Metallica’s Quirky Companions In The Witch and the Hundred Knights

By Sato . May 2, 2013 . 1:00pm


You’d think that having a knight who can turn into a hundred cavalrymen would be more than Metallica could handle, but apparently there are more shenanigans she’s going to have to deal with. Introducing some of the key characters you’ll be seeing in Nippon Ichi’s The Witch and the Hundred Knights.





She is the prodigy Marsh Witch who controls the Hundred Knights. Her goal is to destroy her long-time rival, the Forest Witch, and she’ll do anything it takes to achieve her objectives. After defeating the Forest Witch, her wish is to turn everything into marshlands. Truly an anti-hero.


The Hundred Knights


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The Hundred Knights is who the player controls. He is originally supposed to be the legendary deity with overwhelming powers, summoned by the Marsh Witch herself… but something seems to be off for some reason.





Alrekino is the butler who takes care of the Marsh Witch. He’s faithful, but tends to speak in words of insolent politeness. He takes a lot of unreasonable abuse from Metallica and is rather banged up.




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Visco has been cursed by a witch and she is actually part dog. She shares similar traits to canines, as she is honest and faithful. However, she gets teased and called the “Dog Princess” by those around her. She decides to tag along with Metallica, in hopes of finding a way to lift the curse.


Lana Nia Luccini


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Lana is an obedient and high-spirited shepherd who lives in the Tettara desert, which is the native place where he and his family practice astrological star reading. However, he admires witches more than star reading, and dreams of becoming a witch one day.





Nezaria is a witch who has the magic to manupulate fog. She doesn’t talk much and her pretty looks can be deceiving, as she’s actually one of the most talented and capable witches out there. Nezaria acts as the chairwoman of witches during their gatherings. She rarely talks at those meetings and often leaves all the speaking to her talking-staff.




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Teresse is an apprentice witch who is at the verge of becoming an official one. She is currently training under a certain witch to get more practice. She seems to have some sort of motive, and has trouble-making tendencies as she follows Metallica and the others around.


The Witch and the Hundred Knights is slated to be released on July 25th in Japan in regular and limited editions, for PlayStation 3.


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  • Reki Honoo

    I hate how we don’t have a north american release date yet

    • Punny Fuzz

      Well I already made a Preorder for my NA copy…

      EB Games says march 2014 :/ but I bet that’s not final

  • Andrew Arndt

    same for the EU but wer gotta take it with a grain a salt at leas we know its comeing

  • SpecDotSign

    The characters sound really fun in this game. I hope we see gameplay soon.

  • DesmaX

    There is a lot more new screenshots in their website, actually:

    • Roberto Cavalcante Souza

      man dat background music

      • DesmaX

        Oh, I love Tenpei Sato work

  • AnimeLeirus .

    Metalica is such an interesting character(by the look!), I can’t wait to see her in Disgaea D2. =)

  • EmptyWarrior

    Loving the character designs. Harada is an amazing artist.

  • ShadowDivz

    reading. However, he admires witches more than star reading, and dreams of becoming a witch one day.

    You mean warlock?

    • Landale

      Or maybe he wants to be a girl?

    • Ardus

      Nope witch is correct and gender-neutral

      warlock has a totally different meaning altogether

      • what about wizard?

        • DyLaN


      • ShadowDivz

        Witch is gender neutral? I always thought the male equivalent was wizard.
        That’s new to me.

  • Vitonofrio del Rosso

    eu or worst come to worst us release! plox!

  • Demeanor

    Mmm… the butler’s romaji name would probably translate to “Arlecchìno” methinks (that’s Harlequin in Italian), the double k and long ki syllable I see on the website are all there too. Being Italian is useful sometimes XD

  • Definitely need to see some gameplay on this as I’m liking all the fun characters. Besides Metallica, Visco is my favorite out of her companions. We need more Dog or Wolf-girls in things lol =)

  • Just Tim

    I swear, this game’s potential US localization is JUST ASKING for shoutouts toward the same band.

    I just picture her, quoting…

    “Say your prayers, little one…” as a taunt.
    “I dub thee… Unforgiven” toward the final boss/in-story grudge match.
    “…nothing else matters…”
    “Justice for All!”

    Really, I can go on and on with this.

    • anarchy_panty

      Not to mention the million variations of death or die or dying she could say to enemies.

      Still wish the protagonist of this game was just a really moe James Hetfield.

  • Is there any gameplay video of this game? i couldnt found any on the net

  • Aristides

    Wow, it has characters XP. lol and wow her name is Metallica, pretty thrash if I do say so myself XP.

  • “Witch and the 100 Knights”
    “Etna and the 100 Prinnies”
    Same difference, right?

    • Except, it is “Etna and the 1000 Prinnies”

  • DyLaN

    I’ve read the chapter 1 of the manga ver and loving wht i see so far. Metallica is such a troll XD Poor Visco getting the most of her trolling ^w^;

  • Shariest

    I…Her name is METALLICA!
    If a mob type is Megadeth ill but this…
    HELL im buying it even if there aint one!

  • gamerdude

    Can’t wait to see gameplay.
    Prinny games are unappreciated masterpieces. It shows how well N1 can pull of action when it wants to.

  • Göran Isacson

    I wonder if these characters will have any sort of gameplay role, or if that will rest solely on the Hundred Knights and the rest of these people are just there for the story-segments. I would like to see Arlechino now though- “insolent politeness” is a wonderful character trait, kind of makes me hope he’s vaguely Stephen Fry-ish with a lot of subtle sarcasm.

    Also Lanas quest for witch-dom first reminded me of this sequence:

    But then I remembered that one can be male and a witch because words sometimes don’t mean what popular knowledge thinks they mean.

  • Follower_of_Pram

    Liking Nezaria’s look. Go, go fog witchy~. Also, poor
    Alrekino. Judging by his description, I can’t wait to hear his voice with all its sarcasm. Kinda curious what the forest witch looks like now.

  • artemisthemp

    So when will this see a Western release date

  • Guest

    I wish this game would come out already, I’m dying over here NIS.

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