After Square Enix Announced It, What Ever Happened To Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII?

By Spencer . April 4, 2013 . 6:30pm


Way before their iPhone and Android push, Square Enix announced a suite of mobile games for feature phones back at a press conference in 2005. Hexcite Fusion, Code Age Brawls (a spinoff from the Japan-only PS2 game Code Age Commanders), Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII –Lost Episode- and Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII. While some of those games made it to the US, Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII didn’t come over.


Curious about the fate of the missing chapter in the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII series, Siliconera spoke to Keiji Fujita who spearheaded Square Enix’s mobile operations in the US during the time Before Crisis was announced.


“After saying the game will be launched in the United States, there wasn’t any progress made. That’s a true story,” Fujita explained. “The feature phones at that time were too low spec to bring Before Crisis to the US market. Because Before Crisis is an online game, it was only available for high end phones in Japan. There was no way to port the game to phones here.”


Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII is part of the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII series. It’s a real time game that focuses on the Turks and has a neat feature where you take photos to make materia. The story is a prequel and explains what happened to the first AVALANCHE team.


The original producer of Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII left Square Enix and is now working at Capcom. Fujita believes this may be one reason why nobody has taken care of the porting work. Although, Final Fantasy Type-0 producer Hajime Tabata expressed interest in remaking the game for Nintendo 3DS.


Fujita also told us an interesting story about the Kingdom Hearts mobile game for Verizon phones which was made by Superscape. “Kingdom Hearts was developed by Disney, not Square Enix. That’s why Tetsuya Nomura was very unhappy about the quality of the graphics because Disney just did it without his supervision.”


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  • Vesperion

    I’m down for a 3ds version of Before Crisis instead of more Kingdom Hearts spinoffs.

    • MrRobbyM

      I’m down for almost anything else that isn’t more Kingdom Hearts spinoffs

      • Michael Sharp

        I haven’t seen one yet, but I’m hoping for a Kingdom Karts. Oh, I’m sorry, are sequels/prequels spinoffs? I never got the update from the people over at Webster’s.

        • T-X

          (Not being a smartass but there is a kart minigame in KH BBS)

          • Elemiel

            The one at Toontown right? It reminded me of Mario Kart without the urge to beat up the controller, curse at the screen, and rage when getting hit by a blue shell followed by a red shell right at the finish line.

    • Masa

      me too, Kingdoms hearts is pretty much just a milking series now for SE.

      • MrRobbyM

        I wouldn’t say milking seeing as most of them are quality games. I would rather say ‘taking advantage’.

    • hawk222

      I’ve yet to see a KH spinoff. Well, unless you count KH Mobile or KH Chi (I think that one’s a spinoff).

  • MrSirFeatherFang

    I can see why Nomura was unhappy about that Kingdom Hearts game lol
    I had no clue Before Crisis was suppose to come to the US though. I didn’t even know it was an online game.

    • Randy Marsh

      Yeah it was suppose to come to the US originally, I remember seeing an advertisement for it in a Gameinformer.

  • Göran Isacson

    So it was really just too ahead of it’s time for the West. I think this is what everyone was thinking, but I guess it’s nice to have official confirmation.

    Also, I wonder what that producer is doing over at Capcom now… social games, maybe?

    • Yerld_CK

      IIRC, he’s a manager in their mobile department. Among large publishers, execs seem to have moved around as each company expanded mobile development.

      For instance, an upper manager at Namco ended up in charge of one of Square Enix’s mobile groups.

  • phangtom

    To the people that keep saying “Kingdom Hearts spinoffs”. Have you even played them or know the story? Since most the KH games on the handhelds I.e. PSP/DS etc are not spin-offs, but prequels and sequels that cover important parts of the story that aren’t covered in KH1+2. Just because it isn’t number, doesn’t mean it’s a spin-off.

    That said, wouldn’t mind seeing Before Crisis being made for the 3DS. Sounds interesting.

    • MrRobbyM

      The word “spinoffs” when talking about KHs usually means any game that isn’t a numbered game or the handheld games.

      Not to mention the bunch that thinks KHs needs to calm down with the story.

