Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Makes Its TV Debut This April

By Spencer . March 3, 2013 . 11:45pm

ffviiAs part of Final Fantasy’s 25th birthday celebration, Square Enix partnered with Japanese cable TV network Family Gekijo to broadcast Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.


The CG film takes place two years after the events in the PsOne game. Cloud and Tifa have been living peacefully with Barrett’s daughter, Marlene, and Denzel, an orphan infected with Geostigma. If you haven’t played Final Fantasy VII you probably won’t get the story, but seeing Cloud fight Bahamut Sin is pretty cool even if you don’t understand what’s going on.


Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children will air on April 5 at 10:40 PM.

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  • Z3

    This one is really unexpected although it would really good if they explain some things

  • malek86

    How often do movies go up in television in Japan?

    • Jordan Coleman

      Yeah, I’m quite curious about this and well in general how Japanese television works.

    • Aoshi00

      I know Hollywood movies get played on the Jpn air waves, perhaps quite a bit later after DVD release.. Also in most cases, the movies would have a different seiyuu cast for the Jpn dub than when it was released in the theater.

  • man i played ff7 and still didnt understand what was going on

    • harpdevil

      The director’s cut is a bit clearer on what’s going on, they added in new scenes and basically cleared up the story.

      • Jordan Coleman

        You know, it’s been so long since this came out that I don’t even remember what my complaints where.

        But I’ve seen the DC and well what did it clear up, because I don’t remember it being any better? We got a bunch of scene’s with new lame kid character and lame emo Cloud. Which dosen’t make much sense to me since Cloud was not very emo in VII and at the end was getting over what assholish angst he had.

        • Tien Ron

          That’s because you didn’t understand clouds story in VII he persona that made him all confident and strong was zack’s personality he took on after he died cloud was still maco poisoned at that time. but after he sounds that out he becomes the cloud we know today. the lame kid called Denzel was introduced in the final fantasy VII novels that were released sharing side stories of what happen to the characters before the movie. the DVD should have Denzels story in animation if i remember correctly.

          • Jordan Coleman

            Excuse me. Don’t tell me I did’nt understand the plot of FFVII. I understand the plot quite well. My entire point was that he never acted like the Cloud in AC and there was no reason for him to.

            Yes I quite understand he was faking the Zach persona. That doesn’t quite change what I said. Even after recovering and getting “out of the wheelchair” in VII he doesn’t become emo. No Cloud jumps and takes charge of the party, signifying that he has finnaly come unto his own in spite of the Zach persona. He doesn’t need it anymore. And then end the end he mentally fights Seph ending that entire problem from his life.

            For Cloud to somehow become this broken angst ridden dude in AC made no sense when he had basically conquered his problems and come out a stronger person, his own person. They reverted a character back to a personality that was never really him because their poor writing couldn’t figure out what to do and have retroactively ruined the character.

          • Minos

            My thoughts exactly. The blasted movie makes no sense.

          • THIS.
            Oh goddang it so much this!

          • almostautumn

            I disagree; I mean, Cloud does finish what he started in 7, but what really awaits him after? I mean, really consider this; you’ve spent this great amount of time in your life as someone who was everything you thought you were, but never ACTUALLY were? The issue here is that even though Cloud does accomplish what he originally set out to do under the persona of Zack, the reality is that Cloud is still Cloud; he’s timid, he never actually became a Soldier, and he is not an accomplished man. What awaits him following the journey of FF7? Seriously, nothing. He hardly has a grasp on who he is anymore, or even if he wants to actually return to that self. And seriously, who would? But the reality is that he has to, and so his battle with his self continues. Call it “emo,” if you will, but I call it real; a lot of military soliders go through this whose contract ends and they return to normal life; a lot of them rejoin the military, even if they had a terrible time in it, just because that person they became as a soldier is now the only person they can respond to/resonate with. But is that really them? Is that who they were before they joined, or who is to say whether or not their decision to post-pone the return of their prior character is actually more healthy?
            Cloud’s journey, and his uncertainity, did not end with FF7, and I think FF7:AC does a great job of exemplifying this.

          • “you’ve spent this great amount of time in your life as someone who was everything you thought you were, but never ACTUALLY were?”

