Fire Emblem: Awakening Was Almost The Last Game In The Series

By Laura . May 25, 2013 . 5:50pm

A recent interview with Intelligent Systems in the pages of Spanish magazine Hobby Consolas reveals that Fire Emblem: Awakening could very well have been the last game in the series, had it not sold as well as it did.


Due to declining sales of the Fire Emblem series, Nintendo had told the Fire Emblem team that if sales of this latest game didn’t reach 250,000 copies, the series would come to an end.


After a brief moment of panic, the development team decided to throw in all sorts of ideas that would make sure the newest game sold well.  Some of the ideas that arose were rather drastic—such as setting the game in the real world—but ultimately, because they knew they had to draw in as many old fans as new ones, the team decided not to risk making any veterans of the series feel betrayed and stuck with ideas that had worked throughout the series.


As a result, Fire Emblem: Awakening became a compilation of some of the most popular systems in the entire series, including marriages and children.


Another major inclusion was that of Casual Mode.  While some at Nintendo felt that this “destroyed everything that characterized Fire Emblem,” Nintendo’s Hitoshi Yamagami felt that it created a type of “security” where your characters were prevented from dying, and so you didn’t have to redo anything while still retaining the same essential game.


According to Yamagami, this worked because, “Considering how valuable time is to gamers, Casual Mode came about to avoid causing them to lose this time.  If we made them waste two hours playing because one of the characters fell in the field of battle, it would not be received well nowadays.”


Luckily, Fire Emblem: Awakening has sold over 450,000 copies in Japan alone, as of the end of 2012. Meanwhile, in North America, the game has sold over 240,000 copies as of April. A new game, titled Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem, is in development for the Wii U. The game is an RPG being developed by Index/Atlus, and will be published by Nintendo.


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  • I agree that its more (or was, when i played the older games) “challening” or w/e to get chars killed for all eternity, and this kinda makes it cooler, but now, i dunno, after an hour of TURN AFTER TURN, just to get a char killed and, of course, would get the need to restart everything, it would probably make me rage quit… don’t have as much time as i had before either

    It’s already hard enough in other games, like summon night, that the char that died wont get ANY exp from that battle, made me rage a lot of times, but you know, i would sometimes just finish the battle, and train the char later or something, if he/she would stay dead, i would 100% have the need of restarting the battle…

    • Pyrotek85

      Honestly that kind of ‘hard’ is a lot more uncommon nowadays, it’s pretty foreign to younger generations who aren’t familiar with games in the 80s/90s. As long as they make it an option everyone should be happy, many games have difficulty modes.

  • Ben Sylvia


  • Chris Yuen

    Fire Emblem can’t end! They haven’t even touched on that concept of Fire Emblem in Mars yet! I’M THROWING ALL MY MONEY AT YOU INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS! Give us more Fire Emblem and Advance Wars! I brought my 3DS for Awakening! I’ll buy them all!

  • puchinri

    Huh, that’s interesting. I wouldn’t have known that. I’m glad that the game did as well as it did, and kind of glad that Nintendo told them that. ^u^;
    It certainly paid off, hehehe.

    Also, even though I won’t/don’t play on casual, I like that sentiment and train of thought, and quite agree with it. Casual mode can be important, and having an option is nice.

    • Linhua

      … i’ve always stressed that having the option is usually the superior choice… and look at all the good it did for this installment… n_n

      … if you’re having a tough time trying to figure out which party to please and the game is big enough for the two of them (where if necessary)… then apply them both. It’s less likely to do more harm than good.

      … and when it’s my turn to be out there, this will be the number one rule I shall always follow if at all possible.

      • puchinri

        Agreed entirely~. I think some people overlook how important it is because we’re used to it being hard, but even for long-time fans, it’s nice to have a break from the stress of the game.

        Good luck! I think it’s an important and great rule to follow.

        • Linhua

          … thank you!

          … but you’re right. I believe myself to be one of the long time fans… and though i’ve continued the tradition of the permadeath for my first playthrough… I have actually made plans to breeze through my second run on Casual just to appreciate the story a little more. I was honestly one of the more pleased fans to hear about this option.

    • $36598391

      I only play Awakening on Casual so I don’t have to deal with constantly restarting chapters if I lose a character

  • Good thing the sales ‘awakened’ them from that delusion.
    Long live Fire Emblem!

  • Ni

    I’m glad that the game sold well because FE is my favourite TRPG series.

