New Toukiden Screenshots Show The Dual Blades And Spear

By Spencer . April 5, 2013 . 5:30pm

Tecmo Koei and Omega Force’s oni hunting game Toukiden has two more weapons. The Dual Blades deal slashing and piercing damage. You can hit enemies with rapid strikes with the Dual Blades on the ground or in the air. Dual blades also give the warrior a whirlwind attack.


touk-15 touk-14 touk-16


The spear can pierce enemies with the pointed tip and crush enemies with the weight on the back. Players can store power up and do a rapid burst of powerful attacks.


touk-20 touk-18 touk-19


Toukiden comes out on June 27 for PSP and PlayStation Vita.


touk-20 touk-21 touk-26 touk-32 touk-31 touk-29 touk-28 touk-27 touk-24 touk-08 touk-12 touk-11 touk-10 touk-09

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  • Game looks pretty but the demo bored me, and with a lot more better stuff out like god eater/soul sacrifice/monster hunter, this one feels pretty week x.x

    • Strid

      Aye, it is a very bland game. It’s also awkward having no player character variation on the field in 2013, but honestly, that’s about the kind of stuff I’ve come to expect from Tecmo Koei. I do enjoy Ninja Gaiden and their Musou games, but this – I’m sure MH will hold me over until God Eater 2 gets here.

      • And it felt slow, weird, i dont know, i didnt feel comfortable controlling the character

        • ShadowDivz

          I havn’t played it. But i was told its not worth switching accounts for.

          • It isn’t at all, if u like PSO2, this one is worthy enough to do it tho

        • Well I played the game and the combat is too slow me but i only tried the 2hd and bow, but bow’s aren’t supposed to be slow

          • Alexander Marquis Starkey

            I watched the game play video and it seems about as fasts as a bow should be, considering you can repeated fire arrows and it won’t drain stamina.

          • Watching=/=playing

          • Alexander Marquis Starkey

            No, with animation, what you see is everything and I see pretty realistic animation. Might be slow for what you are use to, but it’s definitely not slow.

          • Ok, talk all you want, its not like you are basing of something you lived, like me, so is stupid to even bother to try to make you understand if you take it this far.

            If you ever try it you might or not understand what i mean, Im talking as someone who has played all hunting games until today, the timing of buttons/movement fell off base, plainly weird and uncomfortable.

            If i had a coin for every time one makes a wrong assumption from videos…

          • When i fell down the char moved slowly, i felt so forced to see him falling down, not at all like MH (that is considerably slow), when he stand up too, and when i pressed the button and he started to hit, it was so ughh

        • Monster Hunter has slow controls too, from the looks of the video this actually seems faster pace than mh.

          • lol, funny you say that, i’ve played all MH until today, and you will have no idea of what im talking about until you play it, of course, from the looks of the video it looked nice, but when i played it….

      • Korten

        Pretty sure the reason why they looked similar is because in the demo there is no character customization.

        • Strid

          Based on everything they’ve shown, there is no character customization period.

          • Korten

            I am 100% sure they said that you can customize your character. In fact there is crafting as well. It’s just like the Monster Hunter demo, they have no character customization.

          • Strid

            Well, that’s good then (glad I’m wrong) because it sure doesn’t need anything else going against it, especially something lazy like that.

  • I just played the demo, character movement and combat speed were issues for me. Other than that it has lots of potential

  • RoxasTheUnknown1

    It’s like two different games. xD The screenshots make it look gorgeous but in actual display Toukiden lacks that spark that Soul Sac/GEB/MH have. It’s really odd.

    • Alexander Marquis Starkey

      Explain? Interface needs some work but I like what the game offers…sadly I don’t have a vita to play myself.

      • tubers

        Watch that. There’s no explaining needed. What you see there is what you get to play on the VITA. It’s not fake footage. One of those few VITA games that’s in 3D with native res and decent textures.

        Graphical presentation preference is subjective.

        In game dialogue is missing in presentations so far compared to GE and SS..

        Can be perceived as lacking in production values (“spark?”) compared to GE and SS.

        MH is MH..

        • Alexander Marquis Starkey

          I think you mention to respond to him and not me.

    • AdachiTohru

      ” Toukiden lacks that spark that Soul Sac/GEB have ”

      Its the big flaw of the game, too much similarities with MH

    • No it doesn’t, actual gameplay looks just like the screens on PS Vita anyway. Just bear in mind that this game is not Monster Hunter in fact it is very very different.

      I hate when people compare Action games: Ragnarok isn’t Monster Hunter, Toukiden isn’t Monster Hunter, Phantasy Star isn’t Monster Hunter, so please stop it, its ignorant.

  • benhofb

    I am rather on the fence with this one. I watched a LP online for the demo and it just kinda looked… like a generic MonHun clone. I mean, yeah, it has some unique features and interesting enemies, but still “meh”. Not to mention, the colors looked really really dark and bland to me. We’ll have to see how it is received when it launches…

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    After seeing this game live stream on niconico, i can’t said i am as hyped as before here.T_T
    While the setting and monster is incredible, the gameplay is kinda……..weak. It has too much similiarities with Mon Hun and the land is also very bland with some water looks ugly.
    Hope that the demo is not the final product there and they are still going to further improve this game.^_^

  • tubers

    Here’s a high quality minute footage of gameplay:

    The game could have done much better with a more organic stage layout than just simple and barren open spaces (add some slopes, ridges, boulders, etc.).

