See Final Fantasy VIII Concept Art At The Square Enix Cafe

By Spencer . April 11, 2013 . 1:20am

ff8Last year, Square Enix closed the Character Goods shop where Sephiroth was sleeping and opened a cafe in Shinjuku called Artnia.


The cafe space has an area with crystals surrounding special exhibits. Coming soon is a Final Fantasy VIII concept art showcase which Hidemi Matsuzuka, Manager of the Square Enix figures division, shared a glimpse of. Attendees will be able to take photos so we should see some Final Fantasy VIII concept art pop up soon!

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  • $36598391

    I hope all of the cool things that were available for purchase at the S-E goods shop will be for sale at the cafe, those DQ Slime t-shirts and chocobo/tonberry plushes would be nice to have

    • powerlessbump

      A good amount of the things for sale were online as well. Quite honestly the store was a pain to get to as well.

  • Kenny Loh

    I hoping square-enix will make a prequel or sequel of FF8 and 9 in somedays…

  • Tom

    I’d love to see a video about making of Final Fantasy VIII. That was my entry to the series and I still love it dearly ever since. Yeah, some remake, sequel or prequel would be nice to see.

    • It’s funny– XII and VIII are, from what I hear, arguably the worst games in the series. But, to me, they’re my two favorites.

      • Tom

        VIII sold really well, I never heard it’s one of the worst. But fans like better for example VII. Did you play XIII? That’s another fans tend to hate but I really endjoyed it. There are many tiny things in it that reminded me of VIII, maybe that’s why I liked it.

      • Meh~
        They’re just hatin cuz they suck at the games :P
        Both had different and interesting ways to customize your stuff :3


    Quistis was an amazing character. Hopefully they've some concept art of her.

  • Finally some VIII love ;w;
    VIII was my start to the series and after all the years I still love it!
    *BGM: The Man With The Machine-gun*

  • Finally something not FFVII !
    I’m happy it’s for FFVIII . it’s my Fav <3
    I wish SE bring more great things for the series , not only FFVII .

  • SunOatBoatMatadorQuattro

    There is a huge doubt I was having and that was Adel’s genre. Adel is obvioulsy male but everybody treats Abel as a female.

    • Tom

      Wiki: “Adel, like many other names that have “Adel” in them, has a meaning related to “noble” for males (it is also the Dutch, German, Danish, Norwegian and Swedish word for nobility) – most likely referring to her high status as the ruler of Esthar. It is also a genderless name.”

      I thought it’s a female name. Well, yeah. Even the wiki mentions the debates. I always thought it’s a she, but the body looks too masculine. But the face is a womans (an evil woman :) ). It’s called a sorceress, which is a female version of sorcerer but that can be a mistranslation. Never thought of that before…

  • Raoni Marques

    As an artwork lover, I was always sad that Final Fantasy VIII didn’t have full body artworks of the main characters and the others. Hope we can see some of them in this showcase.

  • This be signs for an 8 remake? yes???

    I’d laugh if i see an 8 remake before a 7 XD Then again 8 was one of my first FF games I played to the end and by far one of my favorites so maybe im biased, but 8 deserves the remake “first” :P

    • I think it’s too much to assume a lil tribute hints a remake, remaking VIII clash with the same issues as of why VII nor IX is been redone.

      … But it’d be awesome if we had a remake, can’t deny that :3

  • Ni

    WUT? VIII is finally getting some love?
    I really wish that I was able to visit this cafe, VIII is my favourite FF game

  • Covnam

    Aww, they closed the store? Would have been nice to be able to visit there again. The art sounds awesome though, I hope it makes it online soon.

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