    And yeah guys… the ideas were well implemented really well implemented since my 3DS got raped by that game really hard (the last game that made me playing non stop was Type-0 which was when the game came out. when I decided to stop playing i clocked 635 hours ) lol. I stop playing Kakusei because I started to rage on Lunatic+ -classic and almost threw my 3ds on the wall. Now is time for my PSP to be raped by SN5

    PS: Tharja is the best waifu, muthafuckas

    • midorigreen

      Lunatic+ is almost impossible without the golden gaff or exponential growth DLC and just getting to the chapter where DLC is unlocked is a challenge. I have been playing Lunatic+ -classic and it took me around three days to reach that point.

      PS: I’m also making Tharja my waifu =D

  • Go2hell66

    A real world fire emblem? Yea that would have ended badly

    • Wake

      I’m actually quite curious on how they’d pull off something like that. How it relates to FE lore and quite possibly updated job classes are definitely things I’m interested in. The Persona series pulled it off with perfection and SMT: Devil Survivor and TWEWY were quite successful too. With what they showed with Awakening, I honestly believe this team could pull off a modern day FE.

    • JustThisOne

      It would be an interesting spinoff, that’s for sure.

      But if they were depending it on it save the series like Awakening, it probably would not have ended well, haha.

      Still hoping that they’ll have some room to experiment with a modern day FE some day though.

      • MrTyrant

        An spin-off like that sounds while still keeping the main medieval serie games I would aprove that.

      • Zeik56

        SMT x Fire Emblem could very well end up being essentially Fire Emblem in “real life”. Although I guess it’s debatable how “real” SMT’s post-apocalyptic Tokyo actually is.

  • ragingmerifes

    It’s kind of ironic how the title is Awakening, something that reminds us of beginning…
    It’s, in comparison, like a console fated to fail being called the first when it is not… wait, that sounds familiar.

    • Crevox


      • FF1 was meant to be the last game of that development team. However it did better than they expected which led to them creating sequels which rapidly spiraled out of control, creating many masterpieces and then somehow ending up where it is today.

        • Crevox

          I am well aware of the history of FF… that was the joke. It’s a similar situation.

  • Slayven19

    Good thing I bought a FE3DS I’m sure that helped as well.

    • AnimusVox

      As did I *high five*

      • Slayven19

        Sorry for the late reply but *high five*

    • JustThisOne

      It’s the most beautiful 3DS I’ve seen so far. I regret absolutely nothing.

      … Except that I wish I got a case for it. *scratched it almost immediately*

      • Aunna Terrell

        I also have a few light scratches on mine till I bought a clear plastic case. XD

    • デ オオカミ

      Same here and loving it dearly. ^^

    • ShadowDivz

      I hate you. I wish i had one. xD

      • Slayven19

        Don’t worry, if you really want one scalpers have them on ebay for 270 to 300 dollars. That’s if you really want the bundle.

        • ShadowDivz

          I don’t want one that badly.

  • Isn’t SMT x FE being co-developed by Atlus and Intelligent Systems? Since Nintendo owns the Fire Emblem I.P. and not Intelligent Systems if it was just Atlus they wouldn’t have put Intelliget Systems logo at the end of the teaser…right?

    Anyways, glad Awakening sold well and I’m looking forward to another entry on 3DS. As much as I enjoyed Path of Radiance I feel SRPGs fit portables a lot better than consoles.

    • Index/Atlus are developing, with Nintendo handling publishing and marketing. I’m sure Nintendo and Intelligent are providing input, but the development is happening primarily at Atlus.

    • Suicunesol

      How do you know IS isn’t involved?

      Damn, this was intended for Ishaan my bad. >_>

      • Different sources of PR have said different things. Nintendo’s announcement said it was a collaboration, whereas Index’s PR which they sent us said they were developing the game. I’m sure IS is involved to some extent, but the majority of the legwork looks like it’s being taken on at Index.

  • $29082171


    Well that explains everything.

  • All I can say is thank you Intelligent Systems and Nintendo for giving us this absolute gem.

    • What? Someone didn’t agree with you? They must be bitter because the game didn’t hold their hand for them.

  • StarWarudo

    I hope they retain the marriage/children element in the future Fire Emblems. I had so much fun playing match-maker.

    • Sardorim

      If they overuse children feature than it will be bad. They also shouldn’t overuse Time Travel. If anything they ill save children for when it makes sense of it they do a sequel of a future FE game where they can do a time skip without hurting the games story.

      Perhaps have a data import feature for kids and if you don’t important you just get “default hair color” versions that match no spouse with a more random skill set so people can’t try and guess who the parent is.

      • Suicunesol

        I honestly agree. They can’t use the “children from future mechanic” for every game. Even in Awakening, personally, that explanation is barely acceptable. >_> Either way, the children mechanic is highly story dependent.

        The way they did it in Genealogy of the Holy War was the best in my opinion.

    • Draparde

      The marriage/Children thing was awesome, but my personal favorite thing is creating your own character, and how they where apart of the story as well.

