“Polarized Opinions” On Mega Man FPS At Capcom Says Senior VP

By Ishaan . May 6, 2013 . 10:20am

Last month, news of a Mega Man first-person shooter that was being developed by the former creators of Metroid Prime made its way onto the web. Prior to being cancelled, the game, titled Maverick Hunter, would have been a more mature take on the Mega Man series, while replicating Mega Man’s platforming and moves in 3D.


According to the original report from Polygon, the game was cancelled after Keiji Inafune—who, among other achievements, co-created the Mega Man series—left Capcom. Fan opinion on Maverick Hunter was divided after the cancelled project was revealed, and it appears that this was the case even internally at Capcom.


Over on the Capcom forums, a user began a thread asking why Capcom had decided to cancel Maverick Hunter. The initial post was followed by a discussion as to the merits and demerits of a potential gritty Mega Man FPS, with comparisons being made to Resident Evil, Metroid Prime and other games that evolved over time.


Capcom USA’s senior vice-president, Christian Svensson, eventually stepped in to answer the original question, and replied: “Given the lack of consensus in this thread alone, that should tell you what you needed to know. Suffice to say, there were very polarized opinions internally on this project as well.”


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  • Just Tim

    You know, the code name “Maverick Hunter” pertains to the X saga, not the Classic Saga.

    • Hraesvelgr

      Supposedly, this was going to be related to the X saga, going by that Polygon article. Other details include a Bruce Willis-like human partner and Zero fighting Mega Man as the final boss of the trilogy.

      • Just Tim

        Were those three some ideas Inafune’s original plans for the X Saga? I know for a fact that he really intended X vs Zero as the climax/finale.

        • ForteWily

          Capcom pushed the series past the intended climax, I think by the time this series came to be green-lighted Inafune stopped caring about how far Capcom cared to push the series.

  • “[…] the game, titled Maverick Hunter, would have been a more mature take on the Mega Man series […]”

    I don’t think “mature” is entirely accurate here… Maybe “speculative sci-fi”?

  • d19xx

    That Megaman looks like Cobra Commander…


    I’d love a third person Mega Man action / shooter game (whether it be classic Mega Man or X) in the vein of Vanquish. Oh if only…..

  • Well… what did they expect? Mega Man fans have suffered somewhat of a drought in these last few years, and out comes Capcom with something not even remotely similar to a Mega Man game. If they couldn’t even keep Legends 3 off the ground, despite the intense love from a (relatively small) dedicated fan-base, of course this wouldn’t make the cut either.

  • Lubulos

    If this was going to be only a spin-off, I would see no problems with that (even if the trailer gave me a “meh” impression). It could have given more mainstream appeal to this series, and Capcom could have used the profits from the game sales to make more classic Megaman games, kinda like how Nintendo uses the money from their casual titles to kickstart their big projects. But if the series would have turned into a casual action fest like Resident Evil did, then I’m glad that the project got cancelled. Well, not like we’re getting many Megaman games lately.

    • Anime10121

      But looking at the trailer, do you seriously think that thing would have made a profit? Bomberman Act 0 would like to say hello!

      Meet him http://www.freeonlineserver.com/files/wallpapers/Games/Bomberman_-_Act_Zero.jpg

      • Lubulos

        Do not underestimate the power of a “good” gritty grimdark sci-fi FPS. Unluckily, quality == profitability for most games. So, yes, I think it would have sold relatively well.

  • CptPokerface

    I could see why opinions would be so divided. Making an FPS out of a series that has traditionally been a 2D side-scrolling game just would have been far too unfamiliar for people. However, the same could have been said for Metroid, and yet the Metroid Prime games were all really great games.

    I think people would just be far more confident with Mega Man returning in a fashion the fans know the series is best at.

    • Byas

      Or even a cellshade animesque FPS would do, if it had solid gameplay and actually had something to do with the X series (just like the metroid fps kept the metroid atmosphere, exploration, art, etc). What they tried to do on this game was simply naming a random sci-fi fps that had a blue main character with the megaman brand.

