Report: Tales of Symphonia And Its Sequel To See HD Re-Release On PS3

By Ishaan . May 13, 2013 . 8:55am

Namco Bandai’s two Tales of Symphonia games will be re-released in HD on the PlayStation 3, a report at Spanish website Koi-Nya claims. Koi-Nya recently had a chance to speak with Tales series producer Hideo Baba, who teased the release.


The two Symphonia games are the original Tales of Symphonia released for the Gamecube and PS2, and its sequel, Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World, which was released for the Wii. The HD compilation containing both will supposedly by titled Tales of Symphonia: Perfect Edition.


Siliconera has gotten in touch with Namco Bandai for comment.


  • Go2hell66

    Not gonna jump just yet, waiting for official announcement, that would be awesome though

    • Hopefully they bring over Xillia 2 as well ._.

      • neo_firenze

        The same website responsible for this rumor claims that both Symphonia: Perfect Edition AND Xillia 2 are planned for North American release.

        • Which is why I mentioned it in the first place.

          • neo_firenze

            Ah, didn’t realize you were aware of that – no indication in this article or your response.

            But I definitely agree! Here’s hoping for Xillia 2!

          • Here’s hoping the eventually bundle 1 and 2 together!

  • I know it’s a rumor, but I just can’t contain my hype…

  • XYZ_JolteonZ980

    Thats rather fantastic news if this report is true. I could finally play Dawn of the New World in the way its meant to be played with no sacrifices to visual fidelity this time around, also Ive been wanting to replay Symphonia.

    • Dawn of the New World would only be like that if they included the overworld


    Meh… i don’t have much hype for HD releases anymore as it seems to be a quick cash cow for companies.

    • ^ Me too, Tales of Symphonia doesnt need a remaster, unless they plan on adding Free-run

      • Revorse

        Dawn of the New World on the other hand could deal with a few improvements.

        • Something tells me they arent going to add an Overworld to the game. And they could modify the places you get new party members because that just threw off the pacing.

          • Revorse

            I just would like small things like, controlling monsters and letting the original Symphonians level up.

          • ….. Couldnt you control the monsters already?

    • Christian Wright

      tales of graces NEEDED its re-release though. i do agree with you though but in some cases it’s not quick cash. from personal experience. some HD releases are used to boost interest in future titles or to introduce a franchise to younger audiences. like ratchet and clank, sly cooper etc. I let a few kids have time with those HD collections and they loved them. and of course they wanted to play the newer titles that were available.

      (i probably shouldve let them play the original ps2 versions between their playthroughs :P)

    • Have you considered that you might not be the target audience for these releases?

      • Kevin Schwarz

        I don’t think that’s entirely the point. IMO they shouldn’t waste the capability of an actual gen system with past gen games. But again, that’s JUST MY OPINION.

        • AyaisMUsikWhore

          I agree. I’m kind of tired of HD releases myself. All the time could be just put into the sequel. Not recalculated to add more pixels

          • CirnoLakes

            The video game industry and medium have, if anything, a problem with archiving.

            Almost every movie that was found on VHS is available on DVD. And almost every movie that has been found on DVD is available on Blu-Ray. Very few and very calculated are there even real generation games. There were Betamax tapes, but there is very little that can be found exclusive to Betamax.

            With video games, there is a problem of exclusivity. You are forced into having dozens of pieces of radically different designed hardware to play games. With movies, you can play pretty much every movie in existence on a DVD or Blu-Ray. With music, you can play pretty much every song in existence on a CD.

            With games, you have to buy dozens of pieces of weird hardware designed by how companies like Nintendo or Sony enjoy them, just to play a wide variety of games. No under medium like books, or movies, or music, is like that.

            With video games, it is extremely important to the very survival of these pieces of art that they be ported to multiple platforms.

            Also, HD remakes can update and improve upon a video game. Much like good DVDs of movies that used to be on VHS, or good Blu-Rays of movies that used to be on DVD, HD remakes are the DVD and Blu-Ray remaster of sorts. Not only archiving an old movie for new hardware, but also updating it to be up to new standards.

            If movies are worthy of this treatment, then so are video games. Or would you want all old movies on Blu-Rays to look of the very same quality as a VHS tape?

    • Kevadu

      It gives more people access to the game. That’s a good thing. If you don’t want to buy it again then don’t.

  • Anime10121

    Great news if true! Guess we’ll find out at Tales fest in a few weeks ;D

  • Leon_Tekashi

    So let the hype begin for a lot of people.

  • Sergio Briceño

    I hope they include legacy costumes like in the later games.

  • Zenthos

    Hopefully they will port over the extras from the PS2 version. I need those Mystic Artes!

    • Asanti Jackson

      That would be fucking epic!!!

  • Freud_Hater

    Perfect edition? If they want it to be perfect, they should probably drop the sequel altogether. Just sayin’…

    • Symbol de Au

      I actually liked the sequel more than the original…probably because I played it first…

    • CirnoLakes

      The sequel has problems, but it isn’t that bad.

      And saying that it makes it worse would be like saying the Nintendo DS version of Chrono Trigger is inferior for having tacked on sidequests. In reality, those sidequests do nothing to detract from the Chrono Trigger experience, and only further the Nintendo DS version as the definitive version of Chrono Trigger. Even if the added side quests weren’t very good.

      The same applies even more so to Dawn of the New World. While I don’t consider it as good as the original Tales of Symphonia, it is certainly better than nothing. It adds content to the Aselia universe and is definitely something to improve the game and make this the definitive version of Tales of Symphonia.

      More content never makes a game less perfect. And I am personally very happy at the idea of them going the extra mile to include it.

      • Whats this plot hole I keep hearing about it putting in the time line

  • sandra10

    If they put in Abyss instead of Dawn of the World, I’d be there in a heartbeat. Or if they split up the games on PSN, I’m okay with that too.

    • They should just stick Phantasia in their too since it takes place in Aselia. I want to play through Phantasia again ._.

  • DesmaX

    Oh boy, even Siliconera is reporting this… It’s hard not to get hyped now

  • Yeah, the hype is strong with this one =)

  • LynxAmali

    Could never get behind Symphonia’s games.

    Now, if it were Phantasia…..

    Actually, why isn’t that included? They are in the same continuity after all.

    • SpecDotSign

      Haha. It seems that everyone has a favorite. I never played the Symphonia games so I can’t really vouch for them, but I know some fans that swear by that game. Abyss, Vesperia, and Destiny are my favorites, but Xillia is looking to take that title. I’m so excited.

      • Anime10121

        Agreed, I also liked each of those better than Symphonia, not to say its a bad game in the least, its great, those are just top tier Tales games :)

      • Fidelis

        I feel like Symphonia is the FF7 of the Tales series.
        For me, it was my first nostalgia goggles are superglued on my head.

        I’ll always FEEL symphonia is the best
        But I heavily believe that the real best is Vesperia

        • Yet Xillia 2 is apparently even better yet the fact that it takes place in Xillia’s world discredits it somehow. Abyss and Vesperia were made by Team Symphonia. Symphonia was the best selling title in the West. I personally liked Rebirth and Hearts. But Reid is the bomb.

          • Fidelis

            Man Team Symphonia are geniuses. I dont know any det ails of Xilia’s storyline, hopefully I’ll enjoy it.

          • Ladius

            I have never seen anyone discrediting Xillia 2 because it takes place in Xillia’s world, unless you’re talking about the extremely overblown recycling accusations that were already countered by two importers in the last Tales comment section.

          • Said accusations were present in Silliconera’s review of it too

        • Play Xillia 2 and Vesperia will fall, not to mention the 3rd and last arc of Vesperia was AWFUL, after Estelle’s climax it just fell flat. ._.

          • Have you played Innocence R?

          • Unfortunately not, I don’t have a Vita, I played the DS one, though good I still liked Xillia 2 more, all the side-quest add a lot of depth to the characters and Ludger and Elle are just awesome characters. Plot wise is my favorite, and Innocence R, unless it RADICALLY chances the plot… I don’t think can top it. (Though Innocence is better than Vesperia plot-wise too, Vesperia just really fell BAD at the 3rd part.)

          • I cant find if they fixed the story issues that was present in innocnece

        • CirnoLakes

          “I feel like Symphonia is the FF7 of the Tales series.”
          That’s an apt comparison. Tales of Symphonia is by far the most popular Tales title in the West. And many people’s first Tales game.

          Which is a part of why an HD remake is such a dream come true. Bandai Namco announcing a HD remake of Tales of Symphonia is like Square Enix announcing a remake of Final Fantasy VII.

      • ShadowDivz

        I noticed nobody mentioned Graces. I liked it, but Symphonia was my first. And it was… spe-specialdesu! I finally knew what it meant to be a woman…

        Seriously, i loved the first one but i felt the second one(on wii) was just to cash in. The monster taming thing was nice but overall,it(the game) felt like an sequel to a game that was already complete.

    • Randy Marsh

      Because Phantasia already got its remake with its sequel.

      • Tien Ron

        Phantasia needs a REMAKE with an actually remade game not a port of a port with updated sprites

        • Randy Marsh

          No, it doesn’t.

          • Tien Ron

            phantasia never got the remake it truly deserved it just got ports on different handhelds.

          • Phantasia has a sequel? What?

      • LynxAmali

        Where did I ever imply that I wanted it remade, for the third time?

        Note the title: HD Re-Release.
        You could easily toss Phantasia onto it as well.

        • Randy Marsh

          I know you meant, I just saying it already got a collection. But no, I think Phantasia has more of a right to part of this collection, than Knight of Ratatosk, a game that creates one of the biggest continuity errors in the Aselian timeline.

    • Lucian Kara

      Phantaisa would be a nice inclusion given it’s ties to Symphonia, I agree with you there. If I had to pick a favorite I’d have to settle it as a tie between Vesperia for it’s depth and the Xillia titles for it’s combat.

    • CirnoLakes

      I love Tales of Phantasia, thought I personally think that Tales of Symphonia has a more solid plot.

      But I agree that Tales of Phantasia should be in this bundle. All the Aselia games deserve an HD remake. It’d be even better if they could make extra content to tie all three games together.

      I’d like to see some kind of content that ties Shiina(“Sheena”) Fujibayashi and Suzu Fujibayashi together. Suzu Fuyibayashi and Arche Klein are my favourite characters from Tales of Phantasia.