    • Ferrick

      well the mobile phone game posted here of kh is the only spin off i know off, the rest are just people over exaggerating

    • $36487238

      Exactly dood! All non-numbered KH games are not spin-off. If they just take the time to play them and put them together in the KH story, they’ll understand it’s really part of the story. Yes, it does piss some of them that KH had to branch off to Nintendo’s side but that’s why there’s a KH 1.5 HD Remix right? They did bring 358/2 Days story to people on Sony’s side so they at least know the story better.

      But yeah, this mobile KH game is, like Ferrick says, the only spin-off. I

    • Sardorim

      All fine and dandy but I would still rather have Kingdom Hearts III.

    • Sergio Briceño

      The thing is. If you don’t need to play a game to get a story then it is a spinoff. The only games you have to play to understand the whole story of Kingdom Hearts are KH1, KH2 and KHbbs. All the other games’ relevant story arcs are covered by either character conversations, flashbacks or Ansem Reports.

      The rest of the story is not only convoluted, but it’s not even necessary. We only got Xion so we could get a plot for a game (KH358d) for a character that would later cease to exist individually (Roxas). It can’t get more useless than that.

      Oh, and yeah. More useless characters means more people telling Sora “Don’t give up! Come save us!” in dreams, so yeah they do serve another purpose… Making us see the exact same sequence over and over again but with more characters in each iteration…

      Some stories in the spinoffs are intereting, I’ll give you that, but since they are not relevant to the main story they are still considered spinoffs by most fans.

      You are right, not having a number doesn’t mean the game in a spinoff. Birth by Sleep is proof of this. But the rest of the non numbered games are spinoffs.

      • You’re forgetting Dream Drop Distance.

        • Sergio Briceño

          When KH3 comes out and if it covers the mark of mastery and Kairi’s admission into the key blade wielders in any way then we didn’t need D3. For the logic on that, read my second reply to Ferrick above, it’s too long to repost.

          Short answer is, so far their story has been completely covered in the main games (you know, the ones you can’t argue are main, KHbbs, KH1 and KH2) if you took your time to complete them. The mark of mastery for Sora and Riku has been mentioned in one spinoff and played in another one, but if it is EXPLAINED in the next main game, then we didn’t necessarily need to play said spinoffs.

          Just think about it. Coded didn’t even add in the gameplay department, it’s ideas scratched. Probably D3’s system will be the way to go but so far only it’s models have been reused. If when KH3 comes out you see anything from any of those games come back in a meaningful way or something doesn’t get explained fully, then they are main games, because you needed to play them.

          So far, they are in the list with CoM to me. Good games, interesting systems, not main.

      • Ferrick

        But ironically as much as these “fans” wanted to believe that these “spin-offs” are not related to the main story, they are. They are important to the storyline itself, and i’m willing to bet that these people would be very confused on why the “sudden” change in the main protagonist in the KH3 (and yes, KH 3 ddd is NOT a spin off, it is in fact, a direct sequel of kh 2, and starts off right after sora and riku got the letter in the bottle)

        • Sergio Briceño

          The fact that it happened after the second game doesn’t mean it’s a main game. Every game has to start somewhere, and spinoffs usually take place somewhere between the games and it doesn’t mean anything.

          You know when you can prove me wrong? When KH3 comes out. If it covers the mark of mastery and Kairi’s admission into the key blade wielders IN ANY WAY then we didn’t need D3.

          So far the only ways anyone could know that Sora and Riku have to go through the exams are the ones who played ReCoded and the ones who know they already have (and that Kairi is joining them) are the ones who played D3, right? By my logic, to get this information which I agree is crucial to the main plot, you didn’t need to buy, complete and get both special endings, you just had to wait until KH3.

          Wait until that game comes out, if it covers that story then the games were a spinoff. Tell you what, if it has a dedicated to Xion (save her, meet her, you name it) and not just a boss fight, then I will agree that 358d wasn’t a spinoff too. Therefore all games would be main! But it’s not happening and you know it, because they aren’t, they are spinoffs.

          • Ferrick

            it seems that you have no idea what ‘spin off’ mean either, so let me help you with this. A spin-off is something that takes on a whole different story that is written in reference towards the original story/lore, like how Final fantasy crystal chronicles is to Final fantasy, tales of the world is to all ‘tales of’, and metal gear rising revengeance is to metal gear solid.

