This Week In Sales: A Dark Moon And A Brighter Darkness

By Ishaan . March 28, 2013 . 1:00pm

Period: The week of March 18th – March 24th (2013)

Top-seller: Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon – 280,151

Nintendo 3DS sales: 35,629 | Total sales: 8,133,987

Nintendo 3DS XL sales: 40,924 | Total sales: 2,837,308

PlayStation Vita sales: 41,073 | Total sales: 1,435,089

Wii U sales: 11,398 | Total sales: 831,418

<< Last week’s software sales chart

(Note: Apologies for the sales column being a day late. GDC week has been busy.)


Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon was last week’s top-seller in Japan, with over 280,000 copies sold in it first week on shelves. Following close behind at #2 was One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 on the PlayStation 3, at over 274,000 copies.


Both games—and hardware sales, to an extent—saw a boost owing to a public holiday last Wednesday. Additionally, last week’s new releases were released on Wednesday as opposed to the usual Thursday, which meant five days of sales were recorded as opposed to the usual four.


Also released last week was Disgaea Dimension 2: Brighter Darkness by Nippon Ichi Software. The game sold 55,443 copies in its first week, which is in line with some of the more recent Disgaea games. Here’s a look at first-week sales of Disgaea 3 and Disgaea 4 for comparison:


(2008) Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice – 54,596

(2011) Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten – 79,425


Finally, last week also saw the release of a slate of PlayStation Vita ports. One Piece Pirate Warriors 2, Atelier Meruru Plus and Dead or Alive 5 Plus were all released last week and, combined with the holiday, helped the system keep its weekly number up.


The top-20 chart for the week was as follows:


Lw Tw Title Weekly Sales Total Sales Sys. Publisher
New 01. Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon 280,151 New 3DS Nintendo
New 02. One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 274,625 New PS3 Namco Bandai
New 03. Pro Baseball Spirits 2013 101,389 New PS3 Konami
New 04. Pro Baseball Spirits 2013 80,618 New PSP Konami
New 05. One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 60,315 New PSV Namco Bandai
04. 06. Animal Crossing: New Leaf 56,876 2,918,394 3DS Nintendo
New 07. Disgaea Dimension 2: Brighter Darkness 55,443 New PS3 Nippon Ichi
New 08. Pretty Rhythm: My☆Deco Rainbow Wedding 33,466 New 3DS Takara Tomy
02. 09. Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix 29,401 157,815 PS3 Square Enix
New 10. Atelier Meruru Plus 25,095 New PSV Gust
New 11. Pro Baseball Spirits 2013 23,621 New PSV Konami
New 12. Gears of War: Judgment 23,345 New 360 Microsoft
03. 13. Super Robot Taisen UX 18,818 134,202 3DS Namco Bandai
01. 14. Sword Art Online: Infinity Moment 18,002 156,182 PSP Namco Bandai
05. 15. Soul Sacrifice 15,488 137,006 PSV Sony
New 16. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate 14,138 New 3DS Konami
New 17. Dead or Alive 5 Plus 13,291 New PSV Tecmo Koei
07. 18. Dynasty Warriors 8 11,523 283,734 PS3 Tecmo Koei
06. 19. Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 11,482 147,959 PS3 Sega
14. 20. New Super Mario Bros. 2 10,497 1,970,061 3DS Nintendo


Sales data acquired from 4Gamer, Media Create and

  • Sevyne

    The holiday had nothing to do with hardware sales. All platforms are almost the same as last week’s sales with the 3DS XL actually doing less than last week. As usual Ishaan showing bias and downplaying the fact that the Vita is keeping steady at it’s current sales spot. Why did I start visiting here again? Ahh,screw it; Do your stupid little public ban on me/moderate/make a witty comment, and I’ll be taking my leave again.

    • ronin4life

      “Both games—and hardware sales, to an extent—saw a boost owing to a public holiday last Wednesday. Additionally, last week’s new releases were released on Wednesday as opposed to the usual Thursday, which meant five days of sales were recorded as opposed to the usual four.”
      “Finally, last week also saw the release of a slate of PlayStation Vita ports. One Piece Pirate Warriors 2, Atelier Meruru Plus and Dead or Alive 5 Plus were all released last week and, combined with the holiday, helped the system keep its weekly number up.”

      Equal ONLY 10,000 boost. This after the fact that sales plumetted by half from 2 weeks ago to last week. I see no bias slant here.

      And while 3dsxl sales fell, 3ds sales rose by as much or more. Perhaps sales should have been better, seeing as how Luigis mansion was a big release(obviously) but overall sales did rise above already strong sales and an increasingly penetrated market. Sales aren’t going to rise a large degree to often at this point I think.

    • Ethan_Twain

      Please share, what do you think the appropriate response for a staff writer should be to the Playstation Vita selling decently this week? What we got was an explanation that a lot of software released for the system, and the hardware sales continued more or less in line with the last couple of weeks probably because of that.

