Tales of Xillia English Videos Show Jude And Milla In Battle

By Ishaan . March 19, 2013 . 11:30am

Namco Bandai have shared two English-language videos of Tales of Xillia, showing off battles featuring Jude and Milla. You can watch both videos below:




Tales of Xillia will be released sometime this year in North America and Europe. The game uses a DR-LMBS (Double Raid Linear Motion Battle System) that allows two characters to team up to rush enemies.

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  • Neppygear

    Milla’s voice is still reeeeeally awkward, imo.

    • SerendipityX

      I think its just the end battle quote thats the real problem. She’s sound great during battles, though.

      • Sergio Briceño

        I didn’t like either actually. She sounds too much like Phoenix in MvC3.

        • Misty Dawson

          She sounds like a powerful female character? Oh no..

          • Nee Nee

            How does having a deep, mechanic voice relate to sounding like one? Deep=/=Powerful

          • Testsubject909

            I think it was the comparison to a powerful female character (and if you know Phoenix, she’s pretty damn strong as one of the higher/highest class mutants).

            Breaking it down. The statement he replies to states that the voice is similar to that of a character who is, story wise, very powerful.

            The reply itself states that her voice is like that of a character who is, story wise, very powerful.

            In that context, your reply fails. And then there’s personal interpretations as well to take into account. Though overall we won’t be able to pass judgement until we receive the complete performance.

          • Sergio Briceño

            I said it sounded too much like her, but not exactly the same. Actually Phoenix’s voice actress did give the character personality and made it sound strong. Milla on the other hand, whoever is voicing her needs to be paid more, not because she deserves it, but because it sounds like she was never interested in playing the part.

            They do sound alike, but are not identical, and even if they were, being different characters there is no way the same voice could work for both. Please stop being an internet troll trying to take anything meaningful about a comment and throwing in one line just to incite rage. Not happening.

        • raymk

          Phoenix actually sounds exactly how she’s supposed to sound. Both actually had robotic type personalities to some degree. Millia I could see you not getting but phoenix voice was perfect for her.

          • Sergio Briceño

            I never said it wasn’t. I just said they sound like each other, but of course I like Phoenix, that voice works for her.

            Phoenix english voice is a perfect match. It sounds like a strong woman in her thirties. And it doesn’t sound robotic, it has personality.

            Milla’s not to much. It lacks a lot of personality and sounds way older than she is supposed to.

    • sd28

      she comes off as robotic to me every ones is good so far

    • Linhua

      … i’m just gonna choose to believe that she has obtained a little more testosterone in her throatisis than normal.

    • Naux

      Agreed, the sound doesn’t fit at all, lol.

  • 果林

    gonna take some time to getting used to english milla

  • Tenshiken

    It’s hard for me to believe that Milla is 20 years old with that voice.

    • Sergio Briceño

      I’d say she sounds like a woman in her early 30s.

    • Tien Ron

      your voice hardly changes after puberty.

  • Freud_Hater

    Already waaaaaaay ahead of ya, Siliconera 8) But thanks anyway :P

  • Jordan Coleman

    Dub sounds kind of terrible.

  • Randy Marsh

    Get ready for all the dub snobs to start complaining about her voice. Honestly, I still don’t get all the hullabaloo going on about this.

    • Jessica Barron

      I really like her voice. First of all, she’s an adult woman.Not a young girl. Secondly, she is a warrior. She should have a lower than most females.

      These voices are amazing and very spot on. Everyone is just being really picky.

    • ShawnOtakuSomething

      Trey Parker would have been a great voice actor for this game….

    • Testsubject909

      You know… I find your avatar and name to be hilarious to pair up with your statement. Mainly because of all the imagery I have of Randy Marsh.

      Oh… Oh and that episode when he needed porn because the internet was down… Oh… Oh damn no, the mess, the (let me borrow from Demon’s Souls) sticky white stuff everywhere, allow me to borrow from Hiimdaisy’s Adachi but, Ew, ew ew eewwwww.

  • Sentsuizan_93

    I like what I’m seeing so far. And in my opinion, I think the dubs are okay.

  • Joshua Myers

    I want it XD currently playing Tales of Vesperia loving every moment of it

  • Milla sounds horrible

    • raymk

      So she sounds like your comment then?

      • JustThisOne

        Let’s not do this.

        • raymk

          Alright I will admit that was a bit mean.

          • JustThisOne

            Aww, well, it’s good to see the internet being civil. Good on you.

          • good, let us smoke the peace pipe

  • J Knox

    I think Milla’s voice could’ve suited the character much better, if the delivery wasn’t so deadpan and monotone. The “Now’s our chance” lines in the 2nd video stand out as the worst. Its not going to majorly impact my enjoyment of the game, but I think it would’ve been a world of difference if she would’ve put a bit more ommph into reading the lines. I know that I’m the millionth person to complain about this, but dammit, its so glaring I just can’t overlook it.

    • SerendipityX

      Really? I thought only the end battle quote sounded particularly lifeless and I’m also beginning to think there some sound quality issues with the voice rather than VA just being bad (but its hard to tell).

      Edit: I don’t think the VA is bad at all…there are just inconsistencies everywhere. Jude also has the end battle quote lifeless-ness issue.

      • M’iau M’iaut

        The music overwhelms and thus there might be bass amplification that wouldn’t be there on the read. Then again it isn’t as if Sawashiro used her Puchiko voice for Milia.

        • SerendipityX

          Hmmm, maybe. I’m gonna need a cutscene or something for Millia b/c this is bugging me.

    • Rafael Budzinski

      …I totally agree with you. I liked Milla’s strong voice, but it lacks energy. In the other hand, Jude’s really good in my opinion.

    • Nikolai Sumcad

      Her Japanese voice was stunning, especially in battle. Couldn’t get enough of her casting and skill vocals. This one, however…. I stopped complaining about dubs for a while now but >.<. I was hoping Lightning's voice actress would cover her or something of the like. I hope they add a Japanese audio option but the game is big enough as it is.

  • katzedan

    so sad to see/hear the great Miyuki Sawashiro voice turning into something like this :(

    • What? The English voiceover doesn’t tarnish the Japanese one in anyway.

