These Five PlayStation Vita Games Are Exclusive To PS Plus Members In Japan

By Spencer . May 6, 2013 . 11:50pm


PlayStation Plus got off to a slow start in Japan. Game still trickle in at a much slower rate, but there are quality titles like Virtue’s Last Reward, Time Travelers, The Little Battlers Boost, and The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky available to download.


Oh, and there are these five Vita games exclusive to PlayStation Plus from student game developers and Grasshopper Manufacture. ELEDiVE shown above is a sliding puzzle game that takes place inside a computer world. You have to fix bugs by using both touch panels and tilt controls to move pieces in the world.


UniUni Union ("Uni" is sea urchin in Japanese) is a novel puzzle game that utilizes the front and rear touch panels. You play as UniUni, a sea urchin that stretches its arms to grab stuff and pull levers.




Mou, Sou Suru Shikanai! is a multitouch game where you place two fingers on the screen to make a path for ants to crawl on.




Volt is a beam puzzle game where you move a generator around and fire it through different objects so the beam hits a target.You can use mirrors to change the angle, which kind of reminds of the light puzzles in Shadows of the Damned.




Octalide is an escape game where you use the front and rear touch panels to turn objects.




These games will be available until May 14, so if you want to try them out make sure you sign up for PlayStation Plus with a Japan region account before then.

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  • michel

    Is Time Travelers a good game? I saw that it sold very poorly in Japan, although the graphics were nice and it looked like it had an intriguing plot…

    • Kevadu

      I rather enjoyed it, personally. I think a lot of the previews made it a little confusing as to what kind of game it actually *was*. I would basically describe it as a visual novel with actual production values. Instead of looking at 2D character portraits all the time the whole game is in 3D and there’s tons of movement and action…but you don’t actually control most of it. You’re basically watching a movie with the occasional decision to make. Oh yeah, and the occasional quicktime event…but the quicktime events in this game are so easy I don’t know why they even exist. I feel like you would have to deliberately try to fail them. Maybe they’re just there to make sure you’re paying attention ;)

      Still, the story and characters were enjoyable even if they weren’t exactly original. It has a bit of a campy sci-fi vibe to it (definitely a hint of Steins;Gate) and there are some standard character archetypes, but for the most part they’re all pretty likeable. The changing perspective (you play as a bunch of different characters) keeps things interesting too. All in all I would say that rather than breaking any new ground the game simply executes things well.

      I will note that I got the game on Vita (yay region-fre) and while it runs fine, make no mistake: This game was designed for the 3DS. It looks kind of ugly by Vita standards. Low polygon counts, flat textures. And I think the lack of detail is more noticeable when it’s running on the higher-res Vita. Kind of reminded me of playing PC games in the 90s…

  • Anthony Brinklow

    These look pretty cool and not text heavy – hopefully they will be localised

  • Exclusive?
    Dunno about that idea. I don’t like to subscribe and “rent” anymore and that would mean they are gone forever if Sony drops the service (faster than a normal digital title?).

    • doubleO7

      Once you get a game, you can redownload it whenever you want, even if it gets removed from the PSN entirely.

      • I know that part, but what bout exclusive PSN+ games years from now?

        • doubleO7

          We’ve never seen this situation before, so its hard to say for sure. But chances are they’ll be just like every other game, once you have it, you can download it indefinitely.

  • Istillduno

    Erm, so am I missing something here or are Sony seriously going “Here, you cannot give us money in exchange for games until you have bought this service”

    If so that sounds a bit backwards, alienating potential customers and all.

    • The games are exclusive to the service as an incentive to get people to sign up for it. The impression I’m getting here is that once you have PS Plus, these are all free, which at something like 18 bucks for three months isn’t too bad a deal or even a bad idea. Honestly, it’s not too different from a lot of what Microsoft does for Gold members in their marketplace – non-members can complain all they want, but the goal is to motivate people to pick up the paid service and hopefully get them hooked (come for the free games, stay for the trophy sync and automatic software updates).

  • brian

    Are the light puzzles in Shadows of the Damned like the light puzzles in DDS1?
    I’d like to play these but I suck with puzzle games.

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