    • Guest

      I think use of the term “gritty” may have been an even bigger turn-off. By changing the genre AND tone so drastically, it becomes immediately apparent they’re just using the “Mega Man” title for brand recognition and a sales boost.

      • Xeawn

        I have to disagree. Even if we’re talking Classic Mega Man, in Japan the Blue Bomber has always had considerably darker stories both in the games and the manga. Then you look at Mega Man X, which has always been dark and gritty right from the start, and progressively more so as time went on (without spoiling anything, what happened to Iris is a prime example, as well as even Zero’s nightmare in the opening to X4 with him surrounded by bloody bodies with blood soaked hands). Fast forwarding a bit, Mega Man X8 with Sigma and Lumine (or whatever his name was) is another example of a dark and gritty setting and story.

        Then we take Mega Man Zero into account with most of the human race wiped out at X’s hands in the beginning and the progressively darker and more depressing world that portrayed up to its depressing decrescendo, and then the equally dark and depressing tone of the ZX and ZXA games it’s quite clear Mega Man has been dark and mature pretty much from start.

        The only way to say the series has always been cute and happy go lucky is to say that the series only encompasses the American MM1-6 and the slapstick side of Legends.

        • Chibito

          I think it’s more that “gritty reboot” sounds terrible whatever the devs mean by it. Still, I think if someone could’ve pulled it off it would be the guys behind Metroid Prime.

        • Anime10121

          Legends wasn’t that light hearted either, as the final Boss of the first game “Juno” wanted a mass elimination of EVERY LIVING BEING on the island and almost succeded if it weren’t for a certain “dancing monkey” (who housed Triggers memories) who came to the rescue. Thats not even getting into the heavy stuff Legends 2 introduces like the twin sisters Yuna and Sera, the Elder/master systems, Roll’s mom etc.

          I’d argue, the only “happy go lucky” games were the Americanized versions of 1-6 as you previously mentioned.

        • Tre W

          That’s…not quite right.

          I mean, the argument that you’re posing basically sounds like the same type of arguments that tried to pose Dragon Ball Z as being a “mature” series, just because it had “blood, cursing and death” in it. But in truth, Dragon Ball has always been pretty par the course for a typical shonen (re: for kids) series. And Rockman, in all of his various iterations thus far, has only done more to reflect that much as well, what with it often citing a variety of shounen tropes from everything ranging from Kamen Rider to Gundam.

          So, in other words? Rockman has ALWAYS been a series made for children. Inafune has reiterated that point over and over again, whether it be because he had to shoot down the “Zero killed everyone in the Classic series” theory, to how he vetoed the notion of the Zero series actually having the Original X as the villain (Copy X was swapped in at the last minute). And the reasons why? Because he never wanted to “betray the expectations of the kids”.


          “…Then we take Mega Man Zero into account with most of the human race wiped out at X’s hands in the beginning.”

          I think you need to go play the Zero series again, friend. Neither X or Copy X did that. It were the Reploids that got the short straw…

          • Xeawn

            You kinda shot through the goal of sharing the story with people without spoiling a lot of it. I could’ve easily said that X was a copy or that Zero wasn’t responsible for the deaths or who really wiped out humanity, but, y’know, then I would have spoiled a lot of the game for people who haven’t played it. As such instead I provided the information that’s provided to the players at that point.

            I’m curious what your definition of a mature story is. Mega Man, MMX and MMZ as well as ZX and Advent all deal with themes ranging from death to mortality to free will or the lack thereof to being in love to losing who you love to having to make awful decisions for the good of the many over the few to going too far with power to what is and isn’t real to who is and isn’t real and so on. The stories explore making hard choices from militaristic ones to emotional ones, honestly I’m not sure how else you would define the series.

            In terms of Inafune’s thoughts on the franchise, he didn’t shoot down Zero killing everyone because it’s a kids series, he stated that wasn’t what happened because he wouldn’t write someone we’re supposed to call a hero who would do something like that. So, without being as confrontational as parts of your reply are, I’ve got to say that you seem more the one who doesn’t have all of their information together.