  • Maxwell3000

    Awesome! I want a localized version but will import if it doesn’t happen.

    • I want more platforms!

      • CirnoLakes

        I want a PC version.

        It is nice to want things.

        • I’d like a PC version too. Till then we can just emulate ToS. (But since I already own a gamecube version I dont have to do that)

          • CirnoLakes

            Actually, I own both the Gamecube and PlayStation 2 versions of the game. And prefer to emulate both.

          • If I only had the play station 2 version I’d emulate as well because for the life of me I can not STAND dualshocks.

          • CirnoLakes

            But hey, we both would like a PC version. That’s always nice.

            I do kind of agree that it would be nice if Tales games all game out with complete multiplatform versions. Instead of this “XBOX gets one version PlayStation 3 gets a better version”, “Nintendo gets one version, PlayStation gets a better version” and “no system except a Sony system gets a game.”

            I am guessing they have troubles with development costs and need to consider only one popular platform at a time right now. Either that or Sony has been giving Namco money for years. And they have some kind of special corporate relationship. I almost wouldn’t be surprised.

            Multiplatform releasing really is the way to go if you can afford it. Don’t see a lot of that from Bandai Namco, though.

  • Perfect Edition? Lol. Only until they re-release these again on some other platform with more stuff like all Tales of games.

  • KingGunblader

    Given how hard it is a to find a copy of that game (plus the fact that I’ve never beaten it), I totally support this. Not to add to the already unnecessary hype, but such a re-release would line up with Baba’s “Tales-filled year” comments.

    • ^ Then not release it on a new console ,blagh

      • KingGunblader

        Can you reword your comment please? I don’t really understand what you’re saying to me here.

        • Tales needs more exposure. Symphonia was the most well received title in the West. It was released on the Gamecube over here. They are remastering these games but its only coming out on the PS3 supposedly. Namco Bandai is interested in the Wii U however but then not putting Tales on it seems kinda silly. I hope by the time autumn roles around Nintendo will see some wider growth in the Japanese market in relation to the Wii U

          • KingGunblader

            Okay, I get it now. But I’m sure Namco’s reasoning for doing this on PS3 instead of Wii U (if it is in fact true) is the same as Hearts / Innocence R – not enough sales for the system.

          • I dont think in reality thats a problem. Given how things are moving.

          • Firekitty

            It’ll probably be released for the PS3 and then re-released with extra content for the WiiU…and only one, if either, version will be localized.

            This is Tales, after all…Namco has a reputation to keep up.

          • CirnoLakes

            But that’s now how things work.

            Everyone knows the only version of Tales games with more content are Sony versions.

          • Lucian Kara

            It’s not feasible right now with the extremely low attach rate and very sluggish sales of WII U software atm. I’m sure that the WII U will get the pack eventually, but it will not come with any extra content.

          • Selling 4 million of those things without a constant stream of games is auite a feat. And by the time summer roles around its bound to pick up. These titles wont be releasing any time soon.

          • Maumac77

            It makes sense for them to focus on the PS3 though, since their fanbase in japanse presumably are mostly PS3 users. Although I wouldn’t object to their games being released on other consoles. Porting Abyss to the 3DS was great and if they weren’t doing this, they could have done the same to symphonia and legendia theoretically

          • Mhmm but it wouldnt make sense to do a western release and not release the game on the Wii U since they were both Gamecube/Wii games over here

          • Maumac77

            That’s an good point, but since they hold their local fanbase in a higher regard, and assuming that they don’t feel the need to expand the franchise from their choice hardware, I doubt they would come to the conclusion to make more of an effort outside. What I mean to say is, if they aren’t planning on doing it there, it gives more of a reason to not have it happen outside of japan as well, I am in no way knowledgeble about these things, but in my opinion doing such a thing would pose an even greater risk to them than they already are. However, by no means do I frown upon such a move personally and I do hope that more people can be able to enjoy this series on multiple platforms. SO IGNORE this entire ramble and know I agree 100% that it should happen lol :p

          • CirnoLakes

            I think it makes more sense to develop for Sony systems because they’ve abandoned Nintendo in Japan.

            For Bandai Namco, the Japanese fanbase takes priority.

          • Developing for Sony systems in the end is just going to back fire. After all sony is screwing over their entire PS3 base.

          • CirnoLakes

            How is Sony “screwing over their PS3 fanbase”?

            And how is Nintendo treating people any better?

          • They’ve given more reason for someone who didnt buy a PS3 to buy a PS4 provided they increase the titles that they are offering. PSN purchases dont carry over mainly. Nintendo at least makes a backward compatible machine .

          • CirnoLakes

            So the reasoning is the the system isn’t backwards compatible?

            While I agree that it is a drawback of the system, this is actually going to hurt the PlayStation 3 in as many ways as it hurts the PlayStation 4. Sony has good reason to switch architecture. The sad part is that it leaves a lot of good software behind.

            The PlayStation 3 being backwards compatible with the PlayStation 2 was quickly dropped and the PlayStation 3 still went on to become incredibly successful.

            I don’t think that the lack of backwards compatibility is going to ruin the success of the PlayStation 4. I also wouldn’t be surprised if Sony made a great effort in trying to get developers to port PlayStation, PlayStation 2, and PlayStation 3 games to the PlayStation 4.

          • Ruin the success ? No. But its going to give them alot to tough out for the first year. Possibly competing against a Wii U come trail ablaze and whatever shady cannon Microsoft manages to pull out from the dirges of the abyss via hammerspace ( I wouldnt count them out yet even if a large portion of the dedicated gaming community gives them the finger).

          • CirnoLakes

            I guess I disagree, I think the PlayStation 4 is going to sell a lot of copies on launch. A lot more than the Wii U. And continue to sell far better.

            If neither the PlayStation 4 or the Wii U do well or pick up significantly before 2015 I’m going to have some pretty mixed feelings of anxiety, worry, and hope. It could be good for me, and it could not be. As someone who likes multipurpose electronic devices like PCs, it could be a wonderful boon and just what I need.

            I’m not holding my breath, though, and pretty much every other option could be terrible. Like segregated Eastern and Western gaming industries, where Nintendo holds a monopoly on the gaming market in Japan by making the only successful handhelds, and the West never getting these games localized.

            I can certainly see the market changing a lot. What I don’t see, is the Wii U making huge strides. In fact, I’ll feel lucky if the Wii U ever sells 20 million.

          • Yeah that would only happen if there games all of a sudden stopped selling. Interestingly enough I’d like to see your opinion on this

          • CirnoLakes

            This person is claiming that the Gamecube situation can’t repeat because they sold the most systems last generation.

            I can’t be that optimistic. And while the Wii probably is the most successful system of last generation, the market is different, and the Wii U is selling a lot more slowly than the Wii. Also, their 3DS sales don’t seem to bare much weight on their Wii U sales at all.

            The Super Nintendo also led the generation before the Nintendo 64. In fact Sony came out of nowhere with the PlayStation. And yet they lost significantly.

            While the situation might be slightly different than when Nintendo released the Gamecube, I don’t think it is particularly more advantageous. And I don’t anticipating it selling particularly better than the Gamecube. I’d love to be proven wrong, though.

          • Oh yeah there was that but I was referring to the comments near the bottom of the thread. They’re the more interesting ones to me personally

          • CirnoLakes

            Well, that’s a lot of posts for me to comment on.

            It may not be a post at the bottom of the thread, but the claim it is doing better than the Gamecube because the Gamecube sold around 5 million units in the first year is interesting.

            While supposedly the Wii U is nearly that in less than half a year. I guess we’ll see this Christmas, but the Wii U sales seem to be slowing to a crawl. I wouldn’t be all that surprised if the Wii U didn’t sell much more than 5 million units before 2014.

            A lot of the stuff down below are some less specific claims. Like how the Wii U still has a lot of unseen market potential. That I agree with. Though the potential to be as successful as the PlayStation 4, I fear that is unlikely.

          • Oh no I agree with that, at this point I agree Nintendo shouldn’t be trying to win the generation. But they should definitely be putting up a veritably dashing fight like the good ol SNES/Genesis days(instead of Gamecube), as long as I get a library that is as awesome as the GameCube’s was Ill be satisfied. … Hmm I feel like going to an arcade right now. Must be my Blazblue itch acting up again….. I smell something coming ArcSys. Dont disappoint! But come this holiday the Wii U better fight. IF they market the games properly(Like X and SMTxFE ) and they expand on the great product they already have the console will pick up faster than anything.

          • CirnoLakes

            The PlayStation 3 is about to become an outdated console, though. Never has it been considered a good idea to release only for old consoles.

            It is why Shantae and Drill Dozer sold poorly.

            The PlayStation 4 is almost here, and at this rate, by the time Tales of Symphonia HD is released, the industry will be focusing on the PlayStation 4.

            It is one thing to localize Tales of Xillia 2 and Tales of Vesperia. But I don’t think this is a particularly good time to be developing for last gen consoles.

          • Outdated yes, but the PS2 was around for how long? The PS3 will still have support for a while. And are you forgetting the PSP? The only saving grace the PS4 has right now is because its the Vita’s intended companion that it might invigorate its library to some extent. But in reality the console may not have the staying power thats required. They need to make a smart business decision over all.

          • CirnoLakes

            The ‘saving grace’ of the PlayStation 4 is being a PlayStation 4, for goodness sake. If anything, the PlayStation 4 might slightly take the Vita out of obscurity. Unlikely, though.

            The PlayStation 4 already has a lot of developer support behind it. And if it doesn’t do well, console gaming itself is in major trouble.

            The PlayStation 2 lasted for a long time. But the PlayStation 3 slowed down its library significantly and certainly the sales of its titles. The same will happen with the PlayStation 4.

            How many games were released for the PlayStation 2 in 2007? Not very many. And even less in 2008. In fact, looking at the PlayStation 2 life cycle, I’d say that PlayStation 3 game development will pretty much dry up by 2005 at the latest.