      • Luna Kazemaru

        ApparentlyEnglish voice overs ruin everything lol.

        • ShawnOtakuSomething


        • sd28

          so she is supposed to sound like a robot then which seems to be the problem and not the language its self

        • Testsubject909

          Ruins EVERYTHING! Isn’t that right Spike?

          Huh… that didn’t answer my question Spike.

          It’s almost as if I didn’t pull the effort to find a specific clip that would provide an answer to my question! But that can’t be, ahahaha… Ahaha…. Ahhh…

    • Marcelo Gouvea

      I’m sorry for any rudeness, but what the hell are you talking about? English performance is English performance, Japanese performance is Japanese performance. This voice actress is voicing *MILLA*, the character, not another voice actress. Y’know, like all voice actors do in every part of the planet.

      • Sergio Briceño

        You are right. Then again, I didn’t hear the japanese voice for Milla until after I heard this. And I must say this voice is REALLY bad while the japanese one is great.

        It’s strange because I usually don’t get people complaining about dubs, because I’d much rather just hear something than having to read it too. But not in this case.

        Maybe if Danilodsz had said something like “… performance turning into…” and not voice specifically, but you can’t blame him for being mad, I mean this Milla sounds terrible compared.

        • But the complaint isn’t about the English voice acting itself but how it lives up to the Japanese version which is an unfair comparison to both VAs.

          • Sergio Briceño

            That’s why I started with “You are right”, I think Marcelo Gouvea was right for saying that each performance is separate and should be judged as such, because in the end the voice (even if it doesn’t exist to begin with) belongs to the character, each voice actress just lends their performance.

            But I kind of get Danilodsz argument because he sounded as a fan of Milla, now I know that he actually is a fan of her japanese voice actress so I understand better why he said he was sad.

          • Exactly! Couldn’t say it any better myself.

            Don’t worry about it! As long as you understood what Danilodsz was trying to say.

        • katzedan

          My comment was more like a sigh than a complain because I’m a fan of the japanese VA that made Milla.
          I didn’t heard Milla japanese voice until I’ve seen this video today, but I knew the japanese VA for years, so of course I would expect something that would remind her even if a little in the english voice >_>

          I didn’t said that I disliked the english voice, but I’m still neutral since I’ll just have a full opinion after I hear her in the cutscenes! but well, whatever xD

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    Here we go with with the “Milla sounds awful” comments. I like it :P. I get super hyped about any Tales of game

  • Ni

    Here we go again about the English VAs being horrible and stuff.

    Now that I can hear more clearly, Milla VA doens’t sound bad. I think the problem is the winning quotes. A cutscene would be better in Milla case.

    • SerendipityX

      Like @Garyuu mentioned in the OT it sounds like her voice (like the win quote) is coming out a radio sometimes. That would be a sound quality issue.

    • Rebellion14

      Millia sounds too monotone during the end-quote but great in battle so I agree a cut-scene is needed to come to a proper conclusion.

  • CirnoLakes

    Can’t wait to see/hear some Elise.

    … what? What are you looking at?

    • Wappuli

      You already got some of her in these.

    • Testsubject909

      This comment thread.

  • Raoni Marques

    When the first video with english voices leaked, I thought it was going to be worst, but I actually liked their voices. It’s probably going to sound better in the final product.

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    [Insert comment about voices]

  • xavier axol

    mmm…..the background music is not helping, not to mention the video is really short. i could only hear a couple of words from milla, not enough to judge if is good or not. still looking forward to xillia, it’s gonna be a day one for me.

  • Kuhile Brodeur

    Oh God. I’ve been saying her name as “Mill-a” not “Me-la.” I’m a terrible, terrible person. But I like how character help each other up. That’s a cute feature.

    • Wappuli

      Only Jude does that if you are linked to him, it’s his support ability.

  • Marcelo Gouvea

    *sigh* This again. Let’s see:

    “Milla’s voice is so low and monotone!”
    “Jude sounds nothing like his Japanese version!”
    “It’s such an awful dub, I hope it has dual audio.”
    “What? There’s no dual audio!? Then I won’t be paying a CENT for this DRECK, stupid Bamco ruining my games as usual”
    “The only good Tales dub was [insert some previous game here]”

    Did I forget anything?

    The funny thing here is that everybody also panned the Graces dub in previews, but after the game came out suddenly everybody was fine with it…

    • SerendipityX

      This is what happened with the games themeselves ironically. Everybody was like “HERP DERP GRACESf STORY SUCKs, STORY IS SO CLICHE, XILLIA IS DA BEST” and now it “HERP DERP XILLA SUCKS, HALF-FINISHED- INFERIOR PRODUCT, XILLIA 2 IS DA BEST!”

      Lesson Learned: Tales fanbase is just…adkgdlglsgslkgl. (-__-)

      • Testsubject909

        Tales of Graces F story really is just kind of mediocre… Really liked Tales of Vesperia though. No judgement on Xillia yet since I haven’t experienced it.

        Edit: Wow, that’s a few typoes I had to go back to and fix… Punctuation in this one.

        • Tien Ron

          i count tales games being good depending on how many times i play them, graces was good but i feel versperia really went places. most successful games mostly end up with a squeal or spin off

        • fireemblembeast

          *cough* *Graces f’s; *judgment; *typos *cough*

      • Marcelo Gouvea

        Yeah, Tales fandom really loves hyping new titles (which, if you stop to think about it, is the exact opposite of what the Final Fantasy fandom does). I still remember when Innocence R was considered a big deal; then Hearts R came around and suddenly InnR was a big pile of garbage.

  • xavier axol

    for those people that still believe milla’s voice is horrible or awkward, why not wait until we can see a cutscene or a trailer? then you can judge if it’s good or not.

    • Sergio Briceño

      I think her voice in battle is worse than her end quote voice. Does it count?

    • Testsubject909

      Because people love to make unfair judgement on voices on the smallest bit of sample they can to prove any point they have?