          • Tre W

            “In terms of Inafune’s thoughts on the franchise, he didn’t shoot down
            Zero killing everyone because it’s a kids series, he stated that wasn’t
            what happened because he wouldn’t write someone we’re supposed to call a
            hero who would do something like that.”

            …Furthermore, he went on to say in another interview that it was because he didn’t want to betray what kids thought of Zero. This also goes along with what he said about why “Copy X” was swapped in, because he didn’t want to betray what kids had thought of X.

            To further illustrate this point of how Inafune was always thinking of the children, I bring up the point of Super Adventure Rockman. This game is a “special one”, because Inafune actually considers it to be one of the worst games in the entire series. And why is that? Because the “overall darker tones” stood out in contrast to the rest of the series.

            Inafune: “To be honest, I feel I owe the players an
            apology for this one . . . There was a phase when the company was
            basically selling Mega Man to the lowest bidder, and I really feel like
            this title is the worst of the worst . . . The ultimate unspoken rule
            about making a game that is /geared towards children/ is that you simply
            cannot kill anyone, but here you have military helicopters falling out
            of the sky and people dying in droves. /If it had been up to me, I would
            have at least made it so they all ‘got away safely’ via parachutes or
            something/. Then as if that wasn’t bad enough, Roll dies… and to top it
            all off, the whole world is destroyed! I was like, ‘ Did they really
            need to go that far?!'”
            http://www.1up.com/do/blogEntry?bId=9018032 via the Megaman Complete Works book

            >”geared towards children”, straight from Inafking’s mouth himself.

            If that isn’t enough to drive home the point of how Inafune himself perceived Rockman, I don’t know what does!

      • CptPokerface

        A game in the X series being gritty is expected. It’s always been the darker of the mega man series. The main problem would have been that they would have needed to translate the feeling fans get from the classic 2D games into an FPS, which is difficult.

        Very possible, considering how Metroid Prime turned out, but the Metroid series is also heavy on exploration and back tracking, which translated really well into FPS form. Mega Man’s strength has always been linear but challenging level design, which is true for the classic mega man series AND X. That would be far more difficult to achieve in FPS form.

    • wez

      to be fair most games were side scrolling shooter platformers back in the day fps is the evolution of that format.

  • Godman

    Its a shame, I would’ve played it
    This Mega Man looks sick >:)

  • Colin Tosh

    If this would have happened I bet Mega Man fans would have complained “they cancelled Legends 3 for this”. Or the alternative “Capcom is trolling MM fans again”.

    Poor Capcom are damned if they do and damned if they don’t with this franchise. Truth be told I think the franchise has run it’s course. Its hard to imagine how the current market would react to a full 3D MM game.

    • AkuLord3

      “Its hard to imagine how the current market would react to a full 3D MM game.”
      ummm…you just said it but umm Legends would like to say hi.
      Any company will have a backlash on anything that’s a BIG change to a series. Would it be bad to make a FPS Megaman game? not really but it be very risking even with some of the people who helped with the Prime series. Besides its not like Capcom has the best track record with their franchises lately

      • Mir Teiwaz

        Legends didn’t happen in the 2013 market. It happened like 15 years ago.

  • Would have been a different take on the Megaman X series giving a whole new story to it.

    Just seems to be that Inafune leaving contributed a death sentence to a majority of his old projects.

  • Go2hell66

    Opinions were divided and for good reason. I don’t think i’d ever want to play a megaman FPS EVER, i think the safe bet would be a platformer or action-adventure game, maybe an RPG? stick to the tried and tested genres. I think throwing megaman fans into the middle of an FPS game for the 1st time wouldn;t be a smart move right now especially when the series is at such a crucial stage

  • Mr. Frumix

    Inafune did not create Mega Man series.
    He’s gone on record saying he was brought into development of the first game mid-production and was in charge of making characters (such as bosses) but by the time he came Mega Man himself had already been designed.

    • MogCakes

      That’s fascinating! Source?

      • Anime10121

        Cant recall a source, but If it means anything, I can vouch for its authenticity. When the X series came along, Inafune finally DID design his “Megaman character” which turned out to be Zero (who initially was going to be the protagonist of the X series until Capcom decided that they wanted Megaman in a Megaman series game).

