Rights For Every Character In Project X Zone Had To Be Re-Negotiated

By Matt Hawkins . April 11, 2013 . 5:30pm

image2013_0322_1559_3 One of the more curious games that was on-hand at last week’s Namco Bandai Global Gamers Day was the upcoming localized version of Project X Zone. For those unfamiliar, it’s a tactical, strategy RPG that stars a cast of cherry picked characters from three different game publishers: Namco Bandai, Capcom, and Sega.


Some of the franchises that are tapped into are instantly familiar, like Resident Evil and Mega Man X. Whereas others are remotely obscure, like Sakura Wars and Valkyria Chronicles. And then you have Resonance of Fate and Yumeria, hardly household names.


Over 30 different franchises are represented, and it was not easy brining everyone over, according to the Namco Bandai rep that walked me through the demo. Every character’s rights had to be re-negotiated, but everyone from the Japanese version is accounted. Even John McClain, of Die Hard Arcade fame, though he’s referred to as Bruno Delinger, from the non-Hollywood licensed version of the game, Dynamite Deka.




The game is quite clearly fan service for all devotees the aforementioned publishers, plus a chance for Monolith Soft to play around with other company’s characters (it’s worth reminding folks that it’s owned by Nintendo these days). But, will unfamiliar players be totally lost in the shuffle? No, though all explaining will be primarily done in the accompanying art book that’s part of the limited edition package. Thankfully, the limited edition package is the default offering.


image2013_0322_1408_25 Namco Bandai clearly knows who will be purchasing Project X Zone, hence the limited edition being the only way to go, and why very little has been meddled with. The game retains all its original Japanese voice acting, plus all its original character art remains untouched. Including a very risqué looking Morrigan, who has always been known to show some skin, but it’s particular ridiculous this time (enough to perhaps single-handedly warrant the "partial nudity" note in its ESRB rating). Again, fan service to the max.


Project X Zone is for the hardcore fans, plain and simple. The same people who know about its predecessor, Namco X Capcom, which was for the PlayStation 2 and never left Japan. The spiritual successor is more or less the same game: again, it’s a tactical role-playing game, which itself is a very hardcore genre. But if you have any familiarity with similar titles (Atlus’s Devil Survivor is perhaps the best comparison), then you’ll do fine.


Adding to accessibility is the manner in which confrontations play out. The bird’s eye view switches to an up close view, similar to a fighting game, and the fights closely resemble them as well. All actions are achieved by pressing the A button in some combination with the circle pad, though it’s not as complicated as it sounds. Meaning no dragon punch combinations, at least that I know of.



Combat worked pretty much the same way in Namco X Capcom, but it feels much faster in Project X Zone, as well as more fluid, which is a definite bonus; the biggest complain about Namco X Capcom was the pacing, plus the constricting field map navigation. Pretty much the only thing that Namco X Capcom has over the new game is a deeper roster. Sorry fans of Klonoa, Strider, and Dig Dug. But at least Mega Man fans who are still reeling from the cancelation of Mega Man Legends 3 can enjoy another dose of Tron Bonne.


Project X Zone arrives in America on June 25th.

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  • AlteisenX

    Really wish I could use Haseo and Sonic and some other characters, but I’ll be grateful that we’re even getting the game. It sucks that there won’t be english voices and japanese voices, but hey… at least it isn’t X4 Zero voice.

    • MrTyrant

      They could have added better antagonist for some characters too. Virgil vs Dante, SF team vs Bison or Resident team vs Wesker, Sanger vs Woodan Ymir or another SRW antagonist, etc. It could have been interesting that way.

      Still not complaining for the awesome cast but one could have expected the awesome rivalry crossing dimensions xD

      • Haseyo

        M.Bison/Vega was already a huge boss in Namco x Capcom. As this is technically a sequel, it wouldn’t make sense if he came back to life since 99 didn’t revive him at the end.

        • MrTyrant

          Just saying.

          Also Wesker, those glasses and kung fu moves would fit great.

          • Haseyo

            I definitely agree with Wesker being a cool villain, but since they’re using the real classic Chris and Jill, I’m assuming this is before Wesker went all super badass. He would’ve been another gunner just like the duo.

          • Just Tim

            RE talk: with that said, it’s safe to say that Nemesis is the most memorable Bio-Organic Weapon in all of Resident Evil, with the Licker and Hunter after it.

  • MrSirFeatherFang

    Good to hear they know the audience for this game. Though I’m wondering the sales expectations since they are catering to this audience so much. I preordered already and hopefully it does well.