      Hmm… That said and on a different game. Chie’s voice actress in Persona 4 is okay. Start is rough but she straightens out well enough. I still say her voice is a bit on the nasally side to me and sounds more like a stereotypical nerd then a sporty tomboy, so I still prefer the original VA despite the fans of the new one saying the old one was horrid. Really it’s just a matter of different pros and cons with different voices…

      Which also applies to Japanese and English voices… But I digress. *goes to prep up the popcorn machine*

  • Leon_Tekashi

    Shitstorm about ToX’s ENG VAs. Part two. *Sits back and watch*

    I still think the VAs are awesome, even if they do sound a little different compare to their Japanese counterpart. At least we can understand what they’re saying and at least we’re getting this localized.

    • Testsubject909

      Want some popcorn?

      • ワン スャレ

        Ever heard of New York Popcorn co? I always wanted to try them, but dunno the flavours seem weird.
        *turns thread into popcorn discussion*

        • Testsubject909

          I haven’t tried that many different popcorn. BBQ popcorn, powdered cheese popcorn, plain popcorn and either butter or margarine in different forms.

          I also remember way back when I was young we had a popcorn maker, it was absolutely delicious. But popcorn really isn’t my favorite snack. Chips (the NA definition of it to be specific for an international audience here) remains my favorite with Sour Cream and Onion being one of my favorite.

          …Hmm… Am I the only one who misses the time when, at the cinema, you had this stand filled with powdered different tastes, like sweet and sour cream, bbq, ketchup, cheese, etc, specifically there for you to add taste to your popcorn?

          It was awesome, you ordered a huge bag of popcorn with a free refill and you’d go to that stand and just ponder which additional taste or combination of tastes you wanted.

          You don’t see that nowadays though…

          • ワン スャレ

            I only had caramel popcorn in my life and never any other flavours. So when an outlet of the popcorn chain I mentioned above opened in my country, I was curious. But the idea of having savoury-flavoured popcorn never crossed my mind nor I feel like trying it. Because for me popcorn should be sweet. It’s probably just me,

            I agree with you chips is the best snack to nibble though.Though when going to cinema I still opt for a big box of popcorn. Eating chips when watching movie doesn’t feel so cinema-ish. Again it’s probably me being weird.

            I get the idea of stores stop serving free refills. Is it because of the economy? Same thing happened to the Burger King store I often visit, they moved their soda machine to the behind of their counter. Before it’s at the eating area, so customers are free to get their refill. Whether customer need to ask the crew or they just stopped altogether, I never know, never had the guts to ask for more.

            Though I still ask for more Coke at McDonalds, I’m used to it it became a habit.

      • Leon_Tekashi

        Some popcorn would be nice. lol

    • have to agree, love them as well. I would still prefere the japanese but the english voice actors sound surprisingly good! :3

      *gives out some pretzles and Drinks* can’t wait for the game! This os so going to be a first day buy, but I’ll import it from the UK, don’t want that huge and ugly USK logo on it. xD

  • Romangelo

    Wow… It taking so long to localize one game. Bamco needs to hurry up!

  • harmonyworld

    Ah! Milla!
    Mm~ I love her voice!
    So powerful!

  • Misty Dawson

    Milla is sooooooo cool! *_*

  • Raltrios

    Milla sounds sooo bored. The deep voice is nice, but the actress failed to deliver her lines very well. I’ll probably be doing Jude for my playthrough if I get a PS3.

  • Can’t fathom people and their love to defend companies alienating a
    fanbase willing to pay for audio options. Having only english may not
    impact your experience, but it certainly does for others. Dual audio
    would make everyone happy, as opposed to making a niche audience even

    • Testsubject909

      Dual audio also costs more money, how much we don’t know.

      Edit: And whether or not the costs would be offset by projected sales and profit, we also don’t know.

      • SerendipityX

        As much as I don’t like to link to Neogaf, according to xseed money is not the only issue:http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=525009

        • raymk

          I don’t like to link to gaf much either but yes I except this post by you.

          • Testsubject909

            *puts on his grammar nazi hat* Zat eez Accept. Not Except!

            Sieg Heil!

    • Jrocy247

      People pay for these games just to hear japanese words? Really now, you call that alienating? I don’t see how in any shape or form how it impacts the experience of the game just from hearing a few words of the english dub. I can’t fathom people and their senseless hate for english dubs, it’s entirely stupid to base someone elses voice acting off anothers. They will have different tones

      • Testsubject909

        I can fathom why people hate English dubs. But I lived through 80’s and 90’s Anime Dub and early video game dubs.

        I said I can fathom why. Not that I was on their side mind you.

        • Jrocy247

          Dude I was around the 90s when I started watching anime and hearing english dub, They sounded perfectly fine to me.
          One main example I will always use is Goku’s voice. When I first heard it, I was like…wow…this is bad.

          • Testsubject909

            There was quite a variety of decent, good and bad dubs circulating around.

            As for Goku’s voice in Japanese. Yeah… I’m also in the opinion that “The hell? a pipsqueak’s voice? Really?”

            But hey, if that’s what the Japanese liked with Goku, good for em.

        • Barrylocke89

          Honestly, I think you’re onto something with that. While there were some decent-excellent examples of dubbing from that time period (Goku is one, another would be Metal Gear Solid 1’s dubbing), as a whole, I feel that the older anime and games out there had dubs that ranged from “So bad it’s good” to “…wow you guys really put up with that?”

          Compared to those days, dubbing (and localization as a whole) has really come a long way, to the point that if it’s a show/game I REALLY like, I’ll watch it in both languages if possible, so I can have a better opinion on which version I felt did better for which character. (Darker than Black is an anime example that had me do this recently).

          This is why I really do prefer the option of having dual-voices if possible, not because I exclusively like one or the other, but because I have a lot of fun comparing between the two. But I DO understand that this is an expensive/implausible thing to do, like what Wyrdwad pointed out in that one Neogaf thread (http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=525009)

          As for why people are so apprehensive about dubs even though the bar is higher today, I imagine a good deal of it is because of those earlier days of dubbing where people regularly had to dig through crap like this:


          TL;DR – Old dubs were pretty bad, new dubs are a generally better but people still remember the old ones and shy away, I prefer the option for both, but it just can’t happen sometimes.