          • Maumac77

            True, but wasn’t it stated a while back that they didn’t intend to make a game for next gen consoles just yet? I can agree with your logic, though at the same time, most people will probably still have their current consoles as well given how the backwards compatibility is being established as well as not everyone having a PS4 even a year after it’s launch. Sure their will be a great number significant enough to develop the game for the system, yet at the same time releasing it for the PS3 shouldn’t hurt them all that much. Though they could always end up making the game for both. Regardless it might be safe to say that they’ll be sticking with Playstation as their console of choice, whether it be the PS3 or PS4

          • CirnoLakes

            Right, and that makes sense. In fact I think that even developing and releasing for around 6 months after the PlayStation 4 has reached shelves even makes sense. Though I think to be developing for the PlayStation 3 anywhere near a year after the PlayStation 4 is available would be a poor choice.

            And that time is very close. The release of the PlayStation 4 should be in a few short months. It is to be released this year, and this year is almost half over.

            It does seem a bit late to get started on such a nice project. Here Namco Bandai are going to have this nice HD rerelease out. And then by the time it is out, there will be all these 1080p consoles on the market.

            That’s with a lot of the upcoming PlayStation 3 releases, as well. But if this game is just now being worked on, and hasn’t even been announced, it is likely going to be released long after a lot of the current HD remasters and games.

            Though they could always end up making the game for both.
            I think that’s a terrific idea and I hope that Namco Bandai is considering that. I’m not against the game being on the PlayStation 3 at all. I’m just worried it is going to be stuck on difficult to work with cell architecture, and when the PlayStation 4 comes out, they’re not even going to bother with porting games like Tales of Symphonia HD to it.

            Being the PlayStation 4 is x86, it will likely be far easier to develop for than cell. I’d hate for so many assets to be stuck with cell architecture in mind when I think that, where the industry is going, x86 and ARM have a lot more staying power. If the game were on x86, it would likely be easy to port to any future hardware that comes along.

            I want Tales of Symphonia to be a game that is easily available to multiple generations of gamers.

          • CirnoLakes

            The PlayStation 4 would be a much better option than the Wii U, though.

          • Not in the slightest.

          • CirnoLakes

            Why? Why wouldn’t the PlayStation 4 be a better option than the Wii U?

            The Wii U has been selling terribly. Unless the console industry is crashing, the PlayStation 4 is almost guaranteed to sell better than the Wii U.

            The Wii U and PS Vita are largely considered as failures thus far. It is why Tales Vita games aren’t being localized, for Bandai Namco, the ports of Tales of Innocence and Tales of Hearts were a mistake. The same, Hideo Baba is showing no interest in the Wii U because gamers aren’t buying the Wii U.

            Why would Bandai Namco want to develop for a system that nobody owns? With systems like the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo 3DS, they at least have an audience.

          • ShawnOtakuSomething


          • CirnoLakes


          • Mainly because the Playstation 4 has yet to prove itself and Namco isnt in a position to hop on that first wave bandwagon and they shouldn’t. Not now anyway. The Wii U’s been out longer and its not doing to well, for a myriad of reasons, but unlike Sony w/Vita Nintendo isnt waiting around. Its building an ecosystem, and right now with what Sony is attempting to flourish it may not be the best time for them to go and play pal with jolly ol buddy PS4. Nintendo’s gone Based Beta on us. Whether they go Alpha or Omega only time will tell. But they’ve been aligned Neutral-Chaos

          • CirnoLakes

            The PlayStation 4 doesn’t have to prove itself. It is the PlayStation 4 for goodness sakes. Its competition is already doing poorly. The Wii U is selling as badly as the PS Vita, and Microsoft is making terrible PR mistakes with the next XBOX.

            If the PlayStation 4 doesn’t do significantly better than the Wii U, the console industry itself is in major jeopardy. The PlayStation 3 won’t last for another 10 years. By that time $100 tablets would be more powerful than the PlayStation 3. And this is already the longest console generation ever. There’s also the fact the game industry never liked putting up with the PlayStation 3 architecture to begin with.

            If the PlayStation 4 doesn’t become successful, then where will the industry go? The Wii U is very unlikely. The Wii U is doing poorly and will likely continue to be that way. The XBOX? The XBOX will probably do better than the Wii U, but is by no means a place that most Japanese developers will want to be.

            The only alternative would be tablet and PC gaming.

            I take it the option you personally have in mind is the hopes that the Wii U somehow manages to come out popular this generation. And dig itself out of the poor situation it is currently. As a Wii U owner I’d certainly like things to improve, however, it just doesn’t seem realistic. Nintendo has a long way to climb right now with the Wii U.

            Further than any game of Ice Climber.

          • If the PlayStation 4 doesn’t become successful, then where will the industry go? The Wii U is very unlikely.

            Where it has already largely gone. To portables. In Japan, that is. In the West, the Xbox and PC will provide a large enough market should Wii U and PS4 fail. The 360 carried last-gen for several years before PS3 picked up.

          • CirnoLakes

            Yeah, I suppose that’s another option I failed to mention.

            For the moment, the handheld market seems to be going strong. Even though all the “mobile” enthusiasts scoff at the handheld market. I think they underestimate the difference in culture between handhelds and mobile devices like phones and tablets.

            The handheld market is already more popular in Japan than the console market. That’s been going on since around the release of the XBOX 360. And I feel like this generation will only exacerbate the issue.

            And yet I still feel like there’s a huge console market, especially outside of Japan. I doubt that the PlayStation 4 is going to do anywhere near as poorly as the Wii U. Most people in the industry seem to agree.

            I also wonder how long the handheld market can really keep its health. The only one who seems to be able to keep in that market in Nintendo who has somewhat of a “monopoly” on the handheld space. Or perhaps you mean “portables” to including whatever Android or iOS device becomes majorly popular in Japan. I’m a bit scared of the prospect of casual games developed with touch control in mind to overshadow the hardcore games like the ones developed for the 3DS.

          • Hardcore? Like Cooking Mama you mean? Dedicated man, start using that term, dedicated. Designed specifically for, kinda dedicated.

          • CirnoLakes

            Yeah, I don’t like the terms “hardcore gamer” and “hardcore game”, much myself, either. It’s a force of habit, I suppose.

            I guess it is one of those terms you also feel tempted to start using any time you bring up “mobile” devices, because a certain large portion of the, ehem, “dedicated” gaming fandom community, HATES phones and tablets. With a passion. And saying anything that isn’t negative about sudden devices sudden takes away your “gamer cred”. Which is kind of stubborn and I don’t agree with at all, really. To me, tablets are just like a small, keyboardless version of the laptop. And you can plug a laptop into them. I rather think tablets are pretty spiffy as a technology. Kind of like an ultrabook, with an optional keyboard. I think when you realize that tablets are basically PCs with a touchscreen and an optional keyboard, they seem a lot less like a heresy to some kind of imagined glorious nerd-dom and more like what laptops should have strived to become in the first place.

            And I think with products like Intel’s Haswell and future APU devices from the likes of Intel, AMD, and so forth, affordable tablets and ultrabooks are not only going to become more powerful than the PlayStation 3 in the next few years, but the PlayStation 4, as well. And by then I think we’re going to see a real industry change of some sort. As much as it is sacrilege to admit to. Like as soon as you admit mobile devices have gotten ridiculously powerful and the PlayStation 3 is starting to look kind of puny, you’re some Angry Birds loving, jRPG hating socialite. But it is nonetheless true, the PlayStation 3 is starting to get kind of on the puny side. And mobile devices are quickly becoming much more capable. For goodness sake its GPU is a 90 nm dinosaur.

            Also, Cooking Mama is pretty hardcore, yo.

          • The tablets have the benefit of being keen on upgrades, and they still sell for a lot more than they are worth in parts ( and they also nickel and dime ya with subscriptions). Thats what the Ouya’s trying to do but whether it lives or dies depends on what it succesfully taps. Honestly when people say Hardcore I instantly think of people who dig the efferloving shit outta action/sports titles. Not people like me. Dedicated gamers(all those who are inclined to RPGS migrated to handhelds anyway XD)

          • Personally, I’m very glad the 3DS exists. Without it, we would be in the portable gaming ghetto this gen. There are people that insist that if 3DS wasn’t a success, all those games would go to Vita instead, but that isn’t the case IMO.

            Publishers like Capcom and Square and so on would go straight to mobile phones (they already are with a lot of their games) if 3DS didn’t exist. The only reason those companies can justify making big-budget 3DS games right now is because 3DS literally conquered the Japanese market within the span of a year-and-a-half, and because it’s just about successful enough in the West to justify releasing those games worldwide.

            This gen is probably the last one for dedicated portables. I think Nintendo are fully aware of this as well, and I dearly hope their next portable is a multi-functional device of some sort, or things won’t look pretty for their portable business. And we need Nintendo around if we want the “hardcore” portable games market to remain healthy.

            Prior to both 3DS and Vita, I remember naively hoping that Xperia Play would be the portable-meets-phone device that I’ve always wanted, but Sony dropped the ball on that horribly.

          • CirnoLakes

            In Japan, that is. In the West, the Xbox and PC will provide a large
            enough market should Wii U and PS4 fail. The 360 carried last-gen for
            several years before PS3 picked up.

            Since you edited your comment and added some content, I’m going to make an extra post just to respond to that.

            This honestly worries me. Because from the sound of it the markets are diverging. The PC is becoming big in Japan and the XBOX will probably continue to do pretty well in the West, while doing horribly in Japan.

            I’ve always dreamed of a unified market where all the games are available on a couple of platforms. What I worry about is entering a stage in the market for a while where Japanese video games and non-Japanese video games are segregated as a market. Where we don’t get a lot of the games at at because they don’t see enough of a market in the West for Japanese console and handheld games. Though to be honest, I don’t think the new XBOX will do anywhere near better than the PlayStation 4 in the West. If the PlayStation 4 bombs, I am certain that the XBOX will be soon to follow, and Microsoft will just pull out of the console market permanently.

            What do you think, Ishaan, do you think the Wii U will pick up significantly in sales at all? Do you think the PlayStation 4 will do terrifically well?

          • Sorry for the delayed reply. It’s been busy, and this thread is huge, haha.

            I think the Wii U is a stopgap product for Nintendo and they know this as well. It’ll do “well enough” but I don’t see it doing as well as they would like, no. In the case of PS4, I think the same. It’ll do okay, but it won’t reach the numbers PS3 reached. The market is too divided for that now.