    • PhilliesFlyers89

      They have my sale already. If anything, I can assume the game will be over the top and zany.

      • Kibbitz

        It definitely has zany, it’s more of a question whether it’s your kind of zany and whether there’s enough of it. Could be more over the top though.

        • oh it has Zenny all right, that u use to buy parts for the Gesellschaft and then you…

          Oh wait, wrong game, mah bad, I was reminiscing the good ol’ days XD

          • Kibbitz

            Miss buying accessories to customize your guys like in NxC? And I wish the person who downvoted this whole thread of comments would be kind to share its opinions instead.

    • They probably understand that the audience for it is very limited, especially after it didn’t do all that great in Japan. Plus, Monolith is a Nintendo studio, so depending on how the arrangement between Nintendo and Namco has been worked out, it may not have cost Namco as much to develop the game as one would imagine.

    • I don’t think it’s so much that they’re limiting the game’s audience by catering to a niche as that the game’s audience is a limited niche, hence they’re catering to it.

  • Raltrios

    Preordering this next time I swing by EB Games. Can’t wait, even in light of the small number of good things I’ve heard about it from importers.

  • Tonton Ramos

    “But at least Megaman fans who are still reeling from the cancellation of Megaman Legends 3 can enjoy another dose of Tron Bonne”
    That and Megaman X fans are happy to see X (aka the most popular Megaman) again…

    • Haseyo

      At least X got 8 games, 9 including Command Mission. Poor Trigger/Volnutt only has 2.

  • Masa

    love Morrigan. For her fighting style though, nothing else…..i’m serious!

  • 3PointDecoupage

    Is it worth playing if I really don’t care about the characters in it?

    • Raymond


    • SilentMC

      If you’re not a fan of SRPGs, I’d say no

      • 3PointDecoupage

        I love SRPGs. I’m just not into megaman, darkstalkers, etc.

        • Haseyo

          Just Youtube some gameplay videos to get a gist of what it looks like. The game doesn’t require any knowledge of the characters themselves; just more fun if you do recognize them. At the end of the day, it still is an SRPG.

    • Haseyo

      I really can’t say for sure. The gameplay is fun and requires some good tactics over-world wise, but it’s the exact same for every character so unless you really, really enjoy using different move combos with the various characters then you probably will get bored very fast.

    • No it’s not. Playing the JPN version made it clear, that you really have to be a fan of the characters presented in the game and enjoy seeing them interact with each other, or it’ll just be a drag for you.
      I mean I like most characters in the game and enjoy it so far, but even for me it gets tedious sometimes.

      • Tincho Kudos

        Do you know if this game has an overworld like Tactics Ogre/FF Tactics? Because Namco x Capcom was a letdown in the sense it was battle- scene – battle – scene and so on. I want to pick my battles and make my party dammit!

        • Nope, you have the menu where you equip your characters, save/load, but that’s all. You go from one stage to the next.

          • Tincho Kudos

            A shame, maybe if this game is 20$ I will pick it up. Anyway thanks for your information :)

  • No Sonic or Klonoa is a travesty. :'(

    • Spirit Macardi

      Yeah, how you can do a crossover with Sega and not include their freakin’ mascot is beyond me. It would be like bringing Nintendo in and not including Mario. Hell, they represented Capcom in this with Mega Man.

      And Klonoa’s absence is inexcusable. Not only did his 15th anniversary hit near this game’s release, but he was in the original Namco X Capcom as well. Plus Banpresto has shown that they’re willing to add talking animal characters who are voiced by Kumiko Watanabe to their games, since Keroro from Sgt. Frog is in both Heroes Phantasia and the new SRW game.

      • Haseyo

        They tried to not bring over the entire Namco x Capcom cast or it would just be “Namco x Capcom 2 (and some SEGA, but don’t worry about them.)”

        I’m glad Sonic isn’t in it. I love Sonic but this is one crossover that he didn’t belong in.

        • Jahmere Durham


        • Spirit Macardi

          How doesn’t he belong? It’s a crossover between Namco, Capcom, and Sega, and he’s a Sega character. Seems like enough of a justification. Heck, I could make the argument that Kite and Black Rose are far more out of place in this than Sonic would be. After all, Sonic in his world is a living, breathing creature just like everyone else in this game, while Kite and Black Rose are the online avatars of a pair of video game players.

