Drakengard 3 / Drag-On Dragoon 3’s Story Detailed

By Spencer . March 14, 2013 . 12:03am


Square Enix announced Drakengard 3, a pleasant surprise since Taro Yoko took a break from game development after Nier. Yoko went on to help Square Enix design monsters for Monster X Dragon and now he’s continuing the Drakengard series. Drakengard 3 centers on two characters Zero and her younger sister One.


In the distant past when darkness swept the world with war and tyranny, Goddesses called "Utatai" saw mankind was suffering and descended on the world. These Goddesses use the magical power of songs to defeat warlords ruling the land. Peace was finally brought to this chaotic world. The Goddesses were worshiped for ending conflict and were entrusted control of the world. They became known as Utahime (divas).


One, a young Utatai, holds a strong desire to bring peace and balance to the world. She is poised to become unite all the Utatai and stand on the top of the world. One day, One’s older sister Zero shows up with a dragon. Zero is also an Utatai and said to be the strongest among them. Why did Zero suddenly show up in front of One? Why did she ally with a dragon? And what in the world are the Utatai? Darkness once again shrouds over the world.


On top of being a powerful songstress, Zero is also skilled with a sword. Zero is known for having a violent personality and being troublesome. She also has a rather promiscuous personality. Zero has an artificial arm and a flower in her right eye that keeps growing.


One is the exact opposite of her older sister. She has a strong sense of justice and is known for being rational. One even questions why the Utatai came to this world.


In Drakengard 3 you play as Zero. Screenshots of the game show Zero sword dancing through enemies and taking to the sky while riding a dragon. When Zero is covered in blood she gets even stronger.


Drakengard 3 comes out for PlayStation 3 this year. The game is being developed by Lord of Arcana maker Access Games and has the original Drakengard series leads on the title.



image image image image


image image image image


image image

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  • Reive

    I really hope those a place holder graphics, currently looks like a PSP game

    • Strid

      Someone’s never played a PSP game here it seems.

    • Ginko29

      Nier was far from a technical beauty but I couldn’t care less. If a small production budget allow them to create such unique games, I won’t complain.

  • Go2hell66

    Tsundere Alert!

    • puchinri

      Where?? 0u0;

  • WhyWai

    not mean to rude, but don’t the graphics seem like a Wii game… sweat..

    • I’ve seen the pictures too and I know what you mean, but I won’t complain about the graphics until I’ve seen them in action first. I mean just look at the No More Heroes series. That’s just my opinion though lol.

      • i can imagine many game reviewers will complain bout the graphics just like they did with Nier…
        aarg screw them

        DRAKENGARD all the way

    • Nightmesh

      The graphics don’t bug me much. I only have a problem with how some of the textures look a little bland. Zero on the other hand looks gorgeous.

  • puchinri

    As long as being promiscuous isn’t used as an excuse for cheap fanservice, that could be another intriguing part of Zero’s character.

    I’m quite interested in both One and Zero and curious about where the story will go.

    • Go2hell66

      from the way they described her i can’t help but think of bayonetta in terms of personality.

      • puchinri

        That’s always who I thought of, and I don’t mind that entirely, because she sounds a bit like Wolverine!Bayonetta, but I just don’t want to see it handled entirely the same as Bayo~.

    • z_merquise

      I haven’t played any Drakengard games but I read that every characters, even the protagonists, were dark and twisted. So I really don’t think it will be used for just some cheap fanservice. Or at least, that’s what I think.

      She could be like a playa, you know.

      • puchinri

        Ahh, okay~. I was trying to think of what I remembered from Nier, and I remember what’s-her-name having a pretty fair/deep backstory, regardless of her outfit (which played into it fairly well actually, and I did love the design), so I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect.

        That would be a lot of fun!

        • i hope she doesn’t have a penis

          • puchinri

            I wouldn’t mind either way, but it would make me question them highlighting her as promiscuous and giving her a penis.

    • Victoria [Rokuso3]

      It’s Drakengard, so if it’s used it will probably be Fan disservice…

      • puchinri

        Hah! I. . . could appreciate that too.

    • theoriginaled

      she’ll probably be about as promiscuous as Kaine, which is to say dresses provocatively and is a bit crude, but not actually promiscuous at all.

      • Kelohmello

        According to the japanese info on this, she’s the kind of person who’s “Not against having multiple sex partners”, so that’s what’s being implied by saying promiscuous.

        • puchinri

          The Japanese phrases it a bit better (considering the tone and connotation that promiscuous holds vs. being an open lover). Thank you~.

        • theoriginaled

          can’t read japanese myself, thanks for the clarification.