            I think the next set of systems will probably blur the portable/console divide even more. Nintendo’s already talking about an iOS-like approach where their future hardware will use the same architecture, meaning you’ll get the exact same game on both console and portable. Sony’s already doing this with certain PS3/Vita games, but once we reach the stage of a portable and a console sharing the exact same architecture, that’s good news for Japan.

            Though to be honest, I don’t think the new XBOX will do anywhere near better than the PlayStation 4 in the West. If the PlayStation 4 bombs, I am certain that the XBOX will be soon to follow, and Microsoft will just pull out of the console market permanently.

            This part I’ll have to disagree with. Microsoft has the money to secure the content they need to make the next Xbox a success. Sony are strapped for cash, which is going to make it very hard for them to compete if Microsoft begins to offer publishers incentives like they did on 360. (And they totally should, it’s a very smart and effective business strategy, since they have the money for it.)

            It’s way too early to talk about any of this stuff, IMO. We don’t even know anything about the next Xbox. I think we’ll have a slightly clearer picture after this E3 and an even more clear picture after this Fall.

          • You’re sitting here saying all this stuff and Im sitting here wondering how the Xbox even managed to do better than the gamecube. Only one reason: stigmas and marketing. Yeah the PS3 doesnt afford the same longevity the PS2 had, but phones and tablets lack the proper infrastructure to make use of their processors and their is also the issue of battery life, interference annoyance and cooling that is holding them back from being a capable gaming device. Unless you happen to be a Microsoft Surface but then you dont have any worthwhile titles on you but hey you got a controller. Tablets eat into the console market more than they eat into the handheld market. Nintendo is in a position to capitalize on that . There’s only one thing Im interested in a gaming machine, a diverse library. Nintendo’s always given me that. I personally love my psychological horror/strategy/puzzle/RPG/fighting/hybrid genre games and thats what I want the Wii U to provide. The PS4 isnt throwing Japan in a frenzy instead they have a kind of “Its time” attitude and that is why I dont see the PS4 having the success that you believe this market is in dire need off. But hey maybe their Greatness Awaits campaign will force some fat cluck to get off the couch.

          • CirnoLakes

            I just want to say, before I get into this, I hate the mobile market. A lot of people in the mobile market say that tablets and phones are the future.

            When touchscreens will never accept the same sorts of gameplay as a gamepad or arcade stick or keyboard or so forth. That doesn’t mean you can’t use those things with a tablet. But most of those things are designed with touchscreens in mind primarily. It is hard to see that market shift very quickly unless hardcore developers somehow started getting on board.

            Which brings me to the other point, while there are a lot of games developed for tablets, they are mostly casual. The hardcore games themselves have to survive and thrive. I don’t know how easy it would be for hardcore to enter this market dominated by casual gaming.

            I am very leery of the thousands of people in the industry chanting “mobile! mobile! mobile!”. Basically, I won’t be with them until the games I actually want to play on on the systems, with control, resolution, and screen size that is attractive. Basically, “mobile” folks will only have me on board when they can get me to play a game like Tales of Graces f, in 1080p, with a head mounted display and a comfortable gamepad. Until then I will prefer non-mobile systems. Something I think a lot of mobile enthusiasts don’t understand.

          • Im with you there man. Inherently limited by what its designed for. Honestly the only thing Im hoping out of this mobile nonsense is that somehow it means we can get Twewy Solo Remix on the Wii U

          • CirnoLakes

            but phones and tablets lack the proper infrastructure to make use of
            their processors and their is also the issue of battery life,
            interference annoyance and cooling that is holding them back from being
            a capable gaming device.

            But here’s where we disagree and where I think you misunderstand technology.

            For starters, tablets can be plugged into the wall every bit as much as consoles and handhelds. Plenty of tablets have every bit as much battery life as handhelds.

            And the criticism about clock speeds and cooling, that matters if you’re talking about bleeding edge parts. Indeed, if you want something maximum on the market, you want a high end console, or much better than a high end console, a high end gaming desktop. But that doesn’t matter if we’re comparing tablets to the PlayStation 3. As multiple tablets are already more powerful than the PlayStation 3. And in the next few years, systems like that will be cheaper than $100.

            Even with all of the underclocking for battery life and cooling, they’re going to be more powerful because they’re have vastly superior chips compared to what is in the PlayStation 3. If you think this is holding them back from being capable gaming devices, you’re wrong. They have already surpassed the PlayStation 3 in terms of gaming capability. A proper Benchmark would show that. All of the overclocking or underclocking in the world doesn’t matter if you have a vastly inferior/super CPU/GPU/APU. And certainly while a tablet more capable of gaming performance than a PlayStation 3 would be more expensive than a PlayStation 3 now, there is only so far PlayStation 3s will fall in price. Eventually, a tablet just as cheap will be several times more powerful, even if it is extremely underclocked for power.

            I don’t know what would replace the PlayStation 3 if not a console somehow. But something is definitely going to replace the PlayStation 3, and soon. Because technology marches forward. The PlayStation 3 simply cannot hold relevance as hardware for another 10 years.

            Some device is going to be out there that is a fraction of the price of a PlayStation 3, much smaller, and several times more powerful. Technology marches forward, and the PlayStation 3 will be left in the dust, eventually.

            Whether you love or hate mobile gaming, I, personally, do not like the culture of casual there, not do I like gaming on a touchscreen. It is undeniable that the PlayStation 3 is so old and dated that even casual devices are starting to become more powerful. And that means the PlayStation 3 cannot last. Something can, and will, have to replace it.

            Right now I’m pretty confident that is going to be the PlayStation 4 and not the Wii U. I see the PlayStation 4 coming in first, the next XBOX 2nd, and the Wii U in a hopefully not too distant third. If not, either Nintendo pulls a miracle and gets the Wii U back on track to success. Or, we’d all better learn to like mobile phones, gaming tablets, handhelds from Nintendo, and gaming ultrabooks, because they’ll be the only game in town.

            Again, this worrisome doomsday death is not what I’m predicting for this console generation, though. I think the Wii U is going to do as poorly as the Nintendo Gamecube, while the PlayStation 4 is going to do fairly well. And this generation is going to be something like a repeat of the sixth generation of game consoles.

          • The issue with the gamecube was perception and how it started to fall off at the end of its life cycle. Nintendo is going to want to do everything to avoid a repeat with the Wii U. Techwise its not in the same position as the Wii and its in a different one than the gamecube, where it goes nobody knows. Yeah the console tech wont last, That I know. The tech in tablets are utilized in ways that increase efficient with more parts but they are limited by what they are designed to do. Overall you and I agree on this. Im just not counting the Wii U out just yet because Nintendo’s doesnt like to get walked on no matter how much they keep their mouths shut.

          • CirnoLakes

            I personally love my psychological
            horror/strategy/puzzle/RPG/fighting/hybrid genre games and thats what I
            want the Wii U to provide.

            But nobody is going going to want to develop those genres for the Wii U if nobody owns one.

          • Which is what I hope the titles from Summer of 2013 through Spring of 2014 provide, in proper boost for the console.

  • isfuturebright

    I picked up dawn of the new world to play on my Wii U :) So far I’m liking it, but mostly because I liked Symphonia at first so… Anyhow I hope it does come out :) More Tales of love for all please.

  • I want to believe!

  • YoshEE

    Well if it is true of the remake then I hope we can level up and keep the original characters for Dawn of the New World lol.

  • Kevin Schwarz

    Don’t blame me if I am negative, but with many HD remakes, I fear japanese studios would do the same over and over again instead of creating new games…

    • You mean 5 NEW console Tales games Symphonia 2, Vesperia, Graces, Xilia, Xillia 2) this console generation is not enough?

    • Suicunesol

      HD re-releases aren’t hard to create. They can’t possibly take as much time as making a brand-new game which they are surely already doing all the time.


    Don’t care. Played Symphonia to death already, Symphonia 2 was awful, and unless they’re remaking it ala Destiny, Hearts, or Innocence, there’s absolutely no reason to get it.

    Bring over the Vita Tales games and PS3 Vesperia instead!

    • CirnoLakes

      If you’ve played it to death, all the more reason to support a game you love!

  • Jordan

    Yup, there is a time where my body must have another tales game! Even though I did played the 1st one but not the second one. Wouldn’t mind playing these again.

  • Barrylocke89

    Remember when Hideo Baba said to “stay tuned for more Tales news”? And remember when it was also said that there were no plans for the Vita Tales games to come over to the West? I think it’s very possible that this is what he was referring to. It makes sense too, since, like with Tales of the Abyss on the 3DS, Namco USA already has the localization and voicework for this game, so it’d probably be much cheaper to localize than the vita games.

    The question is how Namco plans on handling Tales of Symphonia (the original). Will Japan port over the superior PS2 version? (and will they insure that this version runs smoothly? I hear the PS2 version is clunkier than the Gamecube original). And if they do port over the PS2 version, how would Namco USA respond? Would extra content that requires voices get voices? Would Namco go back and voice the skits in Tales of Symphonia? (DotNW’s skits are already voiced so thats good at least).

    I hope Namco doesn’t get lazy with this one, but after Tales of the Abyss 3DS and seeing how Namco seems to still be a bit cautious about Tales out West, I suppose only time will tell.

  • this is saw coming with the 10th anniversary to symphonia !

  • Excuse me while I happy. I am going to happy like you don’t even know.

  • Cruxis

    I love Tales of Symphonia, but not getting hyped just yet. It hasn’t even been confirmed as a Japanese release, let alone a North American release. And knowing Namco-Bandai, a Japanese-only release is very possible. Either that, or we’ll have to wait a few extra years for it to be released in NA…
    Well in any case, we’ll find out for sure at the Tales Festival. Hopefully sooner.

    • The site claims the source of the news of the Symphonia collection is assured to NA.

      • Cruxis

        Well, that’s great news. Glad to hear that, assuming that the whole thing isn’t fake to begin with.

  • katzedan

    Release it in english that I will love you for ever and ever Baba and Namco *–*

  • Cruxis

    Also, I hope they don’t change too much while going “HD”. does anyone else remember how Lloyd’s, Collete’s, Sheena’s, and everyone else’s character models were all SLIGHTLY different in Dawn of the New World than in the original? The graphics were technically improved, but it made the game look worse IMO.
    I hope that won’t be the case in this HD edition. The blurry character models actually were part of the charm of ToS!

