First Fairy Fencer F Screenshots Look Kind Of Like Neptunia, But With A Fantasy Feel

By Spencer . May 16, 2013 . 1:34am


The Neptunia team is hard at work on a big project called Fairy Fencer F. The game is built using Neptunia’s battle system as a foundation and Tsunako, the character artist from the Neptunia series, created characters for Fairy Fencer F. That’s probably why it feels familiar.


You won’t find any console mascots in Fairy Fencer F, though. Compile Heart designed Fairy Fencer F as a more traditional RPG. Screenshots of the game show Tiara, the girl with blue hair, in battle with Fang. The monsters look more ferocious than the horsebird in Neptunia. The four commands on the menu are: menu (triangle), wait (square), attack (circle), and defend (X).


fairyf-07 fairyf-06 fairyf-05 fairyf-03


Yoshitaka Amano created concept art for Fairy Fencer F. The game is slated for release on PlayStation 3 this year in Japan.


fairyf-01 fairyf-02

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  • landlock

    Hopefully NIS America will do the honors again. :)

    • Learii

      same here

  • Randy Marsh

    Man, I miss the horsebirds.

    • Testsubject909

      This is technically a horsebird right?

      • Randy Marsh

        Pierre, dude seriously?

  • Wow this looks great. I don’t think we’ll have a problem with this getting localized. I mean all of the Neptunia games have gotten localized so far except for Idol PP, and this seems like a sister series to Neptune so I think we can bet NISA will get this to us when they can. =^_^=

    • Testsubject909

      Still hoping for Idol PP.

      • Sean ‘Geg’ Reddie

        Remember that Neptunia games take a while to get localized here after their Japanese release. I say 2014 Q2 at the latest. If not by then, then I believe it’ll stay in Japan.

      • Same here, I just said that since they haven’t announced it for localization yet lol

    • Ladius

      I wouldn’t worry too much, this game’s localization is almost guaranteed. Neptunia PP could be more problematic given its platform, but is should have a smaller script and could probably end up being released at least on PSN.

  • Go2hell66

    Earthbound papas soundtrack in this game? Ummm okay….

    • CirnoLakes

      What can I say?

      Nobuo Uematsu likes his moe~.

  • So the much-hyped GALAPAGOS ARPEEGEE is basically off-brand Neptunia with Amano monster and mechanical design.

    … If it dials back some of the dumber fanservice elements, that might actually be worth something resembling a crap. Still have to admit I’m not extremely sanguine, though.

    • Considering how many people love Neptunia, which is a surprising number really, this might actually have a shot at being BROADER appeal than Nep, not less. I’m not sure why they’re marketing this in their ‘JP Tastes Only’ brand unless they’re trying to be ironic or something.

      • puchinri

        Did they say it was JP taste only? I thought it was more JRPG styled than a specific (regional) taste?

        • They’re releasing the game under their Galapogos label, which they said was intended for games ‘tailored’ to Japanese audiences, IIRC. But so far I’m really only seeing a game that doesn’t have some of the things that make SOME reviewers decide to tank Neptunia’s score before they get all the free achievements you get from actually playing the first hour.

          Which would only make it MORE marketable in the West.

  • Landale

    That’s not Fang with her in battle. No idea who it is, but that’s most definitely a girl.

    • Wappuli

      There are 2 characters with Tiara there, the un-named female you saw and Fang.
      He’s offscreen but you can see hes portrait in the screenshots.

      • Landale

        I poorly worded that. My point was the article completely ignores the fact that they’re showing off a new character, while the wording used also seems to imply they’re assuming she’s him given that you’re only seeing her from behind, as it’d be understandable to not bring up a character if all you’ve got to go on is a tiny portrait.
        That and this site’s history of fucking up with character names, especially from this company’s games, helps lead to the conclusion that they were applying the name to the wrong person.

