Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus Moves 120,000 Copies

By Ishaan . March 4, 2013 . 3:30pm


Five days following its release in Japan, Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus on the PlayStation Vita has sold 120,000 copies between boxed retail copies and downloads, the game’s publisher, Marvelous AQL, have announced. This makes Shinovi Vs. the fastest-selling game in the series thus far.


For comparison, here’s how the Senran Kagura games released for the Nintendo 3DS did in their first week:


(2011) Senran Kagura: Portrait of Girls – 52,206

(2012) Senran Kagura Burst: The Crimson Girls – 69,084


So, why is Shinovi Versus doing so well? There are a few possible reasons.


First, the Vita game’s fan-service elements have seen a significant upgrade from their 3DS predecessors, which undoubtedly helped push sales. Second, the Senran Kagura anime began airing in Japan earlier in the year and has likely exposed more people to the series. And finally, Shinovi Vs. was also released the same week as the PlayStation Vita price cut.


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  • efholic

    I love life and hometown.

  • Blazkn

    Nice, now bring this (and Burst) to the West!

    btw, I never noticed DAT low-resolution shadow before…

  • riceisnice

    I am honestly not surprised. You boys are hopelessly pathethic when it comes to imaginary girls and their huge boob jobs. Now excuse me while I drool all over Chrom.

    • Zenthos

      Your imaginary boyfriend, does not even compared to the glorious boobs bouncing across the screen in 3D >:).

      • fyi1191

        And the boy have no FEET.

    • Chrom will always be with Sumia they are perfect together.

    • Göran Isacson

      Every single downvote here is a person that doesn’t understand sarcasm and makes me sad.

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      I thought many girl like Long que more? He is the example of male moe lol.^_^

  • Locklear93

    So now my question is, is this the fastest selling Vita title, period, for its first week? 120,000 copies is very respectable for a title like this, especially on a slow-selling platform like the Vita. I could honestly see that number being a high mark to date.

    • Minos

      Na, it was that Miku Game. It sold like 350k or so.

    • Solomon_Kano

      No. Both P4G and Project Diva opened higher. P4G to 137k-ish and Miku somewhere in the 140k range, I believe. I’d never have expected Senran Kagura to be in the company of huge names like those, so this is a pleasant surprise.

      • Locklear93

        Just got back from checking numbers, and you’re right. Project Diva did 159,592 copies in its first week, about 1/3 better. All things considered though, yeah, this is a pleasant surprise. I wish I felt like those numbers meant this version is more likely to see localization.

        Edit: It’s all my fault! I imported Project Diva f, but not Senran Kagura! <_<

        • Solomon_Kano

          For shame! How could you abandon the hometown!?

          As for a localization, I’d rather see Burst localized since I can’t exactly play it even if I do import (and because it’s a twofer). Not that I wouldn’t be happy to see this localized, I’m just already down to import lol.

          • Locklear93

            Believe me, I’m not happy about it. The game came out on my birthday, but due to unexpected car repairs, I was strapped for spending money. Spent my birthday putting up auctions for charity instead of playing Senran Kagura–a tragedy, if I ever saw one.

          • Solomon_Kano

            Ouch. That’s awful. Well, at least you had Miku to keep you company!

          • Locklear93

            If I put the cat ears and tail on the drill hairstyle Miku, it’s ALMOST like Senran Kagura fanserv… oh who am I kidding? :(

          • Solomon_Kano

            Hey! You’re most of the way there, not much longer to hold out! Just dream about hometown! Hometown!

        • mirumu

          Outselling Miku is always a huge ask, so don’t be too surprised. There weren’t as many Vitas out there back then either. I don’t know anything about the Project Diva f import numbers or the ratio of them to local Japanese sales, but I suspect the number of western Vocaloid fans would have helped push those sales up a bit more than normal. I know a few people who never import games, but bought Vitas purely for Project Diva f.

          I bought it myself too, but I couldn’t pass on Senran Kagura. Always have to keep in touch with life and the hometown.

