Toriko’s Powerstone-Like Fighting Game Adds Starjun, Grinpatch, And Tommyrod

By Spencer . May 10, 2013 . 1:20pm


Namco Bandai is working on another Toriko title and Toriko: Gourmet ga Battle has a Powerstone vibe. Giant (and probably delicious) monsters show up to feast on the four players fighting each other. A calorie gauge acts like a super meter and when it’s charged up you can do special attacks.


Toriko, Sunny, Coco, Zebra, Starjun, Grinpatch, and Tommyrod are playable in Toriko: Gourmet ga Battle. Komatsu shows up as a partner character.


toriko10 toriko11


Toriko: Gourmet ga Battle comes out on July 4 for Nintendo 3DS.


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  • If only it was based off of the manga instead of the anime…

    • Brutal2d

      what would be the difference?

      Toriko lighting up a piece of bark like a cigar and drinking bourbon?

      • Well… Just the entire tone of the story. The manga is darker with amazing character design and fight scenes, while the anime is designed to be a kid’s show.

        • Brutal2d

          Maybe because IT IS A KIDS SHOW? The manga is published in shonen jump. Do you know what that is? a very popular manga magazine in japan (and North America digitally now) which features manga series directed for young boys between ages 12-17.

          Such examples that have featured in the magazine are: Dragon Ball/Z, one piece, Bakuman,Naruto,Bleach, Yu-Gi-Oh…..

          MAYBE you heard of them?

          • You are mistaken if you think they are directed for kids. One piece alone has an audience of atleast 88% for adults. 43% of its readers are in an age range of 19-29; followed by 30-49 at 32% and 13% for the rest of the senior citizenry. Similar stats are for a bunch of other shonen manga. It doesn’t mean it is for kids, but for everyone. Toriko in particular is full of blood and gore. More than what you’d see in a western rated-m fps.

          • Brutal2d

            By that logic you would say My Little Pony is for guys. I don’t know what delusional world you’re from. But Toriko is meant for preteen boys to start with.

            Just because there is an older audience that so happens to like things does not mean that was their target audience.

            I highly recommend you learn what you’re talking about before saying anything further. Toriko is a Shonen series, not a Seinen, if you do not know the difference between those two things….this discussion shouldn’t even exist.

            Also the whole “blood and gore” thing does not mean anything to Japan. They are much more ok with these things than other countries. Please learn about culture differences.

  • Spirit Macardi


    Sorry, just felt a chill go down my spine from his mere mention.

  • 60hz

    more games need to use powerstone as their inspiration.

  • zaidandzhadow

    How i hate this creep

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