      • puchinri

        That would be pretty cool. And right, I was thinking of Kaine (but couldn’t remember her name).

  • i always feel sorry for Yoko Taro and Drakengard team, they have amazing story.
    But by the time the game is made, the grapichs is outdated

  • AoNoise


    Knowing these series and it’s spin-off. I believe we’re in for one truly effed up story. I needed my fix desperately.

    Oh, the joy. Oh, the irony.

  • Talearc

    That girl’s right eye is flower??

    • She’s a beautiful flower covered in blood lol ^_^

  • gamerdude

    Can we please get a Ru-Paul cameo in this for some dragalicious fun?
    It’s directed by Swery so it probably won’t try to avoid camp-ness anyway.

    • Ouch My Head Said Dionysus

      SWERY’s not on board for this project, he just happens to work for the same company.

  • “When Zero is covered in blood she gets even stronger”

    Yup, you have my attention lol =^_^=

    I like the premise of the story so far, and can’t wait to see more on it. Perhaps Square will reveal more at E3 this year, and I’m sure it will get localized since the other 2 games did as well.

  • z_merquise

    I saw a glimpse of this image in a Famitsu scan and I was expecting the game to look exactly like this:


    But I was Wrong.

    I’m instantly interested when this game was first revealed. The game’s visuals don’t look pleasing but I hope they further improve it since the game is still in development.

    The artwork and the character designs are lovely though. The story sounds intriguing too.

    • That doesn’t look too far off from some visual tricks that started to come into play in Drakengard 2 (after you break the world), and some of the imagery done with the Shades in Nier.

      I suspect that we won’t see *sign* of these things until we actually play the games, since it’s the Drakengard development team all over again.

  • Ouch My Head Said Dionysus

    I’ll still play it, but it’d be nice if it was more like Nier and less like Drakengard (gameplay-wise)

  • Arz

    D’oh….I don’t wanna use female protagonist……

    • puchinri

      For shame~. She’s so pretty and badass sounding, how could it matter either way~?

      • Arz

        Something just bugs me about female protagonists.When they try to be badass,they’re just obnoxious to me.And I really hope they don’t oversexualize her.Her outfit already seems for eye candy purpose already.

        • puchinri

          I think that goes for protags of any gender/background/whatever, in most cases.

          I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt for right now, because I like what they did with Kaine (including the outfit and regardless of it), but her outfit isn’t too bad I don’t think. Could be better (and I would like something more covered), but it is pretty cool.

        • SirTeffy

          I get the feeling there will be a “twist” similar to the one regarding Kaine in Nier. If you recall everyone mentioned how slutty and sexualized she was… until they revealed her foul mouth and the fact she has a penis.

          Didn’t stop HER from being a total badass, complete with “What the hell, hero?” speech used in the opening sequence.

    • Better than some Bishonen like Nowe or Brother Nier

  • No9

    Oh man I can’t wait to play this! Beat Nier and Drakengard (even that stupid but awesome music mini game!) so I’ll probably buy this on day one! :)


    • Jordan Coleman

      Thanks Inuart.

  • Jordan Coleman

    Well my enthusiasm is kind of dropping. This doesn’t seem to be story sequel to Drakengard 2 and well kind of sounds meh. I didn’t much care for Nier and well a new game that just happens to be called Drakengard 3 isn’t 100% working for me. Plus I kind of find the main character design unappealing and stupid. Quite honestly, in 1 none of the characters really looked that crazy and Caim was totally unlike your average Japanese game protagonist In 2 Nowe was more typical and pretty, but nothing crazy. This chick has a flower in her eye. It’s just not sounding what I want from Drakengard. Oh and the screens here look awful. I know the game is’nt some high budget affair but jesus even Grasshopper games show off better then the glimpse of the game we get here. I’m just going to be cautious about this.

    • Nier was kind of the same way in the “doesn’t seem to be releated,” and when the source book came out, what a surprise. It was following the most improbable ending of Drakengard 1.

      I’d say that we should wait a little longer, since these are 1) probably very early images; 2) we aren’t seeing the defining characteristics when the game isn’t in motion.

      • Jordan Coleman

        Oh god. Nier is so loosely connected to Drakengard 1. If you blinked you would miss the connection. People make such a a big deal out of this, but Nier is not really a sequel to Drakengard. No it just has one very small funny thing that the developers threw in. They really aren’t related. Hell you said it was in the source book, it’s not even in the actual game.

        And unlike Nier. Drakengard is quite obviously a story sequel? Did no one play Drakengard 2? The opening Narration spells everything out complete with brief snippets of the cg scenes from 1!