            And it is a given that they will recap everything that had happened before starting the main story, they’ve been doing this since Re:Coded

            KH358/2 days is also part of the main story, and if you didn’t know Xion is pretty much sora’s segmented memories, so even if she’s not there physically, she’s still in sora, and the whole game is a huge gap filler, especially for those who didn’t get the final mix of kh 2. Hell, the game hints that Xehanort is Terra along the way.

            D3 is also the main story, if anything, its like the fill-in for between KH 2 and KH 3 and on who are the main antagonists in the next game. Any sensible fan would’ve had the common sense to just watch youtube to know all this if they don’t have the game itself.

          • Sergio Briceño

            I’ll answer each paragraph in order:

            1) I do, it’s story we don’t need to play through to get the main story. Crystal Bearers is not a spinoff, it just uses chocobos and the FF name, it’s a good game, but SE saw fit to have some FF on Wii, that’s it.

            2) It’s a given, but the main difference is, if you don’t play those three games I mentioned, you are missing out, even if you get to the secret endings on the other games. If you don’t play the spinoffs, you are still getting everything. How many times do YOU need to fight hearthless armor clad Riku until you are satisfied? I will tell you, just as many times as SE throws spinoffs at you before giving you KH3. But hey, you are free to support that system…

            3) It’s not. I knew but Sora was asleep the whole time, he regained his memories in KH2, what does it matter?. We all knew about Terra from the secret ending, same looks and eyes, the only thing different was his hair color.

            4) It’s a filler, good point, who needs fillers? They serve no purpose whatsoever and besides we all know who the main antagonists are since KH2 and KHbbs, again no need for spinoffs. Any sensible fan as you call them, doesn’t need said common sense because they are spinoffs!

            Now to my post:

            You said you needed to play all the games to get the story of KH, I get it so you consider all games to be main. I didn’t need to, so I only count KH1, KH2 and KHbbs, because there is content there that is crucial to the main story.

            If you don’t agree with me, then think the opposite. Imagine what it’d be like if it wasn’t one of the games I mentioned as spinoffs that you didn’t play, but one of the ones I mentioned as being main. Do you really think you could get anything at all? Of course not, you’d probably either don’t know who Ansem is or will think that Xehanort is some enemy that will make it’s debut in KH3. See my point, you don’t play any of those 3 games and you definitely miss out on the sotory.

            But it’s true there are alot of fans out there that are doing fine without CoM, Coded, 358d and D3. They don’t complain, because those stories aren’t needed to them and they don’t feel like encouraging SE to turn KH into FF and never get a conclusion to the main plot in the series. The KH universe is great, don’t get me wrong, but the story needs to finalize and start a new, not drag on forever.

            We think otherwise, so let’s just agree to disagree. Maybe it had something to do with the order in which you played the games. As I mentioned, I didn’t play them in order and I never had problems getting the story after the second game I played, which was KH1 (the first being KH2).

          • Ferrick

            1. Final fantasy crystal chronicles IS a spin off, it didn’t have the same settings as the main FF does (IE Gods goddesses and dark vs light setting), the only thing similar between the two series is that it incorporates crystals into its storyline, same applies to Crystal bearers

            2. errr, aren’t you being contradictive there ? so you say that you will miss out if you don’t play it, but you won’t miss out if you didn’t play it ? so which one is it ?

            3. you missed the point, its there for those who don’t have access to kh 2 FM, and its used as a gap filler in between kh 1 and kh 2 (think of it as a kh COM 1.5 without card battles)

            4. I think you need to invest in a better dictionary, that’s not what spin offs and fillers mean. Remember all the plotholes that BBS created ? Yeah most of it is answered in these so called “spin offs”, its there to fill in the gaps.

            and now the response to your long summary:

            your logic is flawed, I said that all the games are needed to understand the story, especially these so called “spin offs”, I never said that I needed the “spin offs” without playing the main game to understand on what is going on, don’t put words into my mouth.
            While it is true that some fans don’t mind the fillers, at the same time they have zero idea on what’s going on later on (like you ?), and most of them play only for the gameplay, not for the story, and the rest is just your imagination and fabrication, even the director stated that KH3 would be the last for xehanort.
            Lastly, it had nothing to do if I played in different order, the outcome would still be the same, I would still play kh 1 and kh com after finishing kh 2, and continue down the line, and I would still be here arguing with you.

