Toukiden’s Four Oni Slaying Weapons Revealed

By Spencer . March 21, 2013 . 1:15am

Toukiden, the hunting game from Tecmo Koei and Dynasty Warriors developer Omega Force, has players hunt Oni. Your warrior can pick one of four weapons to use. Let’s take a look at them.


The Long Sword is a well-rounded weapon with balanced attack speed, range, and power. I think the Long Sword looks long enough you need extra range you can charge up power and send a vacuum slash shockwave. The Long Sword’s special ability wounds oni. If you keep attacking the same spot you can cut deeper and deal additional damage.


tok_01 tok_03 tok_02


Gauntlets are slow and heavy, but make up for their lack of speed with more damage. You can use the Furious Hundred Fists special attack to temporarily boost your attack speed and power.


tok_04 tok_06 tok_05


The Bow is the only long range weapon in the game. Players can change the attack power to do either regular or strong attacks. The Curse Arrow skill marks enemies in a circle and locks on to them so you can hit multiple targets on an Oni. This skill also lets the warrior fire an explosive arrow that deals heavy damage.


tok_10 tok_12 tok_11


Kusarigama is a versatile weapon that slices Oni with a sickle and crushes them with a weight on the other side. You have decent range with the Kusarigama and fast speed. The weapon’s special ability focuses your concentration and greatly increases your speed. In this state, you can throw the weight in mid-air and swoop in to attack Oni.


tok_07 tok_09 tok_08

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  • XypherCode

    Cool! Can’t wait for gameplay vids. :)

  • Lester Paredes

    That looks awesome. I cannot wait gameplay videos… I certainly hope it’s as good as it looks. Vita may not be getting Monster Hunter, but it’s getting more than it’s share of monster hunting games.

    • B-But, God Eater 2! (Even though it’s on PSP, but I’d play a PSN copy on my Vita)
      There can never be too much vidya for us.
      Yup, I’m being greedy but I don’t think I’m alone here… :>

      • Syn

        Theres God Eater 2 for the Vita as well(its own version, enhanced graphics, bigger environments etc), they are coming out at the same time as the PSP one with cross play. Cant wait for the gameplay vids of this though

      • Lester Paredes

        There is a Gods Eater 2 for vita, it’s compatible to play with the PSP version ad-hoc. Then there’s Soul Sacrifice. And now, Toukiden. More games is always a good thing. Sadly, Monster Hunter has the name recognition.

      • Vash bane

        when I get a vita and its power overwhelms then I might be with you lol

  • AdachiTohru

    The art style is so good !!!

  • Go2hell66

    looks really pretty in those screenshots

    • tubers

      Saw a 2 second gameplay and it does really look like that (minus the AA; we all know AA is BS with these promotional bullshots).

  • Epitome

    Kusarigama “speed” “throw the weight in mid-air” sold all ready know the weapon ill be using.

  • sherimae1324

    since this is tecmo koei, it has a high chance of coming oversees ^_^

    • Sylveria

      For all we know it could already be out and they just never told anyone.

      • ShadowDivz

        I see what you did there.

  • That feel when I’m kinda torn apart choosing these weapons. I’m going to assume you can actually change weapons throughout the game, otherwise I have no idea how long it’ll take for me to decide.

    How do I choose?!

  • Looking nice, cant wait to see gameplay though. Might be one of my perma games for the Vita if is how I imagine. Looking really good lately game wise. Got 2 perma games for my 3DS so far and still playing the 3 on my DS and PSP even with new things. Ah, is nice to have something for different occasions/moods.

    • ShadowDivz

      What’s a “perma game”?

      • Is what I call games that I always play on those systems and usually the reason I keep my old systems instead of trading them in. Still got my NES and other old systems just because there is one game or two that I like to play and cant play them any other way.

        • ShadowDivz

          I still have my 64, but that’s only for sentimental value.
          Ahh, those days….

          • I still pop in Killer Instinct an Jet Force Gemini every now and then. Just cuz its old doesnt mean is not fun :D

          • ShadowDivz


  • gustave154

    Looking forward to this

  • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

    As much as I loath insects, I do like that spider-boss’s design. Consider me interested.

  • Tincho Kudos

    Looks good, another hunter game, another buy for me :D

  • eilegz

    as long that they dont move and feel like MH it would be great, hopefully its more like musou style of movement

  • Dexward

    Furious Hundred Fists? More like Hokuto Hyakuretsu Ken.

  • This is looking really good. I cannot wait to see how it turns out in actual gameplay. The graphics and art style are superb, but they cannot make a truly bad game good, so I’m hoping to see some gameplay soon to get a really good idea of whether I should purchase it or not.

  • Jake Deerberg

    Gonna be rockin the Kusari-gama!

  • Strid

    Oh my… I was just telling a friend yesterday that my life would be complete if Capcom ever added a Gauntlet/Claw type weapon class in Monster Hunter.

  • Follower_of_Pram

    The kusarigama feels like the weapon more in tune with the game, as does the bow. The longsword and fists? I can’t take those two seriously, especially not against an oni.

  • Exkaiser

    I suppose if this gets popular enough to have a sequel, the Kanabo and Naginata are logical weapon choices, ja?

    I really like fist weapons in general, and I was just thinking about how I’d like a pair in a hunting game. Hoping this turns out well so I can punch Oni in the face!

    • ShadowDivz

      I don’t know what Kanabo is but i think Naginata will be available in a patch.

  • Vash bane

    interesting looking game going to keep an eye on it -_^

  • gustave154

    Soul Sacrifice, Toukiden and God Eater 2 makes me and my vita happy

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