Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked Close To Release In Europe

By Ishaan . February 28, 2013 . 11:55am

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked isn’t too far from finally being released in Europe. Earlier this month, Ghostlight, the game’s European publisher, shared that they hope to get the game out towards the end of March.


“I’m pleased to report we now have some light at the end of the tunnel for SMT: Devil Survivor Overclocked and I’m pleased to be able to report that the game has now entered manufacturing,” Ghostlight’s Ross Brierley posted on the publisher’s blog.


He later elaborated: “Well, I can tell you that while the date it is not yet 100% confirmed, we are expecting to release the game across Europe towards the end of March in time for Easter.”


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  • NTaiyokun

    I live in America, but I’ll speak for all of you:


    • Göran Isacson

      Yeah, pretty much. Now I’m just curious as to what it’ll cost…

  • Okay Atlus/Index has to get a EU branch, I thought you guys got this game already.

    • Jisgsaw

      That, or remove region locking completely of their game (which to my knowledge isn’t possible on 3DS).

      Region locking + massive delay = ultimate trolling for fans of concerned region(s) (usualy europeans).

      And the sad thing in all of this is that the game will most probably make ridiculous sales, comforting atlus in not opening an european branch…

      (A bit unrelated, but are the AtlusUSA forums also region locked ? I tried several times to create an account, I never received the email confirmation to validate my profile…)

      • You shouldn’t have a problem with the forums, have you checked your spam folder?

        • Jisgsaw


          Tried with three different accounts, so three different adresses. Maybe that’s the problem if they track my IP adresse to avoid abuse of profiles (but I didn’t get the mail for the first attempt though).

          Meh, whatever.

  • SirRichard

    Released in America in August 2011, announced for European release in March 2012, and it’s just now getting a release date on the verge of March 2013.

    And they were hoping to give us the date this week, except now their community manager/general announcement guy Ross is off sick and their site is having weird issues, so I guess we’re not going to hear anything for another week.

    Ghostlight, I love what you do, fellas, but this is just plain silly at this point.

    • Ah, no wonder Ross didn’t reply when I asked him what was up with the blog. I remembered him tweeting last week that they’d have news on DSO soon, so I checked on a hunch, but their blog is down, so I had to access it using Google’s cache.

  • Istillduno

    I’m sure there’s a joke about the title to be made here, come, who is lame enough to accept this challenge!

    • Romored

      Devil Survivor: Overdated

    • Tom_Phoenix

      Devil Survivor: Overdue =P

  • ZeroWalker

    5 years later we get the game but not the original but the remake that’s okey but 5 years. Yes is 5 years 2009 was the release and 2011 was the remake.

    So will we get Devil survivor 2 in 2015 and strange journey in 2020 ?

    well I can import it which I do. But importing stuff from us or JP to Sweden makes games 20-50dollar more expensive.

    • Jisgsaw

      Carefull with importing, the 3DS is region locked, so if you don’t have a NTSC 3DS…

      (DS wasn’t locked though, I did Duvil Survivor at its launch in the US)

      • ZeroWalker

        yeah I know I have imported far to many games and learnd my mistakes so also get a NTC console if needed.

    • Sakurazaki

      Don’t you mean 4 years?

      • ZeroWalker

        yeah 4 years hehe my head is not with me today

  • gquain

    this long wait ;_;
    Finally over ;_;
    It’s damn strange to have played Devil Survivor 2 multiple times in anticipation for Overclocked. I hope it’s not heavily outdated but i think voice-over will definitely bend this issue straight!

  • ( `Д´)ノ)`ν゜)

    That image seems like a bad choice if you ask me

  • Adrián Alucard

    Now, let’s wait to Soul Hackers, SMT IV, Strange Journey, Etrian Odyssey II & III announcements


    • Tom_Phoenix

      I really wouldn’t get my hopes up for Strange Journey and the DS Etrian Odyssey games at this point.

      Having said that, I am confident we will eventually see Soul Hacker and SMT IV released here as well.

      • Adrián Alucard

        yeah, yeah, I was only kidding XD

  • Hooray for Europe! =^_^=

  • Julien_N

    I’ll wait until I have a copy in my hands to be satisfied, but this is great news. (Ha, ah, having to wait for Xenoblade in NA was nothing in comparison if you ask me)
    Let’s hope Soul hackers and SMT4 won’t take that long! =)
    I wonder what happened to DeSu 2 though…

  • revenent hell

    My god,Im sorry but the time frame for releasing games in europe is hideous. It feels like such an injustice to the gamers…..It makes me so thankfull for where I live.

  • Vitonofrio del Rosso

    waiting for 25 eur bomba ty :)
    too little, too late :)

  • Vitor Duarte

    Still waiting for Persona 4 Arena…

    • Haseyo

      Sadly, game is already dead outside of Japan :( Had a nice short run though.