  • Tom

    I always read Fairy Spencer and think of the Resident Evil Spencer Mansion. This game looks really nice, I like the Neptunia art style. But they need to upgrade the Neptunia battle system a lot…

    • HerosLight

      Tiara sandwich.

  • Zeonsilt

    If they can improve characters movingbattle animations (not EX-skills) – it will be great.This is the only thing that i can complain in Neptunia V.

  • Sentsuizan_93

    Wow. These screens look pretty decent. I really want to see the gameplay in action soon enough.


    Looks nice but i find Tiara looking very similair to Nepgear. (Same base-model maybe?) xP

    • Who cares really

    • For me, its 5pb.

    • Ladius

      They surely share some traits since they’re both designed by Tsunako, but they’re also pretty different.

  • Wallpaper get! Loving the in game characters model and monster design.

    • Sentsuizan_93

      Yeah. That last screen with the swords is now my wallpaper ^_^

      • Tht Amano art ryte? looks pretty cool.

  • I’m really liking the art style

  • ARMs7777

    I hope supers are not as OP as the ones in the neptunia series. Since the game pretty much came down to spaming 2 to 3 supers to kill a boss. Why spend 60+ turns to kill something when you can spend 1 minute building up 2 supers in a random battle next to the boss.

  • Chiupon

    i saw the photo before i saw the title and thought they were making a new pangya ;___;

  • Victor Wesker

    Looks even better than Neptunia games. I will definitely buy this one.

  • Testsubject909

    I’m willing to give this a go. Just tell me when NISA.

  • Neppygear

    This looks so immensely cool. Fairy Fencer F for 2014, NISA?

  • Kioku

    Please NISA, I beg you to localize this awesome RPG!

  • Damarius Wingfield

    mmmmmmm……Neptunia *drools*.

  • I hated Neptunia 1. Sort of enjoyed Neptunia 2. Not sure if will finish Neptunia V….. don’t think I’ll even bother with Fairy Fencer F :(

    • almostautumn

      Also dissapointed by the similarity here, particularly in the battle system. Neptunia games have improved it dramatically over the course of the three titles, but I still wouldn’t say it’s an all too “good” battle system or even really so enjoyable even.

      But, the art-direction here really does seem great, and certainly a lot more grounded looking than the Neptunia games. Maybe it’ll turn out stronger than any of us would think!

      • yeah knowing myself I’ll be buying this either way.

    • AnimeRemix

      Why aren’t you sure if you’ll finish Neptunia V? What exactly is wrong with the game?

      • I actually find it too grind-heavy. The battles are not fun. You have to hold L2 all the time, I wish it was a toggle instead of hold. The story is pretty cool, I’m into this silly stuff. it’s been about three weeks since I dropped it… Blood Dragon and Sleepy Dogs (free on PSN+) are to “blame”.

  • Raharu95

    Oh, so that’s were you went, 5pb. I was really missing you since your mother took away your place in the Neptunia series~

  • Asuna Ilano

    Character designs by Tsunako
    Concept art by Yoshitaka Amano
    Music By Nobuo Uematsu’s band

    am I dreaming???

    • *slaps Asuna Ilano silly* Nope, you are not, and I am scared.

  • Colour me interested! I’m liking Victory (my first ever CH and Hyperdimension title).

  • Scott Johnson

    This is that Galapagos RPG, right? I thought it was Japan-exclusive.

    Still, it looks good.

    • Anime10121

      Not Japan exclusive, just an RPG made with Japan first in mind (as is the Tales of series).

  • Haku_Luvs_You

    Ge-Ge! What are you doing in Fairy Fencer F? I guess I’m confused. You get a chance to do a completely new game, and it’s Neptunia. I like Neptunia, but if I want Neptunia, I’ll play Neptunia. I’ll probably still try it, but I’m just pretty disappointed I guess.

  • Raltrios

    Looks? Excellent.
    I’m still waiting to hear more of a plot, though.

  • puchinri

    I’m diggin the costume on that other girl (or that could be a guy, won’t complain either way). It looks pretty though, and I’m pretty interested so far.

