Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors Is Now On iOS, But Without Puzzles

By Spencer . May 28, 2013 . 8:52pm

Spike Chunsoft continues their Smart Sound Novel series with a port of Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors. This game is the first title in the Zero Escape series and was originally released for the Nintendo DS back in 2009.


Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors has the same story as the DS game, but it’s only the story. The escape the room puzzles were removed. The game has some other changes like a comic style presentation for conversations and a handy flowchart that allows you to jump at different points like Virute’s Last Reward.


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The graphics were also updated with high resolution images. Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors is 1,000 yen and available on iTunes right now. It looks like it’s a Japan-only title at the moment.

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  • Grape Monet

    It’s great that they remade it with high resolution artwork. Kinu Nishimura is an excellent artist. I’m not sure how I feel about the removal of puzzles, though.

  • Richard N

    Now this is a phone game I would buy!

  • Lumi

    Ohhh this would be good. But these awesome Japan phone games doesn’t seem to port anything over to English or Android… At least I can finally recommend this to my friends though.

    • Risa

      999 is an Aksys game not level 5. Though I do agree with you that it will probably never make it out of Japan.

      • Lumi

        Opps, opened 2 tabs and got things mixed up! But have hope, Chunsoft did say something about being interested in bringing Night of the Sickle Weasel to English…

  • Margaret Chan

    I would rebuy 999 for my iPhone like this too.

  • Sheep

    The puzzles become integral to a lot of what was conveyed in 999, not sure if it’s really that major but I just don’t see any reason to recommend this to anyone.

  • MrSirFeatherFang

    I remember reading how they did the sprites in high resolution first. I would totally buy this if I had a device with an iOS. I could just go through the story all over again!

  • disqus_ln66ikSFAE

    999 is okay solely as a visual novel, but borrows too many elements from the Infinity series. What really made it special to me was the blend of visual novel and room escape sequences. Also, without the split screens, I wonder how the climax of the story would be handled.

    • M’iau M’iaut

      It practically right out rips every element from Ever 17 or Remember 11. :P Not that such is bad. Might actually be interesting to see how folks react when the puzzles go away. Anything to open the true VN door should be seen as a good thing.

      • Zero_Destiny

        Yeah and VLR gets really reaaaaaaally Ever 17-ish near the end . . .

        It does its own thing of course and isn’t like just the same story recycled but yeah, similarities are hard to miss. >__<

        • Detrimont

          it’s written by the same person, of course there’s elements of Ever 17 and remember 11

          • Zero_Destiny

            I know. :O

        • SHSL Big Bro

          Even the author confirmed that it is indeed the same…person…as the one from the Ever 17 True end. Do you know what this means?
          Zero Escape 3 will use E17’s plot twist to , basically, save everyone and prevent VLR from happening.

          • HENRY WINKLER?

          • SHSL Big Bro

            It’s all cause of Blick Winkel :<

          • Sorry, I always get those guys mixed up.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            I had heard that — and that these two games were taking place in the Infinity universe.

      • Personally I find Zero Escape much more enjoyable than Ever 17 because it has 100% less multi-page descriptions of a game of kick-the-can.

        • SHSL Big Bro

          We’re never going to live that segment down, are we?

        • M’iau M’iaut

          But hey you get to play that game in every route! At least you are playing it with moe girls.

          And a strike against Zero Escape is you don’t get to play chicks with Coco.

  • SiliconNooB

    I don’t even know what to make of this…

    Why would they port their game to the appstore, but remove all of the gameplay?!

    This is a completely incomprehensible decision to me…

  • Kavyn

    You discover some important information in the middle of the escape room puzzles, so removing them also removes some crucial info.

    Not to mention this shouldn’t belong in the “Games” section when this version is essentially robbed of the gameplay.

    • DyLaN

      VN is still consider as a game last I recall.

  • Ramón Navas

    Wait, what!?

  • JustThisOne

    Huh… will this game still have the same impact though? I wonder how this’ll fly without puzzles. It seemed to integral to the story.

    • Testsubject909

      Of course it won’t have the same impact.

      Edit: Gaming is the newest form of storytelling and gameplay adds to the story in many ways.

    • komiko12

      I’m afraid it won’t.

      We all know what the two screens represented.

  • CirnoLakes

    I love how this article is basically:
    >without puzzles
    >their faces when

  • But…that…end game puzzle…that was brilliant! Without puzzles…it…

    Well, I guess it’d work fine, but the puzzles really made the game.

    • Yeah, i really feel the finale will lose a lot of its impact

  • Testsubject909


    So… Is that a hint of how they feel about the general intelligence of the people who play iOS games?

    • M’iau M’iaut

      Come now Test, you know the gaming tree of this author. There is plenty enough story to put together logically. Ever17 required more than just clicking and looking at the pictures to figure out what was really going on.

    • FitzpatrickPhillips


  • Jahred Down


    • Mr_SP

      Great… Except I just bought the DS version.

  • So what’s in place of the puzzle rooms? Don’t get me wrong, the narrative itself is excellent and stands on its own, but if they don’t replace the puzzle rooms with exposition, that certainly leaves some noticeable gaps in the story.

    • DyLaN

      My best guess is tht they turned the puzzle segment into a narration.

  • komiko12

    Another good remake would be a fully-voiced version on e-Shop.

    • DyLaN

      Seconding this. I don’t mind it being on the iOS though cuz its the only thing I have.

    • benhofb

      YES. Not this iOS business. I’m sorry, but all these iOS releases are getting to me.

  • Lemon

    Not sure how I feel about this. Maybe it’s only me, but I think one of the greatest charms of 999 were the little (and trivial) things you could do during the puzzle segments, such as examining the pipes over and over again for one of the most hilarious in-game running joke. Of course, the puzzles themselves were fun and interesting too.

    So I wonder if this means that the small conversations/remarks/comments you get from the other characters during the escape phases will be cut since there will be no more puzzles? Also, the final puzzle was probably one of the most mind-blowing and satisfying (though not necessarily difficult) puzzles I have ever completed in my whole life.

    • komiko12

      There was also that hard chunk of meat in the refrigerator

  • DyLaN

    Haha tht 9th man portrait art lol.

    While I have mix feelings abt the removal of puzzles, the high resolution CGs/portrait art is nice to look at. I think I will most likely get this since I have an iPhone now.

  • Ty Arnold

    …Wasn’t the whole point of 999 the fact that it utilized the DS’s features in a way that no other game has really matched?

    Never mind the fact that the only reason I could get into it was because of the puzzles. Not much of a VN guy otherwise.

  • Mr_SP

    That’s pretty neat… Except that I just bought the DS version, and this is in Japanese!

  • TheExile285

    This smells like a bad omen

  • Isaac Newton

    To me 999 has the best protagonist that the Zero Escape….

  • redhood56

    WHAT! *head explodes* but how? It is impossible! So they cut the bottom screen? Does Spike Chunsoft even understand their own game?

  • Hinataharem

    Next is Mario without coins

    • remember what mobile industry did to megaman series? look at rockman xover.
      removing coins from mario wouldnt be a problem, but make mario run by itself so you only jump when needed and it’s over.
      doing this to 999 makes no difference than watching the playthrough on youtube

      • DyLaN

        Personally, I like tht I do not need to redo the puzzles again just to get a new ending. Not too much of a puzzle guy here. Still, I wonder why they took out the puzzle? To draw the VN fan in?

        I enjoy watching ppl playthrough a game… Wht does this say abt me?

    • or a megaman without robots to beat?

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