Compile Heart Asks Fans To Vote On Mugen Souls Z Crossover DLC

By Spencer . March 7, 2013 . 3:30pm


Mugen Souls Z will have crossover content from other Compile Heart and/or Idea Factory titles. The official site has a poll up asking fans which characters they want to see as avatar DLC. Compile Heart made a long list with characters from Spectral Force, Generation of Chaos, Blazing Souls Accelate, and Record of Agarest War games.


Where’s Compile Heart’s most popular series, Hyperdimension Neptunia, you say? Well, Mugen Souls Z already has Neptunia avatar items. Reserve the game and you’ll get codes for Nepgear and Vert DLC. The limited edition includes codes for Neptunia, Noire, and Blanc avatar items.


Mugen Souls Z comes out on April 25 for PlayStation 3 in Japan.


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  • Ladius

    I voted Chiffon from the Spectral games, but to be honest this poll made me a bit nostalgic about the Neverland series… I would love to see them continue it alongside their other series, especially now that they’ve improved their budget.

  • DesmaX

    To be honest, I think this is a stupid idea.

    If this is really supposed to be a Disgaea clone, the least they should do is put cameo characters to unlock in the post-game (Hell, make it DLC if they want, like Disgaea ones). But it just makes me sad that they are just going to put some lame clothes for it

    • AkuLord3

      But it wasn’t a Disgaea clone…just game that does crazy amounts of damage like a Disgaea game

  • Andrew Arndt

    i really dont care i just want the game they can do what they want ill still bu it and play it happly, :D

  • Curan_Altea

    I chose to vote for a Agarest War character in a heartbeat. Despite the glaring flaws I love those games to death. Too bad none of my favorite characters (or wives save for Friedelinde) were up for a vote….

    • j_desjardins97

      Me too actually .Right now ,I am playing Record of Agarest 2 :D
      Probably will vote for someone like Ellis or Fiona.

    • DesmaX

      I only played Agarest War 2, and yeah, it was a pretty enjoyable game.Hope they announce a new one soon

      • Curan_Altea

        I got the first one on a whim ($20) and before beating it I bought the other two off of the psn.
        Agarest War (original) and Zero have completely different combat from 2. It’s a unique strategy system , recommend you check them out. If you have a high tolerance to difficult games.

        • DesmaX

          Yeah, I’ve been wanting to pick up the first for quite some time now… But there’s so many games on my backlog…

  • I see they’ve purposely excluded Neptunia to prevent another shut-out. XD

  • CirnoTheStrongest

    Voted for Myuu from Varanoir.

  • Warboss Aohd

    ‘ow do you lot understand wot to vote fer?

    i can’t figure out wot it sayz!

  • PK212

    “The limited edition includes codes for Neptunia, Noire, and Blanc avatar items.”

    Shouldn’t that say Neptune?

    • The editors on this site have been corrected countless times. Seems they can’t wrap their head around it.

  • Joseph Steinhilpert

    I have mugen souls 1 fun game but having characters you create and no voices suck they had Japanese VO but I am not very good at understanding japanese and if they were to do the same thing please have subtitles for them

  • MrTyrant

    I would probably vote for a Dyshana or Eva from Agarest if they’d have some possibilities. Yeah, hate me for loving sexy type of mature women instead of pink moe elf 2.0

  • I really hope the reservation codes will be available whenever the game gets localized too.

  • Lilith

    Still on the fence over the first one. Is it any good?

    • DesmaX

      Not really. Just skip it

    • Ladius

      If you like comedic jrpgs in the vein of Disgaea and Neptunia Mugen Souls could be a nice choice, its story is really funny at times (basically, it’s a parody of jrpg and moe tropes) and it has lots of customization options and interesting systems.

      On the other hand, dungeon design is kinda plain, some Master Points aren’t well thought (I’m mostly thinking about the ones where you need to guess sums of money based on the prices of some items) and its difficulty can be kinda uneven.

      • Lilith

        Well, I do like Neptunia so if this is like that I guess I should get it. Sounds fun.

  • Sakura Kyoko…is that you?

  • Raltrios

    I can’t read moonrunes… is Espgarude listed under Spectral Force?

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