  • If this is true, it’s party time. Emil sucks, though.

  • Cruxis

    My other concern is voice acting. Maybe I’m being a nostalgiafag, but I’ve grown to love the English cast of the first game. I was devastated when I played ToS: 2 and most of the voices were changed, especially Lloyd’s.
    I hope the English cast stays intact for this HD edition (for the first game at least); if not, it won’t be the same game!

    • Assuming this true AND will be localized, I highly doubt Bamco will spend money on another dub of these titles. We’ll probably just get the dubs that already exist. A bit sad since the skits weren’t voiced, but it’s better than nothing.

  • Prinnydoom


  • CrossZX

    There goes another 70+ hours of my life if it turns out to be true

  • Courtney Levi Osborn

    Does this mean NA release or not? lol

  • Nitraion

    Here i thought console begging is forbidden in this site….
    everyone has favorites yeah sure..

    • M’iau M’iaut

      A Tales thread, a Capcom thread and the VN one. We will get there. :P

      — Do remember folks, console begging is forbidden on this site! Just as Nitraion has reminded. :P

      • Nitraion

        Yeah please do that i almost lost faith in this site…. :

      • CirnoLakes

        Where does one draw the line about this sort of thing anyway?

        I’m known for commonly saying things like “I wish a PC version of this game existed” or “I wish this was on Steam” or something like that. However, nobody ever reprimands me for “port begging”.

        Surely people who wish that this game would exist for the Nintendo Wii U or PlayStation 4 or so forth have a right to at least voice that desire in some form or fashion, right? I don’t see a whole lot of port begging here. Just a lot of mention from those who wish a Wii U version would exist. Whatever port begging really is.

        • I should elaborate on this a little. Frankly, the “no port begging” rule didn’t exist until a year or so ago. It began when Sony-only fans started to pollute every article with requests for games to be ported to PS3/Vita.

          It’s unfortunate, but we don’t see that kind of behaviour from anyone other than Sony fans. If someone that only owns an Xbox or a Nintendo asks for a port, it’s usually worded like, “I wish this were on Xbox/WiiU etc. so I could play it.”

          If it comes from the Sony side, it’s usually, “Fuck you Capcom/Square/Atlus, you greedy bastards, money is all you care about this game should be PS3/PSV etc. etc.” After a while, that started to get really annoying and it made the comments section extremely unwelcoming for other folks that enjoy their Xboxes and 3DSes just fine.

          That’s why we’re really strict about the port-begging rule now.

  • eilegz

    more tales more rpg its a good thing bring it, hopefully tales of vesperia ps3 version also…. and xillia 2 soon

    • The source affirms too that Xillia 2 will get localized.

  • Alos88

    The fact they’re calling it Perfect Edition rather than something more generic adds to the credibility imo.

    • CirnoLakes

      Actually, a random letter of the alphabet sounds more official.

  • Manny Being Manny

    Hopefully it gets a NA release.

  • raulrain

    I hope that it comes, please please

  • If this game and 2nd Super Robot Wars Original Generation – and perhaps that Masou Kishin game come to the PS3 in English, then I will love Namco Bandai forever. It will become my most favourite game company of all time for bringing the most awesome J-RPG and the most awesome S-RPG or T-RPG in English!

  • Rocket D

    I REALLY hope this is true (I absolutely love ToS, the first one anyway…) and I REALLY hope if it is going to be a ToS HD it releases in the US/Europe without relying on sales of some other unrelated Tales of/NamcoBandai game…I’ve been waiting for any news on ToS getting HD treatment for a long time. a Plus if it’s going to happen with the PS2 content included.

  • Kavyn

    Shouldn’t they also re-release it for Wii U? Especially if Namco Bandai is handling the upcoming SSB game and want to get one of their characters in there.

    • megacool

      True that !!!

    • Joe Montague

      It better be. It would hurt to see a game with its origins with nintendo be remade not for a nintendo platform.

      • CirnoLakes

        It was released for the PlayStation 2 not long after the Gamecube version.

        It doesn’t “have its origins with Nintendo.”

        • Spirit Macardi

          The dub track certainly does though. Since Nintendo was responsible for getting Symphonia 1 to the US and spent their own money on the voice cast (among other aspects). So even though this game will come out in Japan just fine, don’t count on it coming stateside for a non-Nintendo console.

    • akiko_sakuraba

      Um, no. Tales has pretty much left Nintendo home consoles, since that audience isn’t their focus. You can see that the PS2 version of ToS is still very popular, while the GC is… Meh. And also why every single person in Japan has forgotten the original Wii release of Tales of Graces.

      Anyway, I wonder what “HD” would entail. It would be great if they redid all the models from the first game so that they look similar (or better) to the ones from Ratatosk no Kishi.

      • Spirit Macardi

        People forgot about the Wii version of Graces because it was insanely buggy. Also because so much was added onto the PS3 port. It had nothing to do with the console or its audience.

    • Reiko_Chan

      My guess is because the Wii U is still fairly new, compared to the PS3 that has a more solid standing in the industry right now.

    • CirnoLakes

      I’m pretty sure that Bandai Namco now considers starting up work with Nintendo again to be a mistake considering how poorly the Wii U is selling.

      • Spirit Macardi

        Then by that logic they shouldn’t be making the Tales games on Vita either, since that console has been lacking in sales too.

        • CirnoLakes

          That they shouldn’t. And this is why we aren’t getting the games Tales of Innocence and Tales of Hearts for the Vita localized. I wouldn’t even be surprised if they’re considering re-porting the games to the 3DS.

          I don’t think they’re going to make a game for the Vita ever again. And they probably consider their Vita ports of DS games a mistake to begin with. They took a gamble hoping that the PS Vita would be a popular platform, and as it turns out it was a bad gamble.

          I don’t think Bandai Namco is going to make that mistake in the future. Any Tales handheld titles in the future are most likely going to be for the 3DS.

    • ShawnOtakuSomething


  • Luke Blackwood



  • fireemblembeast

    AHA! I KNEW IT!!! X)
    Lol I’ve been borrowing my friend’s copy of ToS for GC for almost a year now and I want to give it back soon and I knew it would be ok since I had a feeling (Tales cycle) that this game would be remade soon. That, and so that they can compete with FFX and FFX-2 HD. I’m getting both anyways, and hopefully this will also come as one package. Now, I’d buy my own copy of ToS, but its uber-hard to find! Although it would be more appropriate for Wii U, Baba did say they would stick to PS3 and I don’t have a Wii U anyways! (Eventually I’m gonna get one for that FE X SMT game) Anyways, I can’t wait for this, and I can’t wait for any news on a new original Tales game! :D

  • fireemblembeast

    If this is true, then screw waiting years for a localization! I’m gonna import it and be done with it. B)

  • Denis Paulo


  • Rogerrmark

    I hope they ”celshadize” Dawn of the New World this time. Symphonia’s bestiary was good as well,but in Dawn of the New World,most of the monsters were rip-offs from Abyss D:

    • AuraGuyChris

      With that train of logic, every monster is a rip-off of every Tales title.
      By which I mean that the Tales games share some of the same monsters from time to time.

      • Tatsuya1221

        Honestly most rpg’s rip off previous games enemies, look at the shin megami tensei games.

        As for DotNW, from what i’ve seen the enemies were the least of that games problems.

      • Rogerrmark

        I understand your point,but in any case, have you ever compared the Phantasia’s/Eternia’s/Symphonia’s bestiary with Abyss and the games after it?

        The bestiary is kinda generic and the pallet swap just screams so loud( I forgot to mention this on my previous comment)
        I actually don’t mind re-used monsters. Most FFs have Bombs,Malboros and that anyway.Even Megaten.

        However,few of those games actually reuse the same sprite/3-D models,even when represent an reincarnation of the same monster. And Megaten barely have pallet swap at all,so it’s less repetitive. And they always change the demons in every game,by creating newer ones,or adding demons from really older incarnations,like Snes SMT or Nes’ Megami Tensei,demons that people barely remembered anymore.

        Now,just look at Abyss/Innocence/3 Tales of the World/Vesperia/Graces/both Xillia’s.It’s nor 1,2 or 3 monsters. It’s around 80,90% of the whole bestiary.

        Xillia 2 even uses some Vesperia’s or Xillia’s monsters as bosses/extra quests,lol.
        Frogs,birds,those tentacle things,tortoises,bats,those plants,bears,etc. Most have around 5,6 or 7 pallet swaps,some have more.

        It’s not something that will make me hate the franchise or the games.I like most of it’s games very much. Just a opinion on something that I wish they improve,though.

  • Firekitty

    Okay, Namco, now localize this and make it dual audio, and I’ll forgive you for jerking us around on Xillia.

    Hell, I’d even buy English copies of Xillia and Graces; If you make a gesture of good will, so will I.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    sorry Wii U :/. at lest my ps3 body is ready.Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World, wasn’t greatt but I did enjoy the monster system.

  • Lemon

    Oh wow, what a coincidence. I was JUST looking on ebay yesterday for Tales of Symphonia for the GameCube (prices were a bit over my budget, too). Looks like I’ll hold out and wait for this instead!

  • Ni

    If bamco report this then is a day one here.
    But bamco…come on I know that you want to remake Eternia right? Right? ):

  • RaikageV

    I wil buy this… 3 times, no no 3000 times! Symphonia! <3

    • CirnoLakes

      3,000 times? That’s a lot.

      The only way I would ever go that nutty is if the game were on Steam. Soon as the first Steam sale hits I’d be buying everyone I know a copy of the game.

  • Learii

    I haven’t play this games yet but I like to see it

  • Brandonmkii

    I think the same report also mentioned Xillia 2 localization confirmed, but maybe that’s another article.

    • SirTeffy

      Yup, Baba claimed that Xillia 2’s localization was decided upon, and it’ll be coming. (I’m guessing that’s because Namco is pleased with the preorder numbers for Xillia? The CE sold out very quickly, after all.)

      • Christopher Nunes

        Really? I’m glad I pre-order the CE verison when I had the chance! ^_^

  • Demeanor

    I say let them come! ^ ^

  • HerosLight

    Hmm I thought this was going to be a remake. I have both Wii U and PS3 and I wonder why its not for Wii U instead.

    Either way I’m really glad they decided to “re-release” it in HD for PS3.