        Though he didnt create Megaman, after Megaman 1, he became the main driving force/support behind the character and the series itself.

        • MogCakes

          Neat. I learned something today!

        • AkuLord3

          At least he got to make a series as Zero for the main character thanks to the success of X series

          • Anime10121

            Yep and oh how awesome that series was too! I’m generally more a Rock fan than a Zero one, but even I have to admit that the Zero series was one of the best platformers to come outta the Megaman series.

      • FetusZero

        Megaman Official Complete Works would be a good source, but it’s a book, so I can’t really link you to its page.

        • MogCakes

          I saw a copy once at Borders before they went out of business. I regret not buying it now.

          • FetusZero

            It’s mainly images, but there’s tidbits about the development proccess here and there. Just checked and he mentions arriving after the project had already started in the first pages. Complete Works are definitely some good items to own if you’re a big fan of the series. I actually remember back then, pre-ordering Megaman, Megaman X and Megaman Zero Complete Works lol, I was all excited and they were my very first purchases Online.

  • BillyMK

    Reminds me of Bomberman Act Zero, that’s more than enough to hate.

    • LynxAmali

      Bomberman Act Zero? What’s that?

      No, seriously. We don’t talk about Act Zero.

      • BillyMK

        But we have to! We can’t let that happen ever again, and Capcom was just about to do that to Megaman and sent it even deeper in hell. I don’t have any problems with the fps shooter game play, but if they want a 3D shooter why not Megaman Legends 3 with a first and third person option instead of this piece of…

  • DragonSix

    Metroid Prime worked well, because Samus herself and the universe kept looking the same. It was the same metroid world we knew and love, except with the new camera view.

    This Megaman game is nothing like that. Megaman doesn’t look at all like Megaman, more like that bomberman zero debacle.

    • I wouldn’t say that, to be honest. Samus herself has gone through at least four or five different looks across the entire Metroid series, and three different looks within the Prime games alone.

      As for the universe, I think different games have shown us different sides of the Metroid universe. Some of the different planets maintained a consistent look in the Prime games, but Fusion, for example, looks nothing like any of the other games. The space station in Fusion was extremely colourful in contrast to the Metroid games before it.

      The same goes for the city in the sky in Prime 2. Metroid was never particularly heavy on the futuristic/sci-fi look, but that area in Prime 2 went in that direction anyway, and still managed to tie it back in to the rest of planet Aether.

      I’m personally of the mindset that people need to chill out and keep an open mind. On the one hand, people say publishers sequelize and reiterate too much, but on the other, the moment they decide to change something, everyone throws a fit.

      One of the reasons Metroid is as loved as it is, is precisely because it’s such a flexible series. It’s been a side-scroller, it’s been a first-person game, it’s been a multiplayer shooter, it’s been a pinball machine. It’s a great example of how you can take a mascot—even one that’s more story-heavy than your typical caricatures like Mario—and do different things with them. It’s the comic book approach, and I personally think it suits videogames very well.

    • eilegz

      nope it worked because nintendo console dont have halo or killzone… metroid prime fill that space…

      in my case i never find prime series to be a proper metroid game, making it first person didnt bring anything to the game it nerfed its abilities, and having to change from fps to tps because of some skill it lack of consistency.

      • rouguesquadron2000

        If it wasn’t for the Prime series I never would’ve gotten into Metroid. I played the original years ago and decided that while the game had potential it wasn’t for me, however when MP 3 came I decided to give the series another go and I fell in love with it. Since then I’ve played every Metroid game to date and I’m eagerly awaiting the next one for the Wii U.

        • eilegz

          im really glad that you enjoyed the other proper metroid games… considering how “polarized” its the series itself just look at other M, everyone hates it because its not “prime”… I enjoyed that one but it wasnt without its flaws

          In my case i avoided prime series and even nintendo itself consider the “prime saga” as a standalone without any continuity its in anime what we call FILLER

    • XiaomuArisu

      Metroid changed.
      Kraid was little became big.
      Samus is now a blond.
      Samus learned to speak.
      She was half Human/half chozo then got some Metroid DNA etc.
      Megaman changed too.
      Megaman,Megaman X,Zero,ZX,Legends,Exe
      Why would a different Megaman be a bad thing?