    • Girl, my boob sensors have noticed them~ I agree, she looks like a cool character from her design, hope her personality works in her favor as well~

      • puchinri

        Hahah, glad it wasn’t just me (and that I’m not the only one with such a sensor). Same~.

  • ZekeFreek

    Yeah, keep evolving that same combat system. It’ll probably be half decent in another 10 games or so.

  • Aristides

    This game begs for localization 0-0

  • Joshua Myers

    Hoping for a NA release loved the neptunia games.

  • Tyler Beale

    I honestly hope that this doesn’t suffer from all the Compile Heart problems that every one of their games had…

    • DesmaX


  • Rogerrmark

    Looks like a crossover between Neptunia and Atelier.And I like that.

    Hope it get’s localized,looks way more promissing than Toki to Towa ever looked.

  • Kevin Schwarz

    I…had my doubts with this one, but damn it looks good :)

  • Looking good. We have great character designs, a good (but not great) battle system, and most likely a great soundtrack. The only thing I’m worred about is the writing. I give Neptunia slack because it’s absolutely ridiculous, but I don’t know about this game. Is it going to have a lot of drama? CH has never done dramatic games before, really, so I doubt their ability in that regard. Looking forward to this games release anyway.

    • DesmaX

      Agarest War is a more serious game, and I think it works fine (Only played the second one). Neptunia problem is that it thinks that, because it wants to be silly, they have to kill any opportunity to be more serious (I just finished chapter 8 on Neptunia V and, seriously, talk about breaking the mood).

      And, remember that Nobuo also composed for the game, and it wasn’t anything special… Hardly feels like him

  • Could this be answering my prayers for a game akin to Neptunia that isn’t full of awkward loli fanservice that makes everyone around me call me a pedophile?

    … probably not, huh?

    • CirnoLakes

      You mean the problem with Hyperdimension Neptunia wasn’t the boobs.. ?

      … wasn’t the combat?

      …. the level design?


      • I actually like the battle system in Mk. 2, but I swear when I play it someone will rise from some dark corner and call me some pedo weirdo as a slime tries to molest Nepgear and a fat metal man threatens to rape a small child, and I can’t really counter that under those conditions.

        • CirnoLakes

          It’s a good thing I don’t worry about things like that.

          • It gets a lot harder when the person in the corner is your significant other. Friends and stuff you can joke around, girlfriend it’s more like “oh is THIS what you’re into? Weeeeirdooooooo~”

          • Haku_Luvs_You

            Why would you care what anyone thinks? I’m sure your girlfriend likes things that you think are weird too.

  • Kelohmello

    Hated all the Neptunia games. Completely losing interest in this.

    • Jordan Coleman

      Yeah, they just don’t make good games. I mean I was interested when I heard Amano and Umetsu were on board, but I mean this is the result….I’m sorry, I’m not into these kind of character designs and if the selling point it “look at these cute girls” then count me out. I wanted a serious non-Otaku bait rpg. I’m sorry, I’m just not that audeicne. So what I’m seeing here is pretty disappointing.

      That said, graphically(could be bull-shots) it doesn’t look bad.And I mean if it turns out to be a good game, well then I’ll try it out regardless of the aesthetics not being very appealing.

  • biskmater

    And I STILL can’t see the dood, well, at least I could his eyes, so he is not entirely faceless…

  • Linhua

    … it looks a little more detailed than V… which is a good thing… but the bad thing here is that… this is what I would have expected from them if they were still on their OWN.

    … the battle system doesn’t seem to have changed ENOUGH. I thought this little collaboration would help them to make a vast improvement… I was expecting to see a HINT of similarity to the Neptunia battle system. Not the same battle system but with a few additional features .-. Air game just doesn’t sound like enough to me.

