Nintendo To Hold Wii U Software Showcase Prior To E3

By Ishaan . May 6, 2013 . 11:20pm

Last month, Nintendo revealed that they will not be holding a large-scale E3 press conference this year, as the company has no new hardware to announce. Instead, Nintendo said, they would focus on smaller presentations both at E3 and via Nintendo Direct. Now, we know at least part of what their E3 plans are.


In an invite sent to Siliconera, Nintendo of America have shared that they will be holding a Wii U software showcase on June 11th. Opening remarks will be provided by NOA president Reggie Fils-Aime and Shigeru Miyamoto, with a gameplay and Q&A session to follow at 11am.


E3 proper will kick off later that day. Meanwhile, Microsoft and Sony will be holding their own E3 presentations a day prior on June 10th. Microsoft’s will take place at 10am PST, with Sony’s to follow at 6pm PST.


Nintendo are expected to reveal a new 3D Mario game from their EAD Tokyo studio (Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario 3D Land) at E3, as well as a new Mario Kart game for Wii U. Details are also expected on the new Super Smash Bros. game and other titles.


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  • Chris Yuen

    Currently still enjoying Fire Emblem Awakening that I brought last week. Hopefully they will announce more news about Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem.

    • SetzerGabbiani

      I still watch the “trailer” daily on YouTube. I get goosebumps when the Fire Emblem music comes on.

      • Tails the Foxhound

        I get goosebumps whenever that song is played, it’s so triumphant.

  • Lubulos

    I have this suspicion that Nintendo is trying to sabotage the E3. I hope that they succeed in this because it has been years since the E3 has been good.

    • artemisthemp

      Last year was meh, while 2 other year was good

    • OceanBlue

      That would be amazing. Just imagine Iwata’s face as Nintendo pulls a dark horse and hijacks E3.

      Iwata with an evil looking face: “Just according to keikaku.”

  • Charlie

    I’d love for a great, solid game to be released on the Wii U that would bring Nintendo out of this slump they seem to be in. Another Smash Bros? A Final Fantasy (Crystal Chronicles)?? What will it take?


  • CAN’T WAITTTTTTTTTT. Honestly super smash news is even more exciting to me than Versus XIII (now FFXV)

    • Wait what

      Versus XIII isn’t going to become XV. They may name it something else, but they aren’t going to turn a FNC game into the next numbered title.

      • You never know. They did turn a game set in the world of Ivalice into a numbered title. IX was also originally a spin off until they decided to turn it into a main series title. I don’t see why they couldn’t do the same for Versus, especially considering the fact that every Final Fantasy game has common elements, like names and deities. Even if Versus is related to the mythology of FNC, it doesn’t mean it really has anything to do with FFXIII or the mythology in that game.

        • Anon-non

          True, but I think even the least nitpicky of fans can get annoyed by the fact that a numbered game will be a full-action RPG. If anything, it’ll PROBABLY hurt sales, because mainstream gamers will assume it’s an RPG in the traditional sense and be turned off by it.

  • gamerdude


    Ahem I’m not worried about Nintendo’s own reveals as we all KNOW they are going to be excellent like they always are.

    I hope Wii U has those great RPGs that Wii had on it’s “deathbed” (it’s still outselling other consoles). But this time maybe big N can actually push those titles for worldwide release more quickly?

    Online commitment would be nice to show. They should work hard to get things like PSO2, XIV ARR, DQX and MH Online to Wii U and show they can do good online game portfolio on their console.

    After the disappointment of Crystal Bearers it would be nice to see a FFCC game that delivers the promise of deep gameplay with action but with real online co-op and not some clumsy local set-up.

    After that show us the good stuff. The new dungeons in Wind Waker that were cut, Metroid returning to a proper suit and back to it’s exploration adventure roots, mario with a sense of place like the big 3d marios have, mario kart U with bigger track list than ever before.

    And as I’m dreaming: Make Capcom do an exclusive POWER STONE 3

    huff huff…
    I hope it was as good for you as it was for me. *lights a cigar in bed*

    • XypherCode

      They just released MH3U so I doubt they’ll announce 4 at this early stage. But who knows… :)

    • Darknut

      Power stone 3! Aha, I had that idea and posted on GameFAQs about it a month or so ago. Loved those games. I also think we’ll actually see a very ambitious StarFox instead of Metroid from Retro Studios.

      • gamerdude

        Power Stone 3 NEEDS to happen!

        I would also love a new StarFox game. We just got the Lylat Wars remake but a new solar system to explore would be great.

        • Darknut

          Yeah, I think it’ll end up being a TPS, so it’ll kinda be like StarFox Assault on the Gamecube, but improved, polished up and expanded on. Assault has solid gameplay imo, and the multiplayer was amazing. If the core mechanics are improved, and you add online play etc you have a winner.

    • Solomon_Kano

      DQX is on Wii U and its performance probably kills the possibility of ARR making it to the system. Sega wouldn’t even commit to a PS3 version of PSO2 so I can’t see them doing a Wii U one either.

