Level-5’s Earth Devastating B-Rank Girlfriend Is A Slot Battle RPG

By Spencer . May 30, 2013 . 2:02am

Earth Devastating B-Rank Girlfriend is certainly unique. Level-5’s upcoming iPhone and Android RPG draws from Japan’s love for pachinko and slot machine parlors. The game is played by spinning slot reels to earn gold to fund a war against Earth’s invaders.


Where do you fit in? Well, you’re a commander that leads a special force of women. These mercenaries are regular women with regular jobs like being a truck driver, mechanic, waitress, bartender or a news announcer. You need to fill up the war chest to fund the fight. If you get 777 Fever this activates B-mode and transforms the mercenaries into beauties ready for battle. You can also have a chance of winning a lot of gold if you trigger 777 Fever and the game is all about earning gold.


Earth Devastating B-Rank Girlfriend is developed by Kayac. They made Bonus Round, a mobile game that’s just the car crushing game in Street Fighter II and Final Fight. Level-5 will release Earth Devastating B-Rank Girlfriend for iOS in June and Android in July.

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  • DAT Bird From DAT Cage

    All I wanna say is


    I dunno what to say except that I will get a new phone if this game is localized in English. Ok?

    • coax

      I highly doubt a pachislot game is ever going to get localized. And with that vocal cast I wouldn’t want it in english anyway.

  • Chim_era

    You know I actually really like the idea and I’m a girl :3
    For an IOS game it looks superbe. The characters models also look really nice. They definitly have ….. “assets” but it’s not overdone.
    And it’s all about making money? Well as long as they don’t make it impossible to play without in-game purchases this is a must buy for me if it gets localised :D

    Thank you Level 5 for making something a little bit different for social gaming. You’re not as stupid as Square Enix ;)

    • KnifeAndFork

      That’s illegal actually

  • Tonton Ramos


  • xxqwertyx

    Most freakin’ epic game title ever

  • lol …Japan :) love em

  • I liked the art style, and I want to see some gameplay =P

  • SpecDotSign

    With such an amazing title I really hope this becomes a franchise that sees a fully realized console release. Who wouldn’t buy a game, or anything for that matter, with that name?!

  • shuyai

    B rank just sound wrong like they are second rate, judging by the screen shot they are atleast SSS rank girlfriend.

    i still wonder why japanese old man like pachiko so much

    • You’d be surprised how many housewives are into pachinko…!

  • Level-5 is really getting into putting out titles as of late. Hope this title goes well for them.

  • samsneeze

    “pachinko and slot machine parlors.”

    Oh so it’s a complete and utter trap that may cause hearing loss after prolonged exposure. Well, at least the title is nice I guess.

  • Sergio BriceƱo

    Someone out there is already making hentai out of this.


  • Military outfit to limono outfit = shock o.o

  • KnifeAndFork

    I like how no one is commenting on the giant white elephant in the room…..the fact that this is another throwaway pachinko game….and even worse, another mobile phone game where Level 5’s time could be spent making a real game. Don’t get Japan’s obsession with these games. They’re not fun, and you can’t win any money since gambling in illegal in Japan. That said, you can’t lose any money either (except the money you lost by purchasing this)

    • coax

      There’s a lot of money in the mobile market, like it or not it is very popular. And while gambling is technically illegal, there’s almost always a place that will buy back the trinkets for cash around the corner from the parlor. Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s an online equivalent of that, yet…

      • KnifeAndFork

        There was but it was shut down

    • Pombar

      Pretty sure by this point that there’s a team at Level-5 who exclusively make this kind of game. If they were taken off this one, they’d only be making another game of this variety – it’s incredibly likely that they’re not the same team as the ones at Level-5 that brought you whichever of their series you love.

      • KnifeAndFork

        That’s one team too many

        • Pombar

          Nah, not really. This team’s games clearly appeal to a decent number of people in Japan, and if that money even in part gets funnelled into the company as a whole, that can mean higher budgets on the series you DO like.

  • riceisnice

    I’ll never understand gambling. Guess i’m just a “play it safe” kinda gal.

  • Released in June for iOS in Japan, US, or both?

  • Final Aura

    I misread slot battle for slut battle lol

  • ………whaaaaaaaaaa?

  • JustThisOne

    So… Beauty kills the beast, hm? But by “beast” I mean giant space tank aliens.

  • Testsubject909

    Somehow this article reminds me of this Castlevania game:


    • wittlewabbit

      how about this one?

  • Kai2591

    I’m just interested in the art. Very nice. I wonder who the artist is?

    and these ‘small’ games usually have awesome artwork.

    • Jesse Thompson

      Call me crazy, but it looks a little like the art from the guy who did Magna Carta…

    • Kamakuma

      (First I gotta ask is that by chance… Len in your avy? >> << I'm not entirely sure. x'DD)

      And second I'm with you on how the art looks. Not sure if I'll get it though… Depends how they tie everything together to give me a good experience really.

      • Kai2591

        Yes that is Kagamine Len, artwork by CHANxCO :)

        As for me, I won’t get it. This kind of game just isn’t for me.

  • Sakula Kimono

    Nah..the artworks are not as good as Dragon Era.

  • Sakula Kimono

    They actually have a real-man tv drama of Cutie Honey and 2 songs about it. One in Japanese and one in Korean.

  • Sakula Kimono

    But as a game, it’s not as good as dragon era.

  • wittlewabbit

    where is my message? any one who play dragon era pls use my code aaa26e after the tutorial for rewards and add me. I have powerful leader skill cards.

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