          • Testsubject909

            I will say though, some older dubs had it better then some of the newer dubs. It’s going to be tricky but… Compare the VHS dub of Here is Greenwood compared to the DVD dub. You’ll notice that the script is less… loose. Less free. Less natural if you will. It’s most likely a more accurate translation but at the cost of a better localization. Plus the voice actors on the VHS ad lib a few times whereas the DVD is absent of any of that which is sad as they were accurate to the portrayal of their character’s personality. So it felt very natural.

          • Barrylocke89

            I feel what you mean there. It does seem like there was a lot more tolerance for Wooleyisms in the older days of anime, and GOOD Wooleyising (for lack of a better word) can lead to a solid, memorable localization, the kind that makes certain lines and moments stick in your head afterwards.

    • M’iau M’iaut

      I’d say there are plenty more reasons in this thread why our niche would not grow rather than not adding dual audio.

      Growing the niche means finding people who are currently not a member of the niche. For example, the folks who watch Toonami, or those who want a story alongside their games. Let’s open the doors to these folks rather than act like a bunch of elitists. The goal is friendliness and accessibility, otherwise no one new will be brave enough to poke their heads inside.

    • SerendipityX

      They are not alienating a fanbase. They are unable to provide a particular preference for certain customers. Which you know happens for reasons that NB are probably unable to talk about.

    • Rebellion14

      I am pretty sure that the companies do a benefit-cost examination and come to the conclusion that adding dual audio would not provide enough benefit to override the cost.

  • Testsubject909

    *searches for some snacks*

    … By the way, who else here is rather entertained by the odd notion that there’s about an equal amount of people complaining about the people complaining or anticipating complaints about the voices as there are complaints about the voices?

    • SerendipityX

      *raises hand* Oh wait, I guess I count as one of the people complaining about the complainers *puts hand down* >.<

      • Testsubject909

        *passes an open bag*


        • SerendipityX

          Sorry, on a diet. D: I blame videogames…for my unsavory weight gain especially Tales games.

          • Testsubject909

            Just don’t pull a Hiimdaisy Yukiko on us *queue Hiimdaisy Fandub clip of Chie inviting Yukiko to go eat, would go find it and place the proper #t= tag but needs to go help with a pick-up*

  • LDM

    I can’t give an honest opinion about the voice acting, because background music is too loud. Hopefully, they will share a cut scene.

    • Barrylocke89

      This is my thoughts on the video exactly. If the music is actually that loud ingame, I hope players will turn the music down so they can actually hear what’s being said (I remember having that issue occasionally with some NISA games like Z.H.P.)

      • Wappuli

        At least in the Japanese version it’s not this loud by default.
        And yes, it could be turned down, all the way to mute if you prefer.

  • raymk

    Can someone tell me one thing, when did all this Dual audio crap start becoming a big deal all of a sudden? Yes I know people have been requesting it in the past for tales but damn it seems worst than before nowadays. It couldn’t have started with Atelier ayesha but I do know that’s the last game I remember people making a big uproar about.

    Its like all of a sudden people care more about VA than actually being able to play the game that they would otherwise play if it had dual audio. I don’t mind complaining about dual audio, but there’s complaining and then there’s annoyance and that doesn’t solve anything and just makes people mad.

    • JustThisOne

      I’m not really sure. In my humble opinion, I think we got spoiled. When more games offered the option, more of us expected DA to just come with the package for the rest of the games.

      That, or this is just what happens when a franchise gets super popular. More fans, more commenters. More commenters, more people who want DA. More people who want DA, more people who need DA. I suppose it’s all fractions. There’s a good chance that DA isn’t as big as a deal as we all thought, and this is just a vocal minority speaking.

      • Testsubject909

        Just inexperienced whippersnappers who got their bellies full and are complaining they can’t get dem jelly doughnuts, these darn kids and their dangfangled overblown expectations. Why back in my days we were expecting Duke Nukem Forever, and did you see how that turned out? Them kids just don’t know how to be thankful for what they get I tell ya, just makes me want to go grab mah trusty shotgun and tell em to GET OFF MAH LAWN!

        But off the joke. I do think it is a case of a spoiled userbase with overblown expectations.

    • Arrei

      Probably because of getting more niche games offering it as an option than there used to be. Problem is, most people don’t realize that in order to offer these DA options, for most games the English track suffers as a tradeoff, most noticeably in NISA-published games that aren’t Disgaea, where entire cutscenes will go unvoiced. (I say most because some rare gems do manage to offer DA with a stellar dub and English script, like Virtue’s Last Reward or the aforementioned Disgaea series)

      This in turn reduces their appeal to those who are not fine with subs, meaning that as their fanbases grow, most of them will be JP audio purists. It may also puff up their confidence a bit, seeing themselves surrounded by like-minded individuals, leading them to expect the same treatment in other localized games, despite being different kinds of games with several times more voiced dialogue.

    • Tien Ron

      people are just spoiled for choice, this is one of the reason why there is such a big divide in fans nowadays you have the ones who always want this all japanese VA and then refuse to buy it because it has English voices…. but you know there’s always going to be people like that. it’s not enough that the game is coming out in ENGLISH but you know there’s always that minority

    • pressstart

      The same time people started complaining about 60fps for console games? It seemed to have shown up a ton last year, like anything lower is unplayable. Did they not play games from the PS2 generation and earlier?

  • SpecDotSign

    I could care less about VA’s in a Tales game. Bamdai usually does a good job with their localizations. I just want this game in my PS3 already!

  • wasen’t planning on buying it anyways after i read that it has zero jap
    dubs cause for me jap dubs sound more natural and english dub sound fake
    on the characters. and for you idiots who are gonna say stop
    complaining you should STFU cause your costing a publisher a lot more
    with having 2 voiceover the whole game again instead off just getting
    licencing fees 2 use jap dubs oversea’s and adding some subtitles and
    considering they subbed in a army off other countries language they
    might as well have spend it on just adding jap dub.

    • If you bought the Japanese version and enjoyed it, good for you. However, for the game to appeal to a wider audience in the west, an English dub would be needed.

      If this or any other Japanese game sounds fake – even if the title has a heavy western influence – the game would sound “fake” with English voiceovers? Well, that’s your opinion.

