• Ahmad Reyner Nabeel

    So Danball Senki Wars really changed into plamocraft strategy RPG right? Just as I thought before, because I have visited the official website and read the genre : Plamocraft SRPG. “S” here means strategy right? Hmm, I wonder how Level-5 put this genre into Danball Senki universe…

  • SilentMC

    I’ve recently started playing LBX Explosive Boost and honestly I don’t know how to feel about this. On the one hand, I do like SRPGs like SRW but on the other hand I really like how the older games played, you don’t see many games that are a mix of RPGs and the Gundam VS series.

    I do hope Level-5 does something more interesting with this, like mixing the SRPG gameplay with the older games (sorta like how Devil Survivor combined SRPGs with the classic turn-based gameplay)

    • Ahmad Reyner Nabeel

      sorta like Devil Survivor? sounds good to me. but don’t you think Danball Senki series always have action elements in the battle? if Level-5 changes the core of battle, I think it’s gonna be a whole different experience in Danball Senki universe. just my thought hehehe

      how about combining SRPG (move in order with isometric arena) and battle with full action like previous Danball Senkis? I just curious how Level-5 implement this genre into this Danball Senki Wars :D

      • Pedro Furtado

        He actually meant exactly what you said:

        “like mixing the SRPG gameplay with the older games”, that is, mixing the old action gameplay with SRPG.

    • Solomon_Kano

      Considering how at odds SRPGs are with LBX’s demographic, I figure Level-5 will have some twist up their sleeve. I’m picturing this being SRPG trappings sitting on top of the normal gameplay, letting you command your units at large SRPG-style and then assume direct control of individual LBXs in the gameplay style of the original games.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    no :{

  • riceisnice

    I’m not sure if I’m suppose to feel happy or sad. Maybe it would help if the SERIES CAME OVERSEAS! D:<

  • Solomon_Kano

    Ohhhh, this should be sick. Level-5′s last (and only) foray into SRPGs gave us the fantastic Jeanne D’Arc, so adding some LBX flavor to that sounds amazing.

    This DEFINITELY won’t be the future of the series though. SRPGs are plentiful in Japan and it’s a tough genre to carve out a new space in. Hell, even some of the genre’s vanguards don’t see the best numbers sales-wise. I mean, even Nintendo had to pull a pretty huge upset for FE:A to do the kind of numbers its done. So I highly doubt L5 is giving up on the series’ roots permanently for a genre at odds with their audience. LBX is for younger kids and SRPGs are typically too complex for that demographic.

    So… yea. This could possibly become its own subseries, but it won’t be the future of the franchise.

    • Will Jay

      Considering how this is what the anime is covering, and W Super Custom is treating Wars like how Explosive Boost treated W, it’s very clearly LBX3. That’s why I think they aren’t going to make a drastic change, just add strategy elements for this installment.

      If they do make some sort of drastic change, then they done goofed, but I really don’t think they’ll risk that.

      • Solomon_Kano

        Ah. I forgot the anime would be covering this. Hm. Yea, that should guarantee that this doesn’t stray too far from the previous entries’ style.

  • Will Jay

    I’m expecting the game to be same as always for combat, but instead of W’s poor excuses for dungeons, they’ll have an SRPG type map during the War Time scenarios and when you engage an enemy on the map you go into battle. Maybe something like Valkiriya Chronicles.

    The first game was originally going to be a turn based RPG. The reason they weren’t was that they decided having it be an ARPG and having you control the LBXes just like in the show was the best way to do things. Remember, this IS basically Little Battlers 3.

    • Ahmad Reyner Nabeel

      I totally agree with you. If Level-5 gonna change the gameplay in Wars drastically, I think it would ruin Danball Senki series (because up until now, Danball Senki always using action battle).
      And yes, the dungeon concept in W is errr… frustrating. I mean it. I prefer random encounter in maps (Danball Senki and Boost) rather than dungeon like that >.<

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