    • MrRobbyM

      Likely because the series focuses on Sony consoles and the sales of the Wii U.

    • kroufonz

      simple, probably because their mainline tales always sold better in playstation platform even if it’s a port, including ToS PS2 that sold more in PS2 than gamecube.

  • OkamiKing

    You know… While everyone here is arguing hd release and not to hd…

    I’m putting on my Team Zelos shirt. Just so those Kratos fans know where I’m coming from


    • JustThisOne

      “Oh no, I’m out of pineapple gels.”

      *sends Zelos out to town*

      • ugh…i LOVE that “pimp collection” ability.

      • Kitestwinblades

        And just like that, JustThisOne Comment got me hyped to play this game again xD Zelos Ftw

    • Steven Lamphere

      Yes! Another Zelos fan! ^_^ I was so happy when I saw that Richard from Graces got Zelos’ costume…the moment I got it he hasn’t taken it off…I don’t suspect he ever will either.

    • HerosLight

      “Don’t hate me cause I’m beautiful!”

    • ShawnOtakuSomething

      so much a Zelos fan used to call my self Zelos

  • AuraGuyChris

    This will only be perfect if they get rid of the forced selection when having to use Emil, Marta, and the generic monsters only because the Symphonia cast has an atrocious level lock and lackluster equipment.

  • Magus KilIer

    They shouln’t just re-release them with better graphics,they should improve them,ToS2 at least,so that you can level up the Symphonia cast,and use *spoiler character* in the endgame,like with the dolls in Graces

  • VitaminC

    Here’s hoping they revamp the battle systems of both games and fix everything that was wrong with Knight of Ratatosk/Dawn of the New World.

  • Natat

    Hey, as long as they change how ToS2 works, letting us use the old characters and all, it could be great,

    • Niermyico

      I second this.

    • Lucian Kara

      It would be nice, but odds are we’ll just see some minor combat tweaks to put it more in line with the Abyss/Vesperia style. I can’t see them overhauling all the mechanics regarding the returning characters.

      • Natat

        Yeah I’m not very hopeful on this, but a man can dream right?

  • Tien Ron

    I feel this spells bad….

  • Randy Marsh

    Perfect Edition better mean that they are perfecting Dawn of the New World.

    • CirnoLakes

      I’d like to see some New Game+ content tying the two games together.

      Kind of like how you can carry your game save of Tales of Graces f over to the epilogue.

      Actually, I wish they would include an HD remake of Tales of Phantasia in with this. That was we can have all the Aselia games in HD.

      • Randy Marsh

        “I’d like to see some New Game+ content tying the two games together.

        Kind of like how you can carry your game save of Tales of Graces f over to the epilogue.”

        Sounds like an interesting idea, but I don’t think it will happen. I just hope they just add some new EX bosses like the Cruxis members or something, and not just keep the random buffalo/lion thing as a super boss!

        “That was we can have all the Aselia games in HD.”

        Those are not the only Aselian games, you forgot Narikiri Dungeon X and Summoner’s Lineage, yeah why hasn’t this game gotten a remake.

        • CirnoLakes

          Ah yes, that’s true. I guess I wasn’t counting it because it’s an escort title.

  • allow me to say yesssssssssssssssss god yessssssssssssssss

    • oh alse ENGLISH please i no we need to see this happen

  • sakusakusakura_nyo

    I’m still hoping Tales of Vesperia comes out for PS3 in the US someday.

    • HerosLight

      I find it really odd that they still haven’t done that.

      • Lucian Kara

        It’s a shame, but not surprising sadly. They’ve been focusing on making on speeding up the localization of newer Tales titles to the detriment of the older ones. I personally love Vesperia, and eventually imported the superior PS3 version for completeness sake knowing full well that once Graces was out, the door was shut on Vesperia.

    • Eefara

      I’m pretty sure they definitively said “no” on Facebook recently, didn’t they?

      • We haven’t seen it, but Troy Baker the VA who voiced Yuri Lowell in the game said he recorded additional dialogue for the PS3 version:

        • And that was back in 2010… just let Vesperia go, ToX2 is a way better game.

          • Yeah but PS owners in US like me are pissed there was a dub made for the PS3 version, and they didn’t release it at all. I’m hopeful they could release it somewhere in the future, it took 5 years for Mass Effect 1 to go to PS3, I’m sure Namco Bandai could do the same.

          • Well… NamDai already said a really BIG “No” on the official tales page about Vesperia PS3 localization. Hideo Baba himself say it. It really isn’t that great of a tales game… dunno why the big fuzz, I’d rather Have Innocence or Hearts, their plot is way better. Or import it,is super cheap now, I did. (Maybe Japanese is a big wall for most people, I know Japanese so it doesn’t bother me at all, but it is still playable without it.)

          • uh yeah I don’t speak Japanese really well. I really wish Namco Bandai would just release Vesperia on PS3, Troy Baker said he already did additional dub line for the PS3 version, so why canned it? As I said, it could get release surprisingly. Remember Mass Effect 1, came out 5 years on PS3 after the 360 version.

          • You just said the same. ._. Well… I guess dreaming is free, but Namco already gave their answer.

          • Well you never know. Did anybody thought Mass Effect 1 would come to PS3? Did you ever thought that would happen? No, a lot of people were shocked when ME1 got a PS3 port. So you never know when Vesperia could end up getting a PS3 port.

          • AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Yeah yeah, ME is the perfect example. xD ToV will never sell what ME sells on America. lol Are you 5? Your arguments are so… childish.

          • and how old are you?? I’m just saying anything’s possible, did anybody thought after the Move came out on PS3, many Wii games would end up getting PS3 port?? No, nobody expected that. Even though TOV on PS3 may not sell, but at least PS3 owners will be happy to play this game if it get a western release, I would be happy too if the PS3 port get a western release, I don’t want to spend money buying a 360 because I don’t want to get RROD or spending a lot of money getting Xbox Live.

      • Steven Lamphere

        You are absolutely right, they “officially” stated that they have ABSOLUTELY no intention of EVER bringing Tales of Vesperia PS3 over to the West. And asked to stop being bugged and bothered about it.

        • artemisthemp

          I doubt fans will stop asking for PS3 version of Vesperia to be released in the West.

          Specially with PS4 and Next Xbox been released presumable this year.

        • CirnoLakes

          Can I possibly have a link to this?

          • Steven Lamphere

            Tales Series “It
            will have to be done eventually” no guys and girls. No. I am not saying
            this to be mean. I am saying this so we can be 100% transparent because
            too many fans still “hope” for it one day. There are no plans to
            localize it and we have said it for a long time. HOWEVER when Baba san
            said it would be a Tales filled year, he wasn’t joking. Cool things are
            coming. Let’s get excited about the future.


  • Chris Lane

    As cool as this is and I am buying it, I still wish we could get the vita games, which I know will probably never happen….

    • CirnoLakes

      It won’t. Because the PlayStation Vita is sadly doomed. I have to accept this, even as a proud owner.

      What you could hope is that maybe Bandai Namco will develop these games for the 3DS. And then there’s a chance we might get them in the West.

  • OMG. I would buy this. My hype is already beginning to overflow 0_0

  • SirTeffy

    I’m a bit wary of this news, as Nintendo paid for the translation of the original Tales of Symphonia localization, so we may not be able to get this double-pack.

    • Well that or they have to rename Tales of Symphonia to maybe Tales of Symphonia Sigma (like Ninja Gaiden when they did a port from the Xbox version to PS3).

      • SirTeffy

        Totally different situations – Ninja Gaiden wasn’t paid for by MicroSoft, while Nintendo OWNS THE RIGHTS TO THE SYMPHONIA LOCALIZATION. As in, Namco cannot release it on another platform in the US or Europe because Nintendo technically owns the rights to it.

        • I think Namco Bandai can circumvent that somehow. Remember Mass Effect 1, came out on Xbox 360 first, didn’t came to PS3 till like 5 years laters and that was published my MS (even after EA bought Bioware, many people said ME1 would never see a PS3 because MS owned the 1st one, and look what happened last year, it came to PS3). Now, even Gears of War is now under question from PS3 owners because it turns out MS doesn’t own Gears, Epic does and Epic Games president said he would love to bring Gears trilogy to PS3:

          Remember Tales is owned by Namco Bandai, not Nintendo, so If I was Namco Bandai, I would think of a creative way to circumvent that.

        • CirnoLakes

          Do you have any proof that there are any rights that Nintendo holds that cannot be circumvented by Bandai Namco?

          • SirTeffy

            It’s common knowledge Nintendo paid for the localization and marketing – even appearing in a Game Informer when the game was first announced as coming over. Namco’s always been blunt about Symphonia only coming over because Nintendo footed the bill – and for Nintendo to pay for something, they get the rights to the localization.

            Nintendo ALSO paid for the hilariously bad Tales of Phantasia GBA translation, so that’s another fun fact about a game that will need re-translated if it’s gonna be released.

          • CirnoLakes

            It may need to be re-translated, but that doesn’t mean it is impossible.

          • SirTeffy

            Again, it’s more than “just retranslate!” Namco would have to also revoice the entirety of both games, completely redo the localization, and prove IN COURT that the new version uses absolutely NO resources that were provided by or fundedby Nintendo of America. This makesthe entire prospect far too costly to be reasonable, and puts the entire project’s budget far above what other Tales gamesusuallyget for what would be a budget double-pack.

          • SirTeffy

            The phone ate my response… In order for them to bring it over they would have to A) Re-localize both games from scratch, B) Hire entirely new voice actors to redub both games, and C) Prove IN COURT that they use absolutely none of the resources that Nintendo provided, either directly or via funding that was given for the initial localization. It would cost just as much, if not more than, the localization budget of any other Tales game (likely more due to having to pay Legal through the nose to defend the claims possibly brought by Nintendo) for what would amount to a budget HD remake double-pack…

            Namco’s been very clear that the cost of localizing a game is roughly 600,000 per Tales title. Considering ToS/DotNW is two games, that’s $1.2m to re-localize the double-pack. Remember that Graces had to sell half a million to recoup the expenses, so ToS HD would need to sell over a million copies in the U.S. to justify bringing it over – a number the Tales series has NEVER come close to touching.

