t do it especially when like I said its a ps3 game and it isn’t a port of a handheld game. I know what you guys are saying I really do but I’m still confident that It’ll be released in at least a year and a half from now.

          Now I still want the other games but the importance you people also speak of isn’t really all that important to everyone. Most of the game connections are important I agree but most of it isn’t so important that you couldn’t play the game without ever knowing they existed. For instance I played the games out of order and although a few things were confusing it didn’t stop my enjoyment of the game.

          That said I want the last 2 game and I especially want Sen no Kiseki.

          • Kevadu

            You just don’t seem to get it. There is just no reason to localize this game without having localized the previous entries. You would literally have no idea what was going on. It’s one continuous narrative.

      • “As I said its a ps3 game and those always have more priority over handheld games.”

        3rd’s expected to come out before the end of the year, too. Falcom’s president, Toshihiro Kondo has also said that he would like to see the series on PS3 sometime soon, as well.

    • TyeTheCzar

      We should stop discussing why we can’t bring it over here and start persuading more folks to actually PURCHASE Trails in The Sky. Money is what will persuade XSEED to translate the sequels.

      How do you persuade folks? Go on forums. Go on Facebook or Twitter. Evangelize it.

      • JazzyMan123

        Yes. I fully encourage people to buy FC and SC (when it does come out) to increase the chances of future games coming over.

        The point I’m making here is that localizing Sen without the preceding games is a really bad idea.

      • What do you think I do already? I spend an immense amount of time for a website based entirely on Falcom’s games. I try to get the word out any time there’s any sort of new thing coming out in the US, and have tried to dig out as much information on these things.

        Jazzy is actually very active on twitter, facebook, and forums as well. Despite being here all the time, he does do what you say he should do.

      • Dede Ogbe

        Exactly my friend! More ppl buy the game the faster we get the others. We need to show xseed that this series should be a priority.

      • DesmaX

        I’m sorry to be that guy, but… It will not sell well. Not on the PSP.

        If XSEED want FC to sell well, they should bring the PS3 and, especially, the PC Version on Steam (And, before anyone says that “But the PSP Version mas more content!”, we all saw what they did to Ys 1&2 Chronicles. They could put the extra content on the PSP versions on the PC)

        • What about when they get to Zero no Kiseki and Ao no Kiseki? Ao no Kiseki doesn’t have a Vita version like Zero at this point…

          While I understand that they could go with the Vita version of Zero, but the Chinese PC version seems to have issues across multiple computers and has SecuROM 8 all throughout the thing.

          • DesmaX

            Well… I’d rather have, at least, SC (And even the 3rd, if possible) than just FC.

            Especially since FC ending is supposed to be a cliffhanger (I just got a PSP recently, so I’m still playing it)

          • If they don’t intend to continue to Zero and Ao, they need to stop at SC, then. 3rd is setup for the later two games.

    • Zharkiel

      No offense bro, but you’re being as annoying as the constant clueless people asking for this to get localized. I don’t know who died and made you the kiseki localization chairman, but seriously, cut it out.

      Those who got the message got it, those who don’t will remain hopeful in their ignorance.

      • JazzyMan123

        Yeah. I do agree I’ve been doing this far too often to the point of annoyance, just felt the need to get the point across, which is all.

        In fact, after this particular article I’m just gonna shut up now. If some people just won’t get the point then that’s that.

  • Go2hell66

    Really hope they give the ps3 version a graphics overhaul

    • Considering it’s their first fully 3D title on a new console (they’ve never developed for PS3 outside of the ports for the system- which had its first port in December 2012), I think it’s actually impressive with them.

      Falcom has *always* been a few steps behind the other companies in terms of graphics, though. The previousd title in this series, Ao no Kiseki, was still sprite based, for example.

      • MrTyrant

        Even so they give so much detail to the scenaries that make their games feel really alive. I remember some beatiful scenaries and stages in Ao no Kiseki where you could see all the npc walking at the background while there was some changes in the weather. They can compensate the graphic flaw with style.

