Get Your Miis To Play, Fight And Fall In Love In Tomodachi Collection

By Sato . April 3, 2013 . 2:30pm

You might’ve wondered exactly Tomodachi Collection is and what you can do in it. Nintendo have opened a new website for Tomodachi Collection: New Life, that shows what the game is about and what you can expect to see from the many Mii characters living in it.


Tomodachi Collection is a communication game about the lives of your Mii and their friends. They all live happily on an island under the roof of the same apartment building. What makes it interesting is seeing how your Mii interacts with others, according to their personality types.


The Mii can be made through Tomodachi Collection: New Life or they can be transferred directly from your 3DS (or from the DS version of Tomodachi Collection via a Mii moving software available through eShop). You can also acquire a friend’s Mii from wireless connection or by using their QR code to be part of your apartment.


Once you have the physical appearance of your Mii down, the next step is inputting various traits such as speech, accent, thought and action patterns. Once that is completed, it will determine your Mii’s personality.


Depending on your Mii’s personality type, they will interact with others differently. They can become friends or quarrel among each other, as they spend their time living together.


The friendly Mii characters in the apartment will occasionally invite you over to play mini-games such as a quiz game, giving you a chance to win items. Other times, they’ll be troubled and you’ll have to help them out.


After a Mii has spent enough quality time with a suitable partner, they can even fall in love. However, their chances of ending up with the potential partner will be up to you and how you help them out.


If everything works out, the Mii will fall in love and eventually propose to their partner, followed by marriage and starting a small family of happy Miis!


Tomodachi Collection: New Life is slated to be released on April 18th, 2013 for Nintendo 3DS.

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  • JustThisOne

    … this is a really cute idea. But I guess something like that won’t fly here… Or will it? Hmm…

    • Doctor Nebula

      Well the last one didn’t get localized, but maybe this one has a chance?

  • Coeurl

    The question I always ponder when these types of games come out is, ‘Is it only male/female pairs that can get together?’ The answer has been ‘yes’ every time.

    I like the idea of this game a lot but i’m getting a bit tired of the same boy-and girl-fall-in-love-and-everyone-is-happy-the-end scenarios.

    If there WERE same-sex pair offs possible, i’d import this in a heartbeat!

    • I agree 100 percent! A lot of my Miis are based on gay characters either from my own stories or in series I like. It would kind of suck to get a game like this and then have them live closed lives in a virtual world. Poor folks.

    • Xerain

      When you mention “These types of games” your are omitting the genre leader, The Sims.

      I don’t see why anyone would be interested in playing one of “these types of games” on a console given the lack of customization and mods.

      • Coeurl

        I’m talking more Harvest Moon, Rune Factory, Magician’s Quest, Avalon Code or any game where you get to select your mate(Persona 3 and 4 come to mind)

        I wasn’t counting Sims since it’s not the same as far as I know.. unless you can actually have conversations with your would-be spouse to get to know them.

        Tons of people are interested in ‘these types of games’ but many of us get shafted on gender/preference. The platform doesn’t matter.(What kind of customizations and mods do I need for a fantasy life sim?)

        • Xerain

          I assumed you weer talking about games that were more open ended, where your character’s life is the primary focus of the game. Games like Animal Crossing, and many online and social games. The games you mention for the most part are scripted that shoe horn your character into one of multiple predefined outcomes, not matter how much customization they allow along the way.

          This game actually sounds even closer to The Sims than Animal Crossing is, as character interactions are determined by the Mii’s traits rather than scripted like in Animal Crossing.

          As for turning the Sims into pure fantasy… it’s certainly possible, I know how it could be done, but I’m not certain how much of it has been accomplished. First you’d use a custom world that resembles the kind of environment you want to play in. You’d need to build or rebuilt all the homes to fit thearchitectural style of your world. Then you’d use a mod to remove all the default jobs from the game that don’t fit the setting; afterwards you’d add in only the custom jobs you want available. Then you’d go and replace all the default clothing for the randomly generated sims with clothing that fits your setting. If you want all the sims to not look human you can replace the default skins, eyes, etc, as well. Yeah it would be a lot of work. Ideally someone else woudl have already done it all, but I haven’t checked.

          Interesting note about Harvest Moon… The Japanese version of DS Cute allowed same sex female-female pairings with the special characters. They left it exactly how it was int eh boy version. They made a point of removing this feature from all international releases.

          • Coeurl

            That level of customization leaves games pretty soulless in my experience.Making my own character/setting just takes the wonder away from the game. There’s little to learn from someone you created yourself.

            Admittedly, BEING ABLE to have that kind of customization would be pretty sweet if personalities were rich and varied enough.Something like this, i’d appreciate and support for a damn long time. What I like about these types of games(by which I mean games where you can explore a character’s personality) is exploring a character’s personality and finding someone I like enough to partner up with; which is why I love Rune Factory so much. (Why is Gaius not an option? Why??)

            I’ve heard of the Harvest Moon glitch and a handful of others with similar glitches but they are usually removed before they hit international crowds. For Harvest Moon/Rune Factory in particular, I wish they’d allow you to pick whoever you want. Playing through Harvest Moon: A New Beginning, I discovered that your child will be white, blond/brown-haired and blue/brown-eyed no matter what you or your spouse looks like. If the people in charge don’t even care what the kid looks like, why not have same-sex couples adopt that same child?

    • Luis Enrique

      Yeah, they should make it so everyone-is-miserable-the-end scenarios, more realistic and every minority should find itself pleased with that.

      • Coeurl

        It could be a game where everyone that is attracted to you is also least compatible with you. You have to work hard to keep the relationship but there’s still a good chance that you break up anyway.

        I’d definitely play it.

        • Luis Enrique

          Don’t take my comment too seriously.

          • Coeurl

            Don’t worry, I didn’t~

    • agreed. it would make it slightly awkward if i couldn’t couple with my male fiance’s mii (im also male), and had to instead date a female. lol.

    • katamari damacy

      Because Japan is inherently conservative and this game is targeted for them. Homosexuality isn’t culturally accepted enough for it to appear in games largely targeted for children and females.

      • I think it’s more like “Nintendo is inherently conservative”.

  • Elemiel

    Sounds like a sitcom waiting to happen.

    • Ferofax

      Unless it’s possible to break off a partnership so you could have a go with the bestfriend, probably not.

  • Ricardo C

    So basically “The Sims: Mii Edition”
    (Im sorry I couldn’t resist making that joke)
    I wonder if they allow same-sex marriage in this game

  • Ricardo C

    So basically “The Sims: Mii Edition”
    (Im sorry I couldn’t resist making that joke)
    I wonder if they allow same-sex marriage in this game

  • I want this game so much. I really do. I hope this one gets released worldwide!

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    This game look really nice and it seems that we can create some unique relation between people here. Hmmmmmmm i wonder i can make my char a teacher and become like Onizuka or not lol.^_^

  • gamerdude

    It’s a weird thought that I basically could import my boyfriend into the game but in the game world we’d be magically turned straight and couldn’t fall in love.

    At first I was super excited about this (being a tomodachi fan) but that’s too big of an issue to look past.

    Same reason why I won’t be buying ARR as it only has straight marriage. I play games for fun not to be judged.

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    That Iwata as a teacher lol. This makes me wanted to see Inaba, Sakurai, Inafking, Yu Suzuki, or even Shigeru Mii’s in the game lol.

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