          • Sergio Briceño

            1) We can’t agree on that one because, on a fundamental level, you and I have different opinions on what makes an spinoff and that won’t change that easily, nor does it need to.

            2) I’m not. You just need to try a little harder when you read. There are 3 games I consider spinoffs and 3 I consider to be main. Skip the former three and you still get everything. I hope you read it carefully this time.

            3) I’m a little lost here, I think you first talked about the Xehanort part. Well you didn’t need to play KH2FM to know who he was either, but since it’s an upgraded version of a main game I don’t get what the problem is. About Xion, I tell you once again if she becomes meaningful in KH3, then I agree with you 358 days was main too and her creation wasn’t just a cash in by square-enix.

            4) Insulting eh? Well, if I need a dictionary, you need to learn to read ↑↑. And no, I don’t remember any plotholes, at least not any that were fixed by the spinoffs. The only things that aren’t clear to me are the ones shown in the secret ending to bbsFM but that is because they are scenes from a game that’s yet to be released.

            Come to think of it, the three games that I consider main are the only ones with a Final Mix version… Interesting… At least the remakes got the nice RE letters.

            About your response to mine:

            1) Now you are the one not making sense. Do you, or do you not consider them necessary to get the story? Help me here, I’m trying to support your logic after all. If you, just as me didn’t need them to understand the story, then why do you consider them to be main?

            2) I don’t even know what you are talking about. Guess I really do need a dictionary. All I got was, you think I said you just needed the spinoffs? That’s the complete opposite of everything I’ve said since the beginning. I just proposed you to imagine the opposite. If I think I can do without the spinoffs, do you think YOU could do without the main games? If the answer is no, then probably they aren’t as relevant after all.

            You brought up an interesting point and I quote: “I said that all the games are needed to understand the story, especially these so called “spin offs”.” Well, there you go, clearly you are the one who doesn’t understand the definition of spinoff.

            3) Really? Because I would suggest you two things. First, play them not in the order they came out, but in the order they were supposed to happen, and of course don’t play D3 because it’s a dream and technically it didn’t happen :p. I’m sure the story would make more sense to you and maybe you’ll have an easier time understanding it. And second, we don’t need to argue! That’s the whole point! I told you so just one post ago! And I did here also, we have different opinions, mine is backed by the majority of fans, yours by the ones that also visit Siliconera, apparently.

          • Ferrick

            1. of course we can never agree on things, because the way we understand the word is different, i understand the word “spin off” as something that was made from the original, but not related to the main story, while your understanding is pretty much “not a numbered title/not on sony consoles = spin off”

            2. your text edit is too obvious…

            3. kh 356/2 days’ scenes are in kh2FM, and kh2fm is only obtainable through importing in case you didn’t know. Like i said, Xion is Sora’s memories, so even if you say that she won’t appear in kh3, she will, one way or the other, and if you didn’t know, 356/2 days is all about Roxas, after his creation and how he lived his life as an org member and why he decided to leave it. (though his capture is already shown in kh2FM)

            4. not insulting, just giving a suggestion. No plotholes ? Okay, this means that you either don’t give a damn to the story or you have zero idea on what’s going on with the story. Hint: kairi wielding a keyblade, and was never explained till d3 .That final scene with the castle of dreams appearing in the dark realm ? You do know that its kh 1 right ?

            You might want to hold that thought because all SE said is that they may not make D3 as an FM [b]Yet[/b]

            1-1) what part of “all games are needed to understand the story” didn’t you understand ?

            2-1) what part of ” I never said that I needed the “spin offs” without playing the main game to understand on what is going on” don’t you understand ?

            notice on how i used the quotation marks when i say “spin-offs” ? or do you really need me to put up this picture everytime i say it ?


            3-1) … you do know that kh CoM came right after kh 1 in terms of release date too right ? With kh 2 coming along just a year after CoM was released… or are you going to say that sequence is wrong and i’m not playing the game according to the order it was supposed to be played in ?

          • Sergio Briceño

            1) Glad we agree.

