A Closer Look At The Monster Hunter 4 Limited Edition 3DS XL Systems

By Ishaan . June 3, 2013 . 1:00pm

As reported last week, Capcom and Nintendo will be releasing Monster Hunter 4-themed Nintendo 3DS XL systems alongside the game in September. Here’s a closer look at the two limited edition systems:


Goa Magara Black 3DS XL:


Felyne White 3DS XL:


“Goa Magara” is Monster Hunter 4’s mascot monster and is on the game’s cover, which you can see below. The game is slated for release on September 14th.


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  • If these are ever localized, I will buy these for my sister and I =^_^=

    • Ninastars

      I’d be happy with any of the recent special edition 3DS XL models coming over. They all look fantastic.

      • VietKnight

        Just make sure the inside of them is white since pretty much all special edition 3dsxl are like that.

        • zeta

          nope this will be like that EU/JP all black savagejho special edition

  • Lazulis

    The black one is just beautiful. That and the SMT IV one are the best XL designs.

    • Surgeon of Death

      Hey don’t forget the charizard. That shit is also boss.

      • Lazulis

        Meh, I don’t think I’ve liked any of the Pokemon 3DS’s that much. The Charizard is just okay imo. I mean…the flames are at the bottom, and he’s upside down when your 3ds is open. I like how the SMT 4 & Mon Hun ones look pretty nice whichever way you see em from.

  • Suicunesol

    Are those native-american-style pictograms on the black 3DS supposed to represent different monsters? If so, wow. That’s great attention to detail. Can anyone identify them?

    • I can only identify the first two. Rathalos and Yian Kut Ku. Some of the others are probably monsters new to this game plus some old ones that I never paid attention to their art.

    • Peace Legacy

      Those pictogram have always been used inside the actual game in the monster profile section
      I can recognize Kutku, Rathalos, Gravios, Tigrex and Khezu (and probably those new bug monsters)

    • zeta

      Top Left – Rathian
      Top Right – Rathalos
      2nd L – Yian Kut Ku
      2nd R – Khezu
      Mid L – Tetsukabura
      Mid R – Garara Ajara
      4th L – Nerusukyura
      4th R – Kechawacha

      bottom L – That I dont know
      bottom R – Tigrex

      and the monster emblem behind MH4 Icon is Goa Magara

  • デ オオカミ

    My god, why you do this to us Nintendo. How can we possible buy all of these pretty 3DS’s o(≧●≦)o

  • ZEROthefirst

    I don’t care what anyone says, if that Goa Magara 3DS XL gets released in the West when and if MH4 gets licensed in the future… all my money goes to that and my basic 3DS goes to… well whatever.

    • gamefreak86

      Id buy the black one and sell the red xl I have to my brother or friend.

  • SetzerGabbiani

    I think I see Ludroth and maybe Agnaktor on the black one

  • Guest

    Goa Magara Black 3DS XL reminds me of God Eater Burst for some reason.

    Oh my wallet….. HOW AM I GONNA PAY RENT?!

  • Scarletmoonwish

    Just found the perfect 3DS to replace the one that got stolen, plus it’s an upgraded version. COME TO MAMA

  • Shadowman

    That black one is so beautiful. O___O

  • ronin4life

    E capcom is also going to have a special edition thar has the game, an action figure and 3ds carrying case.

    And I want them all…>.>;;;

  • ChiffonCake

    Damn, both of those look great. I think I’d probably go with the felyne one though, heh.

  • XypherCode

    My wallet’s gonna cry real bad. XD

  • Caleb

    Not XL, LL! got me all excited because I thought that meant NA was actually getting a cool looking XL.

  • Caleb

    How does Japan get an LL design like every month..?

    • Caleb

      I like it, though.

  • Niermyico

    I just hope Nintendo doesn’t come up with another version of the 3DS. I bought the LoZ 3DS even knowing that Nintendo would end up releasing another version of it, but I didn’t care. I want that Goa Magara Black 3DS XL, but I’m afraid Nintendo will pull another version. It’s sooo beautiful.

  • porkiewpyne

    Please come to the West. Please come to the West. *prays*

  • Raltrios

    Daaaamn. I’ve wanted to upgrade to an XL for a while, but the Fire Emblem Awakening XL was only released in Europe. If this one comes over, I’ll probably be getting it. Never played a MH game before (do have Gods Eater Burst, though), and if it gets bundled with the 3DS XL that’d be cool with me.

    Thing is, because my PSP fell in a puddle I need to replace it, and I also need a PS3 for Xillia. If this comes over, I’ll be spending so much on consoles it’s not funny… -__-;

  • komiko12

    Surprisingly, I found the white one very charming.

    • Oh hey, someone thinks it’s cute too. Hi-five!

      • komiko12

        High fives :D
        It’s cute and simple. And the subtle patterns fits too. If those “cat” faces were drawn with a darker shade of black, it would not be good for me.

        • I can see that. I don’t think it would appeal to me either if that were the case.

          Now, if only they weren’t region-locked… I’m aching to get this ^^;

    • Sometimes minimalistic patterns can be just as fun as grand ones. I prefer the white one as well, it’s very easy on the eyes for a white.

  • Testsubject909

    Now that’s a good looking exclusive.

  • AntonioPeYangIII


  • Arz

    Goddamn,that’s beautiful cover art.Finally they are done with the ‘back of the hunter’ pose.

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