Cybuster Brings Us More Super Robot Wars: Masou Kishin III: Pride of Justice Screens

By Spencer . May 15, 2013 . 5:32pm

srt_event01 srt_event02

Super Robot Wars OG Saga: Masou Kishin III: Pride of Justice has mecha that are bound by contracts with spirits. The result is you get unique robots like Cybuster which uses the power of wind and transforms into a bird. The story unfolds with event scenes and Namco Bandai upped the quality of the artwork for PS3 and Vita. Here’s a look at the robots and characters in the game.


Cybuster (contract with a wind spirit)

srtmk3-01 srtmk3-07 srtmk3-06 srtmk3-05 srtmk3-04 srtmk3-03 srtmk3-02


Granveil (contract with a fire spirit)

srtmk3-08 srtmk3-16 srtmk3-15 srtmk3-14 srtmk3-13 srtmk3-12 srtmk3-11 srtmk3-10 srtmk3-09


Goddess (contract with a water spirit)

srtmk3-17 srtmk3-24 srtmk3-23 srtmk3-21 srtmk3-20 srtmk3-19 srtmk3-18


Zamzeed (contract with an earth spirit)

srtmk3-26 srtmk3-34 srtmk3-33 srtmk3-31 srtmk3-30 srtmk3-29 srtmk3-28 srtmk3-27


Giorias (contract with a lesser wind spirit)

srtmk3-35 srtmk3-41 srtmk3-40 srtmk3-39 srtmk3-38 srtmk3-37 srtmk3-36


Leogeira (contract with a lesser fire spirit)

srtmk3-42 srtmk3-47 srtmk3-46 srtmk3-45 srtmk3-44 srtmk3-43



Delgiran (contract with a lesser earth spirit)

srtmk3-48 srtmk3-52 srtmk3-51 srtmk3-50 srtmk3-49


Dinflail (contract with a lesser fire spirit)

srtmk3-53 srtmk3-59 srtmk3-58 srtmk3-57 srtmk3-56 srtmk3-55 srtmk3-54


Valsione R is a special form which you can get via a PSN download code included with a first print copy of Super Robot Wars: Masou Kishin III: Pride of Justice. Players can switch between the Valsione and Valsione R forms.


srtmk3-62 srtmk3-70 srtmk3-69 srtmk3-68 srtmk3-67 srtmk3-66 srtmk3-65 srtmk3-64 srtmk3-63

  • StarWarudo

    Dang, that title is a mouthful. Interesting game though.

    • Well, if you’re interested, you should also look at the other games of the franchise such as 2nd Super Robot Wars Original Generation for PS3 and the Original Generation 1 and 2 for the GBA, the GBA games got localized in America back in 2006 BTW. Hopefully, Operation Hotblood can make a difference so that we may see this game and/or 2nd SRW OG for PS3 in the near future in English.

  • WhyWai

    Can someone explain why there is a human-piloted mecha with human girl face that every have facial expression??

    • Its a father’s hobby

    • Sardorim

      Lune/Ryuune didn’t like the original version so her daddy modified it for her and change the battle system into something Lune/Ryuune could really shine in.

      Daddy loves his little girl, he should be commended for such fatherly love!

  • tubers

    art looks so 90s :)

  • VenerableSage

    Spencer –

    This is the fourth article that’s covered the special, first print run code for the Valsione, and Siliconera has collectively gotten the minor details wrong every single time, despite comments pointing this out in each article.

    The code turns the Valsione R (the normal version of the mech in this game) into the Valsione from Original Generation: The Inspector. The Valsione R is the upgraded model of the mech and the Valsione from the anime was a redesigned version of the original model of the suit specifically for the animation with no change in the suit’s functionality (outside of getting glowing hair).

    Heck, even the official art scans for The Inspector only list the mech as just the Valsione. While the details are arguably inconsequential*, and I hate to be “that guy,” it’s incredibly annoying that something that is literally flipping two names around hasn’t been fixed yet. (*Though, it’s basically like mixing up two different people named John and Johnny; the two names are distinct enough that the different names do make a difference as to the unit’s abilities and appearances.)

    Also, aren’t these just the same exact images that Sato posted on the 9th?

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