Mewtwo, Eeevee, Genesect Figurines Announced For Pokémon Rumble U

By Ishaan . April 15, 2013 . 3:50pm

The Pokémon Company have announced new details of Pokémon Rumble U, the toy battle game headed to the Nintendo eShop for Wii U next month.


We previously reported that Pokémon Rumble U will allow Japan residents to purchase Pokémon figurines at Pokémon Centers, and scan them into the game using the Wii U GamePad, upon which those Pokémon will become usable in-game. The first batch of figures included Pokémon like Pikachu, Snivy, Tepig and Oshawott. The second batch, announced last night, adds another six to the list.


Eeevee, Mewtwo, Croagunk, Zoroark, Litwick and Genesect comprise the second batch of figurines and will be available alongside batch 1 on launch day. Each will cost 1,200 yen.


Additionally, the Wii U’s NFC (near-field communication) feature that lets one scan figurines in is also being put to use for another feature. Japanese Wii U owners that have IC Cards—cards that are used for public transportation systems—will be able to scan their cards using the Wii U GamePad. This will allow you to avail an emergency Pokémon to help you out for a bit, following which it will disappear.


Pokémon Rumble U is scheduled for release on May 25th in Japan.


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  • endril


    • ShadowDivz

      Who is the girl in your avatar? Blue skinned demon chicks are kind of my thing. I MUST KNOW!!!!
      On topic, japan exclusive?

      • endril

        site vaguely nsfw


        • ShadowDivz

          Ahhh, the monster girl encyclopedia, havnt seen that in ages.
          Is there a translated version or a game in which it appears?

          • endril

            there’s translated versions on danbooru.

  • MikeTxn

    Will they release figurines of each pokemon, or just a few ones?
    Because I want a Shedinja and Cacnea/Cacturne.

  • I want them all. Every single one. Maybe two Eevees. XD

    • Sardorim

      You will require more Eevees! How else are you going to have room for every Eevolution plus two adorable Eevees?

  • LexKitteh

    So with the Pokemon Rumble series, the Pokemon never level-up, evolve, or have their strength increase. Are these figures treated any differently? I was excited for Eevee, but I guess it doesn’t really matter :P

  • I still don’t get this. Are these Pokémon completely unobtainable in the original game or they’re just rare to get so they released figurines for people that don’t want to wait/grind to get them?

    • 3PointDecoupage

      I’m assuming they have special moves or ability.

  • Coeurl

    Too many E’s in both Eevees (in the title and article)

  • About the IC card scan: It sounds like a nifty system in an emergency, but what sort of in-game limitations or rules are there to prevent abuse and breaking the game?

  • GreenBoyPocket

    Didn’t they say 200 Y per figure?

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