      …what else do you want from a sales breakdown? I genuinely don’t understand what there is to be upset about.

    • If the holiday had no effect, explain to me why the Wii U hardware increased, despite the fact that no games were released for it.

      • veegeen

        A 2k variance isn’t really odd for a system at any given time. If it had been something like 15,000, then it could probably be attributed to a holiday boost.

        In particular, the 3DS LL actually had a significant drop, and the PSP held steady (curious why it’s not included when it’s still selling so well). The regular 3DS saw a boost because of Luigi, and the Vita saw a boost because of One Piece, Meruru, and Baseball Spirits.

        The numbers aren’t consistent enough to really say that there’s any correlation with a holiday boost. Besides, Vernal Equinox day isn’t exactly a sales-boosting kind of holiday.

        • Look up Wii U’s sales for the past four weeks. They’ve consistently been around the 9k mark, with one week reaching 10k. Last week saw an increase to 11k. When sales are consistently this low, even a slight bump means something spurred them.

          A public holiday always spurs sales. We’ve seen the effect time and again for several years now. Additionally, in this case, new releases were put out a day earlier than usual, as the report notes, which means more people going into stores.

          As for 3DS sales, while the XL dropped, the regular model rose significantly. This could be an example of how different kinds of games are perceived as being more suited for one of the two models. For example, while a more presentation-heavy game like Monster Hunter might boost sales of the XL, another game might spur people to buy the more portable model.

          • NabucaCPM

            While I definitely agree that last week’s holiday most definitely had an impact (even though, I think Mother 2’s WiiU VC release might’ve had some effect).

            I wanted to provide some additional context for the 3DS/LL sales.

            Last week, Super Robot Wars UX was accompanied with a 3DS LL bundle. Which in turn had a 7,000+ increase for 3DS LL sales from the week prior.

            Nintendo also released both the Light Blue 3DS and Gloss Pink 3DS alongside Luigi’s Mansion 2 on the 20th. The last time Nintendo had a released a new color for the original 3DS was on 3/22/2012(Kid Icarus Uprising and the Cobalt Blue 3DS).

            As a heads up, your Wii U LTD number should be 831,418 instead.

          • Oh crap, you’re right. They did release new hardware colours. Thanks for pointing this out. I did think it was odd that the regular 3DS was suddenly selling more and the XL less when we’ve been seeing the exact opposite happen for months. The new hardware was announced nearly a month ago, so I forgot about it completely.

            Ah, yeah, I did update my Wii U number right after publishing the post, but WordPress can be a little wonky with updates. Sometimes, it takes a bit for the cache to update. If you hit Shift+Refresh, you should see the updated figure.

            As an aside, thanks for taking the time to actually engage in discussion. It’s incredibly depressing when people throw around petty accusations without even trying to understand the data, and frankly, I’m starting to get very tired of it. So it brightened up my day a little to see your comment. :)

        • psycho_bandaid

          the psp is a last gen system so its left off on this site. Which is why you dont get PS3 or 360 sales here either.

          • Honestly, I would much rather not post hardware numbers at all. We never used to do it before, but then people asked us to start doing it around the time 3DS came out, so I did. But all it seems to do any more is bring the crazy fanboys out of the woodwork. Personally, I’d much rather just focus on software.

    • “Why did I start visiting here again?”

      Good bloody question. Unless you just wanted to play the old record out of boredom.

    • Göran Isacson

      That the upvotes vastly outnumber the downvotes here makes me wonder why I am visiting as well.

      Then I remember that anonymous jagoffs in the comments sections don’t really mean a thang when the site itself covers a wide variety of interesting and often otherwise overlooked news items, and smile contently to myself. Like so: ;)

  • Solomon_Kano

    I’m trying to wrap my head around One Piece’s numbers being so low (comparatively) when the pre-orders topped 500k. Do pre-orders work different in Japan? Did a bunch of people cancel? Not pay their pre-order off? That’s really throwing me for a loop.

    • JonathanisPrimus

      The 500k was in regards to retailer preorders.

      • Solomon_Kano

        Ohhh. Thanks for clearing that up.

  • Laith Rem

    So KH 1.5 passed both Sword Art Online and Project Diva.

    Sweet vindication.

    • Ethan_Twain

      Surely that’s not a surprise? Mismanaged though it may have been these past few years, Kingdom Hearts is still one of the big moneymakers for Square Enix. It’s an important brand, and this is a remake of a couple of the more popular installments. Of course it’s gonna sell well. Honestly, I’ll bet they were kinda hoping for better.

      • Laith Rem

        Not a surprise per se, it was just that last week KH wasn’t selling better than the two mentioned games above. I’m celebrating that.