        • Syn

          Truth right there, pips seem more glad that a new Drakengard game is coming, screw it if it wont look half as good or follow the story, you arent allowed to speak against its………..thats the attitude we’re dealing with here.

        • SirTeffy

          It’s also in the supplemental in-game materials, referring to the “gray ash” and “twin dragons” over Tokyo Tower, if you pay attention to the loading screen text and ingame descriptions, it’s made obvious it occurs after Drakengard 1’s “worst” ending.

          Meanwhile Drakengard 2 took place after the “Good” ending of Drakengard 1, making Nier more like Drakengard 1.5 or Drakengard If…

          • Jordan Coleman

            Well no I didn’t pay attention because I hated Nier, but really I already know how it’s connected to the 5th ending.

            But Nier is not a sequel to Drakengard, it’s not a 1.5. Is Final Fantasy X actually Final Fantasy VIII.Zero because of a small unimportant connection? No it is’nt.

            And that’s my point, beyond this small thing it wasn’t a story sequel to Drakengard and you could easily ignore or just not care about that connection and go on with the game. So when Endless up there uses Nier as an example of :”oh maybe how this connected is a secret!” it dosen’t mean much, because the small Nier connection did’nt really add much anyway. it was’nt a big deal. So if this game followed that approach that would still kind of suck since I said I want an actual story sequel to 2.

          • SirTeffy

            Except that the entirety of Nier occurs BECAUSE the fifth ending to Drakengard occured. The two are directly linked at their core. That’s completely different from Final Fantasy X’s retroactive link to Final Fantasy VII (not VIII) due to a single throwaway line from X-2.

            The game begins TWENTY YEARS AFTER Drakengard’s ending (just like Drakengard 2), directly deals with the consequences of the climactic battle of that ending, and had that ending NOT existed, Nier’s entire world wouldn’t exist.

            You say you know how it’s connected but didn’t pay attention since you “hated Nier”, and that’s obvious by your disregard for the links that are CONSTANTLY thrown your way, from journal entries researching the dragon’s corpse, to the “gray ash” that’s caused the disease CORE to the Nier storyline, to the now-ancient weapons FROM Drakengard you can obtain to use.

            tl;dr: It’s not just “one very small, funny thing” the developers “threw in”, it’s literally linked back throughout the game, and the guidebook only gives an actual timeline and expanded information about how everything occurred, the links themselves are all throughout the game in weapons, lore, loading screens, item descriptions…

          • Jordan Coleman

            Ending 5 of Drakengard is a pointless ending.

            The thing is, with a little bit of different writing all of Nier could have easily happened and regardless you can understand the story of Nier without that tidbit of info. Is the explanation the important part or the actual thing itself?

            You can’t compare this to Drakengard 2 since all of the events of 1 impact what happens in 2. The entire conflict of the story of 2 is tied to 1.

            Whats Nier got? Oh the plague happen to come from the Dragon, but you could easily written Nier without that little triva part. You could easily replace the explanation of the curse with anything else. The dragon is just a stand in for whatever normally causes plagues in fiction. Hell they didn’t even need to explain where it came from, a lot of books, movies, ect don’t ever bother explaining where their plague came from. The important part is the situation is causes. The developers just thought it would probably be fun to connect their games.

            Tons of games also have weapons and little references to the developers other games, so that doesn’t mean anything.

            Does playing Drakengard 1 give you some hidden meaning to the story of Nier? Does it create some insight into some big picture that dosen’t exist No it doesnt. The main plot and characters in Nier have nothing to do with Drakengard’s plot and characters.

            Are you going to tell someone to play Drakengard 1 so they can understand the events of Nier? No, because it’s not going to add anything other then they are now in a the trivia. That’s it really. It really is unimportant. Understanding what caused the plague in nier is not important to understanding the story. You just need to know it happen and what it did. Knowing what caused it is just some more info that’s cool, but unnecessary.

            Hell, of course I did’nt read thee supplement material, the game was boring the crap out of me and I wanted it to end, still got the jist of the main story. Did’nt even need to know the Drakengard connections, because they don’t make the story better or something.

          • SirTeffy

            By this logic, the Persona series are not sequels, but it’s made abundantly clear that they ARE, and from a development standpoint were treated as such. You do not *have* to play the other games to enjoy any given game or its story, but you still miss out on a lot of throwbacks and connections. Just as Nier was treated as a side-story sequel to Drakengard. Developer interviews have confirmed as much. No, you don’t have to play the first Drakengard to enjoy the game, but its history and lore are greatly enriched if you do, and that’s one of the game’s strongest points. Simply because YOU were not interested in it does not diminish the fact it *is* a side-story sequel to Drakengard, and the connection *IS* important to the lore.

