Famitsu Teases Asagi Announcement On July 13

By Spencer . May 28, 2013 . 9:16pm

asagiAsagi, the poor video game protagonist who doesn’t actually have her own game, may finally be the star. Famistu teases news there will be a "surprising" announcement about Asagi from Nippon Ichi Software on July 13.


When we were talking about The Guided Fate Paradox (which Asagi makes a cameo in) we asked Nippon Ichi Software president, Sohei Niikawa, if Asagi should have her own video game. He came back and asked us if we really think Asagi should have her own game. What do you think?

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  • Chris Yuen

    Oh no…not again…how many times Asagi gonna get screwed over hoping for her own game announcement…

  • I would love for her to have her own game. However this could be another uh.. .what is it music concert theatre dealio.

  • Raze

    They should name her game

    “Asagi the Misfortune Heroine”

  • refrain

    Nope, It’ll be another troll. Asagi will forever be a cameo that trying to steal the main character’s spot

  • Trevor Nicolaysen

    Parodies They should make a fun low-budget episodic game that parodies NIS games as they’re released. Cancel Wars: The witch and the hundred knights. Cancel Wars: Disgaea 5.

    But seriously, I don’t care. I like Asagi, but her schtick is staple. I’m kind of torn about changing that. Unless she becomes a superboss tyrant that we get to see kill Baal as her intro in every game.

  • give her an idol master close where you try and get her her own game.

  • MogCakes

    She won’t have a game to herself because NIS is her home. AKA limbo. lol

  • Kitestwinblades

    YES! She practically deserves it at this point. One more April fools joke…
    and she’ll probably take the stage at E3/TGS Herself! Go for it NIS!

  • Yes, she deserves it more than any other! Give this to her, give it!!!

    • Brandon Coley

      I agree with you but, at the same time her not having her own game it wont be fun anymore thinking of her as “the hero who is vastly known and she doesn’t have a game.” But if they do give her a game than when she appear in cameos they should depending on if it’s good or not mention it.

  • JustThisOne

    She should get her own game, but she shouldn’t be the main character. She’ll be like the Legend of Zelda. :P

    • Chiupon

      that would literally be suffering
      “I get a game, but I’m a side character and not really present!”
      no that’d be annoying stop how dare you

  • Two words: Main Character.

  • keicchi ryuu

    Give her a game where all the bosses are the mc’s of all the NIS games LOL

    • Yeah, game would be the quest of being the Main Character placing the player on Asagi’s shoes/boots. The previous MC’s as bosses have their reason to oppose her:

      Laharl: For the sake being Main Character again.

      Adell: Probably clueless and confused why he’s thrown to the fray. Though being the battle maniac that he is, least he’ll find consolation in fighting anyone.

      Mao: Curious and drooling at the prospect of researching more about the subject called: “Main Character.” He’s hoping to do dissections as well. While thinking more about it, it makes him act like a creepy pervert as he gets… Very excited.

      Valvatorez: Like Laharl. However, he wants to use title to show the universe the depths of sardine power— And how good it is for your body.

      • Testsubject909

        It is quite tasty, just get some spicy sardines and some freshly cooked rice. Very simple but damn tasty.

        And it’s good for you.

        I mean… Just take a listen as to how good Sardines are for you:


  • Higanbana

    July 13 is when NIS is holding Makai Wars Live in Yokohama Blitz.

  • Go2hell66

    wait what? april fools was almost two months ago?

  • ZekeFreek

    I still say no.

  • WyattEpp

    The thing I like most about this is we genuinely don’t know what they’re going to do. In an era where secrets are hard to keep. it’s nice to see that.

  • Testsubject909

    Oh hey. Reminds me.

    My sister said she’d get my copy of Prinny 2 for PSP signed by Asagi’s Japanese Voice Actress when she went to that convention…

    I forgot to ask her about it, had to go work… And now she’s asleep… Ah well, tomorrow I’ll get to see if it’s signed or not.

    Edit: And it makes me wonder if she’ll be an actual Protagonist or if it’s going to be a side-story mode again.

  • Joshua Myers

    No matter what it is if its done by NIS i will be buying it

  • Rogerrmark

    And it’s not even April Fools anymore. I guess it’s happening :x

  • DyLaN

    Hope Asagi finally gets her own game for real this time.

  • They pulled a Metal Gear Solid 2 where you get to play as Asagi for an hour and the rest of the game is about a completely new main character. She then attempts to take over the rest of the and subsequently fails each time.

  • Demeanor

    They should go with the idea I read somewhere in a post: a game where she’s supposed to be the main character, has her role stolen after a few minutes (you understand she REALLY wasn’t intended to be the main, not like they forcibly took it from her) and becomes the de facto main ch while attempting to get the spotlight back, or something like that XD

  • BenderIsGreat

    Also they should make a special edition that comes with an artbook and Figma of Asagi, because too much Asagi is never enough.

  • Damarius Wingfield

    *Clap your hands reference* If you see Asagi as the PRO(protagonist) clap your hands. If you see Asagi as the PRO(protagonist) clap your hands. If you see Asagi as the PRO(protagonist) clap your hands. If you really really see and you really really need it. If you see Asagi as the PRO(protagonist) clap your hands!

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