      As @SerendipityX:disqus has already posted reasons for not having Japanese voiceovers – blame your favourite VAs for signing certain contracts that prevent some titles from using them, among other things. Also, we don’t know how much it cost to include both since it goes by a game-by-game basis.

      Using “STFU” will overshadow your opinion and detract from people replying to your opinion.

      • what i’m just tired off ppl like you complaining about our opinion off a game everytime somebody ask about will it have jap dubs a army off whining eng dubs only lover gang up on them excuse me for understanding more language’s than just the simple english language.

        • You can’t make the assumption that the people replying to the complainers of the English and dub and/or the lack of inclusion of a Japanese dub as being “eng dubs only lover gang” – don’t stereotype! Heck, those are the same people who also want dual audio in games, myself included. However, they have accepted and understand that not all games will come with Japanese dub.

          If you are able to understand and read Japanese and are able to afford to import them, then you have no real complaint if the game doesn’t include a particular dub you want. If you know more than one language, more power to you!

          FYI I have never said to anyone in this article not to enjoy the game in Japanese or complained about their opinion about the game.

          • just buying the english dub won’t change the games future releases they wil never add it cause they see no need 2 and with not buying you make a stand and a point. i know most ppl are worried about not getting any future tales games but it’s the fans that namco bandai have 2 please and by what they are doing now like on facebook they deleted a whole post cause ppl diden’t like the voice dub just means they are ignoring most off em.

          • Well all sites are moderated and have to maintain a level of peace. Even on Siliconera, if I was to start writing vulgar, abusive language to you now my post would be deleted to maintain peace- they must of felt the same on the Bandai Namco FB page to maintain peace and order especially when English dubs are shown, they attract flame wars.

            Even when some games come with dual audio or Japanese-only – do they transfer into an increase in sales? No, it does not. A niche game will remain niche until it appeals to a wider demographic and adding a Japanese track will surely not change it.

        • Tien Ron

          of course we are going to complain because it’s people like you who hurt the chances of tales coming out and becoming more popular because you want to not buy it because it dons;t have jap voices? dude get over yourself if you have the Japanese one learnt Japanese then good for you at least you did that much. but if you cant speak Japanese or read it but yet your sitting on your ass waiting for the English version to come out then complain about it, you can go kiss dirt! dont like the english voices that’s fine. but dons’t start requesting dual audio and then boycott it because it dons’t.

    • M’iau M’iaut

      In the future please take your yelling and nasty slang terms elsewhere. Warned.

  • gotta love how on the tales series facebook they shut off a whole topic when ppl started complaining about milla’s voice acting seem they afraid off a atlier ayesha attack. seriously ppl who want english dubs your costing publishers more money with english voice-over than we with our jap dub if ya wanna complain about something look out yourself instead off the stupid reply off we should be happy it get’s released at all. yet your costing publisher more money than we do.

    • Testsubject909

      Hmm… There’s something on my mind I just want to formulate it aloud because I’m not sure the delivery is all that good.

      But it’s something along the lines of: It seems the fanbase of Tales of Xillia really can’t stand the new voice actors despite how hard they try to be In Character for them. I guess you could say the fans finds their performance simply *queue sunglasses* ToXIC *queue YEAAAAH clip*.

      But yeah… I wasn’t sure this one goes all that properly… Kind of a stretch to get that IC in the end… How would you make fun of the situation with that meme?

      • it’s pretty simple why english dubs are always badly received by fans is cause it’s a japanese game no matter how hard you dub it english it looks nothing like a game that would be made in america

        it’s like what happend with the dragonball z movie or any movie from anime it got white washed and that makes it feel cheap if they wanna please the western audiance why not just add some gangsta rap some meth users in the game and some good old fashion american hooker beating.

        • SerendipityX

          WTF? Wow, this sounds less like an eng dub problem and more like stupid biased hatred on Western culture. This is so sad…I don’t even…

          • america white washing asian movies or european movies, i call that biase it’s not hatred it’s fact.

          • SerendipityX

            No its biased hatred of Western culture just b/c you saw a couple of whitewashed movies. Newsflash West does not=CRAP and Japan=BEST THING EVAR

          • JustThisOne

            I don’t think it’s worth it to fume over this. It’s clear he’s got his own opinion, and he isn’t going to change it for you.

          • SerendipityX

            I know, its just ARGH!! I should stop, go scream in my pillow or something.

          • Randy Marsh

            Hmm, he started writing on this site today and is only constantly spamming this specific page with dub hating comments. There’s a magic word I am looking for, it sort of rhymes with “poll”. What was that word again?

          • SerendipityX

            Aww man I fed the troll. Mom warned me about feeding strays.

          • Testsubject909

            And now he’ll follow you home.

          • raymk

            Better cut em lose quick my friend.

          • Testsubject909

            *passes popcorn*

            You entered with the wrong attitude.

          • And~ I stop paying any serious attention to you right there.

            If that’s how you’re gonna roll on, you better stay quiet.

          • Testsubject909

            There does exist a phenomena called white washing, but I don’t really see it happening here or with most if not any game I’ve heard of.

            … On a side note I learned how to tie up a new tie, that’s nice.

          • Kaihedgie

            I guess you never heard of Japan dubbing Western media. What do we call that, exactly?

        • SirRichard

          “it’s pretty simple why english dubs are always badly received by fans is cause it’s a japanese game no matter how hard you dub it english it looks nothing like a game that would be made in america”

          I really don’t get this line of reasoning, honestly. Because it doesn’t look “American”, any English dub it could have is automatically bad? How does that work, then?

          Feel free to hate the dub and all that, but at least try to come up with actual reasons beyond “filthy Westerners”, mate.

          • have you ever seen a anime in japanese dub or only english dub cause if you’d know the english dub always either adds more words on it or either mis some sentences.
            you say it is discriminative yet the game is japanese and you guys can’t even appriciate the game and the culture behind it.

            white washing anything from another country is something the west only.
            so tell me why do you want the english dub lazy 2 read or i can’t understand it have no language skills for Example cause everytime i ask that 2 somebody who likes english dub they say the same i don’t like reading like they never learned anything at school.