            Do you have to play every Elder Scrolls game from the first one to enjoy Skyrim’s plot? No, but the lore is greatly enhanced if you choose to. Same with Persona and any other interconnected series. FFX-2 > FF7 was confirmed by the devs to be a “fun, very small connection”, but the world of Nier WAS concieved as a full side-story sequel to the Drakengard games, and is treated as such by everyone that cares.

            “Does playing Drakengard 1 give you some hidden meaning to the story of Nier? Does it create some insight into some big picture that dosen’t exist”
            Yes, actually, it fills in the “blank spot” that is left by the vague description of “Two dragons fighting over Tokyo”. That certainly doesn’t explain the existance of the Ancient Weapons you find, or the existance of magic brought by the dragon-riders, or the fact that the disease was brought over from the Drakengard world if you didn’t know Ending E involved a trans-dimensional battle.

    • Kelohmello

      Drakengard 2 didn’t exactly seem to be a direct sequel to 1 either at first. Then they introduced familiar characters like Manah. We should likely expect the same from this.

      • Jordan Coleman

        It didn’t seem to be a direct sequel? Um no, you were Knights of the seal, the seals being an important part of what happen in 1. Manah’s brother is one of the first characters you meet, you know a party member from 1? I mean the opening narration of 2 has Nowe saying how long it’s been since Caim and his Dragon became the seal. It was quite obvious that it was a sequel, no where ever was that up in the air. This? This sounds nothing like a story sequel.

        • Kelohmello

          I’m talking about way before the game was even out in japan and we were just getting info on it. Not when it was already out and we were playing the beginning of the game.

          • Jordan Coleman

            You mean like with first trailer……that’s basically the opening narration video from Drakengard 2?


            Sorry man, it was pretty clear that Drakengard 2 was a story sequel the entire time.

          • Kelohmello

            …I mean before the game was out in japan and we were JUST getting info on it. Just like we’re JUST getting info on Drakengard 3. No trailer, just tidbits from a magazine. Don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about.

          • Jordan Coleman

            I don’t know what you’re talking about, because that was the first trailer for the game. You know the trailer for it before it was out in Japan? The game was announced as a story sequel to 2. No, no one was never unsure that it was following the events of 1. I can’t find the original announcement articles, but I mean you’re entire point is people didn’t know it was a sequel and you’re wrong. Unless you really want to argue that maybe the original anouncement articles didn’t say it was(very doubtful) and in the few days maybe weeks before an actual trailer came out people were unsure. But the entire point you’re trying to make dosen’t actually add up, because hell if they were making it clear in the very first damn trailer for the game that this follows Drakengard 1, then no it was never supposed to be unclear.

            So no I don’t know what you’re talking about? What are you talking about?

          • Kelohmello

            “but I mean you’re entire point is people didn’t know it was a sequel and you’re wrong.”

            No, my point was that there was just as little information when drakengard 2 was announced as there is for Drakengard 3. And people are making speculations. And people were saying the same thing you were saying now, that the game didn’t seem to have anything tying it into Drakengard 2.

          • Jordan Coleman

            Huh? I said that based on the info given that this dosen’t sound like a story sequel to 2, which is even further backed up by what the director said.

            How was anyone making that speculation with the anouncment of Drakengard 2? Because that’s impossible, when all the information back when that game was announced says it’s a story sequel. Look at the article I linked back from 04 when the game was announced. It says it’s a story sequel(18 years later, old characters returning).

            So how does your point make sense? You said “Drakengard 2 didn’t seem to be a direct sequel at first”. How? In what world did it not. I countered with, no the beginning of the game makes it clear it is. You then said oh “I’m talking about before he game came out”. Ok I show an early trailer that clearly spells out that it’s a story sequel so no one could speculate that it wasn’t. You say “oh I’m talking about when it was just announced”. Ok fine, I find an article that seemingly is from when the first news dropped and well it clearly states that this is a story sequel. So when could people be unsure that Drakengard 2 “did’nt seem to be a direct sequel”?, because it sure was’nt when the game was reveleas as that article even has a teaser trailer that shows scenes from the first game.

            So yeah?

          • Kelohmello

            That article is wrong. And why would I have been talking about the beginning of the game, or a trailer, when neither of those things are available for Drakengard 3 yet, when my entire point is a comparison between these two games?

          • Jordan Coleman

            How is the article wrong lol? Whats wrong about it?

          • Jordan Coleman

            lol you’re wrong man. You claimed Manah wasn’t revealed to be in the game at first.

            Here is ign’s article back when the game was announced!


            “A young lady called Mana, who played a great role in the original’s storyline as a six year-old, returns as the heroine for this game and is also playable.”