        • I remember how big of a jump it was for Falcom’s direction to handle the play in Zero. I still love seeing Lloyd and Elie running across the balcony while you have Rixia and Ilya’s dance in the background. That was spectacular.

          • MrTyrant

            And Rixia was sexy as ever.

  • Kai2591

    I am not ready to watch the video T_T.

  • Setsu Oh

    stiff animation

  • fyi1191

    LoH series is all about their DEEP story.
    This will see localization after Ao no Kiseki.
    Otherwise, I’m not sure what the heck are we playing this series for.
    The last thing in this series that players should care is the gameplay.

  • Man I’d love to get all the 3 Chapters of Trails in the Sky first. I’ve played FC, halfway when I got spoiled by my friends that there was a Second and Third Chapter.

    • TyeTheCzar

      We need to persuade XSEED with our money. And that means persuading more gamers to buy Trails in the Sky.

      • Blesmi

        Maybe if they would release Trails in the Sky on steam they’d get more people interested. Trying to convince someone who hardly gives a shit about his/her psp to buy TiTS is pretty damn hard.

        • All of the PSP versions are also fully compatible with the Vita, though. So if you don’t have a PSP but a Vita, you’d still be able to play them.

  • Zeonsilt

    Finally!Gameplay video! Look’s ok to me. Btw,there is no reason to not localize this game,they can add something like diarybooktext option,where you can read some storylink connection to other games,explanation and etc(but this will contain heavy spoilers for others LoH games,though).EA did a comix for ME1 on PS3,if you remember.It’s a matter of creativity and localization approach for XSeed.The import of this game is useless(for super text-heavy LoH games),and i hope XSeed will pick this up soon after release.I really do want to play HD LoH title on my PS3. p.s. Of course,i really want to play others LoH titles as well.

    • JazzyMan123

      Read below on why a localization simply won’t happen (if ever).

      And honestly, Mass Effect isn’t comparable to the LoH series in any way. I find that akin to comparing a pond to an ocean. lol

      • Zeonsilt

        Still,i’m hoping for PS3 HD remake release in english,even as download PSN title.(If XSeed abandoned PSP versions).

    • Ladius

      As sad as it is, localizing Sen without having Trails 2, 3, Zero and Ao in English is pointless. Those games aren’t stand alone, they’re part of one big overall narrative set in the same world with a big emphasis on character relationships and the slow development of many subplots through different games, Sen simply won’t be nearly as enjoyable (or understandable) without playing the series’ previous entries.

      • Zeonsilt

        Now i remembered.Back in 2005 Crimson Sea 2 for PS2(the first game was on Xbox) was used a unique approach.You can watch all of cutscenes and CG-video from the first(Xbox) game /w special NPC.That’s what i meant,they can explain many important plot parts,that connect Sen to other games (“how?”,it’s up to them,CS2 and ME method won’t work here,though).I completed FC on my PSP,so i know how complex LoH series is.(and did some search on SC and the others,do want Zero no Kiseki for my Vita >_<).
        Hayabusa post-edit : It will be awesome if Spencer or Ishaan can ask XSeed directly.

  • Sergio Briceño

    It’s good to see that japanese games on portables can look this good. The west should take note.

    Nowadays a lot of people complain that western titles are the only ones that look stunning and that japanese game companies are among the last and worst when it comes to HD, but there are few games that I’ve seen that really shine on portables and this is one of them. And it’s japanese.

    Kind of makes me wonder, why don’t they port over all those old jrpgs of the PS3 with added features, like they are doing with the Atelier games. Some of them like the Tales of games don’t even need that much work because their complete versions have already been released. It would be a good way for Japan to have more Vita games and for the west (if they are localized) to experience the best versions of all the games that didn’t make it out before.

    And nobody would complain about the graphics, because it’s on a portable to begin with.

    • Falcom’s actually started the process of porting the original Trails in the Sky trilogy to PS3. FC came out in December, SC will be in April… and it’s suspected that we’ll see 3rd sometime before the year is out.