          • Locklear93

            Oh, I’m not surprised at all that Miku beat it, but seeing a 120,000 selling title on the Vita, without hunting down other numbers, it seemed like Shinovi Versus had a decent chance at number one. I’m one of those western Vocaloid fans, so I definitely get that. I bought every Project Diva, two concert blu-rays, PVC figures, tons of Vocaloid albums…

          • Media Create numbers never account for imports.

          • mirumu

            Would that be true for places like Neowing that sell internationally, but also sell domestically within Japan? I wouldn’t have thought stores themselves would provide such a breakdown. Or would online sales like those not be counted in Media Create’s numbers at all?

          • Online sales aren’t factored in M-C numbers, I believe. I’m not sure about ALL online stores, but I know for a fact that Amazon, for example, isn’t counted, and that’s easily the largest one.

          • Abyan Haidar

            how about play-asia?

    • Third-highest to date, I believe. Persona 4: Golden did 137,076 and Hatsune Miku: Project Diva f sold 159,592. Counting download sales, Diva F’s first-week number was around 175,000.

      120k is huge for a Marvelous AQL game in general. Now that they’ve found their way into the otaku market, I expect they’ll want to keep one foot in it, since those fans are particularly passionate.

      • Locklear93

        Hm. Was Senran Kagura available via download too? Are there any numbers we’re waiting on? (I’m too lazy to flip my Vita to Japanese PSN right now; such a pain in the butt, and I wouldn’t recognize the “se” kana if it bit me.) Either way, this is definitely a great number for a title of this nature, and you’re not kidding about a passionate market. *looks at thousands of dollars of PVC figures on his desk*

        • Original Kagura and Burst weren’t on eShop at launch, no. Burst was added to eShop a few months after launch.

          • Locklear93

            I wasn’t clear–I meant Shinovi Versus. Is there anything that could bump up that 120,000?

            Also, boredom trumps laziness, I guess. Once this slow-as-hell backup of my Vita finishes, I’m switching over to look. :P (Dear Sony: USB 3.0 support for system backups would’ve been a nice touch.)

          • Oh. No, this includes download sales (read the report! :P).

          • Locklear93

            *facedesk* Sorry! Edit: Aww, Disqus won’t let me downvote my own stupidity. <_<

      • Brion Valkerion

        Yeah I’d expect this to be a yearly upgrade if not multimedia project every year now with this kinda sales. Kinda like Hyperdimension

        • I’m very interested to see what they do with Kagura 2 now. Takaki said that was going to be on the 3DS, but the otaku market is clearly already on the Vita, owing to games like this and Monster Monpiece and Project Diva f.

          For a series that so heavily relies on fan-service for sales, Vita is probably the better platform, since there’s a lot of overlap with other “otaku-targeted” titles.

          So… unless they make Kagura 2 even MORE focused on the T&A, it probably isn’t going to do as well as this game in its first week.

          • Solomon_Kano

            I know Takaki said that he wanted different experiences on the two platforms, but perhaps this won’t convince them to do Kagura 2 multiplat? Most likely it won’t and MAQL will just take advantage of getting sales from the two branches of the series separately, but it may be on the table now that this has sold so much in excess of the last two.

          • Well, what I was kind of getting at is… is there even a point of making the mainline Kagura games “cleaner” when the spin-off did so much better by simply being more fanservicey?

            Strictly from a financial standpoint, it feels like a waste of money to make Senran Kagura 2 a polished, high-quality, story-driven brawler like Takaki talked about, and have it sell less, when they could just put another fan-service game out and have it sell about the same amount as this one.

          • Solomon_Kano

            Well, even if Kagura 2 ends up being high quality with more story, I’d imagine it’ll be every bit as fanservice-y as Takaki can make it. It’s not like they were lacking in that before Shinovi Versus. Even with their actual gameplay merits, every game in this series has been fanservice so I don’t see anything changing due to that.

            Still, I’m in agreement on it being a waste of money for the return they’re currently seeing on 3DS. That said, Kagura’s exposure is in a different place than it was then. The anime surely provided a significant boost in awareness, so I can’t picture Kagura 2 doing Kagura or Burst numbers one way or the other.