    … it looks as if they can’t seem to shake a few of these critical habits… even in the presence of other teams… and I understand that this is not an easy thing to do when it’s been your primary formula for the most of your business… but now its got me wondering just what’s going to be so Niche about this title that Compile Heart HASN’T exposed to its western Neptunia fans that they feel a western release is not necessary…?

    … is it the fact that there’s a guy in it…? … or maybe the direction the story is going to be taken…?

    … from the looks of it, if I didn’t know any better, I would have thought it was another Neptunia game… or rather, another game with Neptunia’s battle system as the core mechanic (like the whole Trinity Universe thing)… and like the rest… it would have appealed to me all the same.

    … they say they are releasing this supposedly Niche title with no intention of localization… but I hope for everyone’s sake, that NISA changes their minds.

    • Anime10121

      They never said that they have no intention of localization, all they said was that this was a part of their RPG’s for Japan series of titles. That does not mean it’s not going to be localized. The Tales of series is made for Japan too, but they are (for the most part) still released here.

      • Linhua

        … now… hold on a sec… while that’s great news…

        … i’ve read from several sources including an entry from here I believe where it was clearly stated that they had no intentions for international releases.

        … I was merely going by the news given to me.

        • Wtv

          “The Galapagos RPG brand is a testimony to designing games for Japanese gamers. However, that doesn’t mean Galapagos RPG
          titles are necessarily a Japan-only games. The company wants to release
          more Idea Factory and Compile Heart games in the West and Galapagos is not an exception. Siliconera noticed Compile Heart was looking for a licensor to publish Holy Sorcery Story in North America and Europe.”

          From here:

          • Linhua

            … lol… alright… I was gonna fight it because I KNOW what I saw… but now all of a sudden I can’t find the info ANYWHERE and they here you guys are with a whole new bag of beans to back up your info.

            … so yeah… not fightin’ it… just happy this is the news now.

  • Dokuro

    I´m pretty sure I´m gonna get this game f it gets localized.

  • HerosLight

    Tiara is preeeettyyyyy.

  • Ni

    I’m laughing how the male character is getting less focus in every new news

  • Anime10121

    Cant wait for NISA to localize this, its looking better every time I see it! Looks better graphically than Neptune, and it also has better monster designs! Cant wait for this although it’ll probably be late 2014 before we get this, so I’ll unfortunately have to wait :(

  • TheExile285

    Cute girls

    OK… tell me more…

  • Tyler Beale

    JESUS do I want to see a CG of that girl…like, NOW…

  • GHAmer

    So Neptunia isn’t Fantasy enough? LOL

  • wererat42

    The official website is up and it appears as though Fang really is the main character, while Tiara and Alyn are ‘heroines’. And now there’s another, unnamed female character If it turns out that the audience whose specific tastes are being catered to are the harem crowd, going to have to pass on this one. Would be a shame, considering it looked so promising with Amano and Uematsu on board.

  • I hope this gets localized, looks so AMAIZING *-*


    Nobuo Uematsu as a music composer on Fairy Fencer F!?

    • zazza345

      He actually worked on some tracks in Neptune V as well.

      • ahh.. just surprise on how nobou still composed most of jrpgs

  • zazza345

    The two new game systems included, as per this article:

    are Air Combo and Avalanche Attacks. Throwing the enemy into the air apparently nets you a bonus, and Avalanche Attack (whatever that is, they didn’t elaborate) can “destroy enemy formation”.

    As for characters, Fang is a frank (to the point of stupidity), hedonist person who doesn’t worry about things until they happen. Tiara is a high class girl, gentle but with a bit of masochistic side and excessively serious, and often calls Fang “Newbie”. Alyn is a fairy that lives inside Fang’s Fury (aka weapon), that thinks he’s stupid and has a sort of pompous attitude.

    All of this was in the official site – character profiles section.

  • Kai2591

    I’m skeptical this game would be to my liking, but I’m still a bit curious…
    ‘traditional RPG’ huh? Hopefully there will be explorable towns.Town with realistic size. and a detailed world.

  • ShadowDivz


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