Here’s A First Look At Diablo III In Motion On The PlayStation 3

By Ishaan . March 22, 2013 . 2:30pm

Diablo III is coming to the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, and today, Activision Blizzard, shared a trailer for the console version of the game, giving a look at in-game battles and the user interface. Watch it below:



Diablo III for consoles will also support four-player online (complete with matchmaking) and four-player local co-op multiplayer modes.

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  • Isaac Newton

    Many PC user of Diablo 3 will again rage for this plus the Offline play…

    HORRAY for no ERROR 37!

    Reporting In: Like I said they are raging. I go to a certain website and they were blasting the hatred for the console version.

    What they raging about Diablo 3 on being on consoles I just don’t get that…

    • Ferrick

      hmm lets see, the console version looks better, plays better, and offline mode, while we pc gamers get the end of the boot… sooo yeah

      • Chim_era

        You can never win against PC gamers. They always think their junk is better :p

        No, the pc version is better and nothing can beat the controls but Diablo was my first game EVER and I simply don’t have the computer (or the internet connection :p) to play it how it should. But I do have a PS3 so ;)
        It still diablo guys, it’s good !!!! :)

        • Ferrick

          well its a no buy for me, i was terribly disappointed with the story and how they handled the game on pc, and it looks like the console version are getting more features (other than the offline mode), one of them being a dodge mechanism

      • Jordan Coleman

        Looks better?

        • Ferrick

          did you see the belial fight in the vid ? I will have to admit that it looked badass, while the pc version’s fight looked plain in comparison

  • $36598391

    Haha Blizzard you won’t be able to force your crappy Auction Houses on people with the PS3 and PS4 versions of the game

  • Tanthalas

    The PC people only have one real reason to complain: they can’t play offline.

    The rest is just them making crap up because the grass is always greener on the other side.

    • Ferrick

      Tried the pvp arena on d3 yet ? Have you seen the global chat system yet ? Have you seen the 10+ whispers a day asking you to buy gold with real money yet? Have you seen the RMAH and IGMAH?

      The inability of playing offline isn’t the only legit complaint we had, there were loads of things that blizzy promised but never brought to us. The grass isn’t even green to begin with, its pitch black with blizzy’s greed smeared all over it

      • Tanthalas

        I meant only one real reason to complain compared to the future PS3 users…

        Though about the GMAH: why the hell do people complain about this? Don’t like it, don’t use it (I know I haven’t).

        • Ferrick

          well considering that they (future console users) do get a few new features, unless if dodge mechanics are just scripted things, then i won’t be too pissed with that

          the thing about IGMAH is that after gold is purchasable with real money, the prices got jacked up rather badly, to the point where some items are impossible to get on a normal casual playthrough unless if they pay for gold, i personally loved the GMAH, but that was before RMAH was implemented, and prices back then wasn’t too expensive

  • TheDarkEmpress

    It’s not really an argument of console vs PC. The sheer fact is simple: the game is bad. Diablo veterans will all vouch this….Understandably Diablo II didn’t get off to that great of a start either, but atleast it launched with the framework for a wildly successful game. I’m sorry but one of things I appreciated most about the later stages of D2 was it’s complexity. Diablo 3 is just a paltry excuse of a game in that respect. It has been watered-down for the mainstream consumer and casual gamer. Understandably all arguments can be rebuffed, but hardcore D2 vets all share the same stance. The game is horrible. People that aren’t fans of the previous installments cannot argue against this. Blizzard made a crap-ton of money off of this game, so it can be considered a commercial success considering it was a one-time deal. Sell the game and be done with it, unlike WoW. That aside the game is an absolute failure, but all that matters nowadays is profit.

    • Tanthalas

      Oh please, people that call D3 a bad game don’t know what a bad game truly is. You might not think its a fantastic game, but you’d have to be completely delusional to think its bad.

      The hardcore D2 vets share the same stance because they wanted D2 with better graphics, not a new Diablo game.

      • TheDarkEmpress

        And we didn’t get it. FAIL!

      • Rein

        Dude, D3 is a bad game..

  • Juan AndrĂ©s Valencia

    Looks great, I mean… it’s not great looking but the animation, controls and UI seem to be pretty good and I love the idea of playing Diablo III in co-op locally.

  • Strid

    It’s stench is too much for the PC to contain. That said, I’m sure console gamers will thoroughly enjoy this turd.

    • Testsubject909

      (Edit: To note. Once I learned the game was going to be online only. It went off my radar and I haven’t played it. As such I can’t say if the game is good or bad, just that their online only idea was bull. As such, I’m left with uncertainty if you stating that it’s turd is personal opinion on the game from first hand experience or not… But I also note that you insulted console gamers…)


      Just because we get a renowned game doesn’t mean we automatically enjoy it. If it has the same ridiculous online only play, it’s definitely going to take a blow.

      Second, well… There are still very entertaining and interesting options out there to replace Diablo or topple Diablo in terms of content… And there’s always Diablo 2.

      It’s really more of a wait and see… But if it works offline and works great… Well… I feel bad for the PC gamers who had to put up with the bullshit that Blizzard put on Diablo 3…

      • Solomon_Kano

        Four player local co-op suggests you won’t need to be online at all times. Those would be rather counterintuitive to each other.

      • Ferrick

        it is confirmed already that consoles will have offline mode

  • Learii

    is the game that fast?

  • Solomon_Kano

    Looking good. Never been a PC guy, so I never played the first two, but I’ve played a ton of console riffs on the Diablo formula and enjoyed them. So I’ll definitely give this a go. The question now becomes do I play it on PS3 or PS4?

  • 128bitigor

    Bleh Diablo 3, just give us Torchlight 2 on consoles and make this world a better place

  • Riseabovethesky

    I suddenly have an urge to play Ys.

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