Monster Hunter 4’s Squagill Looks Like A Shark With Legs

By Ishaan . May 16, 2013 . 9:30am

As reported yesterday, Monster Hunter 4 has a new area called the Frozen Sea, which is home to a number of ice-dwelling monsters, including the Lagombi and the brand new Skuagill, which looks like a shark with legs. Take a look at the Skuagill below, in new screenshots from the game’s website:



Also making an appearance in the game is a monster called the Alceltus, a large flying beetle that can ambush hunters from above. (DEATH FROM ABOVE!! DIVEKICK?!)



Finally, here’s a look at the Frozen Sea itself:



Monster Hunter 4 will be released in Japan this Summer.

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  • Corwen

    But I just bought Monster Hunter 3DS…. D:

    • Vasco Bento

      No, you bought Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, don’t worry, this one is for 3DS too and will have multiplayer :)

      • Corwen

        I know that, but I call it 3DS cause it’s easy and such and the only one on there so people know that it’s ultimate I’m talking about.

    • This probably isn’t coming to US till early next year so you (and I) unfortunately have plenty of time to play the other one.

  • Looking Fantastic!

  • Go2hell66


  • d19xx


    • Tatsumarii


    • M’iau M’iaut

      Hey this isn’t a Street Sharks thread!

      • PanjoNanjo

        It is NOW

    • You know i was going to get ready to say the same thing xD

  • Haku_Luvs_You

    Live every week like it’s Shark Week!

  • Namuro

    Neat! I’ve been waiting for CAPCOM to put out some new lesser enemies, and these guys look great! But, the Alceltus is freakishly huge, and one of the Skuagills is bigger than the other… So maybe they’re comparable to Queen Vespoid and Bulldrome?

    Also, since they added a new ice stage, I wish they would add Anorupatisu to the roster as well.

    • From what I read on Capcom’s site, they grow in size when they ingest body fluids, so I’m guessing they’re sorta like Gigi whelps only get larger when they suck your blood. It also said that legs can pop out of their body when they drink fluids as well, allowing them to crawl on four legs. Pretty awesome concept imo.

      • Namuro

        Ah, I didn’t even check that there’s an official profile on the website already.

        You’re right, it seems like the Skuagills can enlarge themselves. Although it could just be an in-game facts, referring to the ones that are already of a large size. But it’d be really cool if the little ones can just pop into full size amidst the frenzied fight.

        As for the legs thing, I have a feeling that these guys will mostly swim around and only grow their hind legs when they switch to fight on land.

        Man, the more I look at these things, the more I think they belong to the Resident Evil universe! Like some kind of Aquatic Hunter.

  • Wesley Kenneth Houpt Mattingly

    Why must Capcom insist on making portable ones. They should use all their profits to make an actual HD one. Not like MH3U on Wii U, because it is just an HD upscaling of a Wii game. i mean the game looks nice, but I can tell it was on Wii. We need one like MH Online on consoles, or MH Online to actually be confirmed to come overseas.

    • Tylor Boreas Makimoto

      Capcom`s main focus for these games is Japan. Japan favors portables. Ergo, why it is on a portable 90% of the time.

    • Tylor already explained why. I’m going to add that I suspect people that are looking to MH Online as a replacement for the mainline Monster Hunter games are probably going to be disappointed.

      • Kefkiroth

        Any particular reason why? Is it because Tencent is also working on it, and/or being F2P will probably mean it will be a pay-to-win game?

        • Pretty much! The Monster Hunter team doesn’t appear to be involved at all. They don’t even have plans to release it outside China any time in the near future.

          Plus… I mean, look at the screenshots and trailer. It has no sense of art direction. It’s like they took default CryEngine assets and slapped them on to everything to make it look HD, but there’s no actual thought that seems to have gone into the look of the world and monsters. They just look “realistic” and ugly.

          It just looks like a game that’s riding on MH’s coattails. That’s not what I want from Monster Hunter. =/

          On the flip side, look at MH4. Yeah, it’s not the prettiest game on the 3DS, but they’re putting a lot of heart and thought into it. Everything is placed so deliberately. Little things like the leaves blowing through the air when you run or the little animations your character does during/after those jumping attacks. I love Monster Hunter because it’s always had this amazing sense of “design first, everything else later”.

          That’s what sets it apart from other hunting games for me as well. It doesn’t get fancy just for the heck of it. Everything is there for a reason.

  • Wesley Kenneth Houpt Mattingly

    Better yet, I could wait till MH 4G in a year or two. Man that will sound like a Verizon commercial.

  • Kuro Neko
    • hongisfire

      yes, and anopabla bla bla from frontier G is ice garchomp

    • Pockystix


    • isotrex

      Yes, their similarities are indeed impeccable. haha

    • Ferofax

      So there’s tiny Squagill and big Squagill in one of those pics… Aptonoth size variants? LOL.

      Hey, if it looks like Garchomp, at least we know what the Squagill drome will look like.

  • Frozen sea looks epic!

  • Christopher Nunes

    Is it me or does that Shark monster look an awful like that Aragami shark-like monster with a cannon on is head in Gods Eater Burst?

    Also new area looks amazing and that beetle… sheesh!

  • konsama

    Oh god, that map looks beautiful. And my dream came true an actual big insect monster and not like the oversized queen vespoid.

    The shark looks lulz tho, like a joke material. XP

  • Dylan Neill

    Oh god. THEY’VE EVOLVED.

  • I hope this game makes it stateside.

  • Haseyo

    Yep, it’s confirmed. I’m importing this day 1.

    • British_Otaku

      Oi oi! It hasn’t been confirmed to be coming late to North America or PAL yet or for digital only release… >_>

      Surely you can wait a bit, though I don’t know Capcom’s reputation with localising Monster Hunter when they actually do it, not like the PSP ones and such.

      • Haseyo

        If 3U sales were great according to Capcom’s expectations, I see no reason why they won’t give us this. I’m just too much of a fan to sit around and wait when I already have a J-3DS. I already have about 270 hours in 3U.

        I’ll buy the NA release should that happen as well.

  • Raltrios

    Looks like MH’s answer to God Eater’s Gboro-Gboro.

  • Gideon de Groodt

    Looking at that Frozen Sea I’m thinking…
    Kushala Daora is gonna make his comeback? And the weird rust coloured rock formations add to that.

  • Pedro Magalhaes


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