            Zidane in IX lived a lie his whole life thinking he’s a real person but truth is he’s artificial and he was meant to anihilate the entire human race.
            Did he went angsty? Well, for a good while yeah he did, it’d be weird if he didn’t. He got over it? Yup, he’s lucky for having lots of good friends.
            On the original VII something similar happened to Cloud, he was suffering while he was in coma, Tifa helped him figuring out his past and by the time he spoke with the team on the Highwind I could see a renewed Cloud, glad that his identity nightmare was over, I thought things post VII would’ve go much better. After all, Cloud also have lot’s of good friends with him to offer him support.
            If Im to compate both situations, I think Zidane had it worst, his life IS still artificial while Cloud was afraid he was artificial but by the end of VII we realized he’s a human being like the others and strangely the one that became more optimistic after many years after the final battle oddly is Zidane.

            But nope, AC had to ruin all that up with sadpanda crap.
            And the clip when he realizes he has to TRY to get over it was hilariously dumb.
            Cloud: Hey, think it’s impossible for someone to stop moping?
            Vincent: Dunno. Didn’t try lol.
            Cloud: Try huh? (*facepalm* Like, no sh** right? Took you a damn year to realize that?)

            And Cloud aside, Sephiroth’s revival? I don’t even…
            Ever since this movie came out, Sephiroth became Cloud’s personal stalker FOREVER. In KH. In Dissidia. In Theatrythm. In artworks were only the heroes are meant to show up we can still see Sephiroth in the picture with Cloud even if he doesn’t fit in there!
            And gosh, I used to like One Winged Angel but now it has lots of remixes and it play everytime Sephiroth has a screentime, even when he’s pooping in the WC, constipated. They forgot he has his overworld theme?

            I don’t like AC. I think it’s the cancer of the VII compilation and it’s sad since I really like the other games, especially CC.

          • SunOatBoatMatadorQuattro

            It’s like if the writers really wanted to depress Cloud even though in his original game he was more of a trash talking guy who was hiding a heart of gold.

          • XiaomuArisu

            I miss my old cloud…

          • Yup…

          • almostautumn

            Maybe, man. Maybe. I can only say that there is some s**t in life, from big to small, that people just don’t conquer. Cloud is human, and the reality is that human beings tend to hit walls, either large or small, in the form of memory; most of us will spend our entire lives entering into clutches of extreme doubt for actions of the past, without resolve, and captured in our own, personal identification of greatest sin. To me, Cloud’s is that he never became what he assured his childhood sweetheart he would, what he assured her because he wanted her— it doesn’t matter that he has her. He can simply never accomplish his goal, never, and so— how can he ever be a confident, complete man?

          • Yeah, I get it, I know life has lot’s of obstacles, I get people are more sensitive towards certain topics depending on the scale, I know as human being we can’t just simply get over certain personal problems so easily. I get it.

            But as human beings we can also get tired of suffering, at some point we also seek for something better, there’s a point you get to say “Enough” and you try to fit on your surroundings. You know, I would understand Cloud’s depression if he was alone, trying to be upbeat when no one is there to give you a pat in the back is much harder but damn, Cloud has a lot of hopeful friends with him trying to make him feel better but NO. Cloud is just too sadictic to at least TRY to stay optimistic and that is pretty much an emo attitude.
            And honestly I don’t get the “guilt” angst he’s always going through, he didn’t killed anyone in the end of the day, it’s like that stupid attitude when someone dear dies everyone start to self blaming at minor things like “Oh, he died because these last days I didn’t spend more time with him”, “It’s my fault he died! I had a pretty common argument with him days ago, Im the worst!” ಠ_ಠ
            In another comparison look at Peter Parker from Spider-Man, Uncle Ben died indirectly thanks to Pete himself, he went through a lot of emotional moments but did he became an emo for the rest of his life? Not at all. I mean yeah, he can break up to tears from time to time remembering it but most of the time he does his best to live his life in the earnest way posible and he opens himself to posibilities when the time comes while saving people from danger.

            I think Cloud became an stagnant character and honestly it’s not fair for his friends and more unfair to Tifa, he wanted the girl so much and now that the girl is devoted to him he just doesn’t man up to take her and make her happy, he just won’t try to get out of the bubble of me me me me.

