Meet Ace Attorney 5’s Kizuki Kokone, Who Solves Cases By Listening To Hearts

By Sato . March 17, 2013 . 10:30am

On the game’s website, Capcom have introduced the new heroine of Ace Attorney 5, Kizuki Kokone, along with some new info on Apollo Justice and a glimpse at new cases and investigations we’ll be seeing in the near future.


Kizuki Kokone:


Kokone is the newest addition to the Wright Anything Agency, and studied law in the United States. She’s a girl who is full of emotions and hates to lose. Her special ability of being able to use to a witness’ emotions by listening to their “Heart’s Testimony”.


Her strong emotions can sometimes be her weakness as it can occasionally cause her to be reckless when things get heated. Her goal is to become a lawyer who can solve cases by listening to the hearts of others.



Kokone’s ability is known as the ‘Heart Scope’. By Using the Heart Scope feature, you’ll be able to listen to the witness’ heart and get the truth out of any contradictory statements and lies.


She uses a screen that appears floating in thin air to use the Heart Scope, followed by a monitor check on what the wintess’ heart has to say. While using the Heart Scope, you’ll also hear noises mixed in with the testimonies.



As useful as the Heart Scope feature may seem, it won’t get the truth out of the witnesses on its own. This is where your skills will come into play, as you’ll have to reduce the noise level in order to hear the truth. On the screen you’ll see a mix of testimonies and emotions.


The four faces showing different emotion will be the key of figuring out whether there are contradictions mixed with the testimonies. It will be up to you to point out any noticeable emotional differences. Once you’ve successfully cleared the Heart Scope, the noise level will go to 0%, giving you a new fact for the case.


Apollo Justice


As previously reported, Apollo is back and is looking more gallant than ever. He’s seen with a bandage wrapped around his right eye and both arms but it is still unknown as to just what caused the injuries.


Ace Attorney 5’s website points out that the jacket he has around his shoulders hasn’t been seen before. Could it have something to do with his upcoming case?


No other information on Apollo has been provided yet.


Additionally, the site also shows off 3D investigations. Up until now, the Ace Attorney series have all been in 2D. With a new 3D look, all the characters and cases will all be presented in 3D in Ace Attorney 5.



The courtroom isn’t the only part that’s getting the 3D treatment, as the adventure parts will also be seen in 3D.


When you’re in a room full of potential clues such as this one, you’ll start out by looking left and right around the room. Check out any suspicious looking spots to see if there’s anything out of the ordinary.


The 3D investigations can help you see new clues thanks to the added depth. For example, the table in the above image. What may have normally looked like a plain table, actually turned out to have a bomb hidden right beneath! There will be many other moments where 3D investigating will come in handy to find what you’re looking for.


Ace Attorney 5 is slated to be released in 2013 for Nintendo 3DS. Capcom USA have already confirmed the game for an overseas release.

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  • JMaster3000

    The game looks nice.

  • Phoenix Wright


    • Testsubject909

      I have to ask… Do you really need an assistant to be able to point out a witness’ visual emotional state?

      And when you think about it. Are you going to be missing Mia? I mean, no Fey by your side so no sudden great ghost lawyer booby-lady. Which makes you wonder, did Maya grow up to be more like her sister?

  • So Kokone’s name has the Kanji for “Rare” + “Moon” and “Heart” + “Sound”. Her first name makes sense, but I wonder if there’s any sort of hidden meaning in her last name.

    • PoweredByHentai

      希 also means “hope” as in 希望.

      I think that is more than enough information to infer what her name means.

    • Windom

      It’s simple enough really : The Kizuki can also be written 気付き which means awareness, meaning that she’s well, well-aware of the sound of people’s hearts.

      • Yeah, that makes sense. Thanks!

        • PoweredByHentai

          There’s actually another pun to her name.

          Just phrase her given name as a question. It will translate roughly to “here, right?”

      • PoweredByHentai


        You weren’t supposed to tell him about the pun!

    • Aoshi00

      Yeah, like Windom said, it’s mostly just a pun, like “to realize/notice one’s inner thought”. They use the sound and then fit the alternate kanji in.. Trucy Wright’s Jpn name was Naruhodou Minuki, a pun for “to see through”. Or Apollo’s is Odoroki Housuke, odoroku as in to be surprised, and the Hou in Housuke means law.. Would be interesting to see what her final Eng. name would be, Capcom has been great in localizing the names while retaining a clever level of pun :) sometimes even better and less obvious than the original Jpn names.