      So that’s something i’d love to see stay. as well as the marriage element, and children one too, where it will make since.

  • raitouniverse

    Hm, makes sense how this game was slightly more pandery than previous ones. Really enjoyed the dynamic though.

  • kool_cid414

    I loved this game an am quite glad it has been a success. I wouldn’t mind trying a modern Fire Emblem just to see how it would work.

  • Omikuji

    Even though I own most of the games, I never been able to finish them until Awakening. I always got frustrated when characters died because I always liked them, and I hated having to redo levels over and over just to make sure the enemy didn’t BS over to my favorite character. When I heard about the ‘casual’ mode I was actually thrilled. They did a really good job with adding that in and realizing how time consuming it was for some people to get through a level if one character died. It was so tedious in the old games to get through without losing someone. And unless it was story driven it felt really crummy to lose them.

    But, I loved Fire Emblem Awakening, I’m really happy it saved the series and I hope they continue the series in this direction.

    Just, er, maybe not in that modern time direction. Something about the world of Fire Emblem being in that fantasy setting has always been very nice, I don’t think it would work as well in a modern setting.

    • midorigreen

      For me it wasn’t the casual mode that sold me, it was the lack of being a slave to the RNG. My biggest issue with the games is that once you fully level your character that’s it. If a character received bad stat increases for a number of levels then that character could potentially be worthless in the end game. With the second seal characters can potentially reach their maximum stats, but even then the lunatic and lunatic+ difficulties still pose a challenge to my units.

  • Zenthos

    Another Fire Emblem on the 3ds would be greatly appreciated. The amount of content they could add excites me to no end.

    • Sardorim

      You can also see how well they’ve improved with DLC content. Compare Season 1 to Season 2, a huge jump in quality in the DLC.

  • brian

    For some reason, trying to imagine a modern FE reminds me of Valkyria.

    • AnimusVox

      I agree. Depending on which timeline they’d be going for of course. Shame Valkyria didn’t sell well enough for 3 to be llocalized, I really like the series.

      • That is a darn shame. The Valkyria series had great things going for it and VC3 looked like it was a great improvement from its predecessors.

  • Torraint

    remind me to FF

    awakening was my first FE & fortunately won’t be my last :D

  • DanijoEX ♬ the Cosmic Owl

    Funny thing is that Fire Emblem Awakening was the first game that I played and own for the first time in my life.

    I missed out playing the ones on the GBA, GC, and Wii. But I’m glad my brother did get me this game.

    Actually, he didn’t know I would be interested in it and was afraid that i wouldn’t like it. But to his surprise, I actually enjoyed it. So all that worked out for me and my brother very well. Yeah, touching story but what can I say? I’m never selling it at all. =u=

    • Suicunesol

      Wow congratulations! Don’t lose it! :P My first personally owned game was Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back for Game Boy Pocket. :O

    • revenent hell

      If you ever get a Wii/Wii U you can DD the sacred stones I believe. Some of the physical copies of the games are kinda stupid expensive but I only buy brand new so…..

  • z_merquise

    I never knew the series was struggling in sales. It’s always sad when a series/game with so much potential are forgotten just because it didn’t met sales expectations.

    Still, FE: Awakening is really a great game and it’s nice that the sales did very well. Looks like the series won’t die like they thought it would be.

    It’s like what Chrom said:
    Anything can change!

    • The numbers for the Tellius games were *dire*; the franchise had slipped to 150k in Japan at that point, and America + Europe wasn’t making up the slack. (Granted, NoA and NoE weren’t producing enough copies for that to happen anyway, but.)

  • Aqua King

    I don’t understand the complaints about causal. You get the option, if you don’t like it, don’t use it… :/

    • Suicunesol

      Fire Emblem is a simulation war game. The idea is that if your characters are in genuine danger of being killed, you will feel responsible for their lives and deaths, therefore making your experience as the tactician more “real”. This is the original “name of the game”; it’s the soul of the game, if you will. Classic players dislike the casual option for a number of reasons, but the number one is probably because it makes their classic experience feel like a lie.

      I was once a proponent of classic-only play. I still advocate classic mode, but goddamn if casual mode isn’t convenient as all Hell. I went casual on my second run (as a female avatar). Some of the DLC missions are so hard to complete without losing someone.

      • malek86

        I think the problem here is “option”. If the casual mode is optional, that is, you can choose to never even touch it, why are people complaining?

      • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

        Sure but you sure feel like a winner after you finally get through the map without anyone dying.

    • meiam

      My problem with casual mode is that such a mode seeps into every decision that they make, even affecting the classic mode. So they might change a layout of the map or change the enemy placement because it would make it too hard for casual mode, it might modify existing class and ends up affecting other decision, like I’m sure the addition of marriage and such was just to pad in the content for people playing casual, since everything that make FE gameplay good is gone from that. It also take time away from actually making the game better just to have a casual mode.