          • almostautumn

            I think it’s debatable about whether or not someone actually understands that they are “tired of suffering.” I don’t mean that in an aggravating tone either; seriously, I have several personal accounts of people pursuing the most blatantly offensive direction for their life for rooted reasons that, even exposed, they just won’t acknowledge. I think this is something far more apparent than just my own “neighborhood” of existence also—
            The big thing is that the aspect of suffering comes with a very internal “real” sense of purpose, no matter how thin or susceptible to argument it is, and I do think Cloud embodies this. I mean, even though he, at this point, has Tifa’s adoration, and an entire group who supports him as the man he really is, he retains his existence as lonely. Maybe this seems shallow to people who have overcome their troubles, but I mean— it’s just not that hard to be absorbed by a sequence of self-destructive attributes. In fact, I’d say the majority of any person’s existence is an assurance of choice that is inherently negative, but they do it because they think it’s right, whether by personal choice, philosophy, or just some type of positive/negative narcissism (not using that in a “bad” way either; self-indulgence is natural).
            Maybe the film doesn’t embody this. I can’t say; I haven’t watched it in a while, and furthermore i instantly took a positive look over Cloud. No less, I think you and I are about to hit a wall in debate— so I’ll middle-ground it with the movie is average, which I think it certainly is.

            P.S. I’d rather we have gotten “Before Crisis” than Advent Children :P

          • Eh, I suppose it depends on the person buuut Im still not liking Cloud in AC, not my trope I guess or maybe Im just too used to Original VII badass.

            So, what’s Before Crisis about?

          • “I mean, really consider this; you’ve spent this great amount of time in
            your life as someone who was everything you thought you were, but never
            ACTUALLY were”

            That’s all assumption though. Nothing in Advent Children indicates that Cloud is struggling with suddenly having to be himself, or that he is plagued by the idea of never fulfilling his wishes of becoming a Soldier, or that he is struggling with civilian life after all the fighting in FFVII. These themes are never touched upon, let alone explored.

            And as much as I loved the fanservice in the movie, I think Advent Children would have had a much stronger plot if it HAD focused more on the main characters. I don’t care about Geostigma, or Denzel and Marlene, or even the silver-haired trio. Because they aren’t FFVII favorites.
            I care about the main team. I want to see how they interact with each other, how they are coping with the after-events of FFVII, how they are treated by the rest of the world post-Sephiroth. The fact that they only got about ten minutes screentime together was such a disappointment imo…especially since FFVII was all about team-work and how working together can accomplish much more than working apart. I’ve read fanfiction that is more in-character and coherent than Advent Children…and that makes me a bit sad. :(

          • almostautumn

            Completely agree; I really dig the action sequences (Tifa’s fight FTW), but yeah— the amount of expansion to the universe seemed a little bit crazy, when the whole basis for this extension is what was already present regardless. The addition of characters at so late a stage also rubbed me the wrong way (kind of like the current/final “The Office” season), as, again, who the hell are they in comparison to the established, and unfinished, gang already available? FF7 was a flush title, but the characters certainly had a mammoth history/future to explore, whether it be the main group, Vincent/Yuffie (Wutai history!), or the turks following Shinra’s collapse.
            Again though, just to clarify, my response was to the debate on Cloud, not the film itself. I have a lot of qualms with the movie, but as for Cloud, I was pretty A-okay with his character-direction.

            EDIT: Sorry; went off-topic with the latter half.
            They may not vocalize my own view on why Cloud is as he is, but I just found it apparently so. I mean, to me, the end of FF7 really left Cloud exposed, nude, his entire basis for existance totally shattered now that he had completed what he thought was his own goal. But was that really his goal? Truthfully, Cloud initially wanted to be of the group that fought against Shinra, and with solid reasoning. To me, this was so apparent at the end of FF7 that, beginning Advent, I just continued from my own speculations.
            Furthermore, I thought the confident Cloud in “Dirge of Cerberus” expressed the “finished” Cloud, the Cloud who has his shit together and has really developed the character he always wanted to become.

          • JoJo_649

            Especially at the ending, when he is hopeful to find the promised land and meet her again (presumably Aerith), yet when this movie begins he’s angst ridden and way too emo.