            I’m sorry man, you’re wrong here. There was never any doubt that Drakengard 2 was not the story sequel of 1. According to the two articles dated both around December 2004, the game was a sequel with returning characters and that was announced in the first info regarding the game. Unlike the first info of 3 were the director even said not to expect a game like Drakengard or Nier.

            Face it man, you’re wrong here.

          • Jordan Coleman

            And here, I found something back from 04.

            I’m sorry man, you’re wrong here.


    • GVmanX


      This game looks like it’s gonna be a sequel to the second ending of Drakengard, much like how Nier was a sequel to its fifth ending.

  • Isaac Newton


  • Syn

    Was kinda pysched but now am wondering where the story of the first two games falls in here, and those graphics, thats not even dated, they look like hd ports of the ps2 game, really, the character models for the cannon fodder(knights) as well as textures are really bad, hope this improves by the time of release, even if its a low budget game, those graphics are pretty bad, the pic below doesnt even look that far off from these graphics, and this was Drakengard 2, released way back in 2005………on the ps2

  • Werty18

    I think there’s a typo, she is poised to become unite?

  • Leivinia

    It’s actually “Utautai” (ウタウタイ).

  • Tom

    The picture next to the article on the front page looks soooo Kainé! The garment and the flowing blood in the air is really like Nier.

  • Aoshi00

    I think the graphics would look better in motion.. some complained about how Nier looked, I thought it looked very unique and artistic..

    I’m not so sure about the story yet, but the chars sound twisted enough.. In addition to Yoko Tarou being the director and Fujisaka being the artist, Okabe Keiichi is doing the soundtrack as well. So in terms of direction, design, and music, the whole Nier team is back :)

    Also yeah, it should be “utautai”..

  • cloudcaelum

    Looks like they need PS4. :P

    Seriously if game like Nier (Nier was shit about graphic) doesn’t matter…

  • kangms872

    terrible graphics :(

  • Adam Zaorski

    nice graphics…for ps2… :V

    • Jordan Coleman

      I know! Looks on par with Drakengard 2.

  • cj_iwakura

    Can’t wait, though personally I’d translate ‘Utahime’ as ‘Songstress’ or something more elegant, since it’s literally ‘Song Princess’.

  • Did Access get the bottom barrel budget due to all of S-E’s projects eating up the rest or something? Looks like the game was a long lost PS2/PSP project. I find the graphics charming but I have a feeling it will turn off a lot of potential buyers.

  • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

    … Looks like my previous comment about Access Games was rightly sound… This… this is not a pretty game for a home console, even for the PS3 or SE’s normal standards. I really hope they spend more time tuning the graphics before release…

    Though, despite them saying to not expect the previous Drakengard or Nier styles, even in the still photos I definitely see the game flow from those titles. Hope they explain just what they actually meant by that comment.

    • Kelohmello


      Seriously. If you played Drakengard, Drakengard 2, or Nier, WHY WOULD YOU CARE ABOUT THE GRAPHICS. This is a very niche title anyways. The people that give a crap about it will be getting it, and everyone else will play something else. That’s how it’s been for the past 3 games.
      Personally? I want the graphics to look like this. With the bloody gruesomeness of Drakengard making it looked dolled up and pretty will take away from the experience.

      • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

        Why would I care? Dunno, maybe it’s because we’re over 6 years into the PS3 (and just on the edge of PS4) and we’re being shown this? I’ll agree it is a niche title and its fans are going to snap it up regardless, but for newer people like me who are interested and on the fence about jumping into this series (which, if I’m not mistaken, most games try to do), it’s not doing itself any favors looking like this. Despite your personal feelings, there is a difference between a game’s art style (the “bloody gruesomeness of Drakengard” as you put it) and its overall graphics, which currently look like a shoddy mess atm.

      • Sevyne

        Nobody is complaining that it doesn’t have great graphics. It looks like it belongs on the previous gen consoles. At the very least they could have made it look like a low end PS3 game, but it’s not even that.

        It doesn’t need to look like a first class AAA title, but the fact is that it looks almost like a PSP game on on PS3. Even the crappiest developers have made better looking games. Even for those of us forgiving of visuals (since gameplay/story matters more than anything) this is just too ugly to handle.

      • Jordan Coleman

        I’m not sure how better graphics would take away from the gruesomeness of Drakengard? Besides these character designs shown have already done that.

    • Jordan Coleman

      Man, even Deadly Deadly Premonition didn’t look this bad. This is kind of embarrassingly bad. I mean do people even remember these games? Drakengard 1, no was not some uber looking PS2 game, but you know what? It didn’t look this bad, it was pretty respectable. It’s presentation was also quite good, interesting menu design, nice full animated cutscenes, and lots of CG.