      The PS3 versions are ‘enhanced’ by using the high-res assets that were used to originally develop the games for PC. They also come with the entire soundtrack as completely DRM-free audio files that you can transfer directly to memory stick or a music player.

      The PSP titles of the entire series are also compatible with the Vita and available on PSN at this point, as well… so if you have a Vita and no PSP, you can still play them, too.

      • DesmaX

        Does TiTS FC HD has trophies?

        Didn’t find a trophy list anywhere

        • No, it doesn’t. Falcom actually didn’t create an achievement system for the games until Zero no Kiseki came out.

          Zero no Kiseki Evolution actually used the achievement system from in-game to translate into trophies for PSN.

          • DesmaX

            Well, this will make localization harder (I know that trophies are obligatory in the west).

            And, honestly, I would assume that every fan would like to have that sexy TiTS FC platinum in their collection

          • Yeah. I know, sadly, on the localization aspect of things. I won’t exactly write things out, though, on it. Falcom’s known for their rereleases. I wouldn’t be surprised if they pulled something once all three are out. 3rd will be out at the end of this year…

            And I doubt Falcom will be able to resist pulling something in 2014. Namely because that will be FC’s tenth anniversary. We all know that they’re suckers for anniversaries. xD

          • DesmaX

            … I already don’t like the idea of just one HD Remaster in a disc, but re-releasing the games in a bundle and put trophies in it… It sounds horrible

            Unless you’re talking about a Trophy Patch

          • I don’t see how something like that is horrible, to be honest, unless you already bought it. It would mean that we’d have a better chance of getting it here, though.

      • Kevadu

        The PS3 versions aren’t really ports in the traditional sense. They’re using the PSP remaster system, which lets the unmodified PSP code be recompiled for a PS3 environment.

        This is why the only extras on the PS3 version are the higher-res art and stuff like the soundtrack which isn’t actually part of the game. It’s also why, as already pointed out, the PS3 version does not have trophies and it never will have trophies. It’s still fundamentally a PSP game and the PSP obviously doesn’t know about trophies.

        There have been several PSP remasters released in Japan by a number of different publishers, and not a single one has made it to the US.

    • sandra10

      It looks great, all things considering i.e. Falcom’s small, The Legend of Heroes isn’t a very big series, and it’s a significant jump from what they used to do. But let’s not go overboard, the best looking handheld games are still Western… by a mile. Even when it comes to art direction, Escape Plan and Tearaway are top notch.

      • Sergio Briceño

        I won’t deny that Escape Plan has great art direction. But that is about it. Yes, it does an incredible technical job, but it’s a side scroller with just one camera angle. It’s supposed to look, same as God of War, nothing looks bad because you are looking at the pretty (and only) angle.

        And Tear Away, well that’s one game, I’ve seen a lot of japanese ones that look good.

        • sandra10

          Uncharted has really good art direction, same with Wipeout 2048 ESPECIALLY Zone mode Then there’s LittleBigPlanet, Sound Shapes… Rayman Origins and Sly 4 if you feel like counting multiplats.

          Considering that Sony is just about the only publisher that pushes Western handheld games, I think they’ve done a far better job than the majority of publishers in terms of finding a balance between production values and good/great art direction.

          • I’m giving you an upvote because of your mentions of Zone Mode in Wipeout, and Rayman Origins- which is, in my opinion, one of the most gorgeous 2D platformers I’ve seen in a VERY long time. It looks /amazing/ on the Vita’s screen, too.

          • brian

            Uncharted has art direction?
            I thought it was just another reusing of a “realistic” graphics engine.

          • I beg to differ about this. Uncharted’s way of handling storytelling and art direction is far different from the rest of the industry.

            See if you can find anything on the making of for the train sequence in Uncharted 2. They actually were breaking PS3’s with it when they first started it because what they wanted was too much… so they found a way to bring it around and make it work with their vision in-tact.

            Also, in the way of handling the voice acting and animation, how many other development studios actually record motion capture and voice acting simultaneously?