      I don’t mind casual game, I mind that they take existing franchise and add stuff that directly goes against what the franchise is like, if they want to do that they can just create a new IP. If the FE were doing that badly, they could have just lower budget and lower there expectation. FE fan never really cared for FMV or 3D graphics, they could have just kept pushing game using the SNES graphic engine and they would have been able to turn a profit.

      • yalissa

        But Casual mode does not change anything like that. The only difference between Casual and Classic mode is that there is no permadeath. Overall difficulty of stages and whatnot is determined by which difficulty level you decide to play on. Like Normal, Hard, Lunatic, and the infamous Frederick +.
        Actually I think I interpreted your comment wrong?

        • Guest

          That is not entirely correct though. I can tell from experience, that you are way more reckless when you know that there are no casualties if your units get beaten by an enemy. With Classic, you need to strategize quite more and also need to play it in a way that guarantees that you are not exposed to losing even a single unit throughout the turn.

          Back when I started playing FE, I was from the FFT-kind of player, I recklessly went with my units all mumbo-jumbo, without even thinking of how many enemies could attack my single unit.

          • midorigreen

            that may be, but it doesn’t take away any enjoyment of a classic mode player playing the same game, and what is stopping a newbie casual player who after gaining a bit of experience is looking for a more of a challenge and switches to classic mode.

          • Guest

            I never said that it tinkers the fun or anything like that mate. I started with Normal Casual as well and quickly jumped over to Hard Classic. The difference was just overwhelming at the beginning :D

      • midorigreen

        I think the problem with your opinion is just that, it is your opinion. Casual mode doesn’t take any effort to implement and other gamers like the casual mode so if including it increases the series fan base without taking anything away from those that like to play on classic mode why wouldn’t you include it. It’s obvious from this story that the classic mode fan base wasn’t enough to sustain the series and if they scaled back the series like you suggest then it likely would have been relegated to obscurity on the eshop unable to evolve.

        • meiam

          Not really, I’m stating what I believe is a fact “including casual mode will inevitably modify the game development to the point where it will affect people who will never use it”. Now it can be either right or wrong, and unless you’ve worked on the game, neither of us can say wether it,s true or not.

          As a fan of the older type of game, I’d rather they get stuck in eshop rather than the series change so much it essentially die off.

  • Mmmm so Advance Wars sells more than Fire Emblem ? I thought it was the opposite

    • It doesn’t say that anywhere.

  • SirRichard

    They had one last shot to make it work and keep the series alive and it all paid off. Here’s hoping it never sinks down to that level again, Fire Emblem deserves to keep on going.

  • $39420547

    i would have been so sad if FE series stop

  • fireemblembeast

    Lol I heard from somewhere they had an idea at one point of setting the game in outer space ((*゜Д゜)ゞ” Glad they scrapped that one; that’d be too much of a change for me!

  • DurableTomb

    I don’t know, a real world Fire Emblem might not be too shabby.
    – Set it in a WWI/WWII type era.
    – Delegate ranged fighters to machine guns, rifles, etc.
    – Delegate melee fighters to bayonets, combat knives, etc.
    – Thieves could be replaced with Scouts.
    – Pistols could be like the Iron Swords of the game.

    – Bolting-type spells could be replaced with mortars and grenades.
    – Make the lead the son/daughter of a famous general who disappeared on the battlefield. Give him/her a pet carrier pigeon that brings him/her back an item (tags, pendant, etc.) that their father had to give them motivation to seek him out.
    – Tanks could be like the FE Generals, except they could only attack every two or three turns (balancing out the damage and range of cannon fire).
    I think it could work.

    • So… Valkyria Chronicles, basically?

      • MrTyrant

        Can we marry and have children with Selvaria? (oh man oh man oh man, mah dream comes true)

        • Haseyo

          That’s a nice theory you got there.
          It’d be an awful shame
          If it blew up
          In your face.

      • DurableTomb

        It’s Fire Emblem’s engine. Make it too modern and everyone will think that it is a sequel to Advance Wars: Days of Ruin.

    • Seraph

      Valkyria Chronicles is a pretty good alternative to that idea.

      EDIT: slowpoke.jpg that’s what I get for not refreshing a page.

    • It’s no Fire Emblem without its awesome magic and swords, imo.

    • キロ

      When it comes to that, why not just make another Advance Wars game?

  • revenent hell

    Well in all honesty I never was big in to fire emblem games till this one (then I went out and got all available in the US :D) They are great games and I plan to support them in future.
    For me the deciding factor to buy the game was actually the marriage factor, I quite enjoy that type of things in games :D

    • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

      The first GBA FE was amazing; it had that epic, medieval feeling to it. The second one was more lax, the relationships between characters didn’t feel like anything special~.