            Considering that thus far only TWO of the games brought over actually turned a small profit for Namco, is the cost and massive risks they would have to take worth the cost of bringing over the two pack? Probably not, considering they would be unable to use ANY of the original voice actors (due to the original VA’s being on Nintendo’s dime, meaning they can’t be re-used for fears of being unable to prove they redid that part of the localization), meaning they’d risk alienating existing fans, who are their primary target with the re-release.

    • Lucian Kara

      That was a long time ago, and any contract they would’ve had would have expired by now, much like the limited Exclusivity of Tales of Graces.

      • SirTeffy

        If Nintendo OWNS THE RIGHTS TO THE LOCALIZATION, then no, Namco cannot re-release the game in English. They would need to redo the entire translation from scratch, hire completely different voice actors, and be prepared for a court battle to prove that Namco’s version does not in any way use any of the resources Nintendo provided them for the original release.

        • Lucian Kara

          As someone who’s been down this road, let me clarify a bit for you. Yes, They MIGHT own the rights to that particular localization depending on the wording of their contract. It can however be translated using a third party firm as long as it’s sufficiently different. This has happened many times before during the PS1 era.

          • Yes I like to also add Gears of war into this, because PS3 owners have now question Gears exclusive-ness on 360, because it turns out Gears isn’t owned by MS like most people thought:



          • SirTeffy

            Problem being that means they also cannot use any of the voice acting, meaning they have to redo all the voices for BOTH games (continuity). It’s way too costly for a simple HD remake with too many possible legal troubles.

          • Lucian Kara

            Uh, Yeah they might need to do that, OR because it is what it is. They could just subtitle it and sell it for cheaper.

          • CirnoLakes

            This is Bandai Namco we’re talking about, they’d never do that.

            I can certainly see how there might be some trouble bringing this to the West. But, however, it has been several years and I’m sure lots of licenses and things that might have gotten in the way have probably expired. Nintendo also once owned exclusive rights to the American release of Tales of Phantasia. But I’m pretty sure things like that expire.

            Of course, I’m probably not as educated as you on all the legal matters and I’m sure there might be some rights that could be still absolutely held by Nintendo and aren’t going to expire.

            Still, I’m willing to bet it is worth it to re-release the games in the West under non-Nintendo hardware. It doesn’t sound like Bandai Namco won’t want to release Tales games on Nintendo consoles again any time soon. So it is time for Bandai Namco of America to get off the Nintendo ship as well. I think it would be worth re-translating to do that.

  • Donatetimo

    If this ever come out in NA I probably get the first Symphonia only

    • They’ll come together, Ratatosk working as an “Epilogue” as the Graces one. So, you’ll get both. xD

      • CirnoLakes

        And I’m glad. While many people might not like Dawn of the New World/Ratatosk as much as the original, I’m a fan of the Aselia universe and always would like more content.

  • ohmygodohmygodohmygod… i have been searching for an excuse to at least play the first symphonia again…and here it is!!!

  • Please release this game in the west for goodness sake.

    • CirnoLakes

      It’d be nutty for them not to. There is so much money for them to get out of this especially with digital distribution cheapening costs.

      • True that, and I’m hoping it will make them reconsider releasing the 2 Vita Tales in the US.

  • JMaster3000

    I know that ur gonna hate me guys after i say this but the sequel was better than the prequel for me lol.
    The fact that the prequel has slow battles make the game kinda boring for me :/
    I hope Bandai changes the speed of it to the battle speed of the sequel.

  • I hope this is true! I think they should’ve released this for the Wii U. I don’t have one and I prefer using my PS3 but I think it would make more sense since both games came out for Nintendo’s consoles.

    • brian

      Hideo Baba did mention most Tales fans have PS3s, so he puts most of them on that console now.
      Symphonia 1 was also on PS2, enhanced actually.
      Wii U is doing poorly so it’d be that PSV port thing all over again (Bamco chooses not to bring it over because that console is underselling) and Wii U is also region locked iirc, so people would only get to play it on Jpn region consoles.

      • CirnoLakes

        The problem is that logic isn’t likely to make sense that long. The PlayStation 4 is on the horizon, and continuing to release for old systems have never proved the best route. That is why major companies never tend to do it for too long.

        Shantae for the Game Boy Colour and Drill Dozer for the Game Boy Advance likely both sold poorly because they were release at the end of the generation of their hardware.

        The way Hideo Baba is talking about the PlayStation 3, it seems either that he’s thinking of not selling things like Tales of Xillia 2 short in the West. And still has plans for the system. Or he is literally planning to ride out the PlayStation 3 a couple years into the life of the PlayStation 4. In which case the only logical reason for that would be the worry that the PlayStation 4 isn’t going to do well. There are a lot of console industry doomsayers right now, more than there have ever been.
        I have never seen people react to a new console generation as poorly as this one. Did people really make videos like this about the PlayStation 3? Perhaps the people at Bandai Namco are actually giving into and being influenced by these fears? I know I don’t agree with all the doomsaying and I think the PlayStation 4 will do quite well, but there’s a whole lots of people in the industry doomsaying about the future of video game consoles.

        Console gamers need hope that isn’t the case. Because if even Bandai Namco believe it, then it might be true. Because if that is true, then that doesn’t mean that the PlayStation 3 is going to be the be all end all game system for many years to come. Certainly it may have a 2 year longer healthy life-span. But other than that, it would mean the industry itself moving to PC and tablet gaming almost entirely. That would be good for me as a PC gamer, but it would be horrible for all the console gamers.

        So if you’re a console gamer, you’re going to want to hope that Hideo Baba only intended for Tales to be continued to be developed for the PlayStation 3 temporarily. Else this is an extremely poor omen for console gaming itself. Releasing for old consoles has never, ever before been a successful marketing strategy. And if that is being seen now as a successful marketing strategy, then that means that the market is radically different from what it once was.

        • brian

          Wow, that was a lot.
          I’m sure he’ll move on to it after it picks up steam like 3DS has now.
          I never implied he was going to stick with PS3 until it was absolutely dead like with PS2 ceasing production just recently.
          Japan has done it on the PSP this past few years and they seem to do well, or at least within their own niches.
          Xseed did well with Ys on PSP even though it was essentially “old” status by that point.
          And a lot, if not most, of launch titles have failed because they launched on a console too soon.
          Btw, the Wii U is selling poorly because of a lack of third/first party non-casual games and this industry wouldn’t crash because of PS4 doing badly at launch.
          Give them both at least a year to pick up support and even if they have almost none, we’d still have 3DS with a significant market to keep the industry going until PS4/Wii U pull up their numbers.

    • CirnoLakes

      I would rather have a PlayStation 4/PC release. That would be a true and utter complete dream come true. I would keep my promise of buying everyone here a copy if that were true.

      There are some logical reasons for this as well, the PlayStation 4 is soon to be released and likely to sell very well. Or at least I hope so, or the console industry will be undergoing a crash. I doubt most people on Siliconera want to see the console industry crash and the PlayStation 4 sell as poorly as the Wii U.

      Given the assumption that the PlayStation 4 will do well, the PlayStation 3 market will be cannibalized by the PlayStation 4 market, if I am using the term cannibalization correctly. When the PlayStation 3 was release, it ate into the PlayStation 2 game sales and made PlayStation 2 games sell less than they would have were there not a PlayStation 3. The same I probably going to happen with the PlayStation 4, all of these HD remasters on the PlayStation 3 are coming on the cusp of the PlayStation 4. Many people aren’t going to be paying attention to PlayStation 3 re-release because they’re going to be too busy paying attention to what’s on the PlayStation 4.

      I hate to say it, but this can mean bad things for a game coming at the end of a life cycle. Most predict that Super Mario RPG would have done better were it not an end-gen game. Shantae for the Game Boy colour did poorly because it was released on the cusp of the Game Boy Advance. And Drill Dozer did poorly because it was released on the cusp of the Nintendo DS.

      We’re nearing the end of the PlayStation 3’s generation. It doesn’t feel like a good time to release an HD remaster on those systems. Whether or not most people have one. The PC thing may be a pipe dream Bandai Namco would never consider. But at least the PlayStation 4 makes more sense in my mind. Everyone making HD remakes for the PlayStation 3 now should consider making HD remakes for the PlayStation 4 very, very soon. In fact I think they should be coding these games for the PlayStation 4 already. Historically, games released for consoles at the end of their cycle have never gotten the proper exposure and sales they deserve. This is going to be especially so I think because the PlayStation 4 won’t have backwards compatibility with the PlayStation 3.

      The Wii U is sadly, a lost cause right now. It isn’t selling well, so it would probably be a bad idea to spend the development costs making an HD remake for the system. I hope that changes in the future, I own a Wii U. But I also have to give it to Sony on the PlayStation 4, x86 and ARM are the hardware of the future, not Power. And also, I expect the PlayStation 4 to do much better than the Wii U. Else, the console industry itself is in major trouble.

    • No port-begging guys. You know the rules.

      Read them here:

  • Pockystix

    we don’t talk about DoTNW in this house

    • CirnoLakes

      Oh come on, it isn’t that bad.

      It’s better than having no sequel at all.

  • Deangelo Johnson

    Am I the only one who thought dawn sucked? Hopefully they fix the sloopy game-play and maybe this means a re-dub!! (unlikely) and we can only dream that this continues and we get the rest of the tales games released stateside Xilla is cool and all, but I want to see more love for Destiny and Rebirth?

    • brian

      Seems like most people thought that.

  • NightzeroAX

    Help me god I-I cant breathe.

    • CirnoLakes

      It’s beautiful, isn’t it?

      This is like one of those dreams that never comes true. But is, anyway. Or I hope so, anyway, I hope this is real and not just a rumor.

  • fyi1191

    Give Regal (DotNW) a brand new Mystic Artes!

  • HerosLight

    If it ever comes to the west, hopefully ToS gets full-voiced skits. Although they probably won’t do that.

  • CirnoLakes

    I saw this rumor earlier today in the Open Thread.

    And my only reaction is.


  • KyoyaHibari

    Given Symphonia’s big reputation in the west the most out of the Tales games, I could see this hitting big and potentially being another Tales gateway release for reinvigorating the franchise in the west and potentially a new wave of other Tales licenses. Make it happen Bamco.