      Two though comes and downgrades a bit. Fewer cg scenes(some even still images), absence of fully animated cutscenes(still images), and just as a whole less polish But as far as these Dynasty Warrior games go, it’s not like 2 looked that ugly. No it looked ok as far as PS2 games could look.

      So I think using the defense “These games were never about graphics” is kind of wrong. They weren’t but they never looked ugly compared to their contemporaries.

      This? This looks worse the 999 Nights 2 as far as these screens are concerned and well these are the screens they decided to release. Screens that make the game look like a 3DS game.

  • Nitraion

    Hmm hope the final game graphic get better…
    even game like dynasty warrior get better on PS3 in chara modeling

    • Ladius

      Dynasty Warriors is a big series that can easily sell more than 100k copies even with its minor entries, and can reuse its assets for multiple spinoffs, ports and enhaced editions. It’s only normal Drakengard doesn’t have the same kind of budget.

      • Nitraion

        Hmm I didn’t mean like that…
        I mean DW just an example that musou style game can have good graphic after several years…. but then again its SE as publisher game i believe they must have certain standard or not?
        hmm if i look back graphic isn’t strong point in drakengard games…
        its the novelry and dragons of course XD…but i think the way back there the graphic is kinda good to me… so i wish the final game or gameplay video can proff this is the sequel i waiting for…

        • Ladius

          The point is that DW can afford that level of graphics exactly because of its sales (and the recycle of its assets obviously help to recoup its costs).

          Drakengard is on a completely different level as a franchise, and there’s a reason people were surprised to see it resurrected to begin with (not to mention on consoles!).

  • Dragonfruit


  • theoriginaled

    If its even half as good as nier I will buy three copies.

  • Stranger On The Road

    My dream have finial come true…. I’m going to play a binary game!

    There are 10 people in this world, those who can read binary and those who don’t

  • Brion Valkerion

    Mmm I dont want to be the guy who says it but this really looks like a monster hunter clone… on vita. lol Hopefully some bigger more clear screens show up but not really impressed at this point.

    • Jordan Coleman

      Huh? In what way does this look like a monster hunter clone? She’s not taking on any kind of giant monster in any of the screens…..

    • Ladius

      This is an hack&slash action jrpg, it has far more to do with the Musou games from Koei than with any MH game. If you’re talking about the dragons, those are the ones you will get to ride, not to hunt.

    • Ni

      For god sake! Not every game that has a big monster on screen is a Monster Hunter clone! And MH is a Phantasy Star clone if we are going to compare who came out first. And the Drakengard games played more like a Musou game.

      • Brion Valkerion

        Never said it was a monster hunter clone because it has a giant monster, I said it looks like a monster hunter clone because it has the same POV and development team that have made 2 distinct monster hunter clones already. It was a jab at the amount of Monster Hunter clones that have been made out of other series, and by developers “bringing back” franchises.

        And yes ive played both previous games as well, you’re not talking so some random person lol.

    • brian

      I facepalm’d at that comment.

  • Göran Isacson

    Ha ha oh man, looks like it’s a Drakengard game alright. They’ve never been beauties, but I was hoping it could at least look as good as Nier which felt like it actually drew up a world, not just empty, bland backgrounds which is what I feel like I’m looking at here.

    Still, I shall hold out hope that they can make it look a little bit more Nier-like in time! Also, speculation time: is this unrelated to the other games, or is it in the same canon? Could the “Godesses” somehow be related to the ending where Furiae becomes a godawful hellbeast after Inuart puts her into the Seeds of Destruction? Could it be that the “peace” spread by the Divas songs are in fact killing the world, and Zero will together with the dragon try to end their rule? Or will this one tell a tale completely unrelated to what’s come before? Interesting, interesting…

  • I dunno, guys. In my experience, whenever a niche Japanese game has had bad graphics, more often than not, it’s because they put effort into other parts of it, like the story, setting, characters etc. We’ve seen so many examples of this in recent times, too. I have a hunch that this is only a good thing.

    • Nitraion

      I think that is Summary of Japanese game market right now…
      Good graphic in exchange of gameplay or story
      Good gameplay/story in exchange of good graphic
      I think its kinda bad if people like gameplay more than story because you know there is people who complain about to much TEXT or Cut scene…
      me? well i think i like well balanced game…
      But its only early screenshot of game who knows… but ts kinda not clever if you ask me……
      like all people said “First impression” is important whatever you do

      • Jordan Coleman

        Um what? Are you trying to say that Japanese developers can’t do one or the other?

        This is kind of the most insulting “summary” I’ve read.