      • Ace Trainer Chris

        You never played much of the series, have you? Kraid was tiny only in the NES title. Ridley was the same way. This was likely due to the NES’ limitations.

        Samus was ALWAYS blonde. You even see this with the best ending of the NES game and even clearer in Super Metroid. On top of that, her speaking bits started becoming essential primarily in self-narration and she didn’t really have a role of speaking other than to herself until Other M. She still spoke prior to that, albeit to herself.

        Further more, the other Mega Man series’ you list are not the same Mega Man yet still retain pieces of the overall series without straying too far. What this Mega Man looked like was not of the same evolution of say MM to MMX, but rather closer from Bomberman to the “realistic” Xbox Bomberman game. It just did not work.

        • XiaomuArisu

          Think about it
          Megaman Legends:”What?!? A third-person shooter MM?!? That will never work!”
          Megaman Network:”What!?! A MM RPG?!? Thats not Megaman! Crapcom stop destroying my childhood!”
          Everytime the same complains.
          Just because its different you assume it has to be bad.
          This game had X fighting evil.
          Becoming evil.
          Getting killed by Zero.
          Fun fact:This was supposed to happen in the original story too.But Capcom got scared and told us that the evil X is just a Evil clone.

  • Kenny Loh

    Not be mean capcom, but i don’t like this megaman FPS lol

  • I would of tried it, but I prefer if the character was closer to regular X (this one without a face is too creepy, looks more like an enemy than a protagonist).

  • Spirit Macardi

    To be honest, I don’t have anything against a Mega Man FPS as a concept. It’d be rather unique to have Robot Master abilities in place of multiple weapons.

    I do think this way wasn’t the right one though. You don’t need to make Mega Man look more robotic or the environments more realistic, I actually think it could be done while still keeping the cartoony look that the series has always had. Heck, a cell-shaded FPS would stick out as quite unique.

    The people behind this may have worked on the Metroid Prime series, but clearly it wasn’t the people who got what made those games great. Those games were great because they respected the existing material and didn’t change anything, they merely looked at what was already there and asked how they could have it work in first-person.

    • I would rather it not be first person

    • The people behind this may have worked on the Metroid Prime series, but clearly it wasn’t the people who got what made those games great.

      In the contrary, it was precisely the people that helped make Metroid Prime great. Go look up who Armature is composed of, and check out their profiles on MobyGames. :P

      Those games were great because they respected the existing material and didn’t change anything, they merely looked at what was already there and asked how they could have it work in first-person.

      They didn’t change anything? The Metroid Prime trilogy practically invented the Chozo culture and 3/4 of the Metroid universe. The mainline Metroid games did very little to flesh out the universe. That was all primarily the Prime games. Contrary to what you just said, the Prime games weren’t afraid to add their own stories to the Metroid lore.

      Do you know that basically every artist working on the Prime games was responsible for the text that shows up when you use the Scan Visor on their object? Yes, there was someone that was overlooking all the text at the end to make sure it all fit into a cohesive vision, but the artists on that devteam were given a hell of a lot of freedom. It was exactly the opposite of what you claim.

      • Byas

        But the point is that even adding things, they kept most (if not all) of the original ones. It isn’t like if they had made Samus a cyborg Lara Croft with two SMGs, that turns into a jet instead of a ball… You can recognize the game as Metroid when you see it. While on this Megaman, aside from the main character being blue there’s no “Megaman” at all; ex: the “X” carries a SMG intead of a Buster for crying out loud… Even when the Megabuster is basically his trademark.

        • Why is it so important to keep every single thing exactly the way it is, after a series has been through some 20 odd games? That’s kind of ridiculous, don’t you think? Mega Man has had a longer run than virtually any other series out there in a much shorter span of time.

          • XiaomuArisu

            Well People are afraid of changesXD
            But really I would like to see how the MMFPS would play.