    The backdrop looks pretty good at least.

    I also very much appreciate the way they’ve approached the graphics here with native resolution and high res textures.. 3D games running at native res on the VITA is very easy on the eyes.

    Character model and details look good too (better than Lord of Apocalypse and GE2 with flat faces)

    There’s no contest that SS’s combat is more fresh, very unique and has more flair and that’s on top of having better lighting and likely a more advanced shaders..

    ..but game is not native res (overall blurry look), textures are questionable (img provided), occasional screen tearing and zero exploration:

    — — —

    I hope this game has plenty of customization and crafting at the very least.

    If the demo was “it”.. this would be a very, very hard sell.

    • Thanks for the video. The AI for the boss doesn’t seem too impressive. Hopefully its because they want to showcase what the players can do rather than the boss.

      • tubers

        The demo was pretty easy.. at least death isn’t punishing.. Hope it gets more challenging on retail..

        Oh well.

    • Sergio Briceño

      Nice find. Do you know if it’s mandatory to have white hair in the game? Or is it just the natural hair color for a specific character race? (that is, if we get to choose the race)

      • Alexander Marquis Starkey

        Well since you can customize, I’d assume the full game let’s you actually touch the hair.

    • popo123

      SS had a weird choice for texture filtering lol. It looks good overall but the resolution is indeed not native but is it the same on the final retail version of the game? Or just the demo? I just played the demo, looked good and the gameplay was fun although it’s kinda disappointing that it’s basically just a monster hunting game with little to no exploring and no towns and the like. Comparing with Toukiden in the graphic dept, toukiden has WAY better character, monster models, resolution, Anti Aliasing and shadowing but the environment are just average with little variations.

      • AdachiTohru

        Or from an other point of view, MH is a Soul sacrifice game without sacrifice, story, background, etc.

        The 2 have too much differences to call SS a monster hunting game, like PSO and MH, MH isnt called a Phantasy hunting game in spite of the similarities.

        • popo123

          You’ve misunderstand. I wasn’t compairing SS and Monster Hunter. I said SS is a monster hunting game which it is. The story of course might not be about monster hunting itself but the gameplay pretty much has plenty to do with hunting monsters. Monster hunting gameplay isn’t owned by monster hunter so there’s really no need to compare monster hunting games to monster hunter.

  • Well, don’t be surprised if you’re disappointed in the end… that’s basically always the case with KOEI~ >_> *coughDW8cough*

    While I’m still very interested in this game, I’ve to say that the game is veryyy similar to the Monster Hunter games (which is both a good and ‘bad’ thing. Good, because the MH games are great. ‘Bad’, because it doesn’t seem to have something new in its genre). You’re in a map, and then you just have to rush on a Oni monster. The maps does look great, but I think they could have added lots of details to them.

    Still, I’m going to buy it on day one. It has been long since KOEI released a completely new IP, so I’m going to give it a chance~

    • Alexander Marquis Starkey

      What’s different is the soul system it uses. Various souls of Japan’s mythology and historical figures. The soul you equip gives you access to four abilities. While I doubt each soul out the 200 promised has different unique abilities, between all of them, but players should be able to find ones that fit their play style, and best augment their preferred weapon.

      • Yeah, the game does have 200 historical figures as equipable souls, but there’s no way all of them can provide a different and unique ability. That’s KOEI we’re talking about, lol~ And I believe Soul Sacrifice kind of do that as well, so it is not -that- different in its genre either, but we’ll see. The game also have a story, so I’m looking forward to this too.

        • Alexander Marquis Starkey

          I think Toukiden has more attack options too, dodge roll in to a different kind of attack, a super special ala musou, various other nice looking attacks I’ve not seen in any monster hunter gameplay. I just wish I had played monster hunter to compare. All I can rely is videos.

  • Awesomeness

  • Draparde

    If the gameplay is fun to me, and there is customization i’ll definatly give it a shot. the video seemed pretty good. but i’ll have to try iy myself to be a true judge

    i’ve heard some disheartening things about SS(in my opinion anyway). but i may still give that one a shot…

  • ekibyougami

    Played it with 3 friends. The Oni battle took long as hell (not
    to mention he hurts like hell unless you have the Defensive-type Spirit
    with you) — 20 minutes passed and we only dealt 1/4 damage ._.

    Then came that Behemoth-thing + 2 spiders mission….

    least there’s a “3 unresurrected deaths” limit. Now, if they would FIX
    THE FRAME RATE DROPS…. this would be one heck of gorgeous game. And
    since it’s a demo, I’m hoping they’d improve and fix some issues.

    • tubers

      Yeah the frames do drop.. can be annoying..

      What behemoth thing? I’ve only played SP and there was only a 2 boss spiders + giant oni on the last mission :(

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