Toukiden Trailer Shows Off Some Intense Historic Hunting Action

By Sato . May 24, 2013 . 1:00pm


Dynasty Warriors developer Omega Force have been busy working on their upcoming historic hunting game, Toukiden. They recently released a new trailer that shows off how you’ll be taking down giant demons while getting help from the spirits of Japanese folklore heroes. The official website also introduces some new demons, including a strange four-winged dragon… with a rooster’s head.



The trailer starts out by showing a group of Mononofu destroying parts of a large demon and knocking them down, followed by a neat looking ninja character and other Mononofu warriors.


Omega also briefly give us a look at the Mitama, which are spiritual powers from historic heroes, such as Momotaro, a popular hero from Japanese folklore. There are over 200 Mitama with various attributes to collect, and they’ll boost your abilities in power, defense, healing and more.


You’ll be able to customize your character’s gender, hair, hair color, face, skin and voice. We also get a glimpse of the player base, known as Utakata Village, where you’ll get to take your time to upgrade your equipment, manage your Mitama and more.


The weapons you can use in Toukiden are: Long katana, armor plated Tekko gloves, Sickle and chain, bows, dual swords and spears.


Here’s a look at some of the newly introduced monsters we’ll be fighting in Toukiden:




s_hinomagatori oni041

This large demon seems to have the appearance of a rooster-headed dragon. It uses its four wings to fly around the skies and uses powerful flames to scorch enemies with a burning breath attack. The Hinomagatori can easily fly its way out of the underworld domain, and it is also said that it once completely wiped out a village with a surprise attack.





The Onibi is a smaller demon that is completely engulfed in flames. It actually doesn’t move around much and spends its time in specific areas, so one might think that the Onibi are a form of lookout. It can be fatal to those who approach unknowingly, as it is known to spit out powerful flames.





This bat-like creature is a small type demon that flaps its long ears to fly. In long-ranged combat, the Onmaraki can spit lightning, while it fights using its tail as a whip for close-ranged fights. Even the Mononofu will have to be careful against these demons, especially if they’re found in a group.


Toukiden will be released on June 27th for PlayStation Vita and PSP in Japan.


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  • Rudy Soto

    So has anyone tried the demo? I heard that there were some complications with the timing, has the patch they had announced fixed that?

    • I’m about to download it after watching that, only played the first one

      I played it, have to say the gameplay is improved. I was able to beat a boss that i couldn’t last demo and it feels more fluid’

      Not saying it’s easier but more accessible i think

      Boss damage output looks to be rebalanced too

    • tubers

      I’ve played the orignal demo and the patched.. there’s still plenty of slowdowns (specially when you’re in a corner and the whole party’s using flashy skills)..

      on the PSP version (obviously worse graphics), it’s much more stable and consistent.

      • I’m not seeing any slowdowns with combat and you’re in the corner situations since you can role out of it. plus the AI is smart is this game, something you don’t see often

        • tubers

          It’s there. You’re just lucky you’re not sensitive to it.

          Yes you can roll out of it most of the time.. but it would have already happened.. Plus, sometimes the boss can corner you for a while and it gets pinned down there by your allies with flashy skills.. it bogs the game down.

          It’s easy to adapt to really (at least for me).. but compared to the PSP, it’s just sad that that runs more stable.

  • 心ず良い indeed, I’m very impressed by this video

    I think i’ll be getting this

  • dragoon_slayer12

    I hope this comes to NA

    • Personally I think it depends if it does well in Japan, it’s not going up against anything in it’s category during it’s release window

      • Considering TK is quite fair on releasing dozens of PS Vita Games, such as Atelier Totori and DOA 5+, I dont see a big problem of not bringing over this promising title. Here’s hoping for the best!

    • Testsubject909

      I hope this comes in Retail.

  • Took some screenshots, too bad you can’t edit and add images

    • cloudcaelum

      So native res with nice AA, any frame problem?