        Let me just look at my shelf.

        Pretty much every Platinum game has had good graphics with good gameplay. No, all of their console games have had both.

        Sega’s Yakuza team’s games look fantastic(their faces especially and continue to tell decent stories.

        Atlus was able to make a very respectable game with a great presentation and decent story with Catherine. And they are a small company.

        Capcom’s games for the most part have good gameplay and MT framework can pump out good looking games.

        You can say what you will about FFXIII, but the game looked great and the gameplay was arguably good.

        Level 5 just released the great looking Level 5 and did not sacrifice gameplay and story.

        Asura’s Warth possibly has some of the best animation in an UE3 game and you know what? It tells a good story as well.

        So no I don’t buy this crap. Just because this game looks like crap, does not mean it’s a representation of Japanese game development Plenty of other Japanese game developers have achieved great succsess.

        • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

          Granted that the budgets for those companies and those games vary greatly, most of your post is truth.

        • Nitraion

          I think most of your company mentioned above have balanced between gameplay and graphics(sorry i have to disagree on FFXIII and asura’s wrath i think the gameplay is weak to me)…..
          The length of game have some issue too being to short….but that is fine to me the game you mentioned above have addictive gameplay
          most japanese developer in this era spend their time on Handheld yeah they good and have good length but i kinda sad i feel they are kinda weaker in developing console game now i just dunno why…
          I still love more of their work on PS1 and PS2 era…
          but in this era they have more work on handheld and sadly i don’t like play handheld… :( i just want to state my opinion here… Tales game too still good but they kinda sacrifice length
          Ni no kuni could be more polished if they just add Hard mode XD( i spend 80+ for the game, and that’s first time on this era beside mgs peace walker i spend 100+ but its origianally psp game) o yeah we have darksoul too remember? even though kinda lack on story telling but they good…Hmm well no game is perfect though

  • Ladius

    Considering people are always asking Square Enix to develop jrpgs on home consoles, we should at least try to be realistic about the budget they can devote to such projects: it isn’t strange to see this kind of production values in a niche game that would have never been greenlighted otherwise (or would have ended up on handhelds).

    This isn’t Final Fantasy (or one of SE’s mid tier franchises, either), and there’s a reason people were so shocked when Drakengard 3 was announced: because it was one of those surprising, economically risky decisions we don’t expect from SE nowadays.

    Also, the comparison with Nier isn’t really relevant once you consider how fundamentally different Drakengard regarding the number of on screen enemies, the dragon and the level design.

    • Göran Isacson

      Have to admit that’s the truth- Drakengard games play like Dynasty Warriors games, and I have yet to see a Warriors-esque games with graphics that were more than… passable, is the kindest word I know for it.

      • Jordan Coleman

        Ninety Nine Nights 1, Dynasty Warrior’s Gundam 3, One Piece Muso, Sengoku Basara 3(PS3), and probably the newest DW all have pretty ok graphics, a nice art style to make up for it, good presentation, and look better than this game so far. People keep saying this is niche, but is it niche in Japan? The fist Drakengard did pretty well in Japan.

        • Ladius

          Musou and Sengoku Basara sell far better than Drakengard, and they can divide their costs upon a lot of main entries and spin offs (just look at the sheeer number of Musou games that reuses similar graphical assets).

          Drakengard, on the other hand, isn’t only extremely niche by comparison, but also has to be developed from scratch.

    • Syn

      That is true, but that is still no excuse to have poor presentation(I mean the backgrounds look really really bland and the character models are ps2 esque), theres some pretty low budget games out there but the dont look like they came out in the previous gen, ave seen independent games that have better presentation than this, and before we talk about budget, SE is their publisher so am sure they are being given something decent and not scraps, also, everyone seems to forget how great Drakengard 2 looked even with the dragons, sldiers on screen etc, so I dont see why they cant try just a little more to present it better, the graphics can hang, but presentation and art style should still shine through as they help tell the story too, and that is very possible without fancy graphics as Ninty has shown time and again

  • Paradox me

    Final Fantasy XIII
    >We don’t care about graphics, Square! Focus on gameplay for once!

    >Graphics aren’t even important. This game is proof! Cavia knows what’s up.

    Drakengard 3
    >Looks pretty good… for ColecoVision! *hissy fit*

    • xXDGFXx

      I honestly like it. I’m hoping they go for flat shading instead of “BLOOM EVERY LIGHT SOURCE AND AN AMBIANCE THAT COMES ABOUT!”

    • JustThisOne

      Bahaha, ColecoVision! I’m dying here. xD

      Graphics aren’t important, but I feel like they can do better. I’m not saying they’re not trying, but it gives the impression that they aren’t putting in that extra effort to bring this series to a current gen.