          Plus, when you make a game like this it’s all about fan service with context taking a back seat. You put in the characters that people want or expect to see and come up with the why of it later. Granted it’s great when there’s an engaging plot as well like with Kingdom Hearts, but with something like this the appeal is almost purely in the idea of having your favorite characters fighting stuff side-by-side.

      • raymk

        For once I’m honestly glad they had the guts to not put sonic in.

      • Just Tim

        The main attractions from the Mega Man franchise are X & Zero, hence their respective inclusions in-game.

        As for SEGA themselves, I won’t find it hard to believe if they feel Sonic is rather overexposed.

  • benhofb

    God. June is going to be hell for my wallet and social capabilities. AC: New Leaf on the 9th, then Muramasa AND this on the 25th. Now I am torn on what to pick up on the 25th. They’re still having a normal physical version, right?

    • Ethan_Twain

      I’m more worried about this game disappearing and never being available for a reasonable sum after launch than Muramasa. Muramasa is almost certainly gonna be available on PSN, but Nintendo isn’t quite as good about getting all their software up on the eShop. There’s some niche stuff there to be sure – all of Atlus’s stuff has been getting day one download releases. But I dunno about Project X Zone. Might wanna grab that one because you’ll get the bonuses (they aren’t charging extra for this stuff, the limited edition is the only edition of this game) and you’ll definitely still be able to grab Muramasa later.

      If you do PS Plus, you might even get Muramasa as a free game later.

      • benhofb

        Very true. I was interested in the bonuses for Muramasa, but the extra $20 is kinda hefty. But I just read about all the bonuses for Project X Zone and it sounds like a better deal.

        • Jahmere Durham

          I feel ya man. I still got to pick up a 3DS and Fire Emblem

      • I’m pretty sure I saw an eShop logo at the end of the US trailer for PXZ, so it looks like it will have a digital release.

  • Ben Sylvia

    Gotta find someone to borrow $40 from for this.
    I don’t want to have to cancel my pre-order of Animal Crossing for this, wonder if it will have a club nintendo code…

  • Herok♞

    I hope they release a demo, not because I don’t want but to make sure it is worth the $40 since next week begins a never ending onslaught of games I want.

  • Prinny Dood

    I hope we have a special edition. I already preorder the game, soon as they announce it im switching:)

    • the special edition is the ONLY edition of this game, for the same retail price of 39.99 :) gets an artbook, poster and music CD

      • Prinny Dood

        Thanks for the clarifaction nkw im buying 2: D

  • “Whereas others are remotely obscure, like Sakura Wars and Valkyria Chronicles”

    “Valkyria Chronicles”


    It should NOT have been have been “remotely obscure”

    I Blame SEGA.

    • “Whereas others are remotely obscure, like Sakura Wars and Valkyria Chronicles”

      “Sakura Wars”

      “SAKURA WARS?!?!”

      It should NOT have been have been “remotely obscure”

      I Blame SEGA.

      • Ethan_Twain

        Eh… I dunno. It may be possible to make an anime date sim/SRPG/Japanese giant mech game commercially viable outside of Japan, but I can’t think of any publisher that could pull it off. Sakura wars is kind of a combination of everything that defines niche Japanese games except in one package.

      • Haseyo

        I had no idea what Sakura Wars was before this game. SEGA only promotes Sonic, so most of the SEGA cast will go over a lot of peoples’ heads which is saddening.

        • TheAquacharger

          Lately Sega hasn’t even been releasing Sakura Wars. The last one released was by NISA. Which again, no promotion outside the usual NISA crowd.

          • One of my favorite franchises after playing just two games… “Valkyria Chronicles”

            Those games are AMAZING, forget the whole idea that the second was more “toned down” because it was a school type setting… It was just as good and dealt with similar themes as the first game, but from the perspective of teenagers. That right there gave it a fresh outlook.

            If Sakura Wars got the shaft then Valkyria Chronicles wasn’t even “given the courtesy of a reach-around…”

            Seriously man, Sega is taking a page out of TK’s book; its like they dont WANT their games to succeed :'(

            Edit: Bah, replied to the wrong person, oh well, at least it’s under the same topic, so the post is still valid XD

          • TheAquacharger

            This is my problem with Sega in general. Their lack of advertising disturbs me and they rely too much on word of mouth. One day I got into an argument with a Sega rep over Rhythm Thief’s lack of advertisement. I flat out told him the game is going to fail due to no advertisement at all. He assured me the game was going to do better then Sega expected and it had a massive ad campaign. Even as someone who was following the game a lot (and on purpose to make sure when google ads saw my viewing history they knew to advertise this game to me) didn’t know when the game was already out. I didn’t see a single ad for the game.
            oh and no I didn’t buy the game because I told the rep I’d only buy it if I saw a single ad for it.

