Devil Survivor 2: Break Record’s New Scenario Is The Length Of A Full RPG

By Sato . March 27, 2013 . 10:45pm


As previously reported, Devil Survivor 2: Break Record is headed to the Nintendo 3DS in Japan. The game is an updated version of Devil Survivor 2, and will come with enhancements to the original story as well as a brand new scenario. reports that this new scenario is rather meaty—close enough to match the length of a full RPG title by itself. The new scenario takes place after the fight against the Septentrion, and you’ll be able to access it right from the start of the game if you want to.


Additionally, Devil Survivor 2: Break Record also introduces a brand new character (right). Her name and background have yet to be revealed, but judging by her appearance, it seems as though she has something to do with JP’s.


Devil Survivor 2: Break Record is slated to be released this Summer for Nintendo 3DS.


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  • Kay

    The character’s name is Miyako Hotsuin, Yamato’s twin.

    • Sakurazaki

      I thought right that she was related to him in some way.

    • Its not confirmed though. The site still list her as ????

      • natchu96

        It’ll be really troll if it wasn’t.

        • komiko12

          It would mess up the Zodiac motif of the characters if she wasn’t Miyako.

          • natchu96

            So it’ll be really troll either way :D

  • davidvinc

    They also said that FF4:The interlude was 15 hours….

    • Ethan_Twain

      Different company though – Atlus has usually been pretty good about not overselling their products. If they say the new scenario is almost the length of a full RPG, I think we can expect a healthy 15-20 hours of content out of it. That’s compared to the normal amount of time it takes to play through an Atlus RPG which approaches 35 hours.

      • RoxasTheUnknown1

        Not really though. The answer in P3 Fes was advertised as 30+ hours. Remove the time you spend level grinding and the answer by itself is barely 10hrs, if that.

        • Hraesvelgr

          Yeah, most games are a lot shorter if you remove the gameplay.

          • RoxasTheUnknown1

            Well if you removed the the need to play then the answer would’ve been around 5hrs yes? You know what I meant. I never, not even once, needed to stop and mass grind in FFXII and that game took me 80hrs. An Atlus game? P3 The journey took me over 100hrs. There is grinding in almost every RPG but it has to be spaced properly. Imagine if instead of lvl 25, The Answer started you at lvl 50.

        • komiko12

          I think it is quite logical to consider level grinding to the amount of hours needed to complete a game.

          • RoxasTheUnknown1

            Not the way Fes handled it. Its not long enough on its own so it pads the experience through the grinding.

        • Ethan_Twain

          And if you remove the hours spent level grinding from Dragon Quest, it’s about 30 minutes of cutscenes and text boxes.

          Level grinding is content. It may not be your preferred style of content, in which case you should avoid main line SMT games, Dragon Quest games, and Etrian Odyssey games.

          • RoxasTheUnknown1

            Ive beaten every SMT game that came stateside. xD Level grinding is not content. Its a process used to extend the length of would be short game. The Devil Summoner Raidou games didnt require level grinding yet you could easily drop 60+ hours in. Soul Hackers and SMT IV outright make level grinding needless.

  • Ethan_Twain

    This is good! I’ve become a pretty rabid fan of Shin Megami Tensei over the last couple of years, but Devil Survivor Overclocked never seemed like a good value to me. The extra content wasn’t all that long, and it was different based on the ending to the regular campaign you unlocked so seeing all the new content would have hypothetically required playing through the full 40 hour campaign four or five times. And that campaign was functionally unchanged from the version included on the DS cart if you had played the original.

    I love Atlus, I love the franchise, but that just never seemed like a good deal at all. So I’m really glad to see that Devil Survivor 2 Overclocked is fixing everything I disliked about the first. Don’t want to replay the exact same campaign over again? We’ve updated it. Don’t even want to play the campaign again at all? No problem! Rather than a bunch of different little bonus campaigns based on the ending we’ve created a single larger scale bonus campaign and you can access it immediately.

    If anything was going to get me to buy a remake of a game I bought barely a year ago, these are those things.

  • $29082171

    I think me not getting DeSu 2 wasn’t such a mistake after all.

  • Sardorim

    She’s really trying to bust her hip, huh?

    • Silver Citizen

      I’d bust her hip, if you know what I mean.

  • Sold! Also, Yamato’s sister is hot lol

  • brian

    What do they consider a full RPG at minimum?
    Because some “full” ones can be 5-10 hours or even less than that.
    And is it just me or is that guy crosseyed?

    • Hraesvelgr

      Not really, but the art has not really been a strong point in the Devil Survivor games, so…

      • komiko12

        I think art IS one of its strong points. Many of the designs for characters were good. I like how the character artwork is very defined and clean.

        • Totally agree with you, and the new character is damn hot. (I hope she will made an appearance in the anime)

          • komiko12

            Hehe.. I hope so too since the plot in the manga (which is based on the anime’s) is very different from the game’s, they can afford to put her in.

          • RoxasTheUnknown1

            How so?

          • komiko12

            What are you asking about? The plot differences?

            In the manga, they altered the plot in many ways like the MC getting a Byakko very early on, Anguished One being shown to interact with Yamato, Joe not appearing in the first day, Daichi’s truck scene was also removed, Hinako being with Keita the first time they are introduced and many others.

            Since the manga is following the upcoming anime’s plot, you can expect to see them in the anime. With the plot being altered that much (in the anime) they can easily put Miyako in if they want to :D

          • RoxasTheUnknown1

            Oh. ok. Neat.I’m barely familiar with games plot since I put it off because of this happening.

          • *No truck* :( Dammit.

          • komiko12

            No truck means your version of the game is pirated!!