            2) I did edit, I always do, about a minute after I post because I re-read what I post to find any incoherences. It’s really funny reading you by the way, if anything I’m a nintendo fanboy and not sony’s, if you tried to imply that, and I didn’t edit that paragraph either.

            You should try it, read at least what you write, so you save me the trouble of trying to decipher why you consider a game that you didn’t need to comprehend the main story not a spinoff.

            3) All I’m telling you is this. Take the main characters aside and you have 5 more important characters which are the BBS ones, Roxas and Xion. I’m pretty sure the BBS ones will contribute to the story of 3, their game is even getting a sequel. I can’t say I’m sure Xion or Roxas are going to be relevant outside of their own games though. Also, to know Xehanort’s identity you “could” get KH2’s secret ending like I said, you could also play BBS. Both main.

            4) Actually Kairi’s ability to wield a keyblade wasn’t explained in D3, it was in BBS, remember her encounter with Aqua? And since by KH2 we still didn’t know she was already adept at keyblade wielding you could justify it just the way you could justify Sora first wielding a keyblade that wasn’t his. Everybody can, just not everybody is chosen. But that is what passing is for. About the castle of dreams, same argument about Xion, if it is relevant, then we will see it again in KH3.

            From now on it get’s confusing again, I don’t know what we are using numbers anymore for.

            1-1. The part where you mistook a suggestion to look at the problem from a different angle into an accusation. Once again, think the opposite, what if you didn’t play the main games? Compare that to not playing the spinoffs, I can guarantee you something, maybe you think you would be lost without the spinoffs, but you wouldn’t even know what you are playing at all without the main games.

            2-1. The part where you said that it was the so called spinoffs that were needed the most to understand the story. Really, were you being serious? They are just fillers, the main story is at… Well the MAIN story.

            Feel free to use the picture, it’s funny. And just so you get it without re-reading, it’s funny because you took the trouble. I’m not quoting the word because that’s what they are.

            3-1. I didn’t say you did. I just said maybe you should try playing them in the order the events were supposed to happen. I also said I didn’t, I completely messed the order and maybe that is why I got the story and contrary to you I don’t consider the spinoffs relevant.

            And by the way. You did insult me, once with the dictionary thing and twice by implying I’m editing my posts to… I honestly don’t know what you think I could do it for, but I will tell you one thing “you” are not worth editing. See what I did there? I quoted “you”.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            @Ferrick:disqus Bit too personal on the back and forth here tonight. The points have been made, let’s both leave things here. Thanks.

          • Ronldbx6

            I have to disagree about COM not being apart of the main story because I jumped right from KH1 to KH2 and didn’t know what the f%ck was going. I didn’t know who the organization was, why they were attacking Sora, I didn’t even know why Sora was sleeping. There’s so many other things too that made sense in KH2 once I played Re:COM. COM is very important in the gap in between KH1 and KH2.

      • Haseyo

        Please, I jumped from KH1 to KH2 and had NO idea what the hell happened. Then I played Re:Chain of Memories and it made sense (you know, KH sense at least).

        • Sergio Briceño

          I played KH2 first, nothing confusing about it but didn’t understand what exactly drove Sora. Then I played the first one, real sense of relief because I finally understood what drove him. Then I played CoM, good battle system and hell of an intro but the story was already covered by Dis so it wasn’t necessary, moreover the only characters that really mattered died in the spinoff so it’s not like their introduction was relevant aside from special boss fights in the remakes/final mixes.

        • Utku Savaş

          Same here. And from that moment that I learned evn unnumbered KHs are canon, I played them all.

      • looks like someone haven’t played dream drop distance

        • Sergio Briceño

          I don’t know who you are talking about, but if you meant me, then thank you for your concern, but I have. I have recently been informed by a poster on Siliconera that a Final Mix version could be in plans according to the creator, so maybe I will play it again.

          • Oh please, I reply to you for a reason. Also say what? a final mix version of dream drop distance?

          • Sergio Briceño

            I thought you replied to me to maybe inform me that somebody I was talking to hadn’t played it. Because if you read my posts you would clearly notice I already had.

            About the Final Mix version, it was coincidentially Ferrick who also replied to me, he said: “You might want to hold that thought because all SE said is that they may not make D3 as an FM [b]Yet[/b]”.