          • SirRichard

            I’ve no idea what comment you were replying to with that, but it certainly wasn’t mine. You want to try that again and actually answer my question, or are you just going to keep lashing out at this Japan-hating strawman you’ve come up with?

            Of course there won’t be direct, perfect translations from one language to the other, especially not in languages as wildly different and nuanced as English and Japanese. What works in one won’t usually work in the other, especially in a language as varied and twisted as English.

            Also I find it hilarious that you claim I can’t appreciate culture when you’re throwing around “American hooker beating” and meth users as examples of all of Western civilisation’s culture.

          • Testsubject909

            First of all… you don’t need to use 2 instead of to. It’s just… two letters… hell the word two is only three letters… It’s not that big of a shortcut…

            Next up. White washing a culture? It’s on a fantasy land in a fantasy world that isn’t an alternate Earth. I’d say… it’s pretty safe to do some alterations there.

            Plus no localization can be 100% accurate… Without suffering some consequences. Some things just don’t translate well or can be translated in multiple different ways. For example, the word Nakama. Find me a good one word translation of this, or even just two words… Good luck, there’ll be a debate on it later.

            Some things need some alterations so to actually function in a different languages. Some jokes just don’t work sometimes as well because they’re a tad bit too dependent on the culture or the language… See Phoenix Wright. A very liberal translation of Naruhodo’s name but everyone likes it… Or at least if anyone hates it, they’re a very very quiet minority.

            So what sparked this on?

          • raymk

            I think you are now my favorite poster. The first 2 sentences were a nice touch :D.

          • Tien Ron

            how rude!!! for you to say we dont appriciate their culture who the hell are you to say that! the game is Japanese isn’t that enough WTF??? the game is out in japan why the hell are you moaning?
            if anything none of those characters are in a eastern living world and also all their names are ENGLISH and not Japanese

            the game is translated in English it’s for us speaking people. why are you making this a big deal there are two version go get the one that you prefer stop ruining it for others!

        • Testsubject909

          But that didn’t fix my joke….

          • SerendipityX

            You’re too nice Test-miester, if only you would…grrrr

    • SerendipityX

      Yeah I’m just gonna link this again and just encourage you to read through the entire thread since Tom (from xseed) replies several times to a person with the same opinion as you:http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=525009

      Yes, dubs cost the publisher more but the only reason they do eng dubs in the first place is b/c of contract, money and licensing issues (not mention broader appeal). You have keep a open mind about this. Also nobody is forcing you to buy this. Don’t buy it if that you’re preference, but also don’t expect the games to keep coming over if you don’t support them.

      You can do what I do and send them a polite email about your dissatisfaction about the audio. Hell, I took a picture with me holding tales of graces f with my receipt (day 1 $60) and attached it to the email to let them how I support the series but still think there should be dual audio. Theres so much more you can do than just whining about on the internet.

      Whoa long post. ;P

      • they will just ignore you if you do sometihng like that it’s a business for them and let’s be honest a small company like NIS america can make it possible and a big company like namco bandai can’t aquire them you don’t think it’s weird. i know there is a army off legal things but you can’t expect ppl that like jap dub 2 just please they english dub lover cause they afraid off not being able 2 get the game in the future.

        if you look at anime in general ppl always complain why some series don’t have english dub in them so they don’t buy the series yet at that time we could say they should be happy with the release. yet they do the same thing we do complain about not having it. so why do we who like japanese language dub get called whiners yet we just want 2 save cost for more localization and not want a publisher 2 throw away that money on overly expensive english dub.

        • SerendipityX

          Lol at wanting to save costs, that’s not true at all. There are Jpn dubs that cost more than game themselves. Jpn dub lover want the same thing us eng dub lovers want- their preferred audio. This is more about consumer preference than anything else.

          Edit: FYI, concerning my email I actually got a reply back that wasn’t a generated response. Though I did fully go in expecting to be ignored. I wish I knew how to take a screenshot of it.

          • fireemblembeast

            How did they reply?

          • SerendipityX

            The last time I sent one for Vesperia I got a generated response about “Sorry….we could not blah blah PR generator” For tales of Graces f I got “Thank you for purchasing TOGf! We are delighted to know you support…yada yada and that we hear you about jpn audio…” I can’t remember exactly what was said but I was surprised it wasn’t PR bs.

          • fireemblembeast

            Oh, cool. It’s good to see them slowly start to directly communticate with us more.
            EDIT: wtf siliconera? Sorry if I sound like a robot, but when I refreshed the page, some of my comments dissappeared, so I retyped them to the best of my ability, and now I come back and see both comments there….>_>;
            I must be going crazy.

          • fireemblembeast

            Oh, cool. It gives me hope to see them slowly beginning to directly communicate with us more.

        • JustThisOne

          I think you ought to just let this one go.

          It’s not considered throwing away money over a dub, because it’s to appeal to people who can’t understand japanese. Ultimately, it’s a preference thing. Isn’t it better to make this game available to many different people?

          I don’t like calling names or pointing fingers, but the reason why people get called “whiners” is because they post the same repetitive point over and over again. It’s not because they have opposing opinions. It’s people who don’t let it go. That’s why there’s this perceived “army of english dub lovers”; they are people who are just as tired of this argument as you are.

          This game is going to get english dub. We don’t know if it’ll get dual audio, but you are free to pick up the japanese game.

        • Tien Ron

          but you’re not thinking of cost you just want whats pleasing to your ears but not anyone esles. voice actors are always going to sound different in different languages

    • Tien Ron

      actually it’s more expensive to keep the Japanese voices in the game than the english. it’s the main reason why some anime’s have their own opening rather than the Japanese because they get more credit and paid more

  • Magicks

    The voices aren’t that bad. Seeing how much I enjoyed Tales of Graces F, I still feel that this is a day one purchase. Now if only my wallet can agree with me.

  • Milla isn’t meant to be ALL POWERFUL, sure she is…but she has more sides to her than that—it feels almost like they are TRYING to play up the POWER trait of her’s.