            Also, we have to consider that Takaki made those plans even with the sales of Kagura and Burst established. I don’t think it matters to him. Though if MAQL does see it differently, again, they can always change their mind about it going multiplat. I see higher sales on 3DS if they give a go regardless, but if they want to go for broke…

          • Actually, the fanservice in the 3DS games isn’t anywhere close to the level of Shinovi Versus. That’s why I was wondering what they plan to do. When we met Takaki at TGS last year, he was very clear that the intent with the Vita game was to up the fan-service from just boobs to T&A.

            I guess what I’m saying is… it’s kind of odd to have the mainline games do less and have the spin-offs do more, and on top of that, to have the spin-offs on a console that’s more suited to the franchise. So, maybe it’s just wisest to have the mainline games be on the Vita instead, and up the fan-service on those instead of doing it in spin-offs.

            But then, who knows… maybe Takaki sees the mainline series as something that he wants to keep a little cleaner, just from a creative standpoint. I just… don’t the see point, financially. I mean, he’s already going around calling himself “Bursting Boobs Producer” and posing with chicks in bikinis during the marketing photo shoots. I don’t see the point of trying to stay clean when it makes him more money to “roll in the mud,” so to speak. :P

          • FitzpatrickPhillips

            lol you know, its a pretty damn good game in itself. I know Takaki is all about the T&A, but the actual gameplay is great. When you look at it from that perspective (all the updates from the 3DS version) that gives them more things to think about.

          • I didn’t mean it wasn’t an improved game. Just the framerate alone looks better than what they managed on 3DS, at least in comparison to the first SK.

            I’m just saying… the difference between T&A in Shinovi and Burst is fairly significant, and that’s obviously a major determining factor in sales. So… why have a version with less T&A at all, when it doesn’t sell as much?

            It’s not like this is a mainstream series like Harvest Moon or Rune Factory, where they’re trying to appeal to women or something. You may as well go all the way. :P

          • FitzpatrickPhillips

            Haha, well it still has to get published and they can’t really go any further besides bare breasts.

          • MediaMindControl

            Very true. Basic rule of business is to cater to your demographic. Somehow I feel like game companies forget that or they simply have a broad audience and can’t please all the different requests from their fanbase. I relate this to call of duty because there are those who want a fun fast paced pick up and play game and there are others who are realists and want more realistic gameplay that requires a lot of technicality. Now as for Senan Kagura I don’t think they need to make the game into the next Melee or SSBBrawl. Pretty safe to say further fan service and more characters would generate sales. Of course added gameplay features is always great.

          • Solomon_Kano

            Hahaha. Had no idea about that “Bursting Boobs” bit. That’s hilarious. Yea, I’m not too sure about the cost-effectiveness of splitting the series up like this, but we’ll see how MAQL goes moving forward.

          • Suicunesol

            What could happen is that the spin-off series could become the mainline series, and the mainline series could become the spinoff. That is to say that the mainline Senran Kagura games will become the musou games, and the spin-offs will be sidescrollers on the 3DS. There is clearly a market for Senran Kagura on both systems, so why give up one of them?

          • Personally, I’m hoping they move to another platform completely with the next game… ideally, the PS3… but maybe even Wii U? Although the latter would probably bring them less sales… at least at this point.

          • Locklear93

            “So… unless they make Kagura 2 even MORE focused on the T&A”

            …implying this is a bad thing…

            (Kidding! Oh god, not the face!)

  • Herok♞

    Well thats great I wonder if the change from 2D to 3D helped or maybe people just wanted something for Vita

    • Solomon_Kano

      Considering it’s a Musou-style game and even the Vita’s actual Musou game didn’t do numbers like this (the 3DS’ either, for that matter), it’s more than just transitioning to 3D.

      Ishaan’s reasoning is pretty spot on here. On top of this being the series’ third entry and the popularity that accounts for, it’s also gotten greater exposure thanks to the anime — a very effective cross-promotion tool that the two previous games didn’t have to their benefit.. Couple that with a price cut on the Vita, and there you have it.