          • eilegz

            its based on legacy….. one thing its improvement and other its radical changes, i rather have a new game new gameplay similar setting kinda like what capcom did with dead rising vs resident evil both diferent game

          • Byas

            They don’t need to keep everything the same (MML customization and open world for example), but you can’t take away everything that characterizes a serie and expect the fans to be ok with it.

          • That’s kind of the point of giving a franchise a kick in the pants. You don’t do that simply by improving what already exists. People have done that before and it’s a road of diminishing returns.

          • mirumu

            I think one of the problems here is that “change” in games in recent years usually tends to equate to homogenisation. Let’s take the old series X, and make it more like recently popular game Y. As a general trend it’s lead to some rather bland games that aren’t as good as the games they’re imitating. Many at best they seem to only trade one niche fanbase for another while the publisher wonders why they missed sales targets.

            Jim Sterling at The Escapist (Jimquisition) made an interesting video on the topic of homogenisation recently which is worth watching.

            There are certainly examples of major changes to a series working. Metroid is a good example as you say, and good developers are more likely to pull them off, but they do tend to be the exception rather than the rule. I think people are generally more open to evolution of a series rather than a complete re-imagining.

            I hadn’t really kept up with Maverick Hunter so I can’t really comment on specifics. In all honesty though design-wise that picture at the top (along with the other concept shots released) looks fairly generic. Very reminiscent of Dead Space to me, as well as Metal Gear Solid. The weapon even looks a bit like Dead Space’s plasma cutter. I realise there’d would be far more to the game than this, but as an example for promoting the concept it isn’t showing us anything new. I’d have thought something more uniquely Mega Man, even if it was a radically new design, would have garnered more interest.

          • I don’t know, this doesn’t look anything like any other FPS on the market to me. Homogenization is a legitimate reason to cite when something looks like every other game in its genre, but this clearly isn’t like that. Yes, it’s a first-person game, but then, so are Deus Ex and Mirror’s Edge. I wouldn’t say those fit into the homogenization of shooters at all.

            In fact, the games that have contributed most to shooter homogenization of late are Resident Evil 6 and Dead Space 3, and both of those aren’t even in first-person. So, I don’t think it’s as plain and simple as, “This is a first-person game and therefore it will be a drab, boring CoD clone.”

          • mirumu

            Yes, I’m sure it isn’t that simple. I wasn’t saying that this specific Mega Man example is a case of homogenization in gameplay terms either. My point was more that when gamers see mention of big changes, homogenization is what seems to come to mind. They don’t always have a label for it, but when you start the discussion that’s usually the fear that comes out. I believe most of the negative reactions to reboots and genre jumping stem from this. In some cases they will inevitably be mistaken, but it’s going to be a hard sell against the prevailing tide of thinking.

            It’s much the same with “gritty” grim dark sequels/reboots, and the whole blue/orange toning so many games use (Both of which Maverick Hunter appeared to be using too I might add). It’s certainly possible to make good games that make use of these ideas, but equally a certain portion of the audience will automatically have a negative view from the outset. I don’t think any of this is going to change any time soon.

            In design terms however, I do feel Maverick Hunter looked to be a homogenization. The character design looks to be a real mash up of popular themes with little identify of it’s own. For this reason alone I’m not surprised opinion at Capcom was divided over it.

  • DesmaX

    Hm… While I did find the game very interesting from those videos, for a Megaman revival I would much rather have something on the likes of Rayman Origins. 2D Platformer, 8 worlds with multiple levels, and with a Robot Master at the end of that set of levels.

  • Final Aura

    Gray fox? lol jk

  • eilegz

    i didnt like metroid prime i wouldnt want this neither….. some games does not need to become a halo to be good….

    • …Metroid Prime is like Call of Duty?

      • eilegz

        let me fix it halo or killzone.

        • …Metroid Prime is like Killzone/Halo? I guess that means Mega Man is like Kirby then. Oh wait, it’s not.

          • eilegz

            it was for nintendo console at least, a first person shooter game.

            microsoft have halo and sony have killzone.

          • Richie

            Actually, Metroid Prime isn’t a FPS. It is a First Person Adventure. I don’t see how Metroid Prime is anything like Halo or Killzone.