      Can’t wait for this, wish there’s a release date soon.. The 3D models look really good, it’s nice they still use the 2D illustrations for important cutscenes..

      • PoweredByHentai

        Man, I wanted Drakos to figure out the puns for himself.

        Regarding Kokone, she has two puns to her name. One of which you guys exposed to Drakos.

        • How am I supposed to figure that out when it’s from a series (in)famous for its puns and I have very limited knowledge of Japanese?!

          • PoweredByHentai

            I somehow find that hard to believe. How did you play through 7th Dragon in the first place? That series never saw the light of day outside of Japan. Even as a dungeon crawler, you would still need to understand what your skills and equipment do and that goes back to requiring an understanding of Japanese.

            I mean, I know that instantaneous and accurate translations between languages isn’t something that people can do unless they grew up doing it but the puns in Capcom don’t even require a high school level of understanding in Japanese.

          • I got help from Japanese walkthrough wikis through Rikai-chan. Sure, I did manage to decipher some of the moves and their effect descriptions before I found the wikis, but not much of the story bits. And I’m not very versed in wordplay. (That and I didn’t know about Gyakuten Saiban‘s “sound first, Kanji later” approach.)

          • PoweredByHentai

            Ah, yeah. I can see why that might throw you for a loop then.


            But yeah, most Japanese games that value humor tend to use puns. Even the ones that may seem overtly humorous tend to find their first inspiration through puns.

  • ChromeOrihara

    I wonder if you can still use the magatama in your investigations? Unlocking the Psyche-Locks was one of my favorite part of the games.It would be nice to see it included in this game.

    • It might be the case that the Heart Scope system is introduced as the game’s “investigation gimmick” in the place of the Magatama. Still, who knows.

      • Testsubject909

        The Magatama is a treasure of the Fey family though… But then again. Maya’d probably just hand it over without thinking twice on it.

        And now that I mentioned Maya, you know there’s going to be your fair share of lurkers who thinks exactly the same thing and will probably not have any answer to that.

  • Wake

    So they went back to the first-person viewpoint when exploring, sweet. I like that more compared to the third-person perspective they did in Edgeworth’s game.

    • Hadrian Mosley

      Edgeworth’s games were a different series really.

  • neocatzon

    As usual, stupid clue in stupid place and we loves it. Welcome back Nick and Apollo.

  • modsme

    When did Apollo get the right to be awesome.

  • scratchbach

    A huge part of me really wants Apollo to be the new prosecutor. I’d like him to be a consistent presence throughout the game.

    • piichan

      Yea, I enjoyed 4 a lot because of Apollo and didn’t understand why there were negative reactions during its release. I would even prefer hobo phoenix since he was really adorable.

      • Testsubject909

        I enjoyed 4 a lot but understand the outcry.

        It’s mainly twofold.
        1: They don’t get to play as Phoenix. A shame really.
        2: Phoenix becomes a pianist bum who lost his badge against an opponent that, when you play against, honestly shouldn’t have been capable of cornering Phoenix, especially not a Phoenix who suddenly got more experience under his belt… But you could argue, it might have been a case where no Fey was at his side so he lacked that extra bit of luck to keep him safe.

        Edit: That and if Gumshoe got… let’s say retired. He’d also possibly have lucked out in the… no, no wait, he’d still have a police contact, though he’d have to bribe her with some snackoos…

        Who knows, maybe he did and that’s how he got his super high-tech tuque pin.

    • Millie Wokoma

      Seeings as he’s got his arms crossed and looking angry like most Von Karma students, I’d say this is likely!

  • piichan

    I don’t care if a lot of people didn’t like Apollo in 4. It’s good to see capcom isn’t abandoning him. I hope they finish his story since the ending in 4 made it seem that there’s more of it.

    • Aoshi00

      Personally I didn’t grow too fond of Apollo in 4, thought he wasn’t too nice to Trucy.. Most fans wanted Phoenix to make a comeback as they were disappointed every familiar character in the series was gone and not mentioned at all (No Maya, no Gumshoe, but a lot of chars were back in Investigations 1 & 2). Capcom’s decision to make Phoenix main again is probably they’re listening to fans’ feedback, but as Apollo’s new look indicates, they’re literally pulling a Raiden here. People wanted Snake after MGS2, but Raiden was still given a second chance.