      • Sardorim

        The first game was FE6 and it never came out in the west. FE7 is its prequel, FE8 was the third and final FE game on the gba and a lot of its features were improved and put in Awakening.

        Though I wish they made the Risen as varied as the monsters in Sacred Stones.

    • Suicunesol

      Don’t all the Fire Emblem games technically have marriage in them? They’re called S-rank conversations. Just no “My Unit” and no children.

      • revenent hell

        Which brings me to another point …… Bad publicity. I love games like this and never heard about them until I was on a forum a few years ago, which by then the games where so old and expensive they weren’t worth it to me to buy, but I have since then.

        They should have had better advertising.

        I honestly cant remember ever hearing about an FE game outside of the internet previously. Which is a shame because I probably would have bought them all day one if I had known about them earlier. Not being able to have easy access to the older games made it even harder to decide if I wanted to risk money on this one, Installments need to be put out on a more regular basis at least as far as places not Japan are concerned.

        And yes they all more or less have the “marriage ” aspect.

        • Suicunesol

          I think Fire Emblem got most of its first publicity from Super Smash Brothers Melee. The popularity of Marth and Roy from that game basically pushed Nintendo to localize Blazing Sword. The rest is history.

          I imagine Nintendo did advertise in video game magazines and on TV. But you know, Fire Emblem was a niche strategy game on GBA. It’s hard to get a game like that in the hands of the masses unless it’s Mario, Sonic, or Crash Bandicoot.

  • AuraGuyChris

    I thank the universe for giving us…Henry!

    • JustThisOne

      Everyone, protect your thumbs!

    • Mordina

      Haha! Henry is so awesome that he became my first husband in the game. Nya ha~!

    • Detrimont

      him and tharja have some of the best lines of the game(well… the english version at least), still cant get over the American Pie reference in his support with Miriel

      • JustThisOne


        I know what to do for the my second playthrough now, I suppose.

        • Detrimont

          i think it’s either C or B rank, so you dont have to make them marry, you could probably do it is a current save if you havent paired them yet

          • JustThisOne

            I haven’t touched Miriel. :3 Other than to force her with Libra to get Laurent.

          • Detrimont

            just pair Miriel with henry in a battle or two,(a battle that henry will be able to handle by himself) you’ll get it in no time(just set the battle to skip everything and auto blitz every turn)

  • vileBrenman

    they should make a fire emblem game that takes place in a dystopian future. let that swim around in your think tank for a while

    • Grape Monet

      Yeah! Just like that Advance Wars game!…Now how many of those have we had since Days of Ruin?

      • pekikuubik

        That feel of never seeing an Advance Wars set in Cosmo Land again. ;_;
        Damn you, Days of Ruin!

    • Well, one of their ideas for Fire Emblem: Awakening was making it take place in modern times or on Mars. However, they kept to the traditional format which makes sense because concepts like dystopia future and modern era would alienate a lot of fans because it’s much different than a normal Fire Emblem game.

  • All right nintendo I forgive you this time but don’t you threaten intelligent systems again OR ELSE

    • Slayven19

      They do it again and next time we march with mario hats with the M in the hat replaced with an X.

      • I don’t understand the reason for Nintendo behaving this way. When has fire emblem sold badly? Never

        • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

          Wii and DS era? They sell quite bad.

          • not bad the all sold around 200k in japan if Ii remember correctly. Not in north america. But in japan they have sold consistently well. Considering the fact that it was an srpg it was quite good.

          • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

            150k in Japan which is sadly pathetic compared to the GBA era which is why they said the number is dwindling.
            Not to forget, the fact that the game bombed sooooo bad outside of Japan also further shows that FE franchise is not really doing well.

          • All right I concede. But still they are one of my favorite developers. The make such good games. Nintendo should treat them with more respect. I just hope they said what they said as a joke and were not really serious to kill FE. That would suck

          • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

            No prob here. I also like FE a lot here. Hell, IS is even one of my favorite developers but i can see why Nintendo will probably canned this series as in the world of business, not everything always goes according to our way. And also, Ninty probably thought, it is a better idea for IS to try new IP rather than keep pumping FE series.
            Hope that with this success, FE will be able to grow bigger with next instalment.

  • NightzeroAX

    Hell no I want another game featuring my boy Roy.

    • Sardorim

      Roy has a good chance in being in the FE x SMT crossover RPG game.

    • Suicunesol

      I think Roy was pretty unpopular in Japan. ^^;

  • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

    That was pretty narrow minded of Nintendo; companies need to obsess less with sale figures and focus more on the quality of their games~.