            Uncharted is also a vibrant and colorful game, moreso than most of the ‘realistic graphics’ games you see out there, that are mostly browns and earth tones. Uncharted is filled with greenery, and Uncharted 2 has the brilliant snow sequences and the images of the Tibetan ruins are beautifully done.

          • Sergio Briceño

            That too is a given. The best looking Sony games, are Sony games.

            But yeah, you’ve proven your point.

  • TyeTheCzar

    Anyone else think that Alisa would fit well – if it weren’t for her anime design – in “The Most Popular Girls in School”?

  • AndreasStalin

    well something just tells me that if I ever should get to play these games in english I have to replay Trails in the Sky FC because its already been some years since I finished that game and I’m starting to forget more and more about what was really going on there.

    I think the only way we will see this game localized that so much relies on what happened in the the previous games is if the other games comes as downloadable PS3/4 or Vita games as getting them on the PSP seems rather unrealistic now don’t it?

    Or they could write a really, really good summary of the key plot and include it with this games release. I know I would rather have that than no localization at all, cause this game seems like a must play so far.

    • Ladius

      Problem is, the other games in the series are must-play, too, and skipping all of them save the first just to play Sen no Kiseki will make Sen itself far less enjoyable, considering this series’ emphasis on world building and character relationships.

      • AndreasStalin

        Yes I know. But if the option is no games at all or a translation of TitF w/ synopsis I’ll take whatever I can get, I’m sure the game will be somewhat enjoyable even then (?)

        And I have finished TitS FC and I remember that even though there are lots of stuff happening you don’t actually change the narrative by different choices you make in the game (as far as I remember) so it would not be totally impossible to make a resume of at least that game (and probably the others too then).

        And no I do not want them to actually do this, I want all the games translated, I’m just saying that it could be a last resort for whoever wants to publish TitF in the west but don’t see it as a profitable option to translate the other games, and who knows, if TitF just got insanely popular maybe the chances that we get all the LoH games translated increased?

    • One of the things about the PSP games is that they’re all VIta compatible, so even if they’re PSP titles, you can get them as digital purchases on PSN and play them on the PS Vita. You wouldn’t be SOL if you had a Vita and not a PSP.

      • AndreasStalin

        I see the point. And as the PSP installer base is way larger also in the west than the vita installer base it would be ok to make them psp games also over here.

  • I don’t know if I can post it here, but there’s some kind of promotional price to Zero no Kiseki Evolution on play-asia. Check it out:

  • I want that… desperately! A release date, give me one…

  • アティ

    and waiiit waiit let me guess…. ONLY FOR JAPAN

    …..crap looks like i have to import :(

  • JeremyTMH

    As one who has played every Kiseki game ever released by Falcom, I’d actually like to clear up a very common misconception, especially many in the West seem to have: That they cannot play this game without playing the past games.

    While it is true that all the games are linked and have a grander overall story for the Zemuria Continent, where all the stories take place, albeit in different regions, each chunk of the story can be played as and when you wish to get to it.

    Do not forget that this series is a ROLE playing series. You take the roles of the characters you play and witness their trials and development, you bond with them, you progress on the story. Falcom created a mammoth with their Zemuria Continent Kiseki series, and many are daunted by it. But why should that stop you from enjoying one of the best story rpgs ever?

    Let me break up the games for all of you (expect spoilers):
    FC and SC: Joshua & Estelle’s story, the introduction to the overall story. Also the end of the first phase of the Ouroborus Plan. Also a background introduction to the state of affairs and some history between Erebonia and Liberl and the war that happened in the past, and the secret behind it.

    TC: Kevin Graham’s story, and the introduction to one of the biggest religious orders on the Zemuria Continent, as well as a look into Ouroboros, the mysterious antagoniost organization, and a quick hint on their grand plan. Treat this as a bridge story from Sora to Zero & Ao. It show’s Kevin Graham’s stuggles against his past, the secrets of the Church he serves as well as many hints for events yet to come. You will actually start to question the nature of the Sky Goddess in this game, as well as Ouroboros as to WHAT their real purpose for the world really is and what they are fighting for. Some fans consider this the Ouroboros introduction as well.

