Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R Western Release Confirmed

By Ishaan . February 27, 2013 . 3:50pm

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R is being released for the PlayStation Vita in Japan later this year, and Arc System Works say it’s also coming westward, although they haven’t said when.


On the BlazBlue Facebook page, the publisher posted: “Still no word on when [Guilty Gear on Vita] is due to release in the West (although it will be coming). Looking forward to it though, BB worked really nicely on Vita, so this should be great!”


A rating for Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R has already been filed in Germany. You can watch a trailer for the game here.


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  • Rishtopher

    So will this have lobbies or not?

    • GO! GO! ED

      Probably. I think Arc said something about adding in lobbies into the current XBLA/PSN through the R patch. So we should assume this will have lobbies.

      • Rishtopher

        I really hope so. It’s the main reason I haven’t touched it since I bought it.

        • GO! GO! ED

          I haven’t even bought it yet. It hasn’t dropped on EU PSN for some bizarre reason :(

          • Rishtopher

            I offer my condolences, EU gamers :(

  • FullMetalAlcopop

    Coming to Europe probably never.

    • …and that’s why it has a rating in Europe, right? Try reading next time. :P

      • FullMetalAlcopop

        Persona 4 Arena has had a rating in Europe since September, and thus is clearly already released.

    • GO! GO! ED

      Persona 4 Arena all over again man.

    • Mantiskilla

      Haha yeah it must suck to complain about P4A not out in EU yet (which is ridiculous imo) yet EU PS+ have been lapping US PS+ deals like getting DOA5 for free next month

      • FullMetalAlcopop

        Yeah, that absolute bastion of fighting games, Breasts or Alive 5.

    • Go2hell66

      “Coming to Europe 2017”


  • Bloodios

    Still not sure why we’re stuck with the 4:3 aspect ratio when the PSP version, back in 2008, was already in widescreen. At least have some decency to add in an option to have full view in widescreen with invisible walls, like Chaos Code. Wallpaper borders… what a joke…

    • benhofb

      I’m wondering the same thing. Hopefully there is an option to stretch it to 16:9 somewhere…

    • Astrotrain

      The PSP version is not widescreen, the image is cropped to “fit” the psp screen. Fightin games programed in 4:3 can’t be changed into widescreen without breaking de balance of the game.

      • Bloodios

        Cropped or not, it filled up the screen just the way I like it, and it felt perfectly normal when I was playing the game. So fine, the devs played safe and kept the 4:3 aspect ratio, that’s nice and all but is there a good reason for not including the crop&zoom combo of the PSP version? It’s not all that hard to include the feature as an OPTION now, is it?

      • Josué B. Hernández

        Totally true! even a option to wide the ratio affect the gameplay… some “port” games like SFIII have it but is better then original ratio with some nice frames.. BTW: Arcana Hearts frames were nice.. animated and all!

    • Katamari Toys

      dont know how high level fighting games work… what a joke…

      • Bloodios

        Don’t know how invisible walls work and what “option” means… What a pathetically miserable joke…

  • Byron Brauner

    Download only?

  • benhofb

    Dayum. We are getting soon many fighters for the vita. Hopefully we’ll hear about a BB Chronophantasma release or P4A port sometime soon.

  • pimpalicious

    Hmmmm….I might wait on the PS3 version then. I thought about buying it today but decided to wait for now.

    Which I noticed has an M rating, was something graphic added to this version or is the ESRB rating games harder now?

    • Astrotrain

      It’s the stupid ESRB rating, the game is the same as the PS2 version.

  • Mantiskilla

    To me if Arc System Works would have decided to do a game project like Blazblue but instead rebooted Guilty Gear I think the game would probably lap Blazblue numbers. Not saying BB is bad b/c its not, but I think there are more fans of Guilty Gear out there…well probably at least with the more hardcore fighting game crowd

  • Abyan Haidar

    Just gimme BB Chrono Phantasma already…

  • Göran Isacson

    … I am just not gonna comment on any other newspost with GGXXAC+R until the headline says “is released in Europe on X/XX/XXXX”. Save myself a lot of heartache that way.

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