          • Tien Ron

            i think it’s safe to say that the emo cloud has been around for ages even in the cameo’s so….i dont know why people get this idea that he’s some confidant…. he was like that in crisi core, in ff tactics in dissdia…. in his own game in before crisis must i go on…
            and comparing zidane to cloud is stupid because zidane was copying or betending to be someone else he was always this way.

          • JoJo_649

            Wut, I never compared him to Zidane, I’m only saying he was different in the original game, he had some emo moments? yup, but he was more of a jerk at the beginning, at the middle he was more of a shattered mind and at the end he became a redeemed hero, puting his past behind him to pursue the future, as opposed to Advent Children’s gloomy portrayal.

          • Tien Ron

            They didnt ruin cloud cause cloud was always the timid, didnt believe in himself type of character even tifa mentions if and they is flashbacks to prove it. so yes you didnt understand the story because you thought cloud was this positive dude but he wasnt and he was the main person driving to fight sephiroth to avenge aerith more so than the rest of the party.

            and something must of been wrong cause when I watched advent children he was the exact same cloud as i remember him someone who always didn’t believe in his own strength and let the people he cares about get hurt and killed.

            but i guess if you played the game and went straight into the movie it might of been a bit baffling cause i had read the novels before the movie came out….

          • Jordan Coleman

            Stop telling me I don’t get the plot.

            In the flashbacks yes we see Cloud being a timid young soldier. It’s part of him wanting to be Zack. But that’s the thing, he fakes being Zack, but end the end surpasses being Zack. He comes into his own. it’s his entire character arc. Cloud becomes through his own will what he always wanted to be. He isn’t the timid man at the end and he’s not longer pretending to be Zack. At the end of FF he’s a much stronger person on his own term.

            Thats the entire point of his character arc. To become a stronger person Do you know what you are implying by saying that he’s always been timid even after the game? You’re implying that he didn’t have any character development. That there was no arc, which kind of make him a terrible character.

            And I never said he was positive I said he becomes that after becoming his own man. No I said Cloud is kind of an asshole, but yet in Dissidia we see Cloud acting emo even though Dissidia kind of reenacts the character’s arcs from their respective games. That’s my point the emo AC Cloud has infected the perception of him.

            And it’s not even that he’s timid. Cloud may lack some confidence, but the entire point of being Zack was that Zack was successful He was a soldier, was an awesome inspiring dude, and in general is what Cloud wanted to be. Hence in away he wanted to fake being Zack as to impress Tifa. Acting like Zack made it seem that he didn’t fail because he was supposedly a solider. I mean Cloud has courage It’s the entire point of stressing the revelation that Cloud is the one that saves Tifa when Seph goes crazy. Because “hey look Cloud you were awesome this entire time, you didn’t need to pretend to be Zack”.

            So no, going back on his character development in AC is not good. Not good at all.

  • Suicunesol

    This is a bit of an old movie. Is this a special event or something?

    This is great for people who live in Japan…

  • Suriel Cruz

    One, if not the BEST CG movies of all times. A’MAZING!

    • Jordan Coleman

      Really? I was about to say it’s not hard, but then I remember Pixar movies are CG and then well that kind of throws that out the the window.

      I personally thought this movie was an abomination. I mean, even the Spirits Within was an actual movie compared to this.

      • MrSirFeatherFang

        I saw Spirits Within as a kid in the theaters! I didn’t understand any of it, but I think they were trying to save the world (a post-apocalyptic one). They has to find something and
        it was inside the main female protagonist?
        It was at least pretty even though I didn’t understand it

        • Jordan Coleman

          Same here, but man did it look cool. Still does really, hell in some ways it looks better then AC. For a CG movie, it’s aged pretty well so far.

          I mean it’s not really a good movie, but I still find it more coherent then AC.

      • This show was pure fanservice and nothing more. I loved every minute of it.

        • Jordan Coleman

          Yeah that’s what it was. But I think it was a huge failure.

          It had a plot that was unnecessary and convoluted. Character regression that’s kind of retroactively ruined a character.