    Zero & Ao: Llyod’s story and the introduction to Crossbell, a city state stuck between the Erebonian Empire, Galvard Republic and Liberl Kingdom and their politics. The story actually touches more on the Goddesses to some extent finally in Ao, and also shows Ouroboros’ as a whole taking more action for their grand plan involving the Goddess of the Sky. This however is only a tip of the iceberg, it is hinted the next phase of the plan will start in Erebonia after Llyod stops Kea’s awakening to reset the world. It also shows Erebonia’s invasion of Crossbell, and the 2 years for Crossbell to FIGHT BACK and gain it’s true Independence.

    Sen: Rean’s story. Events in Erebonia. A focus on the civil friction and eventual civil war between the Steel Blood Prime Minister and the Noble Factions. Maybe a look to what Ouroboros is up to in Erebonia. Timeline not confirmed, but suspected to be sometime during the Zero/Ao period and maybe events leading up to the later 2 year occupation of Crossbell. Based on magazine information and a chart that was posted, the Crossbell invasion had not started yet, and both Erebonia and Galvard are shown as having a frictional relationship with Crossbell.

    Now then with the above outlined. You could actually play the games in their respective blocks of the story. For instance even Falcom said they designed Zero for new players to come into. The idea is role play. Let’s say you start at Zero/Ao block of the story. You are playing Llyod’s story. You are playing from HIS viewpoint. Immerse yourself in the game and play HIS story and SEE events from his perspective. Llyod doesn’t know in depth what happened in liberl, or over the skies of Liberl or the Shadow Kingdom phenomena, that isn’t gonna stop HIS story from happening.

    So you completed Llyod’s story in Zero/Ao, all the cameos and references got you asking, so what next? Then you ask yourself the next question: What do you want to learn next? Renne’s past? Joshua and Estelle’s story? What the **** happened in the Empire? Kevin Graham’s story? Liberl Incident?

    Just play the next block of games. Can’t be that hard honestly. So I don’t see what’s stopping new players from starting on Sen first. You can always backtrack later for more information or background story or to learn more of mentioned chracters. A lot fo the current fanbase, especially in Japan and Asia, started on Zero I can tell you easily. Falcom’s re-releasing their Sora titles ever since and more to come to cater to them when they asked to play the past titles on more modern systems. Heck we’re getting Windows 8 compatible versions of the Sora series next even. >.>

    • JazzyMan123

      Well, to be fair, you played them in proper order and therefore you can easily comprehend the story.

      Still, great post. Though I still maintain for the sake of comprehensibility than the games do be played in proper order, such as yourself (try playing Ao straight off the bat and see if you can understand anything!). But yeah, they could do as you said and go back after playing the latest release.

      It’s just that a localization of this title in particular has a very low chance of happening….(reasons being massive text and how sales (in the West) aren’t painting a pretty picture..)

      • JeremyTMH

        True, but even so, my memory was VERY hazy when I started on Zero. I mean i did play the Sora trilogy in their very first incarnation back in the day many years ago, the one where Fc didn’t have any voices at all lol. Didn’t stop me from enjoying Zero and Ao. I went back to all the world & setting guidebooks I had to refresh my memory on the trilogy after that.

        Well Sen is claimed by Falcom to be much bigger than SC in script, estimated to be around at elast 4 light novels of script currently. Design team side has already made close to 70 unique character sketches as well, Falcom is just auditioning for seiyuu only and polishing before release.

        I did mention to play in blocks of story. LOL… not asking someone to play Ao without Zero.

        I already sorted the stories in the post earlier. FC & SC, TC, Zero & Ao, Sen.

  • Callonia

    I like alisa! Oh and this trailer made me buy trails in the sky now to check it out when it arrives in mail.

  • So… where does this fit within the Sora no Kiseki series? Third chapter?

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