      • Jahmere Durham
  • Warboss Aohd

    having a may birthday has been fruitfull all o’ a sudden.

    • ShinStar

      But the game comes out in late June….???

      • Solomon_Kano

        Likely meaning that he’ll be able to use his May birthday money to pre-order this, hold it until June, or have somebody else pre-order it for his birthday.

        • Warboss Aohd

          da first one

      • Warboss Aohd

        it meanz i will have da money for it.

    • fireemblembeast

      IKR? High-five!

  • fireemblembeast

    If only Namco Bandai thought this way when they localized Xillia…Anyways, I can’t wait for this game! :3

    • if you’re talking about Tales of Xillia on the ps3, it’s getting a very amazing limited edition, albeit a bit heavy on the wallet. You should check it out! I’m getting the US limited edition for damn sure

      • fireemblembeast

        I know, I was referring to how they think they can keep jp audio only for this game.

        • Alexander Marquis Starkey


          • fireemblembeast

            No to what…?

    • Just Tim

      Technically, Nintendo has a stake here in Project X Zone, hence the Limited Edition as mentioned in an earlier article.

      • You keep saying this, but I’ve never seen it mentioned anywhere else. What is your source for that information?

        • Just Tim

          Financial hint. Besides, seeing how PXZ is a 3DS-exclusive while the studio that made this game is Nintendo-owned.

          • So you don’t actually know this, yet parade it around as fact because you assume it’s true?

          • Just Tim

            Money talks; oh, and I can’t believe you didn’t know the fact that the studio responsible for this game is Monolith Software, which Nintendo OWNS. That’s more than enough clues, sitting right in front of you.

          • Um, I was in fact aware that Nintendo owns Monolith (why would you think otherwise?); this by itself does not necessarily mean they had a hand in bringing over PXZ. Once again, you’re taking your own conjecture and treating it as fact. Show me a SOURCE for your claim, and I’ll believe you.

  • $36598391

    They can’t even bring something over without changing character names….
    oh well… another game I may end up not getting

    oh sure vote down my post because I’m not a fanboy who would blindly buy something and ignore something like this

    • Video game history lesson:

      Technically, they didn’t. Dynamite Deka is the Japanese version of Die Hard Arcade which introduced Bruno as an original Sega character, In the Japanese version his name is Bruno too.

      The most recent re-release I believe is the Sega Ages one for PS2 which still calls him Bruno.

      • $36598391


        • Well if you’re going to complain about something I just thought it would be helpful for you to know what you were complaining about because knowledge is power.

    • Ethan_Twain

      You wouldn’t buy a game just because the developers changed a few names? Would missing out on that bit of the original creative vision really sully the product so profoundly that it’s no longer of interest to you? Is your taste really so refined?

      Because lemme tell ya, that sounds like the most elitist thing I’ve read today :)

      • AzureRyuujin

        Agreed oh so much. Besides, that was a VERY fun pseudoliscenced game. XD.

        Wait, are we talking about what I think or the other characters with altered names? I know some characters have nameswaps.

    • raymk

      Of all games that you’d be worried about them changing a characters name it would be a game with heavy license issues. This here is what we really call weird.

  • $36487238

    Everytime I see articles about this game, it makes me wish I wasn’t robbed of my 3DS. But no, I can still buy it back. Just months of work and I got a 3DS once again. ;)

    • fireemblembeast

      Wait, were you actually robbed?! (I don’t know, ok! I can be quite gullible sometimes.)

      • $36487238

        Yup, I was. I posted my story a week ago. It’s cool dood. As long as I can work my way to the goal, I’ll get a 3DS again. At least there’s a lot of games to play when I get a 3DS againm just like this.

        • fireemblembeast

          Where’s the story? I don’t want to bother you about it here..

          • $36487238

            Do you have an email or anywhere else I can message you? I’ll just do it that way ‘cuz my story is very long, and it’s something I don’t want to repost again in the Thread.

          • fireemblembeast

            Oh, no, it’s fine. I’ll just find it in the thread. I should be able to easily find it if I ctrl f for the word “steal”. It’s in the Open Thread, right?