  • Mar Mar

    Atlus games are always late in Europe. :(

  • I still don’t understand why Atlus doesn’t have some sort of active partnership with a european publisher to minimise these delays. I don’t understand their mentality towards euro regions. In a way its almost like a self fulfilling: don’t bother releasing a game in euro regions; wait until some euro based publisher decides to pick up a game; gamers wait for the game to come out; some will lose interest in it; the game doesn’t sell well; Atlus will probably go “See! Our games don’t sell well in euro regions”.
    If they had a partnership going then games could come out a few months after its US release (like Etrian Odyssey). Minimal delay, the game is still fresh in people’s minds, people will be likely to buy it.
    I don’t understand Atlus’s 90s mentality towards releases. Other similar developers don’t seem to have any problems releasing in euro regions (like NIS).
    I’m glad someone like Ghostlight is working to release the game in euro regions, but really, it should not take 18 freaking months for a game to come to euro regions!!

    • revenent hell

      I dont understand why people blame Atlus because of the faults of their regions localizers. I dont get this at all.

      Yeah sure they could partner up with someone ,or even open a base there themselves,but frankly its not a written law they have to.If they are happy where they stand as a company then they are happy where they stand.
      The ones you need to complain to are the ones releasing the games in your country wich is not Atlus its Ghostlight.

      Different regions follow a different set of standards for releasing games if a company choses to not put themselves threw that effort then thats their choice.If they are set up in a particular locale thats the region they will release it for.

      Just because other niche companies are quite happy to take peoples money from arround the world dosent mean Atlus is required to follow what they do. For some reason they are happy as is with what funds they get for where they currently release for.
      Im simply mind boggled that,constantly, people would rather complain about a company not residing in their region releasing games rather than taking their complaints to the people that deserve to have them,their localizers.

      • Doesn’t explain the stuff up of Persona 4 Arena for euro tho. That was sent back to Atlus to fix and is still in limbo.

        • revenent hell

          Well frankly something is just off about that period. I mean Zen United dosent even state what the reasons are other than blaming it on “development” issues….Thats odd considering they went arround Europe showing off this supposedly development problem ridden game….It realy dosent make any sort of sence.

          • Jisgsaw

            Well yeah its strange, but no party involved really communicates, so its up to the fan to try and imagine what could be wrong (…). And with these statements, the only thing that comes to mind is that Atlus/ArcSys just isn’t doing their job of programming a PAL version (whatever minimal changes are required).

          • revenent hell

            Yeah I went hunting about some information for a reply to your above comment but this all seems so outragious once you start looking in to things.

            So roughly US release dates are between five and eight months after a release in Japan. The EU is average about two to seven months after the US release. At a base averaging its almost a year after the games orriginal release that Europe gets it……..I find it kind of hard to believe that developing for europe is THAT time consuming…..Even with their different policies

            There has got to be some errors in communication going on between the parties because while I do give them a month or two later…..Why would it take over that to accomplish the task at hand? Its realy weird….and its realy…jacked up.
            Has Atlus ever clearly stated why the games development have taken as long as they do to release over there?

          • Jisgsaw

            TBH, I always believed the major factor in european delays (and the reason for Atlus not to have a branch aside the low sales) is the most probably quite complicated and annoying European Union policies, and (as far as I know) the resulting more strict regulations from Microsoft and Sony Europe (plus the probably annoying logistical problems, considering the many different countries).

            For Arena though, Zen claims that the problem doesn’t lies there at all, Hence why the absence of comment from Atlus is annoying (so to answer your last question, no, to my knowledge Atlus has communicated NOTHING about Arena in Europe).
            Some possible answers are brought up from time to time (be it on facebook or AtlusUSA forums), but are never really satisfactory in my eyes (I would love to debate on the forums, but as stated in another comment, I can’t create an account), and are of course never commented by Zen or Atlus.

            I personaly find 3 month delay to be the maximal reasonable localisation time (like for Golden) before it starts to go into a joke. For Arena it’s even worse, because of the false hope raised by the announcement of a release “soon after North America” (planed for end August at first, that would have been very good). That and as stated several times, the lack of communication.

            A good alternative for Atlus, if they won’t risk creating an european branch, would be to at least make a stronger partnership with ONE european publisher to get all these processes done quicker for all (or a majority) of their games.
            I really hope SMTxFE or SMT4 would create a similar effect as Persona in the US (which of course didn’t work in Europe considering the eternal delays), to open Atlus a bit more toward Europe, but that’s a quite optimistic wish.

      • Jisgsaw

        When almost every single Atlus game suffers such delays (only exceptions in my mind are P4 and P4G if I recall correctly), with several différent euro publisher, yeah something is most likely wrong by Atlus.
        And yeah, if the company doesn’t want to sell in one of the biggest gaming market, its their problem, but thats really really really anoying. Try and imagin what it would be like if Sony or Nintendo systematically released their game 6 month or one year later in the US than Europe. My bet would be you would be as we europeans are now: just plain annoyed by this lack of aknowledgement.

        PS: If you think the publisher don’t get complaints, go take a look at the official european persona facebook page.

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