Harvest Moon: A New Beginning Is Coming To Europe, But Not From Rising Star?

By Spencer . May 10, 2013 . 1:03am

image Europe doesn’t have Harvest Moon 3D: A New Beginning yet, but I suppose that’s normal since there tends to be a couple months of lag between North America and PAL territories. What’s unusual is the company supposedly bringing the game over.


Germany’s USK lists Zen United, the company that handles BlazBlue in Europe, as the publisher. Rising Star Games has handled the Harvest Moon series for PAL territories since 2004. Before that Nintendo and Ubisoft published select games like the original Harvest Moon and Harvest Moon: Back to Nature.



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  • That is a surprise! Does that mean Rising Star Games have decided to stop publishing the Harvest Moon games altogether then, I wonder?

    • landlock

      Maybe Zen United got in there first. Rising Star Games have been pretty quite lately when it comes to new games (I think they only have Beyblade/Hometown Story) at the minute.

      I can’t help but have a feeling in my gut that tells me there in trouble. I hope that feeling is wrong. But I’ve had it for a while.

      • RSG did just publish Deadly Premonition but their official site’s release schedule does just list ‘Girl’s Fashion Shoot’. I hope they’re doing okay!

  • Luna Kazemaru
    • knew this was coming. I was actually going to do this myself.

    • malek86

      That is absolutely epic and hysterical.

      • Luna Kazemaru

        you know i have to pick on mu kaishou :P

  • Dylan Neill

    Oh dear god no.

  • Kirbysuperstar2

    No. No. No no no. God, please, no. Nooooooooo.

  • asch999

    Dammit Nintendo, why did you must made 3DS region locked

    • They did must made what they did must do.

    • Buy things online? There’s no reason to ever buy PAL things again, usually always a much smaller selection of games, huge delays, more expensive prices…

  • Beta

    Umm… May I ask why is this bad? I mean, it’s surely good news that we’re finally getting this.

    • Romored

      Zen United is not looked very favourably by many people because of the delay in Persona 4 Arena publication. But I think they usually do a good job, P4A was just an exception due to a sequence of unfortunate events that lead to the delay.

      • Kirbysuperstar2

        They’ve had massive delays previously, too. BlazBlue Calamity Trigger came out in Europe something like two weeks before Continuum Shift did in the US.

        • landlock

          Did they delay it? or did they just license it late?

      • chibisake

        The delay of Persona 4 Arena in Europe is the fault of ATLUS Japan. Zen United was not involved in the development of the PAL version.

  • Istillduno

    Rising star will licence and release the next harvest moon game before this one reaches UK shores.

    You know it’s true.

    • landlock

      Yeah but RSG takes just as long to release Harvest Moon games. How long did they delay Rune Factory games?

      • Somazu

        RF1 came out 1.5 years after america, RF2 took 2 years, and RF3 took one year.
        IIdread the wait for RF4 so i’ll probably get a US 3ds for it….

        • Keima88

          I will get the US 3DS when digimon is confirmed too.
          RF4 + digimon = instant import. The problem is that I have to give up on food for a while and live on water + salt.

  • Chim_era


    When rising star confirmed they wouldn’t be bringing it over I was devastated.
    This looks like the best HM in a while.
    Thank you !!!

  • lad,z

    i hope its true that hm a new beginning is coming to the eu , and i rlly want that rune faactory 4 comes to the eu too D:

  • It doesn’t look like Rising Star have Rune Factory 4 either…


    • Since they seem to be talking about it publicly now, yeah, I can confirm they aren’t publishing RF4.

  • Neppygear

    Oh, wow… Sorry, European Harvest Moon fans. You won’t be seeing A New Beginning until 2015-ish.

  • JMaster3000

    ”tends to be a couple months of lag”
    U mean years not months….
    And i am still waiting for Rune Factory 4….

  • Keyanf

    Does this mean they are open to changing the US publisher too?

    Because I’d love for what happened to DS cute to never happen again.

    • No, Harvest Moon will still be published by Natsume in the U.S. Natsume owns the trademark in America.

  • Seraph

    A couple of months between North America and PAL territories is a bit of an understatement.

  • ReveurIngenu

    Hmmm… According to USK, the game will only be available in english. And all of Zen United’s past published games in Europe seem to have only been released in english. All Harvest Moon games starting from when Rising Star starting to publish HM games (Innocent Life on PSP) were localized as multi-5 titles, with the exceptions of Tale Of Two Towns (which was only multi-3, EN, FR, DE), Frantic Farming (only multi-2, EN,DE), and Leaf Valley (only in english).

    I guess Harvest Moon isn’t profitable enough a series to justify more localizations. But in that case, they should really release the games as quickly after the american release as possible.

    • TheMasterHam

      I didn’t even think they localized the games in anything but English. I thought they just copied Natsume’s US translations.

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