          Cool action scene’s don’t make something good and even then I found the devoid of emotion. There was no tension in them and they were pretty over the top. Now I have nothing against things being over the top, but this just didn’t seem to fit with what I saw in FFVII. Grant it, VII was on the PS1, maybe if it was on PS3 they would have them doing DBZ crap. Still I hated them and thought they were stupid. Sadly, it’s infected FF. Whats interesting to me is that Crisis Core really doesn’t do the DBZ fight stuff, well at least not in the “real world”. It’s like they got that it was kind of silly.

          In the end it was just kind of everything that people peg modern FF as being. It had a real nonsensical plot, lots of silly angst, and over the topness that boarded on dumb.

          I simply did’nt like it and I’m not really someone who is that “guy” when it comes to FF. I even like XIII somewhat. But it was just a bad movie to me.

          • Jordan Coleman

            Hell I’m even go to blame this movie for Lightning’s dumb shades in XIII-3 now.

          • Göran Isacson

            Agreed. This movie was pretty and all, but EGAD was it ever dumb.

          • As i said, it was fanservice made for people like me. I eat up action flicks, and animated action flicks like this I just plain love. Its like a good action game, the stories usually suck, but the gameplay is where its at, like Bayonetta. This movie came along, rather crappy story, but the action was over the top, all the cameo’s from the other characters, Bahamut, and the final fight with Sephiroth, where you see him turn a normal area into an area that looks perfect for a RPG final boss fight……yeah, I grin just talking about it. This show was a success with imagery, action, and music……just not so much on the story front though.

      • Suriel Cruz

        Have you seen the Blue-ray version?… looks even better… anyways, that’s just MY OWN OPINION as people says “for tastes, colors!”

        • Jordan Coleman

          I think the non Blu Ray scenes look pretty bad on Blu ray as they obviously weren’t masterd in HD.

      • kmantle


        • Jordan Coleman

          So one bad movie negates what else they’ve done? Whats your point?

      • lol. Oh, you’re serious? you do realize pixar has not made an anatomically correct human model since… a quarter after never.

        • Jordan Coleman

          lol you can’t read. What does that have to do with what I said or the statement I replied to? Dude said “CG movie”. He didn’t limit it to “human CG movie”. No he’s obviously saying it’s the best in the whole area of completely CG done movies, be them about humans or what not.

          So you do realize how sentences work right?

          • Umm.. ok. I was taking it a little depper than that. For me personally when it comes to CG, I tend to rate the textures, physics and how close the end result mimics its real life counterpart. Its debatable whether someone enjoys the visual style as one is cartoonish and one is more realistic (in visuals at least). So to meh FF looks better based on the those criteria.
            And actually I was pointing out that disneys Human Based characters look nothing like humans at all rather more like a dumbed down bratz doll.

    • JoJo_649

      It looks impressive, but the story feels dragged, convoluted and senseless (how the hell did Rufus survive being blasted to pieces?!) , the game ended fine, a bit unexplained but fine noteless, the only redeeming qualities of this movie were the fight scenes and reuniting Cloud with his beloved ghost (if the he’s happier with a spirit rather than a bartender let him be!! xD).

      • Oh gosh, this argument again. How does ff13 cast suvive a fall from the Anima Eidolon. How does the gunblade shoot without exploding. I believe the answer to your question is: It Is Fantasy Story Telling…

        • JoJo_649

          Agree, but they made very clear at the end that he and shinra were finished, why bring him and the company again? the game ended with the promise of a cleaner future where humanity learns to co-exist with the planet, yet in this movie they find oil and shinra returns, pretty much ruins the ecological theme.

  • MrSirFeatherFang

    This should be Ni no Kuni: Advent Children
    Kadaj is trying to save his mom
    Must travel to Midgar, which is very far from his home
    Familiar: Bahamut Sin?
    Like in Ni no Kuni, it has children

    note: I have yet to play Ni no Kuni

    • Jordan Coleman

      Well at least the characters would be more fun to watch then the ones in Ni No kuni.

  • Ridho Siregar

    LOL in Indonesia it was already broadcasted by our TV channel Trans 7 several years ago.

    • Bener banget gan gak ada gunanya….

    • komiko12

      Same in the Philippines.. Haha.. :)

  • One of the best animated shows I have ever seen, as far as technical prowess goes. The fight with bahamut and cloud, and then the Sephiroth fight always gave me goose bumps and had me sitting on the edge of my chair. It was a pure fan service show and I loved it.