          • OMG the animah is pirated BURRNNN lol.

          • How would they defeat Dubhe then? Are they on a New Game+? I’d probably be a little disappointed if the New Route was based on the anime.

          • komiko12

            True. When I was reading the manga, I was like reading a reboot of the game with large chunks of the original plot changed.

            edit: The MC defeated Dubhe with a Byakko, a demon which you would normally encounter mid-game. In a way you can say they were on New Game +

          • But in the game, Dubhe is always invincible until the truck. Also Joe was needed for the three to get to their destination. Maybe this canon is more serious and he’s a little goofy for the first day but this means no Daichi getting kidnapped.

        • RoxasTheUnknown1

          Love the DeSu art. To me that’s a selling point. xD

          • komiko12

            Love all the character designs for Devil Survivor 2.
            My favorite in particular is Fumi’s (if my avatar is not evidence enough :D). That white cheongsam with that black coat is quite badass.

          • RoxasTheUnknown1

            I like all of them too. And DeSu 1 as well. Really anything this artist draws. xD

  • Saphira

    … I still don’t regret buying Devil Survivor 2 for my DS–

    • komiko12

      Yup, if the original scenario was altered much, it is good that you can still play it through your DS game.

      • you have options to play both from the beginning

        • komiko12

          I think they also changed the original scenario so if they changed the story too much, then at least you can see how it was in the vanilla version.

  • Ok I have to get this and Overclocked.

  • Zenthos

    Now THIS is how you do a remake. Add so much content that it makes re buying the game worth it.

    • Ladius

      To be fair, this is an upgradedupdated port rather than a remake. Remake usually means completely rebuilding a game from the ground up, not simply adding new material to an existing game.

  • komiko12

    I do hope that it would be as long as a full RPG ( as long as Devil Survivor 2). Well I’m not sure about this, but from what I’ve seen in the Famitsu report the new scenario would feature a new seven days. But since it is translated by Google Chrome, I’m not sure about the quality of translation but one can still hope, right?

  • Ladius

    I’m really looking forward to this, I really enjoyed Overclocked’s new contents and this porting seems to add even more to its original game.

  • Barrylocke89

    If it truly does have that much content, then I’d consider getting Break Records after all (I already own DeSu2). But after things like Namco claiming that the Future arc in Tales of Graces F would be about 75% of the length of Tales of Graces Vanilla, I think it might be best for me to stay a bit skeptical.

  • Yvonne Tsang

    And here I was wondering WTF Yamato was doing in banana-yellow stockings…

  • Glad I still haven’t got a 3DS yet so I can get DeSu 2 Break Record instead of DeSu 2 lol.

  • Torraint

    what is that “full RPG length” ?
    i think the multiple ending is long enough

    • MrTyrant

      It means that the new scenario might have days and so on like the main plot or the story content would be long enough like the main one.

  • Staffan Blonde

    Got to say I find it funny how the original DS 2 is slated for a EU release within a (hopefully) soon future and now this got announced in Japan. I really hope we get this version of the game eventually get a EU release

  • Alexandra Cordes

    Any chance for a localization? D:

    • Pretty sure this will come over here.

    • MrTyrant

      And SMT IV please. The least we wait for localization the better :)

    • LightZero

      Why do people keep asking this. Of course this and SMT4 will be localize.

  • MrTyrant

    So…if this is as long as the original scenario and you can choose it from the beggining you begin this new scenario in lvl 1? or some fixed level like 50? if you finish the main one first, you transfer everything right? will the route choice have any effect in this new scenario or they would take the neutral route as the true ending for making this new story?

    Anyway, this is amazing because I didnt expect the extra scenario to be this long.

  • Strain42

    Devil Survivor 2 spoilers ahoy, read at your own risk…

    I’m really curious how they’re going to handle this new scenario by making it a separate part of the game. ’cause like…I see Io in that screenshot. Well I just killed Io in my game. How’s that gonna work?

    Maybe they’ll just have the new scenario automatically assume you took the triumphant ending. Or perhaps it’ll give you the option to load your data from the main game if you so choose, which would include dead characters and maybe give you some demons or something.

    I’d certainly have to see more about how this is going to work before I make any real judgement on it. But hearing that it’s apparently going to be more than the 8th day of Overclocked is already a step in the right direction.

    • komiko12

      Spoilers. I assume that you would start where the Triumphant Ending ends. In that ending, the 7 days were reset and everyone is alive though it is implied that they retain their memories in some form.

      • Strain42

        More spoilers…

        and that’s fine for people who take the triumphant ending. But if I play through Yamato’s ending and decided to kill Io, Keita, and Joe, I would now have 4 dead main characters on my hands, and then if I decide to play the new scenario only to see those characters are just alive and well, it creates a problem.

        Like I said, I’m totally willing to wait and see what they do here before I pass any judgement. If anything I’m just curious. I really HOPE they make it so it can account for things you did in the main game.

        • komiko12


          I don’t know what they would do it. But you do know that when you finish a playthrough, you go to the rewards before “you face a new seven days”. It may be a hint that the world is looping (not necessarily every seven days of course). Well another thing is that the canon ending is the triumphant ending and the other endings are just what-ifs

  • Aldorr

    And the saem old q-tion – localization :(
    Will it happen? If yes – WHEN it will happen?
    Japanese must be taught in school///

  • Schezo Wegey


    How are they going to do/fix the whole “AO dies in ever version but his own?” I rather see him happy for once.

    Also can you save people after IO? I thought it was lame that you could only save Yamato/Ronaldo in two versions and you could had clearly saved Yamato in the Law ending if the death clips were still working.

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