Take A Trip Through Holy Sorcery Story Dungeons

By Sato . February 27, 2013 . 10:43pm

Compile Heart’s Holy Sorcery Story is a rogue-like dungeon crawler similar to the Shiren the Wanderer series, but in this PlayStation Vita game you explore dungeons in search of ultimate ingredients for the legendary curry.



You start out in the main menu of Dish Town, where you can visit the local curry shop, spend time in your room or take a look at the world map.


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Once you pick a dungeon in the world map, the action starts right away. Keep in mind that leveling up will only help you temporarily, as Pupuru will revert back to Lv. 1 upon returning back to town. With that in mind, collecting equipment will be more important. Searching for treasure is a must, but beware of traps!



The further you explore dungeons, the stronger the monsters become. If the monsters start to get tough, you can always search for stronger weapons or gain a couple (temporary) levels.


2013-02-20_053420 2013-02-20_053535

Another way to strengthen Pupuru is by cooking curry and eating it for a buff. Pupuru carries her pot into dungeons so you can make curry at any time, as long as you have ingredients are available.



You can also enhance or fuse equipment to make more powerful gear.



Besides spastically following Pupuru while eating all the curry ingredients, Kuusii (the little guy that follows you) helps out by blasting enemies with laser beams! The Kuusii Laser and other abilities can be learned by feeding him foods to level up.



… but sometimes he will simply turn his back while poor Pupuru gets beaten to a pulp by multiple enemies.



No worries, Pupuru can handle herself with magic when things are looking bad!



When the dungeon run is over, you’ll be rated on your performance based on final stats, money, experience and more.


Holy Sorcery Story  will be released on March 28th, 2013, on the PlayStation Vita.

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  • xXDGFXx

    I want this localized :D

    Loli and RPG!

  • $24431191

    I’m interested.

  • Zarx

    I really hope this gets localized, just can’t get enough dungeon crawlers no matter how many I already own, and a quest for food to add to that.
    All my money, take it.

  • flight2q

    OMG, Miss Nisa, work your magic! In the meantime, bring on Guided Fate.

  • RoxasTheUnknown1

    Lol Kuusii is a jerk! Want! Only rogue-likes Ive ever played were the first pokemon mystery dungeon for like 10 secs and Baroque…..*shiver*. Anyways this game has a nice soundtrack.

  • Anonymous

    Cool, A Mystery Dungeon like game

  • It’s not the same without Arle and Carbuncle -3- These caracters feel like lame rip-offs…

    Still would buy it though.

    • Neko Kawaii

      i want arle

  • puchinri

    I’m liking the design of the dungeons as well, and I’m glad the game is looking so good all around~. I hope it does well.

  • almostautumn

    Wow! I’ve been really into this title since the first reveal, but that gameplay just absolutely seals the deal. This is one of those games I can see myself chomping right down with, and spending hours experimenting with the curry/weapon fusion.
    Surprisingly looks pretty accessible for low-level japanese also. Menus seem pretty streamlined/specific, there’s a good amount of katakana, and for the most part the aspect of trial-and-error seems like a pretty one-two affair.
    Wish I knew if there was anything risque about this game or not because, as it is, there certainly seems like a highly possible localization. Not to mention Compile just killed it with Monpiece, so maybe they’ll want to check out their western reach also?

  • michel

    Even if it doesn’t get localized, it looks very… “importable”.

  • Video game design cannot be wholly separated from scenario. I tend to find these weird takes on roguelikes less interesting than games that are just about exploring a dungeon, or at least having a straight-forward adventure.

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