Caladrius Adds Sophia And Lilith To Their Roster Of Playable Characters

By Sato . May 14, 2013 . 2:00pm


The Xbox 360 Shoot-em-up by Moss (developers of Raiden,) Caladrius, welcomes two new DLC characters to their playable roster in Sophia and Lilith. Both of these characters were affected by some sort of curse that caused them to be bound to their machine units.



The newly introduced duo are playable characters with their own stories that further expands Caladrius’ storyline. What makes these stories interesting is how they interact together when you have two characters, which also affects the story. For example, pairing Sophia and Lilith with any of the previously available main characters will show some new interactions from their side, as well.



Here’s a little back story on the two new characters:


Sophia Fulcanelli


Sophia was the sole apprentice of the alchemist Paracelsus, hundreds of years ago. She helps out our heroes by bolstering their units with the power of alchemy, and serves the role of a navigator. In order to stabilize the power of a curse, Sophia has released her soul and no longer has a physical body. Her mind is spiritually tied with her unit, Howl Loreley, and has been in a deep slumber. However, after sensing the presence of the forbidden curse, she has been awakened.


Nightmare of the Lilith


Lilith is the product of a collective grudge from those who vanished due to the experiment of the forbidden curse. She has the appearance of the kingdom’s princess, but she is nothing like those who were sacrificed for the experiment. She acts out of her impulses of hate and destruction. However, her violent nature is restricted, as she is sealed within the unit machine called Crawling Grudge.


In Caladrius, Element Shots are powerful special attacks that are unique to each unit. Sophia’s Howl Loreley is said to be easier to use and more ideal for novice players. Meanwhile, Lilith and her Crawling Grudge are more geared towards advanced players. After clearing a character’s story, you can freely change their Element Shots. The DLC characters will have this option available.



Caladrius’ Sohpia and Lilith DLCs will be available on May 15th, for 560 Microsoft Points each.

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  • FetusZero

    Wish I could play this game :/

    • TrevHead

      Well we might drop lucky with this 3rd STG but even if we don’t us region free-ers still have 2 STGs to look forward to. It’s just a shame they both release on the same damn day lol.

      Triangle Services game will have to wait a couple of months when I’ve the spare cash.

      • FetusZero

        Hmm.. I know of Saidaioujou, but which is the second? Only other one I’ve heard about is TH14 but that’s on a different “level”, if I can say so. I’ll still get both nonetheless. I wonder how I could have forgotten or missed that second one you’re speaking about though ;|

      • FetusZero

        Nevermind, it’s Ketsui. Wow, can’t believe I forgot this one for a moment there lol, I even wrote it on the whiteboard at work where all the upcoming releases we are looking forward to are written.. alright I’m the only one looking forward to Ketsui at work, but no matter, I still put it up there. Almost forgot Mamoru-kun too, which was supposed to be localized.. hmm.. haven’t heard anything about this one in a while.

  • disqus_VYqqwQ8BRH

    Hopeful Rising Star will get to Publish this in North America & Europe in time for Halloween.Although with Death-smiles by Cave already been given a Western Release you need not bother owning this really it very much along the same lines

    • TrevHead

      This is nothing like Deathsmiles as one is a vert the other horizontal but it would be nice if this game was localised in PAL & the future.

      Infact given how Deathsmiles is CAVEs best selling game ever, that includes the west which sold more copies than Japan, there are plenty ppl who love a bit of loli. Hopefully RSG will take the risk as they did DS1.

      • neo_firenze

        I wouldn’t say Caladrius is “nothing like” Deathsmiles. They are both shooters with a similar gothic/anime style. The theme/enemies in level 5 in Caladrius actually make me think they were going out of their way to do a vert take on the castle stage in Deathsmiles 1!

        There are certainly significant differences (vert/horizontal being the major one), but when I play Caladrius I do get some major Deathsmiles vibes from the aesthetics. Certainly worth playing both though, they are clearly different enough to each be their own game even with the similarities.

        • Aoshi00

          Yeah, the medieval and gothic settling/music reminds me of Deathsmiles too.

          I actually have been hoarding some Jpn MS points that I haven’t used in a while after Dream Club. The new chars definitely look to be worthwhile, and should come w/ extra achievement.

          Too bad only the single player story is voiced but the dual-player scenarios are text only, unlike Shikigami no Shiro 3.

          I really enjoyed Caladrius a great deal and difficulty levels made the game accessible (otherwise I could never unlock the Beelezebub stage and the special boss illustration :).. now if AmiAmi would have Saidaioujou LE available again :(…

  • OMG they’re beautiful! I love the art style for this game so much, especially Lilith’s character design. She’s both cute and sexy. I don’t even have a 360 anymore, but I think I’m gong to pick this up anyway lol =^_^=

  • biskmater

    ahhh, striped panties.
    Is there no greater treasure known to man?
    No! There is none!

    • AnimusVox

      Garter leggings.

      • Testsubject909

        Garter leggings? I approve.

      • Slayven19

        I agree, but I’m a tights/pantyhose man myself.

  • neo_firenze

    Seeing as how choice of character in Caladrius makes the game play VERY differently (each character’s three unique elemental weapons really changes your approach to the game), this looks like worthwhile DLC.

    Hopefully can use the DLC characters’ weapons to mix-and-match your elemental weapon load-out, the same way you can do it with the default characters after unlocking the feature by beating the game with all characters.

    I need to buy a new JP points card…

  • benhofb

    I need this on so many levels…

    • Testsubject909

      The import price is around 80$, that doesn’t include shipping and delivery.

      Look to see if there are some friends of yours who’d be interested in a copy, that way you can ship in bulk and save up on the shipping cost.

  • DyLaN

    Lilith looks like a gender bended Rokkaku (YQ)…

  • Strain42

    Some of Sophia’s drawings here make it look like someone finally explained to Yasuda how boobs work.

  • Testsubject909

    Really wish there’d be more shooters on the PS3.

  • Guest

    interesting she changed outfits to be playable?

  • Ruins72

    that’s an interesting tattoo Lilith has there.

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