      • Locklear93

        Herok’s section suggestion may well be on base, though–I don’t want to portray Vita owners as drooling idiots who’ll take ANYTHING out of desperation… but I bought Sly Cooper for the Vita a few weeks ago, just because I wanted something for my Vita. >_< I could see a modest number of sales generated by sheer desire to use the system.

        • Solomon_Kano

          I can see that pushing some people to buy it, certainly. I just don’t see it being in 3D being much of a draw over the previous ones when similar titles on both systems have sold less.

          • Locklear93

            I can’t say the Vita Dynasty Warriors game was very good though, which could’ve depressed its sales. I’m inclined to agree with you, don’t get me wrong, but I think going 3D may have been a minor contributor to a “perfect storm” of sales conditions for the title.

          • Solomon_Kano

            Yea, I suppose it does make sense that it’d have some affect amid all these other factors.

            I’ll have to disagree on DW Next though. First one I’ve liked since 4. Even with some of the stupid gimmicks. That horse-riding mini-game. -__-

          • Locklear93

            The gimmicks killed it for me, but I have to admit I own or owned at one time at least one platform version of every Dynasty Warriors game in the west, minus PSP versions (only had the first of those), and now Vita version(s). The demo scared me off. Might get it during the sale, though, if it’s still going after my next paycheck.

          • Solomon_Kano

            If you like the series that much, I’d say it’s definitely worth it on sale even with the gimmicks. It’s got some Empires DNA. I bought it on Amazon around launch because I got $10 off and I thought it was worth it even not being much for Musou games (though I did actually end up getting rid of it later).

        • Herok♞

          If I portrayed Vita owners as drooling idiots then I would be one of them as well, because of the lack of full games(My psv = portable psone at the moment) I would jump on this because it looks cool and I already have everything else I really want.

        • xavier axol

          does that mean that you didn’t like sly cooper thieves in time? i think it was a good platformer game that happen to be at a reasonable price.

          • Locklear93

            No, no–to be honest, I barely touched it, and don’t have a valid opinion on it as a game. All I meant was that I had no particular interest in Sly Cooper (I’ve never touched the series), but bought it anyway, just for a Vita game.

      • mirumu

        I think it’s a bit of a perfect storm. Anything that could have got in the way of the game selling was eliminated, and it seems to have come out at just the right time in various ways. The 64-page feature in the latest Dengeki Playstation is a big deal. The first figures for the series are showing up for preorder and other merchandise is just starting to appear too keeping the series in fan’s minds. I also see it being reported elsewhere that Vita sales quadrupled with the price cut. If true, that would certainly back up Ishaan’s thoughts. I do think the 3D upgrade on the Vita is a significant factor as well given this is a series who’s appeal is more “visual” than most.

        Even to importers like me (I bought the game myself), the fact it’s region free made the Vita/3DS choice a no brainer. I wouldn’t claim we’re a group that’s especially large, but when so many factors both big and small come together it can add up to substantial sales.

        • Solomon_Kano

          Yea, it definitely released to a perfect storm. These are the best conditions any Vita game’s released to. I’d imagine even MAQL didn’t expect this much (unless pre-orders tracked especially high).

          • mirumu

            Most online stores I saw (Amiami, CD Japan, Hobbysearch, etc) stopped taking pre-orders on the limited edition very soon after they were listed, and in the last week the regular edition was listed as sold out in some places too. I had my preorder in since January.

            At the same time though, I expect there were quite a few impulse sales due to the Vita price cut.

          • Solomon_Kano

            Oh wow. That’s nice. I can definitely see the price drop influencing some people to buy it on the spot.

      • xavier axol

        i watched the anime and it’s not that good, but i just don’t think that a game like Senran Kagura or ikki tousen doesn’t translate too well in anime. though i do believe that may be the previous entry did enough exposure of the series to justify the spike in sells, either that or the rise of otaku taking over the vita demographic took over. kinding!, but it may definitely be an “all of the above” that ishaan and you mention.

        • Solomon_Kano

          Yea, Senran isn’t the kind of game I’d have pegged for an anime but it’s definitely going to be a help to the games with all of the merchandise it’ll generate, so that’s good.

  • Will Jay

    Don’t forget, it’s region free this time.