    My only gripe is the dvd version was light years behind the blueray version. My cousin gave me his blueray version for my birthday a few years back, and I was shocked that the movie almost felt like a different movie…..that and the fight scenes, especially with Sephiroth, were so much clearer, as in lit up and much higher clarity.

  • TatsuyaKyo

    When I glanced at the title, I interpreted it as: “Final Fantasy VII TV Series Debut This April”. Then I realized it’s not. *Is sad*

    • Eh… Im glad we’re not having “The Sad Mope Adventures of Cloud Strife” honestly.

      • TatsuyaKyo

        Cloud wasn’t even mopey to begin with… at least, not in the original game. That’s the one I would like to see as an anime. :P

        • Oh cool then.
          Although… Anime? Oh god, Tifa would be so overexposed and probably they would make Aerith the typical yandere girl, Cloud the phylosophic main protagonist and the Shin-Ra Builing scene when Seph comes in it would be an unnecessarily gore fest with Seph smiling like he’s constipated.

          Yeaaah, I’ll be replaying ze original VII.

          Edit: Wait, scrap that! Cloud would be the phylosophical MC that gets 2 chicks and in every pick he does he gets laid! Sephiroth would be the overly bromantic yandere, fits with the Aerith death scene lol.

  • TheDarkEmpress

    The Cloud Vs. Sephiroth throwdown was the only redeeming quality of this movie….seeing as everyone’s terrible wardrobe nearly killed it from the start.

  • I’ve seen this movie airing on the TV hundred of times actually, is there some special rule in Japan?

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    Dilly dally shilly shally

  • SunOatBoatMatadorQuattro

    I hope they use the director’s cut.

  • karasuKumo

    I really don’t see why this film gets so much hatred. I really like it (although I do prefer the old edition over the “Complete” release but that is probably because I’ve seen the old one too much haha). They did a brilliant job showing realistic human emotions, but that is the main reason people dislike it I guess >_>. The music is fantastic and the action scenes are well directed. I just don’t understand the negativity.

    It also shouldn’t really be compared to the source material considering the huge difference in hours between VII and AC.

    • If by “realistic human emotions” you mean “turning the characters into cardboard cut-out stereotypes”. :(

      • karasuKumo

        They were arguably stereotypes from the start :/. Maybe it was because of how realistic the CGI was in this but I felt I could relate to some of the characters much more than I could in VII.

    • It’s a sequel to VII, obviously we must the the source material into account.

      Also, what do you define as human emotions? Not implying the movie didn’t show it but I think there’s a variety of concepts that a human emotion can be.

  • JordyZ

    This is unexpected.. hope it turns out good.

  • TheExile285

    They should show the CC version since its better

  • amagidyne


  • Learii

    i don’t get the story of Advent children i feel like they cut alot of scenes in Advent children

  • Ricewarrior

    Awesome, now everyone can see the movie and get confused.

    Oh well, at least it has good action scenes.

    • Which parts confused you, actually? I am just trying to wrap my head around what people find so hard to follow…

  • Why AC though? Why not ACC?

  • Back when this was first announced, I imaged the Sci-Fi Channel showing this, and doing promos with the “I Am Sci-Fi” series.

  • Maia Kasoya

    I saw the Complete movie a few weeks ago, and I hadn’t played FFVII, but I still really enjoyed it… And I did get an understanding of what was going on.

    • Same here. I really dont understand what people find so difficult. Antagonist persihes into the lifestream and infects it / said antagonist is able to reform in the LS just as he did in the game. Cloud’s attitude has declined due to a new threat in the form of a disease, in which case he finds he is not able to save the world as he once did before. Mind you I read the Novella leading up to the movie (actually features the SHM doing dastardly deeds before finding cloud), and was also glued to the summaries provided by the cast before the release.

  • Nettacki

    I saw this movie years ago on Animax while I was living in the Philippines.

  • The high amount of haters on this topic make me wanna throw up! I wonder how unbearable a topic regarding a remake of FFVII could be…Geez

    • Oh my! You used FFVII and remake in the same sentence!?!?! You are quite brave.

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