          • rouguesquadron2000

            You’re correct, categorizing the Metroid Prime games as an FPS is incorrect. They’re adventure/exploration games done in a first person perspective.

          • eilegz

            you are thinking too much, its first person, it shoot then its a FPS.

          • …I don’t think you understand the difference between a mechanic and a genre. There are extensive discussions from various designers in the industry, and one thing that many seem to mention is that the way popular game genres are defined is very vague and non-systematic.

    • XiaomuArisu

      Metroid Prime was great.
      Still had the exploration of Metroid and the abilitys of Samus.
      Its not like CoD or Halo.

      • eilegz

        how do you screw attack or ball in FPS view you cant…

        sure not linear like them but the game its plays like halo. i remember the first metroid prime they want me to shoot the lights i was like fuck this halo wannabe.

        Having it first person its more based on nintendo decision to have a first person shooter to compete with microsoft halo and sony killzone.

        • OK, I think you should stop talking now.

        • XiaomuArisu

          you can use the Screw attack and use the Morph ball.
          And it play nothing like Halo.
          Halo: leftstick=running,rightstick=aiming
          Metroid Prime: leftstick=running,
          rightstick=beamchange(you know the classic:Power,Wave,Ice;Plasma)

  • Peace Legacy

    All right, just a few thoughts:
    -The game soundtracks is static ambient stuffs, suitable for a typical modern 3d game, but is completely contradictory to the great musical heritage the Megaman series has
    -The environment was dull, uninspired and gritty (come on, even the somewhat gritty Megaman Zero series has lush forest, tree and water, and even the indoor stage use vibrant palette). The game’s visual, the lighting, is too dark, too dark and murky for the vibrant MegaMan series
    -It’s just a guy in a blue armor with a MACHINE GUN called Megaman. Completely devoid of personality (which the original X suppose to be constantly showcasing)
    -The enemies are dull and lack personality
    -All you do is aim at the enemy and shoot away, dodging didn’t even seem to be necessary
    -All enemies got cutscene kill (wtf?)

    It’s like someone just dug up the corpse of my dead childhood, trying to hopelessly resuscitated it one last time with a bizarre method, resulting in a messy undignified pile of… stuffs, and finally laying it to rest again.

    Sure, you may say, the changes are justified, because they was going for a gritty reboot… but that would just lead to the question:
    -Is it all right to alienate the entire old and very alive fanbase in the HOPE of gathering some unconfirmed new one?
    Sure, there have been great reboots through the courses of gaming… and there has been Act Zero (and a recent controversial reboot that shall not be spoken of)

    • XiaomuArisu

      It was a VERY early beta or whatever you call it.
      It was just there to show how it would play.
      That means enemys,megaman,music,enviroment,etc.weren´t finalized.

    • LynxAmali

      -The environment was dull, uninspired and gritty (come on, even the somewhat gritty Megaman Zero series has lush forest, tree and water, and even the indoor stage use vibrant palette). The game’s visual, the lighting, is too dark, too dark and murky for the vibrant MegaMan series

      This was a beta and the scene shown looked to be in a warehouse.

      -It’s just a guy in a blue armor with a MACHINE GUN called Megaman.
      Completely devoid of personality (which the original X suppose to be
      constantly showcasing)

      Who’s to say that “X” wouldn’t get the traditional look later on? Perhaps this was a stage very early on in the story prior to the actual games that we’re familiar with? Perhaps this was when “X” was still being created, in a sense.

  • 60hz

    polarization is not a good enough reason to not produce it though, metroid prime had a polarizing effect when first revealed but later proved to be quite successful. I guess the bottom line is you can’t judge a game with out playing it, if the game is done well and faithful enough to the license people can be won over… i can’t imagine it being any more polarizing than the new DmC and yet Capcom seemed hellbent on bringing that out…

    • eilegz

      it didnt work in the end, its not the revival of devil may cry seems like a downfall.

      For metroid in my case i dont want to know anything about prime, it destroyed metroid games and its legacy and somehow the effect its positive in a way that people want metroid but prime and nothing else which for me its not good but i guess it worked for nintendo.

      Nintendo fans its not that polarizing like resident evil, final fantasy or any capcom games.