    • Link

      Sales figures are what keeps the company afloat. You could have the best game ever but if it doesn’t sell well then well your pretty much screwed. Look at games like Bayonetta. Great great game, only sold about a million copies which wasn’t enough to recoup costs. What did that lead too? Bayo 2 being pretty much cancelled until Nintendo decided to pay for it. Games like Sleeping Dogs, Tomb Raider, and DMC are all quality games yet even with 2-4million sales were not enough to recoup costs, and that really hurt Square Enix financially which is never a good thing. Its not narrow minded, its business.

      • midorigreen

        Given the fact that Nintendo was only looking for just a quarter million unlike those games, I would say those sales figures were pretty generous.

      • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

        Thing is, the games you mentioned as an example are AAA titles that cost too much to make. I love the FE series but let’s be honest here: they aren’t the most resource intensive of franchises. The graphics have never been something breath taking and the music is fine. At most there’s a lot of text to localize but even then…compared to pure RPGs it falls short. So it’s not like if they sell only 200k they’d be losing money like Square Enix did with TR or SD~.

        • Link

          Its not just about losing money. Its about profits as well. If you have low sales you’ve basically wasted time and resources on something that doesnt exactly pay off. That time and resources could be used on other more effective areas. Theres a reason companies have quota’s and figure they need to meet. Also Bayonetta is far from AAA, the first game was more mid-tier game that became critically well received. Im not arguing that companies need to focus more on the quality of their games, that i whole heartedly agree on. My argument was that its a “narrow minded” approach when its nothing more that strictly business. Even a game like Fire Emblem with low dev costs 250k sales is nothing to be proud of.

        • Luna Kazemaru

          AAA or not the point still stands that if the games don’t turn a profit then they have ever right to move on. its losing them money in the long run along with time and resources these companies and dev groups all have budgets for everything and going over then hurts them with future games.

    • Suicunesol

      As if Nintendo games aren’t already usually quality games?

      Companies don’t continue investing in series that sell progressively worse with each title because the risk of losing money becomes too great. Making money is why the company exists. Developing quality titles is only a step in that endeavor. So of course they focus on the quality of their games.

    • Just Tim

      I admit that every time I read something like “obsession towards sales figures”, it ends up screaming in front of my face, “Call of Duty-level sales”.

      It’s really unrealistic, if you ask me. Even then, seeing how Pokemon, Mario, Zelda, and Samus are Nintendo’s workhorses, Nintendo should use net gains as funding for the likes of Fire Emblem aka niche.

    • Luna Kazemaru

      yes because if sales doesn’t meet projections (reasonable ones) they should clearly keep making games that doesn’t turn a profit right?

  • Keima88

    Glad it sold well then! Is it past the million mark yet?

  • Well one reason it sold so well is because so many people have the hardware. They could make a game about putting potatoes in a bag and it would be profitable.

    • Suicunesol

      It takes more than that to produce a successful game. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have games like AA5 getting download-only releases.

      • This does remind you of the AA5 situation, doesn’t it?

    • revenent hell

      I agree to a small degree about the system as far as the games selling points go.
      I for one never had a GB, Wii or Game Cube until recently(The DS and Wii) and I would assume a lot of other people didn’t have all three as well when the games where released, im sure the amount of 3DS owners is quite a decent amount in comparison to the other systems upon the games releases so it probably helped.
      Another problem is most of the games are so old they are way to expensive to purchase. They need to be made more available as DD tittles so if people want to get in to the series they can, If I buy one game in a group I buy them all, one cant really do that easily with these games because of their age.
      So more or less im saying they should release more FE tittles on a regular basis so people don’t lose interest in the games while pulling in new gamers at the same time.

      Also ive played worse games than putting a potato in a bag…..

  • YoshEE

    Thank god!! Since FE is one of my favorite series to play. hope they get more idea so it will continue longer!

  • We’re still waiting for end-of-year numbers to come in and for Europe to come in in general, but far from the last game, Awakening may well end up being the overall best-selling title in the entire franchise when all is said and done.

    The current record to beat is the original Mystery of the Emblem for the SNES, which sold ~750,000. Awakening’s worldwide tally was already in sneezing distance of that before the European release. Granted, that was Japan only, but Awakening is still in, like, the top three in Japan for sales.

    Think it’s safe to say we’ll see another one. :3

  • new_tradition

    I can sympathize with the people at Nintendo not 100% diggin’ the inclusion of the Casual Mode in the game in terms of preserving a series’ trait, but as a newbie to the series, and especially with having this marriage mechanic in the place, I’m glad Yamagami convinced them to add it. I think he’s right-investing a lot of time and effort to individual characters and pairings that could go to waste would have annoyed me big time xD

  • No name

    The crossover is being co-developed by Nintendo and Atlus/Index

  • epy

    Hmmm, kinda disappointed in Nintendo. I figured they were better than that.