    • Locklear93

      Yeah, and it came out on my birthday to boot. Accursed car repairs, robbing me of spending money. >_< I'll get it eventually.

  • Zenthos

    If this does get localized, lets just hope it doesnt get censored.

    • They don’t censor god of war so they damn well better not censor this

      • Pyrotek85

        In America at least sex is bad but violence is OK. Go figure.

        • Yeah I don’t know if they think when they label things as bad sometimes -_- smart asses

          • Pyrotek85

            It really pisses me off that they can’t just decide that some games can have an ‘M’ rating and don’t have to be kid friendly, whether it be for sex, violence, or something else. Too many parents and politicians still have this ‘videogames are for kids’ mentality.

          • Honestly a lot of parents don’t need to be parents because they complain about stupid things in my opinion I think its ok for everyone to enjoy a game but if their playing a game like COD or Dead Space or even Assassins Creed you don’t need to let your 5 year old child play it. The parents complained enough back when Mortal Kombat came out that we now have ESRB for a reason but now they couldn’t care less what rating is but have the nerve to complain when your children do insanely stupid things. Even if your read the ratings and buy the game for your kid at least have the decency to teach them “Hey you see this stuff in the game? Don’t do it!” I think its amazing that we live in a world where people blame other things instead of blaming the thing that actually caused it.

    • jujubee88

      Would there even be much of a game if it where to be censored? :P


  • z_merquise

    So the game was released in the right moment. Though I read that the game is actually good too.

  • Solomon_Kano

    Senran Kagura is the Vita’s 3rd highest opening! Senran Kagura! If you’d have told me this a few months ago, better yet, last month I wouldn’t have believed you. Hell, I still don’t believe you. Nah, color me surprised. Hometown came through for the win.

    I’d be interested in seeing what the exact breakdown of retail to digital copies is, but we’ll know once the Media Create numbers hit since they only track physical. This is a really nice look for MAQL. This is easily going to be the best-selling of the three Vita titles they announced a while back. Valhalla Knights isn’t coming anywhere near this and Oboromuramasa is probably going to max out around 30k for its opening considering the pre-existing Wii version. So it’s really nice to see these numbers.

    Now I just wonder if PSO2 will land on the charts this week. There’s a free digital version, so it should be interesting to see how many people sprung for the package.

    • Just one thing to point out—Media Create doesn’t track Amazon sales. I’m not sure if MAQL are using MC numbers or something else, but I’m guessing their report includes sales from online stores like Amazon and the like, so Media Create’s figures may not give us the exact breakdown.

      Ah, also… this is five days. Media Create would only reflect four days of sales, since games in Japan release on Thursdays. So, Thu – Sun.

      • Solomon_Kano

        Ah. True. I guess I can only hope that MAQL could provide a more detailed breakdown themselves, however unlikely that is haha.

    • neo_firenze

      It’s actually a very interesting time for Vita. A price cut combined with maybe the strongest month of software in Japan since the system launch. In addition to Senran Kagura and PSO2, you have major launches with Soul Sacrifice and Tales of Hearts R this week. The rest of March has some pretty solid second-tier stuff: Oboro Muramasa, DOA5+, Nobunaga’s Ambition, One Piece Musou 2. Even getting some traction on ports from other systems, Stein’s;Gate and Atelier Meruru are notable releases and might be a sign publishers are thinking Vita is becoming more viable in general.

      All this while 3DS has a slower March-April, so Vita is really getting an opportunity to take center stage. Yes, Super Robot Taisen UX is coming this month and is big. And Nintendo has one first party release with Luigi’s Mansion 2 that will likely get solid sales. But overall a fairly light period for the 3DS.

      • Solomon_Kano

        Yea, this is a pretty heavy period for the Vita. There’s a lot of software, varied software, so I think this is going to be a nice stretch. Hopefully Sony can keep the rest of the year as full. Next to this price cut steady releases are gonna be key.

  • Zonic505

    Hopefully, with the higher sales (I’d probably add that imports helped a little bit since Vita has no region protection, though the article pretty much sums it up) and the overall decent reviews, this’ll be good news in getting the game localized.