      Nintendo fans seems to accept anything it happen since n64 i remember mario 64, people even enjoyed some dont… the same with the one with watergun and later galaxy series.

      Now i wish they change zelda into a “FIRST PERSON ADVENTURE” maybe that would be epic like skyrim….. i would like to see that change how its going to work out

  • Jake Deerberg

    If it was a FPS I think it would’ve faired better, Maybe more of a Third Person Shooter… or as someone mentioned, maybe like Vanquish?

  • Lucian Kara

    A dark and gritty MMX FPS would have been great 5 years ago. Now we’re swimming in FPS titles to the point of Mass Oversaturation and sickness so I’m kind of glad that it got canned even though I want a new MM title badly.

  • Göran Isacson

    Torn. Quite torn on this one, even if it will never come to be.

    On the one hand, Metroid Prime. On the other hand, Bomberman: Act Zero. Turning something into an FPS isn’t necessarily BAD, but to make something excessively drab and dark just to grab an already existing audience feels… weird.

    Metroid was always dark and moody, and Metroid Prime followed suit. Megaman on the other hand was, despite some dark stuff in the plot, COLORFUL. It was a dazzling display of sprites and varied designs. Maybe such things wouldn’t work in an FPS, maybe everything DOES need to be gritty and grimmer, but the look presented in that video was just not… interesting. OR engaging.

    Honestly, I think I would have gone more for a “Ratchet and Clank” feel if I were to reboot Megaman into a shooter-game. I’ve always felt that game with it’s varied and zany weapons, as well as platforming segments who aren’t completely unbearable, would be a good match for Megamans style. I think that if this game had been made and lacked color, lacked the visual pizzazz and quirks like animal robots and such, then I for one would have asked the question: “what makes this different from any other shooter on the market, and why should I care”?

    Of course, the Metroid Prime team COULD have designed something with really popping visuals and fast-paced gameplay with jumps and acrobatic action, if they had the time to develop it further. But that video they showed us had none of that, and did nothing to entice me further. Soo… well. I suppose I shan’t be losing much sleep over this one.

  • SilentMC

    While I feel visually this game isn’t appealing (I don’t mean the redesign as a whole), I’d like to see more Tron-like visuals. At least from the footage seen, everything was too dark to see any details, and yes I know the footage is from an incomplete game but it was meant to represent the general visuals.

    Gameplay didn’t appear to have much depth outside of “BAM BAM SHOOT”, I would have liked it better if it were a 3rd person beat em up that switches to a FPS (or TPS would work too) view to fire the buster. Oh I also disliked the on-rails section, it didn’t look very interesting to play that.

    I do find it interesting that many developers tend to only be skilled at developing one type of game/genre, you’d kinda hope it would set itself further apart from Metroid Prime

    On a different note, that red X Visor sure is smexy

    Edit:I also feel platforming would be either too automated or clunky in first person. Again it would benefit from being a third-person game

  • SunOatBoatMatadorQuattro

    Considering Capcom’s latest reboot I was kind of curious how this game’s characters would have talked. Still, it’s been very long since Capcom has released a MegaMan game and I’m curious if they are actually planning something.

  • rouguesquadron2000

    Personally I’ve been hoping for a Mega Man FPS styled after the Metroid Prime series for a long time now, although I personally think the Legends series is a better fit than the X series.

  • Repede91

    As a Megaman X fan that genuinely likes X6 and X3 I thought that this game looked very interesting. The Metroid Prime connection gave me some extra faith it would`ve turned out well too.

  • LaserVision

    The comparisons to Bomberman are absurd. There were eight different “Mega Men” as of the 20th anniversary. What’s the harm in adding one more? And given the pedigree, maybe this should’ve been given a chance. But hey why do that when you can go with your knee jerk reaction?

  • Lester Paredes

    Though I would have hated it upon principle, once it was released and the reviews came in, I’d have read them with interest. Then, I’d have bought the game, were the reviews favorable. i did the same thing with Metroid Prime.

  • Aristides

    I would have jumped on this :P If it ended up being something like Vanquish it would have been awesome.

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