    • Colonel Custard

      Well its not really their fault if your on a sinking ship do you wait till sinks completely or do you jump ship. However, sometimes that ship can be saved before it sinks so no one is really at fault if people lose interest in a game except for maybe the marketing department.

    • Luna Kazemaru

      Its like some of you don’t know how companies work….

      • Suicunesol

        Not even. It’s like they don’t understand what a business is.

    • Suicunesol

      In this case, it was a good thing. Pressure can motivate people.

  • ChaosExTheory

    FE:A was my first FE game and I liked it a LOT. It would’ve been sad to see a series, which I’ve just gotten into, die :(

    Really glad that they reached their sales target!

  • MrJechgo

    Good thing it worked out well ^_^

  • malek86

    Uhm, so the series’s sales were declining? I thought the exposure to western players via SSB and the increasing system sales from GBA/GC to DS/Wii, would have meant the opposite.

    • SirRichard

      Not necessarily. The jump to Wii and DS didn’t benefit all games, the audience that made them dominate in sales and turned New Super Mario Bros into a 20 million plus behemoth of a game isn’t exactly the sort to jump on Fire Emblem. Even the more hardcore probably passed it over because it’s a pretty niche series, and Smash Bros can only do so much.

      Sure enough, in the US, Radiant Dawn (the Wii one) launched one week ahead of Super Mario Galaxy and suffered the obligatory delay of several months in Europe. Shadow Dragon on the DS launched at the end of the system’s lifespan and in limited supply, when sales were beginning to slide down as people lost interest. Nintendo never really promoted their full range of games all that much back then.

  • Thank you for making this game, I enjoyed the fact that you made so many options like the casual mode so even newcomers like me can enjoy your game. Really I mean it, putting mulitple options is a good idea because players can play the way they want : they chan choose!

    It’s too rare these days to have games offering lot of options like yours. Also I am glad that you made it to sold more copies.

  • Mordina

    Praise Naga for this! I would cry my eyes out if this would’ve been the first FE and last for me. I instantly fell in love with it and from here on they got my wallet. I really hope they will make another FE for the 3DS, it was the reason I got myself one, to be able to enjoy this wonderful game and series.

    I love it soooo much <3

  • Nadia

    Well, I’m glad all the effort they put in paid off! It certainly did to me. So happy this went from being Fire Emblem’s swan song to its love song.

  • PreyMantis

    I hope Advance Wars doesn’t have the same declining sales fate and gets a new 3DS/WiiU game in the future.

    • Slayven19

      What year was the last advance wars game and you’ll have your answer. Still days of ruin sold good but the problem is it only sold good in the west and japan never got it.

  • キロ

    Throwing everything that they wanted to in at once probably explains the game’s story…

    Still, the game as a game was nice, and I am glad it exceeded their expectations.^^

    • Nah, that’s typical Fire Emblem.

      • キロ

        While it’s true that it shares the same sort of themes and story, I thought the execution was much better done in FE7, and FE9… and so for an overall story that made all the difference to me :

        People tell me it’s wrong to look forward to a story in an FE game, but I thoroughly enjoyed that in the above two, and was pretty disappointed in this one…

        • What, who the hell says that? :/ The story is the main part of a Fire Emblem game or at least it is supposed to be.

          • Kelohmello

            Can’t exactly say I’ve ever played an FE for its story, nor can I say I any of them had stories good enough to be memorable for me.

          • キロ

            Just out of curiosity, which Fire Emblem games did you play?

          • Kelohmello

            Starting with 6, every FE from then on.

          • キロ

            Ah, okay! So you have a nice wide range to be able to judge from. ^-^

          • キロ

            When I was browsing gameFAQs and Serenesforest both, I would often be told that caring for the story was trivial, so I thought perhaps I may be the only one who cares…

      • Not at all, the story here was mad bad, FE7-10 were amazing in that department~

        • JustThisOne

          I don’t think the story was terrible. But they did try to shove in the Avatar a little too hard. It made me feel really Mary/Marty Stu while playing it. I appreciated the time skip and the foreshadowing.

          On the other hand, I didn’t think 10 was all that great. For me, all the hype came from seeing what all the 9 characters were up to. That was when I realized that I didn’t like any of the 10 characters and their plots. :<

          • Awakenings plot felt so shallow and uninteresting. Probably because the story segments were always only 2-3 minutes long and they just talked about where to go next instead of actually developing the world or characters. Really, really unsatisfying, imo(still liked the game, btw, just for obviously other reasons).