    & wow, kind of amazed this is (at the moment) the 3rd best launch week selling Vita game. Never underestimate the power of life & hometown.

  • Demeanor

    Nyuu Nyuu DX FTW!!! (my copy should be here tomorrow, finished BB just in time this evening!) Congratulations, Takaki-dono! ^ ^ May you keep wrapping the world in you-know-what ^ ^

  • Bobby Jennings

    Thats great, since this game is amazing

  • MrSirFeatherFang

    I liek the anime so I buy dis gaem!

  • Raika Souku

    Damn thats shocking and funny cause im one of them

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    Its insane how much they improved it from the 3DS version, even in areas where it didn’t need to be improved. Literally everything was improved and/or refined. Even the story mode and dialogue is better. Even though I have a Japanese 3DS, I’d love for them to continue the main series on the Vita. Better to control, IMO, and it just plays better. Not to mention non-japanese speakers can import and enjoy the gameplay and ass too.

    • Yeah but if the main series moved to the vita than I would not be able to see glasses free 3d boobs and that would be the only downside i mean the games would still be good but there would be something missing from the experience but seeing on how the game is doing well i see a bright future coming filled with boobs and butts :).

      • FitzpatrickPhillips

        The 3D effects on Burst weren’t even that good for me to be honest.

  • Sweet just what I wanted to happen :) happy boobies.Now we just need it to come to the west.

  • veegeen

    It’s not like Shinovi Versus had more polished, varied gameplay, double
    the number of playable characters, higher budget presentation, improved
    graphics and resolution, a multiplayer component, more integrated system
    utilization, and more content overall than Burst, or anything like that. It just sold well because of the anime and fanservice. Sounds legit.

    • Those matter, but how a game is marketed and the number of people that even know about it matters far more. We’ve seen many instances of less popular games being viewed as “better” than their more popular counterparts, but that didn’t help their sales any.

    • $29082171

      Not really, quality matters jack these days, look at how absolute garbage like NSMB and NSMBW sold 29 and 26 million copies respectively whereas the actually good Galaxy sold merely 10 million, and Galaxy 2 sold just 6.

  • Learii

    why this game so well then the others games? because is on Vita XD

  • tubers

    What’s this Life and HOmetown and hometown I’ve been reading on some comments?

    • mirumu

      It’s from a quote by Senran Kagura’s creator Kenichiro Takaki.

      “T*** are life, a** is hometown.”

      I hate censoring quotes personally, but I don’t think the mods would appreciate it if I didn’t. I’m sure you get the gist.

  • I don’t know anything about this series but Shinovi Versus? I’m guessing it’s a fighting game with charming girls using short-skirts and provocative costumes…. no wonder why it sale 120,000 in a week.

    • Syn

      think dynasty warriors with clothes ripping off the girls as they fight…..No really, the clothes rip off.


    I’m not sure if this contributed significantly, but the Vita is region-free, which means Shinovi Versus is import-friendlier.

    • Stranger On The Road

      Yes, this is a factor, even though I am interested in the 1st 2 games, I didn’t import them because of the fact that the 3DS is regional locked. When the Vs was announced on the Vita, I pre-ordered it without worrying.

      I believe that the Vita being regional free is a factor that should be considered since importers can import this game without having the import the console as well!

    • Suicunesol

      Given the Vita’s western install base, and given that the number of importing Vita game owners is even smaller, I can’t imagine there would be more than 1000+ copies imported.

  • And 4th, Vita owners are starved.

    Still, Vita owners, despite the small install base, have proven to be big buyers. Is it because the current Vita owners represent the hardest of the hardcore gamer? I wonder.

    • Mantiskilla

      Nah, I would say its b/c since there isn’t much to play on it people continue to purchase more games hoping they can find a “diamond in the rough,” and/or justify their purchase. As for this game….uh…no thanks, but I’m sure fans of it are pretty excited that its doing well

      • I could be wrong, but I think that’s what I said.

        Edit: Nope, i wasn’t wrong.

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    Happy for Takaki here.^_^ Hope that this franchise can grow bigger into Neptunia level.^_^
    I am still waiting for Burst to come here though.^_^ When is the booby going to rule the world here?^_^

  • d19xx

    12(.)(.)(.)(.) copies!