          • $36487238

            Try to CTRL F for “THE DAY I GOT ROBBED OF STUFF WORTH 50,000+ pesos ($1,200+)” when you’re on the Open Thread

          • fireemblembeast

            Ok, thanks, and I hope it doesn’t happen again! :x

          • cirE


            Just for future reference. ;)

  • Jesse Torres

    I will definitely be buying this game.

  • TWE

    I get the feeling this will do well but “not well enough” for Bamco.

    • Solomon_Kano

      I can’t imagine they expect this to do much. Namdai knows exactly how niche this is, hence the “limited edition is only edition” and Japanese audio. It’s like their release of the One Piece musou games, except replace “limited edition” for “digital-only”.

      • TheAquacharger

        I wish for English dubs, but I’m still getting it.

        • Just Tim

          With that said, I seriously hope you’re not asking for an encore of the English dub, in the league of Arc Rise Fantasia. <_<

          • TheAquacharger

            That’s a 100% what I’m asking for. If I can’t understand the voice then I don’t care for it.

          • Maumac77

            I think doing voicework for this game is not worth the effort, barring in mind that 30 characters are playable

          • TheAquacharger

            Yeah, I understand it’s not worth the effort for this game. Too many voices to have to record and pay for all the characters. Then the ones who you can’t play but in the story. I get it. I’m not demanding english voices and I wasn’t really expecting it. Now I would much prefer them, but for this game it’s not a deal breaker.

          • Maumac77

            Ah I understand. I much prefer my games with english voices as well, even when there’s a sub option I still go with the dub. Although I think more so than just having to record and pay for some character voices, some don’t even have a VA to begin with, so they would have to get someone to voice all of those characters as well. Though I agree it’s not a deal breaker. Not at all

          • Jahmere Durham

            Thats what Subtitles are for

          • What does Arc Rise Fantasia have to do with this game? Like, at all?

          • Just Tim

            The U.S. release of Arc Rise Fantasia got a TERRIBLE English-language dub; in fact, I even commented how bad that US dub was in a thread here in Siliconera back in 2010/2011.

          • Yyyyeah, but what does that have to do with Project X Zone?

          • Just Tim

            Because TheAquacharger wants an English dub, regardless of quality. <_<;

            Besides, I don't want a TERRIBLE dub cost this game's US profit.

            Oh, I just went out of MY WAY to present you the English dub for Arc Rise Fantasia's US release.


    • Just Tim

      The only reason why Namco Bandai went along was because Nintendo is putting money in this game’s US release, which already happened twice with Tales of Phantasia GBA AND Tales of Symphonia GC.

    • Just Tim

      The biggest single issue right now with Namco Bandai Games America, over at San Jose, CA, is that it expects ALL their games to sell like Dragonball, Naruto, or Call of Duty.

  • Solomon_Kano

    I don’t even like SRPGs, but I WILL have this.

    • Ethan_Twain

      I’m the opposite. I love SPRGs, but I have zero affection for these characters (and even the ones I know, I’m not sure I would appreciate as well out of context like this).

      Together, we could totally appreciate this game!

  • The only negative thing about Morrigan is that she is so perfect the fanart is usually always inferior. I can’t wait!

  • Blue_Falcon

    I WANT to be interested in the game, but the character line-up just feels like a bunch of characters who I’m either completely unfamiliar with, or familiar with and have no affection for.

    • raymk

      That’s why you should get the game to become familiar with them. I feel the most fun comes from not knowing all the characters and getting to know them even for fan-service games.

    • British_Otaku

      I had no idea who Captain Falcon among most of the characters/cameos in Smash Bros. Now, I’ve gone through F-Zero X and F-Zero GX with frustrated glee. Slowly, I’m diving into some of the other 80s and 90s classics before I get into Pikmin 3 and other recent works.

      Solid crossovers like this and Smash Bros are a great way to have fun and see some new faces who probably belong to brilliant games and franchises individually.

  • TheRealMalek

    this piece of text just obliterated my hopes of seeing this in europe…

  • Thecombat visuals remind me of Valkyrie Profile 1. Does anyone know if the combat scene gameplay is nearly as similar as it looks?

    • Ferofax

      Gameplay is closer to the SRW OG Saga titles on the DS, but yes they are similar in that you time attacks to keep combo up and juggle enemies, but I don’t know if they have the finishing attacks to match Valkyrie Profile.

      That said, there’s also a Valkyrie Profile game on the DS. Which is also a tactical RPG. That is insanely brutal.