            I think 9-10 was great cause it was a world and plot you could take serious, they really thought about how to develop it and gave a lot of heart into the script. The conflict between humans and Laguz, actual wars(not the silly 2 battle thing from this game orz), religions and a really likeable cast who start out as the underdogs, but become stronger and renovated as the fight continues, then in 10 go into the background to further develop some other characters just to finally return and put all the strings together. Not to mention the amazing villains. Admittedly The chapter structure in 10 caused quite some confusions. And also stress gameplay wise, but in the end it all came together almost flawlessly and finished the Telius lore with a satisfying ending~

            …*scratches head* I mean I still really like FE:A and am glad so many people enjoyed it and started getting into the franchise, I just hope they try to the GC-Wii games as well cause that was really the top of the franchise, I’d say. ;w;

          • キロ

            Thank you for your replies, it is nice knowing that I am not alone. ^-^

            FE10 often has back and forth opinions regarding story from what I have seen.

          • JustThisOne

            Ah, I agree with that. It wasn’t as in depth in story as 9 and 10. I’d put this story somewhere in the realm of Sacred Stones though.

          • キロ

            FE10 is often polarized for it’s story, I had played 9 so looked forward to seeing what the characters were up to as well. Micaiah also felt a little forced, I thought, as you described Avatar in this game to be.

  • Draparde

    I’m so glad they made the sales amount. Loved Awakening X_x.

  • Raiden365

    Dodged a bullet there Intelligent Systems. Glad the series isn’t over.

  • enorka miho

    Never a Nintendo fan, will never be.. not going to be one today either untill one day Nintendo decided to man up most of their releases ..

    Truth is I’d never really enjoyed Mario, Zelda and what not.. Merely because I can never get into them.. Condemn me as you will, say that I am not a real gamer or what ever there is that people would throw at others who do not see the same thing as they do.. Maybe I was too arrogant in stating that I am not a fan as well.. But, Nintendo simply fail to charm me.. Occasionally they do make me sit down and play their games like Pokemon and even a harry potter game which is a brilliant game… Still, that is all..

    Despite my lack of interest, I realise that Nintendo did make some epic games in the JRPG department where other console can barely rival them with, especially for this decade.. And Fire Emblem:Awakening is one of them..

    I am happy that I get to play it and not let my bias judgement get in the way..I mean, i can still know what game is good and what is not.. Seriously, Its the game that get me hooked.. As a result, I hoarded my friends 3DS for almost a month! I cannot believe myself though, on how this game can make me care for each and every characters there are… And how lively the party were.. It makes me weep…

    I have never would have thought on how FE:A manages to stir some of my memories, sunk deep down, where the passion was far more pure and that when gaming is not all about their mechanics.. It a very very touching moment for me..

    So yea, I played it on the perma death mode.. I have to replay some of the battle because of some wrong moves but it is still very enjoyable.. And I dare say, of all the JRPG that I had played in these recent years I have to admit that this game is in the top of my list and how much I love the game.. It really leaves a very very special place in my very heart and I have fallen very hard for it.. Too bad its only for NIntendo, but thanks to the company for giving a chance for IS to create magnificent game …I will see how it goes if another series were to be released in the future… I may not like the company and will never be a fan, but this game did change my view on them and let me experience what great game they can really churned out..

  • Rogerrmark

    We almost had another ”Mother-series” case.Without mentioning other dead franchises.

    Well done Nintendo,always the right path.


    Now just release more Mario/Zelda/Pokémon//Mario/Zelda/Pokémon/Mario/Animal Crossing/Zelda/Pokémon/Mario/Zelda/Pokémon/Mario/Zelda/Pokémon/Mario/Zelda/Pokémon/Mario/Zelda/Pokémon/Mario/Zelda/Pokémon/Mario/Animal Crossing/Zelda/Pokémon/Mario/Zelda/Pokémon/Mario/Zelda/Pokémon/Mario/Zelda/Pokémon/Mario/Zelda/Pokémon/Mario/Zelda/Pokémon,like you always do.

  • Tails the Foxhound

    I’m beginning to think Nintendo just tells their new hires and interns that this will be the last ‘something’ and lets the worry spread like wildfire in the company until the old guard start to believe it and pump out an amazing game. XD

  • prometheus126

    Wanna know what these guys should do to make Fire Emblem sell again? MAKE A REMAKE OF FIRE EMBLEM SWORD OF SEALS. Fire Emblem became famous outside of Japan thanks to Super Smash Bros Melee having Roy and Marth, WE STILL DONT HAVE ROY’S GAME. We’ve been waiting for Sword of Seals for years, even the ending to Fire Emblem [the US one]teased us by showing both Roy and Lilina.

  • Zonder88

    Most of the NDS games were pretty bad, cheap, and rushed. They were nothing like the SNES and GBA titles. So Im glad this game forced the team to make FE good again.

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