    Thank goodness you can turn down “voice” volume to absolutely nothing in Xillia. Too used to the Japanese voices, if there isn’t dual audio; which they did once actually say they were considering, then…I’ll be playing with a mute cast, kthanks.

    • Rebellion14

      Good for you

    • Tien Ron

      good for you hun!

    • fireemblembeast

      Lol that’s one solution!

    • fireemblembeast

      XD Thanks for the tip!

  • Yup, the voices still sound fine to me =^_^=

  • Luis Camargo

    Yup, Milla still sounds like a man =(
    Buying anyway, but I prefer the JP audio

  • NightzeroAX

    Milla sounds alright now the other clip not so much. Anyway dat music HNNNNNNNG..

  • I think Milla sounds too stoic but I’m not sure who is at fault anymore: The voice actor or the director?

  • Naux

    I like 0:32 the best. Milla’s voice doesn’t even closely fit with that animation in the corner. Just where did they get such a bad VA, lol.

    • Tien Ron

      the VA isn;t bad most voice actors don’t see the screen which their voicing it on they just read off a script.

      • M’iau M’iaut

        This is indeed a major difference between the styles of dubbing. Many Japanese studios bring in the entire cast and they read it together, rehearse it together and perform the final version together. However, even they usually are not performing to the completed game or anime.

        Even Disney does not do this stateside with their films. Each performance is strictly a handful of takes with the actors individually in a studio or recording booth. It will lead to a different feel, but a feel that is different, nothing more.

  • Reiko_Chan

    I like her voice. Im not in love with it but I dont really see a problem with it.

    • Testsubject909

      That’s because you’re reasonable

      • s07195

        I’m fine with the voice, but I don’t feel that thinking that it’s bad is unreasonable. Unless it’s pretty much nitpicking.

      • sd28

        so you are only reasonable if you have no problem with the voice

        • M’iau M’iaut

          Try not to build straw men where there are none. More than one here discussed concerns over a particular voice sample and others joined them in sharing similar concerns. Those folks were also open to discussing the point with those of a different view.

          Moving from that to vulgarities, name calling and ethnic slurs yes, does indeed take arguments into the realm of the unreasonable.

  • Tien Ron

    i love the monotone end quotes mila gives because it does state that she is not from human society so i can imagine one who donst interact with humans would be kind of strong voice but plain maybe over the course of the game she will have more life.

    text for mila: Though she is incredibly wise beyond her years, her lack of societal interaction has left her void of basic societal etiquette. Even the most trivial idiosyncrasies and customs of man are of great interest to her. <- this would make sense to her voice being the way it is.

  • Wondering_Zero

    Battle system looks solid, but at the same time it looks really awkward for some reason in the first video. After looking at the second video it looks like Jude just moves slow in battle. Or the person playing is not that good…

    I wonder if anyone agrees with me in the comment-Nope, never mind. I honestly feel like Jontron looking through these comments sometimes.

  • Kai M

    Not trolling but then I have a question. How come the Tales series always do not have dual audio? Not to brag or anything but just asking.

    • Tien Ron

      because one: it’s expensive and two: it’s not popular enough to fund it.

      • fireemblembeast

        And yet, Mugen Souls got DA and was not even a series- less popular than Tales, for sure. NISA ftw! (the game didn’t sell well, but that’s beside the point >_>;)

        • raymk

          Well you proved your own point, the game didn’t sell well plus dual audio probably means that they’ll have to make another title a budget title or something. They need money to fund other projects so if the game doesn’t sell well there’ll be no dual audio come some other game or they just might not bring over a possible sequel.

          • fireemblembeast

            YEAH WELL >_>

    • M’iau M’iaut

      A lot of effort has gone into making this series as accessible as possible. Tales games have even gotten TV ad time, something almost unheard of in our niche. To reach the broadest audience and to enhance the ability to have the series be profitable stateside, single language English dub is really the best choice.

      • Kai M

        Seems legit.

      • Firekitty

        How would having both Japanese and English voices harm the game’s ability to reach ‘the broadest audience’?

        • M’iau M’iaut

          The most important thing we can do to accomplish this is remove barriers of entry. Keep the language something that isn’t foreign to the player, don’t require them to read while watching a cutscene or movie and keep the need to fight through a bunch of controls and settings to nothing if possible.

          While none of these may seem to exclude the possibility to also have JP audio, remember we are not the audience under consideration. Put up a wall someone must climb over and some of those someones won’t. Play to what they need to get them to come in, not to what we ‘demand’.

  • fireemblembeast

    I don’t agree with the people who simply say that the voices are terrible. I just believe that we should be able to stick to the original VAs or get them as DLC. We are used to the seiyuus, and IMHO I just think Japanese has a certain beauty no other language can properly depict. The VAs might do the best job they can, but it’ll never be the same. There are just certain seiyuus we all love, who are getting into the games industry these days, and when I hear anyone being pasted over Miyuki Sawshiro or Kana Hanazawa, I get a little bit sad inside… But I think it all comes down to how much Japanese pop culture you have immersed yourself into. For those who are big otakus, and always watch anime with subs, etc, they want to hear the characters as they were originally intended to be voiced, and for those of us who don’t mind, well, I wish I could be like that myself. But I, too, have been there since the beginning with this specific game, hearing the voices and having them grow on me, and I just have an overall more enjoyable experience with JP audio. So I do mind. Especially with an anime art-style game like this, which is a huge series for anime fans.

    I feel like the localization people don’t look for matching VAs to the seiyuus, and instead look for what the characters look like they should sound like to them. That’s a way to give people more to complain about. Also, I want to be able to enjoy the same OP, being the big fan of J-Pop I am (That’s all I have on my iPod, literally). I hope they do what they did for Vesperia’s OP. Anyways, Namco needs to stop making excuses and work with us on this. It doesn’t even have to cost them money- they could do a DLC experiment. I’d be willing to pay any price (within reason). And as they say, you have to spend money to make money!

    • RedShadoww

      “The VAs might do the best job they can, but it’ll never be the same.” I hope nobody interprets that as “English voices will never be as good as Japanese voices” when it means they’re DIFFERENT, not better. I completely agree with everything you said. I’m a huge anime fan and seeing Sawashiro Miyuki and Tomokazu Sugita (one of my all time favorite voice actors) replaced makes me die a little inside. Though I’ll still definitely get the game day 1 like I did with graces f, and get used to the voices. I really hope they do make it into DLC, i’d definitely buy it (20$ max tho).