      • I didn’t notice any personally, everything was smooth

      • ekibyougami

        The patch made the frame rate drops tolerable. There’s still the slight frame rate drop, but considering how the game is more gorgeous and polished than Soul Sacrifice visually, I guess it can’t be helped.

        Without the patch, there’s the horrible frame rate drop and the Ogre boss will took twice or thrice as long to kill.

  • Just finished the demo, lots better than the original one and I’m looking forward to buying this.

    I died two times and the AI came to resurrect me both times, one even died and another came over to me

    In Soul Sacrifice if you tell your partner to come resurrect you and if they take damage you’re not getting up unless you’re spamming. Love the AI here

    • LazuliteLiamz

      That’s exactly my reaction too when I tried the demo. Never tried the original demo though, so can’t really compare.
      After playing with the AI in SS, Toukiden’s AI really amaze me, can’t wait for this game :)

      • Nice :) when you get it we should play online :D

  • Draparde

    this is looking pretty nice. adding this to my “Multiplayer vita games to buy if/once it comes out in NA”

  • ShadowDivz

    I always love how the japanese do game commercials. It’s always so “in your face” and makes you want to buy it.

    In NA game commercials are more “this game is coming out at this date”, more of a reminder than a “BUY IT WHEN IT COMES OUT!!!” sort of thing.

    That said, i read there has been a patched demo is it good? I havn’t tried the original since i heard it’s not worth switching regions for.

    Vita is getting alot of hunting games to make up for lack of monster hunter. But as long as they are all different im good.

    • I played the original demo and didn’t enjoy it, tried the patched version and was able to complete it

      • ShadowDivz

        Think it could come overseas?

        • Yes but it depends on how well it does in Japan then again they haven’t left any of their games in Japan only for a long time

      • TheExile285

        So what exactly was different? Saw gameplay from the first demo and it seemed kind of slow and dull. Did they spice it up somehow?

        Also, please tell me the weapon variation is better than RO. And by weapon variation, I mean combos and handling.

        The only weapons classes that were really unique in RO IMO were Mage and Hunter and Hunter was underwhelming for an archer class if you ask me. The bow looks a lot better in this but again, I haven’t played it whereas i have played RO.

    • TheExile285

      Japan does ads better IMO. They show what’s most important: GAMEPLAY

      In NA all we get is stupid CG ads, live action ads (looking at you Sony >___>) or more often than not, no ads.

      • ShadowDivz

        So so true. I hate the live action ads too. Example the playstation all star battle royal commercial.

  • Jesse Torres

    Very good monster design, very flashy and nice battle sequences, I really hope this comes to the U.S.

  • randominternetperson

    from what I saw you purchase weapons? not craft? and you can’t craft armors? Huge letdown if I’m right.

    • You’ll need item drops from enemies from what I’ve been seeing

  • Heavenly_King

    Nice to see this game has a proper story mode. :)

  • XypherCode

    Dat gameplay O_O

  • LazuliteLiamz

    The art is amazing, but then again, I’m biased towards DW artstyle xD
    I hope there’s an option to tone down the effect though, it could be too flashy at times.

    But one thing that you rarely see in monster hunting games is the smart AI.
    I understand that these type of games are supposed to be enjoyed with real friends/players, but if it got story that can be enjoyed alone, I’m all in for smarter AI.

    Edit: I don’t know if it is just me, but I feel that the bosses’ priority is fairer in this game when you are playing with AI. In other games, when you are playing with AI, bosses will almost always target you, which kinda suck if you like to play support or range.

  • How does braking parts work in this game? I have seen in many trailers that the broken part just grows back.

  • AaqibRawat

    when i saw dynasty warriors i was sceptical.
    having watched the trailer it looks pretty badass.
    combat is fresh too.

    this and soul sacrifice might tempt me to the dark side

  • Christopher Nunes

    I hope the game gets localized! I want to play it, it looks awesome! I’m going to enjoy using the Dual Swords for my dude!

  • MagisterXII

    As always, great artwork and character designs from them. I want this on my Vita!

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