            The thing is, he was dragging on the discussion far too long and even being offensive so I doubt it’s a good idea to reply to him on the matter on this board. But if you send him a private message (don’t know if you can because I only use discuss for Siliconera and haven’t tried myself) then you could ask him for where and when he got this info.

            Still, it’s SE and there is a huge gap in time between teases, announcements and releases when it comes to good games.

      • Steven Higgins

        As far as I’m concerned in KH a game is not a “spinoff” unless Square and Nomura say it is, and the only ones they’ve said that about are KH x[chi] and V-cast. That being said Days and Coded (and possibly 3D in the future) for me fall into that grey “sidegame” area between main and spin off, more important to the story than a spin off but not quite on par with main games.

    • Tien Ron

      i would consider them spin-offs because the director did say that the main story of kingdom hearts will always follow sora’s story which would be on consoles. you dont have to know what happens in the handhelds to follow the story.

      • maggosh

        He never said the main story was only on consoles.

    • Thank you. Thank you for shining light upon those closed minded individuals.

    • Utku Savaş

      Ah, at last someone who thinks like me. When the time comes and KHIII released, all the people who blabbering about “Duuuuuh… But all the games besides KH and KHII are spinoffs!” will just staring to the TV with a saliva leaking from the corner of their lips trying to understand what the hell is going on. Because I experienced the same thing when I played KHII. I didn’t know the slightest bit about Organization XIII, Naminé or why Sora, Donald and Goofy waking up in odd-Alien egg-shaped tubes.

      • Ronldbx6

        Me either in regards to the Com situation. When KH3 is finally released, I really would like to see the reaction of people’s faces who only played KH1 and KH2 and think they’re prepared.

    • The Watcher

      if it’s not KH 1,2,3 then it’s considered a spinoff. by definition.

  • I was wondering whatever happened to this game, when I saw this trailer years ago it had me sold from the get go. Also I don’t think anyone can deny how badass all the Turks look in that trailer.

  • Sardorim

    Missing piece?

    Dirge of Cerberus ended on a cliffhanger! We still don’t know the end of the story for Vincent, Yuffies, Cid, Barret, Red XIII, Cait Sith, Cloud, and Tifa!

    • Randy Marsh

      Well the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII ends in 4 years, hopefully we’ll get a new game or something before then.

      • Sardorim

        Yes. Vincent x Yuffie fans need closure like Advent Children gave Cloud x Tifa fans and allowed Cloud to finally get peace of mind and to move on and be happy.

    • echokanon

      There is Ac, BC, CC, DC for FF7 and we all knew CC + DC makes a cliffhanger for more appearance of ‘G’. Judging from the naming sense I’m guessing they are actually planned to make an EC or even FC. I just hope they are not gonna extend it to GC to make it FF7-7…

      Gosh, this is an Eternal Crisis (pun intended)

  • We_Were_There

    besides the ff completionist, does anyone really care for the tacked-on relevancy a game like before crisis has to the whole vii canon? perhaps if it was a full blown 3ds production, maybe, but as of now, i don’t think anyone cares about this game.

    • komiko12

      True. It’s not like that game offered much to the universe of FF7. -_-

  • topdog2007

    OMG I MUST BUY NOW pleases make it for 3ds or iphone witch i want or hell psp i don’t give a crap as long as this game comes to america i going to buy this hands down

    • Farid Belkacemi

      PSP is a no go… Remember Type-0 ?

      • topdog2007

        i agree i mean vita you really don’t need much but lot of people don’t own vita that why ds or IPHONE would be better

      • $36598391

        Type 0 was also one of the few PSP games with two UMDs
        Trails in the Sky Second Chapter was another
        from what i heard PSP wasn’t good with switching umds while running the games

        • Farid Belkacemi

          I don’t know where you read that but the PSP has no problems with “2 UMDs” games. And, even if it was indeed a problem, there’s always the PSN version ;)

    • Detrimont

      since it needs a camera for gameplay, vita would work better

      • maggosh

        The 3DS has…three.=/

        • Detrimont

          yeah, i know that, i’m hoping for it on 3ds too, i’m just saying since the original commenter put psp, it wouldnt work

  • Ethan_Twain

    That would be interesting… the in-game graphics look a little bit sub-3DS so that would take some time and money to update for the new platform but the 3DS could do any internet and camera related functions in the game.