  • I can feel the localization in my hands =^_^=

  • Awesome! Glad to see Senran Kagura continue to grow.

    Should be interesting where they put Senran Kagura 2. The original Senran Kagura did extremely well for a new I.P. and during a time when 3DS was struggling. Burst came out while 3DS was picking up steam and Senran Kagura was still growing as a brand since the anime was announced but not yet released.

    Now with two games under it’s belt and and slight momentum for the Vita via a price drop Shinovi Versus did fantastic. The 3DS is dominating but there is clearly a market for it on Vita. These sales could be make the decision a lot harder for MAQL. It be cool if Senran Kagura continues on 3DS as the side scroller and as a musou-style game on Vita so we don’t get screwed over with Senran Kagura 2 on 3DS and then Senran Kagura 2+ on Vita or vice versa. Feed the fans on both platforms with unique games.

    Oh and a localization announcement would be cool too.

  • Esseph

    Other reasons may include, now on a region free system

    • Yea, it’s extremely unlikely that import sales made any major contribution to these sales. It’s as bad as people saying everyone who wanted Xenoblade imported the EU copy so it was bound to have bad NA sales.

  • PoweredByHentai

    I am a statistic!

  • I’m glad the game is doing so well. Since the Vita is region free, I and others were able to import it. The game is actually really well done, the frame rate is great.

  • DietSoap

    There’s also the fact it’s just a much more solid looking (and in fact playing) game than the previous two.

  • noctis_nox

    Awesome news!! XD

  • Shariest

    Games like this make me wish that there was even a single Japanese course near me… Eff you mandatory Swedish!

  • zero254

    You know what sucks?

    I don’t care about the fan service in these games but I really love all beatemups of all kinds(Guardian Heros, Bare Knuckle, Princess Crown etc) But I’ll never get to play this because A, I don’t have a vita, and B. The 3ds is region locked.

    Guess I’ll stick with Crown of princess for now.

    • PoweredByHentai

      You mean Code of Princess?

      There’s still Odin Sphere and Muramasa the Demon Blade. Odin Sphere is available digitally on the PS3 and Muramasa is getting a second life on the Vita with more content.

      That said, I’m also waiting on Dragon’s Crown.

      • zero254

        I mixed up the games names on accident.

        Somehow I combined Princess crown and Code of princess.

        And I have every single one of those.

  • Abyan Haidar

    and now what I should do is waiting for it to arrive in my room…

  • Lester Paredes

    Fourth: It plays like Powerstone! that’s a positive, no matter where you’re from!

  • Brandonmkii

    all the positive reception is making my wait for the DX copy I ordered all the more painful :c

  • Fanservice aside, it’s a darned good game. It plays well, its fun, and enjoyable. I was put off by the fanservice at first, but I enjoy the gameplay so much that I’ve learned to ignore it.

    Hoping there will be another game on Vita within a year or so.

    Also, quick note, most trophy lists on Vita just say PS Vita beneath them, but Shinovi Versus’ says PS3/PS Vita. Hinting at a port, or does that just mean you can view the trophies on the PS3?

  • You forgot one essential thing : Vita itself! It’s region-free, which means the westerns that I had no choice but to hold back are now free to import. The 3DS audience also is not as receptive to this kind of game, that’s all.

  • Prinny Dood

    I wish they would push more games over here cause we always have to wait 4 or 5 months to get aaa titles. Hopefully during e3 they ll annouce something for the vita instead of talking about the ps4 the whole event, otherwise my vita keep collecting dust while I plsy my ps3.

  • GNXS

    I have a real doubt the price drop really factors in. I mean, it sold like shit on Persona and Miku hardware wise.

  • Raze

    Vita is region free
    That’s all the reason I guess…

    • Mr_SP

      I really, really don’t think that Senran Kagura sold *60 Thousand* imports. No way. Even 10 thousand would be a crazy stretch.

  • EinMugenTenshin

    Just text it in English and release it in Europe and I’ll buy a Vita just for this (I am not kidding).

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