      I mean, take a look at some of the Drakengard 2 screenshots. It doesn’t feel that far off…


      But anyway, what do I care… it’s a DRAKENGARD GAAAAAAME! *gets hype* As long as it keeps doing whatever it did in the past games, it’s fine.

      • Soroth23

        Personally I like the fact that they’re not going for cutting edge graphics. They do it EVERY single time with Final Fantasy, and what happens? They announce a new Final Fantasy game and show us what it will look like, but we doing see it for 3-4 years. I honestly think them trying to max out graphics is the most time consuming waste of time and resources that game designers could POSSIBLY do.

  • SirRichard

    If it plays well and has something even near Nier’s writing, I’ll be happy with it. Nier wasn’t a looker either, but did that really matter? Granted, this…looks worse than Nier by quite a bit, but they’ve got time to polish it.

    • Ladius

      Consider that the Drakengard games have a lot more going on screen than Nier had, since they’re akin to Musou games in terms of level design and sheer number of enemies (not to mention the dragons).

  • deleveled

    “She also has a rather promiscuous personality.” Did they really need to add that line?

  • Follower_of_Pram

    The graphics do seem a tad mellow (pointing out those bloodstains on the clothing specifically), but graphics aren’t all that make a game. The story for a game is far more richly satisfying.

    I’m mostly curious on how these goddesses are going to tie into the previous 2 games (if they do at all, though I doubt they’d forsake the lore they’ve created). Perhaps the goddesses aren’t all innocent and pure as they seem…

    • brian

      Zero seems not so innocent though.

  • The Unsuppressed soul lets flow oceans of blood.

    The Watchers drink and raise high the basin of fire.

    Mighty Generals hesitate beneath a mighty sky.

    As the tears of a Goddess flow, four lost temples forebode the coming of the Queen.

    The Dragon plummets from the tower of Red Thunder, and where it falls no one has been.


  • Yesh! Yesh! Yesh!

    “Now it is time to feel the love of the gods! A deep love! A great love!”

  • Anime10121

    Though I havent played Drakengard in years, the giant baby battle against “the Watchers” was freking awesome! After playing Nier, I just hope that they can advance Drakengard into a better flowing game, as 1 was slow as heck combat wise with an awesome, although kinda badly told story, while 2 was a lot better in combat, but the story lacked the impact the first had. But cant wait for this :D

  • brian

    “And what in the world are the Utatai?”
    Did this summary really ask something it just told us?

    • JustThisOne

      xD That’s what I thought too.

      I think the first part was mythology, and perhaps they’re just trying to dig deeper into what these “goddesses” really are.

  • Valtiel Ikari

    squeare enix you have about to mid year to get this game out in a perfect state, because I don’t think I can hold much longer, too exited!!!

  • EverEndingStory

    I honestly liked the graphics for this. Their isn’t anything wrong with the art design and character design, its just bland backgrounds but I kind of liked that in Nier. Looked very poor for still shots, but in motion I liked the juxtaposition of the vibrant, uniquely designed and well animated character models moving across the bland, minimalist backgrounds. Its like the old cartoons by Warner Bros., UPA and MGM, the kinetic animation and whimsical characters on backgrounds that were often little more than one flat color. I find something beautiful about it.

    • EverEndingStory

      Have to say I haven’t played the first two Drakengard games, so I can’t make comparisons for the art and graphics of those games.

  • Riseabovethesky

    My uncle when I was a child: ”Remember, never swallow the seeds when you eat a fruit. If you do, a plant will grow inside of you and soon it will try to come out.”

    I was never the same after that…

  • GVmanX


    Anyway, this sounds like it’s gonna be continuing off of Drakengard’s second ending. I can’t wait! I suppose I can use this time to get all of Drakengard 2’s and Nier’s endings…

  • Rolling Guy

    Reminds me of Oneechanbara.

  • Alexandra Cordes

    And Taro Yoko-san is working on it… I could cry…

  • Bluevirage

    Week One Purchase for me if it comes west. Got the first two years after they came out. Only later did I regret not getting into the insanity sooner. Have yet to touch Nier, obvious trend going, but will get around to that sooner rather than later.

  • Vash bane

    looks awesome :D

  • I can’t express just how ecstatic I am. Hopefully this helps describe…


    My first tattoo.

  • Soroth23

    I like this post, gives a little insight to the story, ONE (not the utatai, the number) thing that actually worries me though is when they said that Zero is a songstress. my brain immediatly turns to FF 10-2, and that worries me greatly. Im sure it wont be anything like that, but it makes me wonder how the songstress part will play into combat.

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