      • Kibbitz

        They have a super move that you can fire off once you’ve accumulated enough gauge. It’s a common gauge shared by everyone though, so you can’t like have 15 pairs firing off supers one after another without using items and stuff to replenish it.

  • Go2hell66

    Oh god more morrigan

    Can’t wait to see all the Soul Fist Spam, Chris G style!

    • Haseyo

      Ironically, I believe only one of her attacks has Soul Fist incorporated into it.

      • raymk

        Well she only has one soul fist anyway, doesn’t mean it can’t still be spammed

    • GHNeko

      You can never escape Morrigan. S-S-Soul Fist will haunt your nightmares.

      Zoners rule UMVC3 now.

  • Sardorim

    If this is possible than SRW is possible in the states!

    I can dream….

    • Just Tim


      While we’re at it, I hope the in-game spelling for Sanger’s name is “Sänger Sombold.” I mean, scheiß, Sombold ist eine richtige deutschen Familiennamen!

      That correction and Gratuitous German aside, only when Namco Bandai would make an exclusive SRW series for/port OGs to the WiiU.

      • Perhaps, but 2nd Super Robot Wars Original Generation for the PS3 is also a possibility. Not only is there a group fighting for it, but the PS3 is far from reaching its expiration date (several hyped up games still have to come to the PS3: Dark Souls 2, Tales of Xillia 1 & 2, et cetera) and games like Project X Zone and Fire Emblem: Awakening will likely (FE:A already has) make the SRPG genre more interesting and appealing. Nevermind the fact Pacific Rim is coming out this summer and it may raise people’s interest in giant robots versus evil monsters and creatures from different universe.

        • Awesome words you used there. I really wish for Pacific Rim to be in a Future SRW title. I mean, GLaDOS is part of the movie!

          • That would be awesome, but for now 2nd SRW OG is the most likely one to get a possible English localization. And let me tell you, 2nd SRW OG is already loaded with lots of awesome robots of various types, archetypes (including an armoured warrior).

    • Well, Operation Hotblood is convinced that Project X Zone may be a factor for 2nd SRW OG’s potential localization. Because – you know, Sanger Zonvolt appears in PxZ as well and lots of people will likely become interested in him due to his sheer badassness.

  • Juan Andrés Valencia

    “And then you have Resonance of Fate and Yumeria, hardly household names.” Not on my house, I love Resonance Of Fate, even though it’s fucking hard and I’ve recommended the game to every person I know.

    Also… it haves the best looking hair I’ve seen in a game.

  • Just Tim

    Is Mr. Dillinger the only char that’s the issue here? I can see Sonic, replacing him, if SEGA doesn’t mind.

    • Tonton Ramos

      We have an Epic Movie, a Disaster Movie and Meet the Spartans and we see celebrities and fictional characters that make fun and are parodied of. I’m sure Mr. (Bruce Willis) Delinger won’t mind…

      • You just thought of the worst crossovers to compare with this title.

  • Shady Shita

    thnx NB for the all the hard work to bring this gem to the shores !

  • TheExile285

    sounds like a nightmare

  • Does this means that if I preorder it on Play Asia now, it’s certain that it will be the limited edition?

  • Only the limited edition will be available?

  • XiaomuArisu

    Well Thank you!
    No,really this is Amazing!

  • Jahmere Durham

    My body has been ready for almost 1 year now. At this point, I’m just going to put myself in a cryogenic sleep until release.

  • What a love letter to the fans. I commend them for bringing this over. Legal rights blocks so many great games and animes from entering our shores. I’m looking at you harmony gold. -_-

  • ShadowDivz

    The game retains all its original Japanese voice acting, plus all its original character art remains untouched. Including a very risqué looking Morrigan, who has always been known to show some skin
    This is…..OUTSIDE of japan?
    Im not personally interested in the game, but this sounds like a miracle to me.
    Also, renegotiated? Can’t we all just get along for the sake of the fans?

  • I’m a little curious about this one. I like Monolith Soft and I like SRPGs, but I haven’t yet seen anything that indicates this game is a must-buy. Guess I’ll see what the reviews and word on the street say once the game comes out.

  • Prinnydoom

    “For hardcore fans” Never played Namco x capcom but that wont bloody stop me from playing this.

  • Smashbro29

    How did they leave out Sonic? Where is NiGHTS? Where is Klonoa? Strider? Captain Commando? Who are all these anime people? Oh well at least it’s got Ulala fighting alongside Mega Man X and Zero.

  • no klonoa…….?dangnabit.well im sure pacman made the cut but….im a little hurt on the inside

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