  • Mavalex

    Being able to investigate rooms in 3d sounds great.

    …..but will there be stepladder/ladder arguments?
    Also dat blowing in the wind even though we are indoors jacket

  • Mister_Nep

    Kinda sounds like all 3 attorneys will be playable in this game. So will they be alternating whenever you want, or during forced moments? So much speculation right now…

  • Notice the highlight on her hair is like a heartbeat from an EKG test! (Ace Attorney characters normally don’t have highlights like that, so I don’t think it’s any kind of coincidence).

  • Testsubject909

    So… She studied Law in the USA?

    *Court begins, five minutes later*
    Kokone: I claim that the prosecutor’s evidence is too circumstantial to be applied to this case and that, as my client’s lacks any motive as to commit the crime he is charged under.
    Judge: Can you prove it?
    Kokone: Wait… what? I… But… This witness has obviously put doubt into my client’s involvement and-
    Judge: I’ll place my verdict now. Guilty.

    I think her having studied Law in the USA might actually backfire for her when she goes into Phoenix Wright land.

    • Tom_Phoenix

      Then again, she probably studied law somewhere else in the localisation, considering in the English versions, Phoenix Wright land IS the USA.

      (although she will probably experience a similar kind of shock in both versions)

      • Suicunesol

        They’ll probably change “USA” into some famous university in the USA, like Yale.

        • Or change it to Japan.

          • Alexander Marquis Starkey

            More likely Europe.

          • Possibly, seeing as Fran is from Germany…

        • Aoshi00

          Actually Tom’s probably right, they would have to change Kokone’s origin, but she’d still have to be from out of the country in the story’s context.. Like Franziska (Mei) in the Jpn ver. she’s actually from the US, and Phoenix from Jpn. But since Phoenix is from the US in the Eng. ver, Franziska was changed to be from Germany. But for the photographer w/ the big hair and Kansai accent, in the US ver. she was made to be from the “heartland”.. There were many instances like that in the localization since the game’s location from changed from Japan to the US. Gotta hand it to them they made it consistent and work though.

    • ShawnOtakuSomething

      She studied under Kirby, John Kirby. She;ll do fine

  • Alexandra Cordes

    I’m so happy Nix is the main character again.
    I missed you, Nix. I missed you so much. ;^;
    Don’t get me wrong; I still like Apollo, but he’s no Nix.
    And Trucy is just downright annoying.

  • Go2hell66

    wow these attorneys are total cheats
    heartscopes should be banned

    • Besides, finding logical contradictions by myself was always more enjoyable to me than relying on all those gimmicks they introduced in the later games, so I gotta agree!

    • Tom_Phoenix

      Then again, considering how the legal system in the Ace Attorney universe is heavily biased in favour of the prosecution, you can hardly blame defence attorneys from using anything they can to their advantage.

      Plus, the purpose of a trial is to establish the truth and determine whether or not the defendant is guilty. If the Heart Scope helps reveal a person’s true feelings, doesn’t that only help further that goal?

      • Testsubject909

        The legal system in the Ace Attorney universe is based off the Japanese legal system. Guilty until proven Innocent.

        Edit: And only recently did they implement a Jury system.

        • Tom_Phoenix

          Yeah, I’m aware of those things. It’s actually frightening to think that, supernatural shenanigans aside, the Ace Attorney games have a grain of truth to them regarding the Japanese legal system.

    • No Abilities
      All Fox
      Final Destination

      • KingRuff

        No Abilities
        All Phoenix
        Final Turnabout

  • Space_Ghost

    I’m definitely looking forward to this game! I enjoyed 4, and the jump to 3D models is definitely intriguing. Kokone’s outfit is completely inappropriate for court, but at least she has a tie on. :P

  • MrTyrant

    “Her goal is to become a lawyer who can solve cases by listening to the hearts of others.”

    I’ll be honest here, this sound really stupid. At least Pheonix while using magatama, his goal wasn’t to use the magatama power or something.

  • Roubjon

    Those are some beautiful character models.

    • Phoenix Wright

      You said it.

      P.S. I love Radiata Stories!

  • kylehyde

    Is good to see Apollo around. I was afraid that Capcom send him to his planet.