    Was the game well received? This is one of those times where I read about a game on Siliconera and don’t know whether I should care or not.

  • Rufos_S

    I would love to see a Remake of Before Crisis for the 3DS or Vita… :)

    • Utku Savaş

      I would love to see too but it won’t happen. SquareEnix’s only focus is “how can we brag further FFXIII compilation?” and several other mobile games.

      • Rufos_S

        Totally agree with you… Anyway they should at least make Before Crisis playable outside Japan, we have the right to play all games of the FFVII Compilation…

  • T-X

    All I see is FF Type-0 and Nintendo 3DS right next to eachother and wonder…. “Why not SquareEnix? Why the fuq not?!”

    EDIT: Also you can never have enough Kingdom Hearts (unpopular opinion?) but the animation in that mobile game is so hideous I would kill a baby deer to get the memory out of my head.

  • RoxasTheUnknown1

    I’d like before crisis on 3DS/Vita with high quality/HD sprites or 3D character models. Throw in some fresh content and there you go. I remember KH V cast too. Never knew what became of it. Animations look meh but it’s kinda neat seeing something from the past.

  • Riseabovethesky

    Some people seem to have difficulties understanding Bioshock Infinite’s ending. I do not have this problem, Kingdom Hearts trained me well.

    • Ethan_Twain

      Ha! Only tangentially related to the topic at hand, but it was funny anyway :)

  • Ace

    The Kingdom Hearts spinoffs made the story way more convoluted than it needed to be. KH 1 had the best story when it was nice and simple but not overly complicated and pretentious. I wonder when Final Fantasy XV (it might be Versus) and KH 3 are gonna be announced.

  • brian

    He was particularly disappointed in the graphics and not so much the unplayability?
    It looks okay visually, but mind-numbingly frustrating.

  • SunOatBoatMatadorQuattro

    “That’s why Tetsuya Nomura was very unhappy about the quality of the graphics because Disney just did it without his supervision”

    Lol, Disney is not so popular. Almost like a Simpsons joke.

  • Solomon_Kano

    I hope Tabata can make that remake happen. That and CC were the games in the Compilation that I really wanted. Thankfully, we got CC, but I’d still be interested in playing Before Crisis.

  • AuraGuyChris

    Nomura: *Slaps Disney Head* Are you kidding me? This is your typical Disney sitcom quality. That’s it, now I’m mad! *Makes Re:Coded*

    • Re:coded is unrelated to this mobile game.

  • ShadowDivz

    What exactly is a “high end phone” in japan?
    What can it do?

    • Ferrick

      it lets you play card games… ON MOTOR CYCLES

    • Ethan_Twain

      Turn into a giant city-protecting robot piloted by the child who owns the phone of course.

      • ShadowDivz

        Makes sense.

    • It can access Nicaea.

    • Suzaku

      At the time Before Crisis was released, the best feature phones in Japan were 3G and had access to i-mode or related online services, and the capability to play fairly sophisticated 2D and 3D games. They were maybe 3 or 4 years ahead of the Western market.

      At this point, the rest of the world is now using smart phones and has pretty much caught up to Japan.

  • new_tradition

    I remember thinking when Kingdom Hearts Coded got a DS port from mobile, Before Crisis might have been able to make the same leap.

    But of course, this was a while ago.

  • Warboss Aohd

    can we get a game dat iz related ta FF6 an’ FF9 instead?

    • D H

      Oh… I honestly hope not. Other than 1 and maybe 3, these are definitely on the low end of my list (9 is actually the dead bottom, sorry).

      Now, a nicely done sequel to V to forget all about that “Legend of the Crystals” stuff would be amazing… as long as Amano stays the hell away from my lovely in game character designs….

    • Elvick

      Given SE’s recent actions… I never want them to do anything with FFVI again. I fear for it’s future. If they rape it with a shitty mobile “re”make like with FFV, then I will be devastated.

      FFVI is arguably one of their best FF, and games in general. It deserves better than laziness.

      • You cannot stop the darkness that is to come.