  • Leonard Norwood Jr.

    at the very least Luigi’s mansion and One piece are definitely getting bought. I already added these two games on the wish list to get them later.

  • $29082171

    Japan really likes baseball games.

    • All of Konami’s sports games tend to do rather well, actually.

  • Spirate

    Luigi’s Mansion deserves the top spot; it’s a great game for a criminally underrated character.

    Disgaea D2 most likely would have done better if it hadn’t launched against One Piece and Luigi’s Mansion. I wonder how N1 must be feeling right about now…

    • I would imagine they’re feeling okay. It did about the same as Disgaea 3 and a little less than Disgaea 4. If they expected significantly higher sales, I can’t really imagine why. Yes, they’re going back to more familiar characters but at the same time, they’re labeling the game a spin-off. I think, all things considered, it did okay.

      • Spirate

        D2 is actually a direct sequel to the first game, so it can’t really be a spin-off, can it?

        • Isaac Newton

          I also think about it and it makes my head hurt…….

        • Well, it’s not a main “numbered” game, so…

  • Göran Isacson

    Man, a TON of new content in the spotlight this time around! I do like it, I do. I wonder which game will have more legs though- Luigis Mansion 2 or One Piece Warriors 2… kinda feels like the Nintendo title will be the winner here, at least compared to the latest warrior titles sales… but on the other hand, this IS One Piece we’re talking about. A whole bunch of games have tumbled down, but I wonder if they will rise back up next week or if the new entries will actually stick around.

  • tubers

    If in the next few months (2-3) the VITA still sells about 30-40K (near 3DSXL sales) then that’d be awesome.

    It’d mean it’ll be standing well against the competition’s offering at the same price point.

    Wonder how crazy the marketshare will go nuts on the N’s side once Poke releases tho.

    • psycho_bandaid

      x and y look pretty good. I had stopped playing pokemon a long time ago but I think I will be on board for this next release.

  • ShadowDivz

    Glad to see the vita doing well. Of course with Meruru,Soul Sacrifice and Senran Kagura. It’s not totally unbelievable. Then you throw one piece into the mix.
    And yes, those are the games i want.

  • Random musings:

    1. Sword Art dropped pretty hard. As someone pointed out below, KH has overtaken it now. I’ve heard people say that the game isn’t that great, so it could simply be that word of mouth isn’t strong enough to push long-term sales.

    2. Not sure what Nintendo’s thinking with Wii U, since the line-up looks barren. Wii Fit U this Spring and DQX is the closest they’ve got to big releases, but I have a hunch that neither one is going to do all that great for different reasons.

    3. Gears of War didn’t do too badly, all things considered!

    • PoweredByHentai

      Regarding Sword Art Online, it can be kind of grindy and your partner AI as well as every other front-liner NEED to level up if you want to have any chance at clearing the game. The first few “floors” (76 through 78) aren’t that hard but you will learn to appreciate the NPC allies who give you all sorts of buffs during the Floor Boss encounters.

      The partner AI, Klein and the girls, factor into the game’s condition as “these characters must SURVIVE” otherwise you get a game over. Again, a good chunk of your partners start off severely under-leveled so getting them up to speed is really the most grindy part of the game, even with the EXP Crime Servant active skill (give all EXP earned in combat to your partner).

      While the rest of the game is still interesting what with the various girls vying to NTR Kirito, getting all of them up to a survivable level is probably the biggest hurdle in the game. Sure, you could farm certain field bosses for EXP but those random bosses and their associated minions tend to focus on your partner, even when you are casting HATE.

      Aside from the partners, the random NPC Front-Liners will level up on their own but they won’t do so quickly until you hunt them down on the field and fulfill their requests (they serve as really annoying side-quests since they are mobile “quest-givers”).

      I’m still in the middle of playing through the game and while I can put up with it, I can see where the grinding could turn off people who just want to progress with the story.

      • Thanks for the detailed account. It’s a pity the game isn’t more well thought out. This game came out at exactly the right time, too—when SOA is at the peak of its popularity. Namco put so much effort into a lot of their One Piece games, which is part of why they always sell well (OP’s inherent popularity aside), so it’s unfortunate that the first major SOA game to be released is already “poisoning the well,” so to speak.

        • PoweredByHentai

          As I played through SAO, it sort of reminded me of the original .hack games on the PS2. Especially the grindy aspects. The difference is that certain things are automated like “auto-attack” but at the same time, engaging against multiple enemies becomes a hazard because you cannot easily switch targets once you initiate combat.

          There’s definitely room for improvement so I wouldn’t be surprised if they took SAO:IM as a learning tool on what went right and what didn’t go well. That’s one of the nice things about JRPGs, developers tend to actually read the feedback from the players, usually through a dedicated feedback website that is limited to those who purchased the game. It is why Totori and Neptunia Mk2 were pleasant improvements over the first installment of their respective series.

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