Summon Night 5 Remains Popular With Series Fans

By Ishaan . May 24, 2013 . 8:30am

Summon Night 5 was released in Japan last week and sold 105,511 copies in its first week on store shelves. Japanese sales tracker Media-Create reports that this was 79.75% of the game’s initial shipment.


In comparison, Summon Night 4 on the PlayStation 2 sold 115,701 copies in its first week, when it was released back in 2006. That game’s first-week sell-through was 53.27%, meaning that far less copies of Summon Night 5 were shipped than of 4 for the initial launch.


Here’s another interesting tidbit: pre-order numbers for Summon Night 5 amounted to 65,000, while pre-order numbers for Summon Night 4 were 66,000. Based on this fact, Media-Create speculates that not many of the series’ fans were lost in the gap between 2006 and now.


Food for thought:

Summon Night 3 sold 156,000 copies when it was released back in 2003—more than both Summon Night 5 and 4.


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  • アティ

    Summon night 3 = best of the best
    6 was awsome too

  • Those are some healthy stats, right there! Shows that it has a very loyal fanbase; retailers were really confident that this would sell well, too.

    I hope (wishful thinking) it comes over to PSN in the west.

    • *crosses my fingers*

    • pimpalicious

      I like the Summon Night games we received in the West, I would like to play a proper in the series.

      • The thing is, I’ve played none of the series but I saw the trailer for 5 and thought, “Wow, this is one interesting looking series, and an alternate SRPG to FE and FFT.”

        • pimpalicious

          Same thing for me pretty much cause the SN games we got are action-RPGs. Twin Age for the DS was a lot of fun even though it was too easy.

    • Agreed =)

  • benhofb

    Hmm… This game seems pretty interesting… Digging that art! Welp. Hope it gets picked up.

  • Gangrelion

    Wow! I think this is the second news related to Summon Night 5 since the game was released last week! Normally, when a game is released every site stops to talking about it. However, this was not the case right here. This makes me like Siliconera even more! Thanks for supporting this series!

  • fyi1191

    They should realize that SN3 sells more because of Aty (the SN3 main heroine, also in the image above).

    • SN3 was superior in so many things from SN4, not just because Aty was hawt lol, it had karma ending (like SN1,2, but 4 didnt had), it had a lot of secret chars this means a lot of choices through the game. There are a bunch of extra chapters for specific characters.
      A lot more characters and differences in story lines between sudents and MC’s gender (getting romantic with characters if you male or female) and moribito (you would need to play the game to understand this last part, too long to explain here xD)

      And the story is so damn awesome, MC is so cool here, enemies … damn, seriously, one of the best stories i’ve played. SN3 even had a true ending that you can only get in the second time you play the game.

      SN4… had like half the characters SN3 had… MCs were kids, really annoying kids that were always “hating” their dad for leaving them but they were obviously being tsundere, the main point of the story in the beginning is lost fast (here what the player can choose besides MC’s gender is what dragon egg they will get, but they lose the main spot they had in the beginning fast) story wasnt that good… not many conversation events (that are one of the main parts of SN games, you literally went through 3 chapters to get one conversation), there arent really secret chars, or extra routes…. really, making the MC kid was the main problem imo too…. Its always the same lines from enemies “Just because you are a kid blah blah!” And, worst part of all, tho it didn’t bother me much, forced mini games, you had to do mini games in order to advance in the story… Japanese make fun a lot of this game saying it was a mini game game.

  • PABLO Rapetti Perez

    Is there any chance of a new swordcraft story in the series? How does the Summon Night classical series compares to other tactical JRPG like FF Tactics and Front Mission? If anyone could answer those questions, I would be very grateful :)

    • Juan Pablo Fernandez

      I doubt it, as SS is just a spin off.

      The main series is about tactical rpg with a fantastic story and tons of characters.

  • Summon night 3 was that awesome, too bad for SN4 that didn’t live up to it’s predecessor, so many stuff made wrongly there they could had done like in SN3 and would had been awesome.

    Also, SN5 is pretty much a kinda inderect but direct sequel of summon night 3, the world there is a consequence of what happened there, and you even meet characters that were connected to other characters from summon night 3…. SO EPIC

    • JustThisOne

      How did you like SN5? (Without being too spoilery.) :3

      • It’s pretty good :), it still isnt what SN3 is, but its a lot better than what SN4 was, besides the fact that chars’s 3D models look nice (and all the visual parts), the story has been interesting so far, characters too, MC has been ok, and it being a direct sequel of SN3 makes it more epic, with SN3 MC appearing and all.

        As for downside, there doesn’t seem to be as many characters appearing in the story as it was in SN1,2 and 3, and im in chapt 9 already, story is starting to get a bit deeper now so i still dunno what to expect.

        Other downside is that there hasnt been any dialogue choice so far, so i think this pretty much takes out the possibility of many or some secret chars like in SN3, there are still chances tho, it might depend in what events you see in chapters if there are optional ones or who you raise friendship? No idea, in SN1,2 and 3, they also had some chars that you could get if you see some chars events that are not obligatory to advance the story so u had to check everywhere well before going to event battle…

        And another thing i dont like much is the 5 chars per battle limit, other games were 7 (and one support in psp ver. of games), there is a party skill to change members mid battle but still x-x i feel 5 characters are not that many.

        Nonetheless it all has been pretty nice. So far it has been a good game to recover the franchise

        • JustThisOne

          Here’s to hoping they’ll be more in the future. *__*

          Or at least I hope this one makes it over in some form. Seriously, I wanted to play SN so badly when I first heard of it. I miss tactics games so much, and this series seems to have it done right.

  • GibbRS

    I imported most of the PS2 titles back in the day and really enjoyed them. It’s sad this series never took off in the West, it’s fantastic.

  • Wtv

    Alwasy think about Battler Ushiromiya when I see the MC of this game.

    Anyway, these Summon Night have the same kind of dialogue that Swordcraft Story had? If yes, I really wanna play them. Those dialogues were funny.

  • Zoozbuh

    Goddamn, a lot of articles about this game coming up lately. Makes me think (if there’s buzz around the game, etc) then we might actually have a chance of seeing it localised! I do wish Siliconera could approach Namdai and ask if there was actually any chance of a localisation (if that’s possible)…

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