      That said, the new Xeno looks to be Nintendo’s show of force in the online space. The trailer indicates it’s either an MMO or, at the least, has a significant online component. So I don’t think we’ll still have to worry about Ninty in that regard.

      • Frankie

        How do you get MMO out of the trailer, not being a dick just asking. Announcing Monster Hunter 4 would not be a bad move. MH3U came out in December in Japan, and most people already know about 4. I am just hoping that the rumored Star Fox X Metroid Game is real.

        • Solomon_Kano

          If you look to the left side of the screen the UI lists the other players in what I assume is your party. If they’d been character names or something I wouldn’t have thought as much, but it lists multiple players. Also the UI has images for the available skills along the bottom of the screen in an arrangement that is typically used in MMOs.

          As for SF x Metroid, I’d rather see Retro do a solo Star Fox game first. Fox hasn’t had a chance to shine in forever, so I’d rather he get a game to himself. Certainly wouldn’t be opposed to that crossover though.

          • $29082171

            Looks more like the same kind of online system Monster Hunter uses, so not really MMO.

            Also that UI is exactly the same as Xenoblade’s, by the way.

          • Solomon_Kano

            Oh? I don’t play MH and I’ve yet to play Xenoblade, so that’s news to me. Well, as I said above, MMO or has an online component. Looks like it’s just an online component then.

          • Frankie

            Yea I do not think MMO. Designers will put names like player 1 and player 2 when testing. Names can be changed with ease without affecting the game, where as glitches change coding so it can take awhile.

          • Solomon_Kano

            I understand placeholders, but you don’t put “player 2” as a placeholder for something without multiplayer. As I said, if not an MMO, it definitely has multiplayer.

          • Frankie

            Exactly, definitely not an MMO, just multilayer.

  • $39420547

    really exited about the games Nintendo is going to show this year i am still having dreams about the new Xeno title and i hope for is some great 3rd party games perhaps one RPG we don’t know about

  • XypherCode

    I just hope their Nintendo Direct announcements are at their best @ E3. The presentation needs impact.

  • コルセット

    As much as I love Nintendo Directs, nothing beats the hype generated by the annual E3 conferences. This was Nintendo’s chance to show the world at large that they aren’t out of the game just yet. Imagine, a major E3 conference that is focused 100% on… games! Nintendo’s decision to hold smaller presentations at E3 looks like a concession more than anything else.

    • Darknut

      It looks more like a refocus and streamlining of their message to me. They’ll still reveal all the games they want, workout time restrictions. Possibly across multiple Nintendo directs to create more hype, and theyll have the e3 showfloor presence they always do.

    • Herok♞

      That is what Nintendo Directs are E3 Press conferences that they only have to worry about fans want, not investors or other people.

    • Link

      If they held their normal E3 conference they wouldn’t be able to 100% focus on games. The E3 conference is for publishers, developers, investors, and media and having one big conference they need to cover all those bases. This is why every E3 whether by Ninty, Sony, or MSoft is saddled with boring charts and data the gamers don’t really care about. Doing it this way Nintendo is able to give a presentation focused 100% on video games while leaving all the boring charts and data for more personalized conferences with the people its aimed at.

  • SirRichard

    The DIrects they have planned are probably taking place at the same time as the Wii U software event; right around the time they reveal new stuff to journalists, they’d want interested people to hear right around the same time instead of finding out later. That’s what I’d expect, anyway.

  • I hope they have some surprises in store for us, and big ones too. I expected them to drop a lot of ridiculous stuff last year, but obviously it didn’t happen. I’m not going to get too psyched this time so I don’t end up disappointed, but they did announce X in January, so I would at least hope they have something just as big in store. They’re obviously going to talk about the Retro Studios game this time. They’ve had plenty of time to work on it and polish it up for a reveal this time.

  • Actually, I just realized. Since they’re calling this Wii U software showcase, that probably proves that I was right when I said that they had this planned since last year, since they had a 3DS software showcase back then as well . I doubt they’re running away from the other hardware presentations like people think they’re doing.

  • Pockystix

    Basically hoping for more RPG news

    it’s my favorite genre, and I’d like a nintendo console to have a good RPG library again lol

    • Ethan_Twain

      I think there probably will be some. Probably the next Xenoblade game. SMT x Fire Emblem I wouldn’t be surprised to not see until next year when it’s about to release, but the next big Monolith game will be there for certain.

  • Bruno Reis

    Me wants Yuri Lowell on the brawl!

    • HerosLight

      Lloyd Iriving fits in SSB more than Yuri!

  • Ethan_Twain

    I guess the most important question here is: are you going? You said Siliconera was invited, are you taking them up on the offer?

    • We attend E3 and similar events every year!

  • HerosLight

    Can’t wait to hear Reggie and Miyamoto speak.

    The Ultimate combo.

  • Anon-non

    Bayonetta 2 please!

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