Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino Developing Fantasy RPG Called Wonderflick

By Spencer . May 31, 2013 . 7:41pm

Level-5 is a big company now and Professor Layton creator and company CEO Akihiro Hino doesn’t work directly on every game. He is working on Wonderflick, a fantasy RPG for iPhone and Android.


Wonderflick lets players customize their avatar with all kinds of costumes like chain mail, dragon mail, and a pirate outfit.






Details about Wonderflick are scarce, but Level-5 put together a notable development team.


Planner, Producer, Director: Akihiro Hino

Music: Nobuo Uematsu

Boss Monster Designer: Takuzo Nagano (Professor Layton artist)

Character Designer: Nao Ikeda (Final Fantasy XII artist)

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  • Zestevez

    sigh, more level 5 games we won’t see…

    • midorigreen

      I wouldn’t lose all hope just yet. I mean the door swings both ways. It may come out first on cellphones, but if it takes off then we might see some of these games released on PSN or the eshop.

    • makubexnas

      Need to play Ni no kuni again…sigh

      • GH56734

        Oh, speaking of Ninokuni… aside from the DS version, it has a cell-phone prequel in the graphical style of Mother 3.
        Guess what, neither this, nor the Inazuma Eleven and Professor Layton (not only Layton Brothers, another one) cell-phone tie-ins which seems to be quality games (not the average GREE crap)…
        … neither of these is playable outside Japan.
        (There’s Tengai Makyou and 100-player Bomberman for the iPhone, and ots of Tales gamesscattered from cell-phones to iPhones too in the same situation…
        Couldn’t GungHo get the license to port these somehow on another more accessible platform instead of wasting their time on exporting untranslated visual novels? At this point a release of the unreleased localizations for Ganbare Goemon PS2 (Mystical Ninja Goemon), Gekibo 2 (Polaroid Pete), and Tengai Makyou Ziria X360 seems far more likely :,( )

  • Elemiel

    I thought this was for one of the handheld consoles…. :(

  • Nameless App 1989

    Why can’t I hold all these Guild-style games?

  • JustThisOne

    Kinda cute, but I’d like to know how far into the customization this can go.

  • xxqwertyx

    Look, look at all those level-5 games we will not be able to play XD

  • Aoshi00

    Hino is getting very comfortable w/ Uematsu lately :) and Layton design! Then you lost me at cellphone *.*;;… like everyone said, I just want to text and call on my phone, just put these games on gaming console/handhelds.. and port them to phones later if you like.

  • Guilherme Matheus Silva

    I liked it ♪♫ Hope there are Job Classes too! ♥

  • Rocket D

    Level-5? Nao Ikeda and Nobuo Uematsu? This is excellent!…Except it’s a cellphone game…I was really excited that this would be a portable system game at least….That artwork is gorgeous and though vague and lacking any real information about gameplay the concept sounds interesting…I am starting to wish cellphones didn’t get so advanced for games, it’s the bane of gamers this generation.

  • Solomon_Kano

    Ikeda and Uematsu? And Android? Well, if we see it in the US, I’ll definitely give this a shot.

  • tha_Chiller

    dat concept art

  • Testsubject909

    So long as the price is reasonable and that it can run on a smartphone that’s limited to 500mhz and thus too weak to be able to run freaking flash by Smartphone standards and doesn’t end up taking too much space and is actually compatible with the smartphone I’m using and.

    You know. Smartphone gaming is pretty freaking complicated. I know many people just never bother thinking about it until they hit those problems but there’s a lot of compatibility issues and whatnot…

    And I can’t even begin to imagine the situation for the poor iPhone users who’re stuck having to upgrade yearly (Edit: or bi-yearly) less they end up being with obsolete unsupported tech.

    • yomachaser

      You can side step all the (odd made up) stuff you just said by purchasing amid range-flagship android phone. Those are good for many years of gaming.

  • Mithfalath

    NOBUO UEMATSU. NOBUO UEMATSU. NOBUO UEMATSU. Cannot be unseen! I’m sold!

  • yomachaser

    Why is everyone poo pooing this being a cellphone game? Do you not all own smartphones?

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