  • Maumac77

    This should be easy for them since Symphonia has a PS2 version, and they already have done a transition from wii to PS3 with graces, so the process should be nothing new to them. Hoping that *if* there is a localization, what’s more actual confirmation on it’s development, that everyone gets the PS2 version, but I really can’t imagine that. Nonetheless I will most likely import it anyways :p

    • The source affirms a NA release.

      • Maumac77

        True but having a confirmation from the team itself is ideal. That thing with Troy Baker and Type-0, if I’m not mistaken, has me partially ignore news unless it is officially confirmed. If that makes any sense (pretty bad at that apparently)

        • Well, yeah, I know how ugly it is to have your hopes up and then wait and wait until they’re crushed… happened to me with the TWEWY teaser page that ended up being an iOS game… It’s awful. So yeah, I get from where you’re getting.

    • CirnoLakes

      “This should be easy for them since Symphonia has a PS2 version”
      I doubt that would make much of a difference. The architecture of the PlayStation 2 doesn’t seem that similar to the PlayStation 3.

  • mahrze

    Well, I found this video on youtube which only talks about the presentation of Tales of Xillia in Spain. Went through the whole video to hear what they said (my native language being Spanish) But no official announcement, so I am guessing it’s just a groundless rumor unless NBGI says anything (Yes, the video is rather boring)

    P.S: On a different note, seems Japan is taking “Latin/Spaniards” into consideration. Keiji Inafune was in Mexico to promote Soul Sacrifice (no particular event) So, this -is- rather interesting to note.

    P.S.S: The video wasn’t boring per say. Just the translator had this “I am being boring” tone of voice.

    • Maumac77

      Well the “info” was obtained through an interview so that video wouldn’t have any information regarding this rumor anyways seeing as how this was only from the panel(?) they had

      • mahrze

        Well, I was looking at something more official. but most Spanish blogs that did get an interview with him had no notes on this claim. So, could be a groundless “exclusive”.

        • Maumac77

          Well…..maybe I shouldn’t have given my brother all that hype :p

  • It’s true. :P All true. (I still hope they do something to Ratatosk… seriously, that level cap was awful… )

  • brian

    Lots of people probably asked it but any idea if the first game will be based on the PS2 version?
    Today seems to be full of surprises for me already.

    • Randy Marsh

      Nothing explained yet.

    • CirnoLakes

      I could only assume so, since the PlayStation 2 version is the best version. There wouldn’t be much point in basing the game instead on the Gamecube version.

      Being an HD re-release, there is no way that the game is going to have less content than the PlayStation 2 version.

  • NesuNesu

    Go go namco, you know courage is the magic that dreams into reality~

    • CirnoLakes

      Nice quote there.

      I don’t think there’s any video game in the world I would enjoy an HD remaster of more than this.

      The only thing that could possibly make this more of a dream come true would be this getting some kind of PlayStation 4 and PC release which I know will never happen.

      But this in itself is still a dream come true. It really is dream becoming reality. I never thought I’d see something like this ever happen. 2013 really could turn out into an amazing Tales filled year.

  • Rollersnake

    Hope this gets a NA release. I never got around to playing this on GC, and I guess I can wait a little while longer.

  • Valtiel Ikari

    get localized, get localized,get localized, get localized,get localized, get localized,get localized, get localized, OH PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD GET LOCALIZED!

    • Tyler Beale

      And have the Japanese OPs this time….same goes for Xillia…

      • CirnoLakes

        This would be a good opportunity for Hideo Baba to live up to saying he’s “looking into dual audio”.

        This would definitely be the definitive version of the game if there was dual audio. The Japanese voice actors do beautiful work, and the theme songs are beautiful and something the West really misses out on. Could it really be that hard to license a Day After Tomorrow song? They’re a pop group, they want to make money and get exposure.

        And as much as Tara Strong does a great Presea. And if they re-dub the games I think they should re-hire Tara. I’d really like to have the Houko Kuwashima voice for Presea, for instance. Kuwashima has been licensed in the West plenty of times so it shouldn’t be any trouble. Also, while I do enjoy Lloyd’s English voice acting a great deal, I strongly prefer Shiina’s Japanese voice work. Okamura Akemi. I also really like the Japanese voice acting of Genis and Colette among several others.

        Though admittedly, Genis and Colette are adorable in both Japanese and English. I would still really strongly prefer the ability to hear them in Japanese. I hardly even play the Gamecube version of the game anymore because I enjoy the Japanese voice acting so much more. For them to make an HD re-release of this game, I expect the game to have even more content than the PlayStation 2 version of the game. And the PlayStation 2 version is filled to the brim with content we Westerners were not allowed to have. Not the least of which amazing Japanese voice acting pushed into thousands of skits.

        Now is the time for Bandai Namco to give us dual audio. I really really want it and this is the best time to start a precedent. Now that they may be re-releasing old games. Oh Bandai Namco, it would make me so happy.

        • Tyler Beale

          I don’t really care about the voices (I’ve never heard them in Japanese, in fact I never played ToS period, but I hate it when this happened up until ToV and Graces:

          Okay, I just got ToS:DotNW! *plops it in my Wii* Now, let’s hear me some Three Leg–uh……..what? Whhhhattt??? This isn’t Three Legged Race……WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?!?!?!?!

          …when every other localized JRPG didn’t it…

  • Guest

    I heard it’s a good game and I heard it’s a FFX rip-off.

    I’ll play it to see with my own eyes.

    • CirnoLakes

      >I heard it’s a FFX rip-off.

      Well you heard pretty darn wrong. The game isn’t anywhere close to a “Final Fantasy X rip-off”.

      The only real similarity is that both games deal with c… errr… a certain type of religion. And contain clerical figures in your party. However, that does not mean that Tales of Symphonia is anything like a Final Fantasy X ripoff. Lots of games deal with corrupt religions as in a plot similar to both Final Fantasy and Tales. Also, Tales of Symphonia is a prequel to Tales of Phantasia. So it is far less a “rip off” of Final Fantasy X, and far more a continuation of the Tales of Phantasia franchise.

      In my opinion, Tales of Symphonia is a better game than Final Fantasy X. The villain of Tales of Symphonia is easily more interesting than Final Fantasy X. I find the combat of Tales of Symphonia far more enjoyable than Final Fantasy X. And unlike Final Fantasy X, there is a large overworld to explore with branching choices. You can actually save an entire town in Tales of Symphonia. And trigger the progression of the story different based upon which towns you enter first.

      Plus I think the characters of Tales of Symphonia, both the villains and protagonists/heroes and side characters are all more interesting than Final Fantasy X and Aselia is a more interesting place than Spira.

      Really, the only similarities between Final Fantasy X and Tales of Symphonia are that they both deal with an… er.. certain type of religion. Yes, ‘certain type’. The kind which is popular in jRPGs. And both games contain bodyguards for religious figures and religious sacrifice. This may sound like a lot of similarities, but really, these are just themes of religion in general. There are only so many themes you can take from religions. Several games take the theme of reincarnation like Tales of Innocence, while games like Final Fantasy X took the theme of Christ’s sacrifice. Having some slightly overlapping themes does not make it a rip-off.

      Definitely I’ll admit that Tales of Symphonia goes for something similar. Though in my opinion, it does it better.

  • Kioku

    I’ve never played both games and yeah the rumor needs to be true.

  • Maumac77

    “First, I’m very surprised that this rumor may have come to Spain (laughs). Tales of Symphonia is a hugely successful subsaga and mean something like a representation of the dreams and hopes of the fans, who have long been wanting to see something come true. Namely. It may be a rumor, may be true … I do not know (laughs).”

    …….Baba is one cruel, cruel man lol >.>

    • CirnoLakes

      That actually sounds really hopeful. If it were not true, he would most likely deny the rumors on the spot. But because he cannot confirm it, he may be bound by some kind of agreement not to divulge information on it yet.

      So while this exact rumor may not be true, something like it sounds likely now. Because again, if it were not true, it is most likely he would give at least a “not at this time” response. It isn’t like he wants to tease us, it is most likely he isn’t even allowed to reveal this sort of stuff yet.

      In the very least I am sure he is more aware of an audience who would really like this sort of thing. I don’t think there is any game getting an HD remake that would impress me more than this. And I’m sure there are many more people who would just love to see this game get some sort of HD remake/remaster.

      For the West, this is most people’s favourite Tales games. Certainly not everyone’s. But I guess it could be compared to Final Fantasy VII. As so many in the West got into Tales via this game. So for Tales fans, this is their “Final Fantasy VII remake” that Final Fantasy fans keep talking about. This game is hugely successful and popular and I can’t possibly think of a game and a universe more deserving of an HD remake. This is also why it sounds like such a dream come true. Imagine if Square announced a Final Fantasy VII remake in the works? That’s about how we Tales fans feel right now.

      So even in the strange case that Hideo Baba is giving this response and there actually haven’t been any plans, I’m sure he’s considering it more given this reception. This game getting a remake would be nothing short of starlight stellar.

      • Maumac77

        True enough. To me it just sounds like whenever a developer gives this response, it’s like they are saying that it’s happening, or going to happen, but won’t admit it. xD

      • SirTeffy

        Personally, I’d kill for a Tales of Eternia HD… best 2D Tales until ToDr dethroned it (unless ToDr doesn’t have unique playstyles per character – then Eternia still wins!).

  • Joshua Myers

    Hoping its for NA too because i recently beat Tales of Vesperia and Tales of Graces F and i am wanting more Tales.

  • NTaiyokun

    Considering it’s about impossible to find the original now, this should be some good news.

    • CirnoLakes

      I wouldn’t say it is anywhere near impossible.

      Though certainly this will make the game more accessible.

  • CirnoLakes

    To everyone who thinks it would be good for this to come to the Wii U, I want to ask, why?

    The system appears to be doing as poorly as the PS Vita. Shouldn’t Bandai Namco avoid both of these platforms right now unless they ever prove to be profitable? It seems like, right now, that Nintendo has the handheld market, while Sony has the console market.

    Do y’all think that the sales of the Wii U are going to pick of significantly? Do you think that the Wii U is going to sell better than the PlayStation 4? If the Wii U sells better than the PlayStation 4, either the sales of the Wii U are going to pick up significantly, or the console industry is in trouble.

  • Gilgamesh2025

    I’d rather like a full remake of ToS with better graphics and – particularly – an enhanced battle system for Wii U …

  • Magus KilIer
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