  • LittleMofreaky

    I really hope they make that Ace Attorney Collection before this comes out. I love love LOVE the first game, but the second and third games are too expensive online now. :(

    • Get them on WiiWare.

      • LittleMofreaky

        I’d rather not point through an entire adventure game. I’ve already shelved my Wii for my Wii U.

        • It’s actually not point controlled at all, you use it like a TV remote. Your Wii U has a Wii mode that you can download the games in too.

  • NARUHODO SAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Suicunesol

    Looks unexpectedly nice :o I had trouble deciding whether or not those were 2D art pieces or 3D models at first…

    I think we need more video, though…

  • Karn McCloud

    Initially I’d have said Apollo’s coat looks like Von Karma’s but it’s quite different. Going to go through the trailers and see if anything pops up. Could also be seen as somewhat Troupe Gramarye-esque. Probably unlikely it is a previous characters’ coat but those high collars stink of Prosecutor/Bad guy.

    • Testsubject909

      Maybe he gave up the attorney gig and became a private investigator or took over at a higher position in the police department.

      Apollo Justice, Chief of Police.

      Hey, after Ace Attorney 1-5, the spot is open…

      • Karn McCloud

        True, very true!

      • PoweredByHentai

        Refresh my memory, I don’t recall seeing Gumshoe in Apollo Justice.

        • s07195

          That reminds me 0_0

          Wouldn’t Ema make a return then? She did take Gumshoe’s place in AA4 after all as investigator.

          • PoweredByHentai

            It’d be nice to see Gumshoe again. That and to figure out what the hell Miles had been doing throughout Apollo Justice.

        • XiaomuArisu

          He was in the


          Phoenix Wright case

  • Himiko

    She’s hot. That’s all that matters.

    • Testsubject909

      Hmm… now you make me wonder… I’ma go check some booru sites to see if people jumped on this as quickly as they have in the past…

      • Himiko

        Some of them deliver!

      • PoweredByHentai

        They already have.

      • z_merquise

        They already did, 35 minutes ago long time ago.

      • ShawnOtakuSomething

        yes and I had to tag some…..on gelbooru

    • Go2hell66


  • foopy

    I’ll play this game and love it, because I’m a fan of the series.

    But, because I’m a fan of the series, I really want to see what’s happened to my favorite characters post time skip. Please don’t tease, Capcom!

  • Otoya

    Apollo is inside this game is nice, Gumshoe(Give me good laugh) and Maya(Another best partner for Phoenix) should come back too. XD.

    The new assistance’s ability looks cool. Cant wait to play it.

  • Sperium3000

    Apollo’s looking mighty badass. Glad to see they didn’t discontinue him. The only big fault in Apollo Justice Ace Attorney was that the main character wasn’t the main character. Perhaps he’ll be playable at least for a part of a case in 5? Here’s hoping.

  • veegeen

    I could have sworn that I remember reading that Apollo’s injuries came from getting caught in that courtroom explosion at the beginning of the game.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    Kizuki Kokone, welcome to the the internet. Your “heart” is ready

    P.S. the only ones I’m allowed to show XD

  • Sychic evidence admissible in court?? Sorry, CAPCOM, there’s already a Minority Report game!

  • Lazulis

    I thought the injuries were from the explosion but I…guess…not????

  • komiko12

    I just hope that there would be many cases in this one. Previous games were too short for me.

  • Göran Isacson

    I kinda love how the game goes into deep character detail with ms New Girl, but when it comes to Apollo they just go “Eh, look at him- you know as much as we do”. T’is amusing to me. Also, it’ll be interesting to see if this new Heart Scope tech is just psyche locks with a different appearance, or if it’s actually going to be different to play.

    • I’m speculating it’s probably because what made Apollo look like what he does now is slated to be tied into the story at some point.

  • I still remember in Apollo’s game where there is this one secret that is still remain lock within SPOILER’s heart… I wonder what is that secret and will it be revealed in this game…

  • WyattEpp

    Aww, she’s just a sidekick? From the way the article is written, I thought she was the main character and I was really happy, but the comments have added a bunch of noise to the question…

  • J_Joestar

    Looks a lil like Nanoha

  • Ace

    I wonder where Maya is…

  • I didn’t even know those were cel-shaded models up there until I read the 3D part, they did pretty good on the visuals this time around.

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