      • Warboss Aohd

        i woz finkin’ maybe a FF6 remake wit Ultros az a party member…….an’ just a straight up remake o’ FF9.

  • ‘Although, Final Fantasy Type-0 producer Hajime Tabata expressed interest in remaking the game for Nintendo 3DS.’

    I’d love that actually. Could be an interesting game if handled properly.

  • almostautumn

    Idon’t care what platform Before Crisis moves to; just f-ing localize it. Does anymore need to be said about this? Take the game that had what is probably the largest impact on the western market ever, create a variety of connecting titles that everybody is still a decade later debating and discussing actively— but then not bring one over, one that is already made?
    I get this is big-buisness, but this is one of those rare times I’ll take the stance of “What-F-ing-Ever!” Seriously; Before Crisis, we’re all STILL waiting for it, and they should really just make that a top damn priority.

    And now that I’m already internet yelling; where the hell is type-o, you idiots?!

  • Vitor Duarte

    Type-0 and 3DS? Are you fucking kidding me? They haven’t even translated that game and released it on PAL and NA regions for its original system (the PSP) and they are already talking about remaking for another system? SE get your act together man!
    About Before Crisis being remade for the Vita/3DS I like the idea, but it brings another us to another point: SE stop wasting time and resources on remakes and shit and get Versus XIII and KH3 done with.
    I’m sick and tired of these stupid but (somewhat fun) spinoff KH games. They are completely useless and are milking the franchise as well as giving it a bad name. CoM was good and somewhat relevant to the storyline. Days was useless in every sense of the word and it wasn’t even that good. BbS was very good and it was relevant. Coded was horrifying and it served no purpose whatsoever. DDD could have been KH3 but they decided to release it for the 3DS, WTF man? Stop releasing major entries to a series only on a handheld. You could have released it on PS3/WiiU and have a portable version for Vita/3DS.
    I’m saying Sony/Nintendo because although it started as a PS2 exclusive KH is now more Nintendo than Sony. MS is missing out.
    Sorry for the rant, I hope someone feels the same. (I gotta start taping stuff like this).

    EDIT: Read it wrong, they weren’t talking about remaking FFT-0 for the 3DS but rather BFFFVII. But the same principle applies.

    • TheExile285

      It’s not like this is the Valkeria Chronicles fiasco

      The whole point of these “spin-offs” is to get people to buy the system. Until just recently, Kingdom Hearts DD was the only reason why I wanted to buy a 3DS.

  • Just curious, where does the pic on the preview come from?

  • Draparde

    I’d love to play a Before Crisis game for the 3DS.

  • Didn’t Before Crisis get awful reviews in Japan? As well as completely butchering much of FFVII’s canon in order to fit it’s ridiculous storyline (similar to what Dirge of Cerberus did)? I’m not too fussed if it makes it to the West or not, tbh.

    Type-0 on the other hand…

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    Kingdom Hearts V CAST looked really sad (bad) lol, years ago i heard it was going to get an DS port XD

  • You’d think with all the mobile revolution stuff going on they would bring Before Crisis over, I’d love BC:FFVII for 3DS though. Tabata is one of my fav developers.

  • l777l

    Make it a console game. The Turks are interesting.

  • TheExile285

    Before Crisis 3DS remake? Do want

  • harmonyworld

    quite making crappy phone games and make proper console games

  • Unknown

    Before Crisis remake for the 3DS please

  • Sylveria

    Hey… Hajime.. how about you worry about getting Type-0 localized, then consider porting your 7 year old phone game.

  • loco_loco

    “Kingdom Hearts was developed by Disney, not Square Enix.
    That’s why Tetsuya Nomura was very unhappy about the quality of the
    graphics because Disney just did it without his supervision.”

    In subjective, I still enjoyed of it regardless of the quality of its graphics. I hope there will be another Kingdom Hearts games for mobile phone (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone at least), just like Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade.

  • I just read a 3DS port? Why not a VITA? *sigh* whatever.

    • TheExile285

      because low sales.

      I would rather them port Type-0 to Vita tbh. add trophies and a new boss or something and boom. Port done

      • I understand that, it just I would believe the sales would increase if they have more titles to play on it. I know that what is also drawing it back is the overpriced memory card, but FF Type-0 would look lovely on a Viita.

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