      • fireemblembeast

        Yeah, I didn’t mean for anyone to think I was calling one voice option straight out better than the other. It all depends on the person.

  • fireemblembeast

    One more thing I have to nag about: They delayed Xillia so Naruto UNS 3 couldn’t ruin its sales this month, right? Well I played the demo a few days ago, and IT had dual audio… And they are both from Namco Bandai, no…? So, let me get this straight- it delayed Xillia and it has dual audio?! Is there something I’m missing- please tell me. Inb4 it is more popular, so it can have DA…>_>

    • M’iau M’iaut

      Please stop making your assumptions as fact without linking us some official news that a Naruto game is the reason Xillia was ‘delayed’. Every company who brings games over has noted voice work contracts are often a game by game situation — each one being different. Not to mention the amount of voice work between your comparison games is quite drastic.

      • fireemblembeast

        Well I really didn’t assume, because I ended the sentence with “right?” and I also added “Is there something I’m missing”… It was all merely speculation, and I wanted to know what someone else’s take on it was.

        • M’iau M’iaut

          NP, that’s just one of those stories that just won’t go away. As I recall, Vic Ireland was one of the first to say such things. But as that was at the time he was burning every bridge possible, I take such things with a huge teaspoon of salt. I wouldn’t overlook the possibility of specific content concerns — hell, supposedly someone once sniffed at Tears to Tiara — but not much beyond that.

  • Yggdr5

    To set some things straight and into relation concerning dual audio in this case:
    – All other current Namco Bandai games offer dual audio (Ni no Kuni, Naruto UNS 3, One Piece PW)
    – The (correct) Statement by Tom from Xseed which gets posted here quite often doesn’t apply in this case: Namco Bandai is the publisher wordlwide and developer at the same time. They’re already able to consider a later worldwide release when they make the contracts with the original japanese voice actors
    – Space is not an issue on a Blu Ray Disc
    – If you are fine with an english dub that is great! I’m really glad that you are going to enjoy a great game in a way that makes you happy. But I on the other hand are a great fan of the original japanese voice tracks and am rarely content with english game dubs: It’s not that I dislike the english voice actors as persons or want to put you -who enjoys this dub- down with this, it’s just a matter of personal preference and taste. And I think we all can agree that tastes differ?

    At least in the case of Namco Bandai (for titles which they developed themselves like all Tales of titles) there is but a single reason not to include the original japaese voice track: The licensing money. And I’m really sad that they won’t go the extra mile to make all their fans happy, after they went great lengths to create an english dub, which stands admittedly among the best for JRPGs.

    So in conclusion: Do I want to play with english voices? No. Do I dislike the english voice actors or do I value anyone or his oppinion here any lower because he likes english dubs? No. Would it make me as a fan of maybe a minority happy if the game included the japaenese voice track? Extremely!

    Because in the end with a dual audio solution everyone gets to be happy, we all get to enjoy the game and we wouldn’t having this cumbersome discussion but instead talk about our anticipation for the game and not that we hate each other because some get the version they want and some don’t and who is right and who is wrong.

  • Wiccan1109

    I like them honestly. Maybe because im getting older, but voices don’t bother me the way they would have a few years back. I’ve never found a Tales character to have a voice so bad that it put me off, and thats usually the only time I go to JP audio. As voice acting goes, I think they’re one of the only companies who produce tolerable to fantastic results, even if JP actors sound a bit more suited at times. I do need to hear more, but I’ve always liked the sweet voices they choose for their teen/young adult girls. Colette, Estelle, Natallia, Cheria and Sophie were all really easy on my ears in the English dubs.

    Milla’s voice seems to suit her as far as battle goes. Cut scenes are a different matter so i’d need to hear a few to see it wasn’t natural. regarding Jude it may take a little adjusting to (Sam Riegel?) as Jude since I’m so used to him playing supporting characters instead of leads. Plus no matter what happened with Flynn, he’s always going to be Silabus to me lol. Loving Alvin and Leia’s voices though.

  • XiaomuArisu

    Damn….So much “I wont buy ToX because it doesnt has jap.Audio.”
    “The english VA sucks”

    I want to see one,,just one,Tales of game without the same complains…

    • Firekitty

      And I want to see one, just one, Tales of game with dual audio.

      : Unfortunately neither of us is likely to get our wish.

      • MrSirFeatherFang

        I can’t remember any other games, but Ni no Kuni and Eternal Sonata had dual audio. NBGI even said they would try to get dual audio next time. They know we want it.

        • Firekitty

          Every fighting game ever, the Naruto games…There’s probably others, but I don’t follow many Bamco series these days.

          They also said they’d try to get it for THIS game. Unfortunately, ‘we’ll try for next time’ stops being good enough when you say it every time, and it never materializes.

          Square Enix makes up for it by releasing the easily imported Asian-English editions with Japanese audio and English text. Tecmo-Koei MAY have made up for the Ayesha debacle by actually releasing the next game (Totori) with dual-audio, though since that was a remake of a previously dual-audio game, it remains to be seen whether or not it was a fluke. We need a show of good will before we can start believing in ‘next times’.

          • MrSirFeatherFang

            What’s funny is that Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Plus didn’t have dual audio in NA and PAL territories… but did in Japan and Asia! I mean… why? :( We got the gore… but I prefer the JP audio over that. Also someone at TK EU confirmed that it would’ve had dual audio as well…
            The only problem for importing nowadays is the DLC… switching accounts on the Vita will certainly be a hassle…

          • Firekitty

            Ugh, yeah. I’d have a lot more games if swapping accounts weren’t such a pain. I keep meaning to grab the undubbed version of Dissidia off the HK store, but it’s just not worth the trouble at the moment.

            Sony needs to wise up as much as the publishers do…Some people will pirate no matter what, but making it difficult to import drives a lot of otherwise honest gamers to it.

  • Milla seems like she’s fun to use, but I like Jude’s design.

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