Monster Hunter 4 Release Date Announced For Japan

By Ishaan . May 31, 2013 . 4:12am

Monster Hunter 4 has a release date in Japan—September 14th, for 5,990 yen. Series producer Ryozo Tsujimoto announced the news during today’s Nintendo Direct presentation in Japan.



For the game’s launch, Capcom and Nintendo are preparing limited edition Nintendo 3DS XL systems. The two are pictured above.


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  • Haseyo

    Holy bajeebus that black XL looks smexy. Too bad it’ll be hella expensive. I’ll just take the game. The new trailer looks sick.

  • That black 3DS is the best looking portable gaming device I have ever seen. I have to have it.

    • Haseyo

      If it’s not TOO stupid, I may go ahead and get it. But if the conversion puts it at $500+, then you got it Japan. I may be a die hard MH fan, but I still got a few priorities in life.

      • Ha ha me too. My wants and needs are limited by my wallet

      • ShadowDivz

        The human body can go some time without eating…
        And it never hurts to lose a few extra amirite?

        • mike dickson

          oh but it does my friend

          • ShadowDivz

            No pain no gain.

      • Kevadu

        Well, this is a limited edition so who knows what they might charge for it, but right now a regular JP 3DS is actually cheaper than a US 3DS. The yen has dropped a *lot* in the last few months. Thank Abenomics.

        • Haseyo

          Yerp, that’s why I’ll just stick with my Ice White for now.

  • Shadowman

    I like the black 3DS XL design!

  • Sango

    Now announce it being localized please.

  • $39420547

    now waiting for a western release

  • porkiewpyne

    Please bring that bundle over… Pretty please? By far my favourite of all 3DS XL colour scheme.

  • Day one purchase!

  • SilentMC

    Oh God, I already have a japanese LL. I don’t think I can resist this…no..ugh

  • KuchikiSentou

    The end of the world is here. It’s going to be chaotic.

  • AokiShizuku

    Curses! I regret buying my 3DS so damn early. I missed out on the FE:A 3DS, SMTIV 3DS, Animal Crossing 3DS, and now this!

    Stop it Japan. Stop teasing the crap out of me.

    On another note, I’m so hyped for this. 3U was my entry into the series and my god it got me hooked.

    • Anone

      adding salt to your pain…..there’s also an incoming Luigi version :)

  • Pockystix

    well hello there

    I think I know which one I’m getting~

  • isotrex

    New monsters!!! I’m so ready to die. :D

  • Pokémon and Monster Hunter a month apart. This ought to be interesting. They could potentially cut into each other’s sales.

    • ShawnOtakuSomething


    • Ferofax

      Or force people to go hungry for a few days, all in the name of Pokemon and Monster Hunter.

      • Yep. But it’s not so much about money. More about time and two very community-focused games releasing so close to each other.

        • Ferofax

          …hmm, I suppose it is a bit hard to obsess on two things at once.

    • malek86

      Yeah, I really thought MH4 would be released no further than August.

    • Ethan_Twain

      Do you really think? Those are such big names and both have such large multiplayer communities, I imagine that any competition between them will only be a matter of which to buy first. Pokemon and Monster hunter both manage to have actual shelf lives, I imagine they’ll get sold to approximately every Japanese 3DS owner eventually.

      • Oh, eventually, I’m sure things will even out and perhaps the two will even benefit from each other. I agree with you there. Just that short-term sales for MH might be affected since there is some overlap between the MH and Pokémon communities.

        • Ethan_Twain

          You see MH suffering at the hands of pokemon more than the other way around? Since MH comes out first, I would have guessed the opposite.

          • IMO, if anything, Pokémon might slow down MH’s weekly sales. Monster Hunter is big… really big… but it isn’t the king. :)

    • Pockystix

      they could solve this problem via cross-over lol

      wouldn’t be the first time Capcom and Nintendo made sweet crossover love

  • Sergio Briceño

    Both look super cool. There is this console skin maker in Japan, the name of the artist/company starts with D and I can’t remember. Anybody knows what his name is? I’ve been looking to buy some skins.

  • Istillduno

    My goodness, that black one has all the swag.

  • Namuro

    YES! YES!! YES!!! That’s what I’ve been waiting for all this time. My friends kept telling me to buy the Japanese 3DS, like every day to play MH with them, but I wanted to wait for the MH4 limited edition. Though, I was afraid the limited one might not look that good (I was really disappointed with the plain black one that comes with 3G). But this is just gorgeous! Ah…I’m, I’m just so happy right now, man…I think I’m gonna go lie down a bit.

  • Solomon_Kano

    That black one’s got a bit too much going on for my tastes, but I do like the white one. It’s like an MH version of the Year of Luigi XL.

  • Juuu

    N-No…This WON’T make me import a J3DS so I can play imports….Not even that amazing black one… ;w; Sigh, it does look REALLY good though. c:

  • mike dickson

    why does the white one look so bad

  • Spider-Man

    I know Kushala Daoroa when I see it. Hell, looks like his theme got remixed. Regardless, loving everything so far. Game seems really chaotic. Like the ecosystem going haywire. New insect monsters are always welcome.

  • gquain

    there is a guide how to de-shell the 3ds to put on this delicious mantle on it.
    For the price of import though…

  • JustThisOne

    The black one looks awesome! It’s a little cluttered, but it’s so close to being as awesome as the FE3DS. So close, but no cigar. :3

    Okay, okay, there’s some bias here. I just love my FE3DS, okay?

  • rurin

    The black one kind of reminds me of the Limited Edition Zelda 3DS from a while ago….
    It’s still quite pretty, though. I’m honestly crying over all these new limited editions 3DS’…..not enough money to buy them all….

  • Hau To

    I am loving that white 3dsxl. Those kitty prints on them makes me dawww. If it is released to the states, I am willing to throw my money at the screen.

  • For the love of all that is good and Monster Hunter, please localize the game and announce those 3DSXL’s for the states. lol I never begged and pleaded in my life, but I’d do it for this. xP Must have that black XL.

  • Happy Gamer

    sigh why…:( *looks at blue 3dsxl*

  • Vash bane

    looks awesome ^_^

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