Monster Hunter 4 Limited Edition Comes With Goa Magara Themed Goodies

By Sato . June 4, 2013 . 12:28am

This past weekend was all about Monster Hunter 4 for Capcom, where we got a glimpse of the latest trailer, along with a closer look at the new Charge Axe weapon. Capcom also revealed five different limited edition sets that will be available for Monster Hunter 4’s release, which come with Goa Magara themed case, charm strap, and a Rathalos-armored Hunter figure.


Similar to Capcom’s Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies limited edition sets we reported a couple months ago, Monster Hunter 4 will also have different sets depending on what you’d like to get.


Here’s a break down of what they come with:

  • Complete Set ($110): Monster Hunter 4, limited edition Rathalos armor Hunter figure, Goa Magara themed 2-way case and Goa Magara charm strap.


  • Figure Set ($90): Monster Hunter 4, limited edition Rathalos armor Hunter figure and a Goa Magara charm strap.


  • 2-Way Case Set ($80): Monster Hunter 4, Goa Magara themed 2-way case and Goa Magara charm strap.


  • Basic Set ($60): Monster Hunter 4, Goa Magara charm strap.


  • Figure Set ($70): Rathalos armor Hunter figure.


The Rathalos armor Hunter figure is made by the popular figure makers Sentinel, who are also making the Phoenix Wright figure for Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies’ limited edition release. The same action figure was previously released in Japan for their limited edition set of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.


Sentinel’s high-quality figure measures 190mm (roughly 7.5 inches) and it comes with a Rathalos Long Sword weapon, Hammer, texture sheets and a stand. It also features quality joints that allows you to place your Rathalos Hunter in almost any position imaginable.


The 2-way case features a dark Goa Magara themed leather and fur motif, that attaches to your belt in holster-like fashion, so you can be ready to hunt on the go. It has a magnetic closure attached to the flap, and also a soft interior to keep your 3DS safe and other belongings safe.


The strap comes with two charms that say “Currently hunting solo” and “Seeking Hunter friend”, which can also be used as screen cleaners. The 2-way case and strap are made from the same material, which is synthetic fur and leather, so you won’t have to worry about any Goa Magaras that may have been harmed in the process of making these items!


Monster Hunter 4 is slated for release on September 14th, for 5,990 yen on Nintendo 3DS.

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  • rubin

    Nice, might consider buying this if it ever comes to the West.

    • Joshua Myers

      Yea i’ll be buying it too

    • artemisthemp

      Sadly a very low chance for it to happen, but then again The Last Guardian show up on the E3 list

      • Fango

        zero chance, actually

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    wow about every major game that coming out this year, has a limited edition that has a figure in it. My wallet is crying

  • gamefreak86

    Fuckin A that complete set is going to be bought. That statue alone is so fuckin badass holy shit. Anyone know a legit retailer I van buy this from?

  • Namuro

    I was foaming at the mouth when I saw this at the official site this morning… A cool limited edition 3DS LL to go with a kick-ass Goa Magara’s hide pouch? And an awesome action figure to boot! CAPCOM has given me everything I need for a brand new Monster Hunter adventure! I’m gonna wear this baby everywhere I go, I swear… Now I just need to be quick and pre-order them.

    Gosh…the foaming won’t stop…

  • Jesse Torres

    My gosh, why do they always get amazing bonuses lol, i doubt they will do something like this in the U.S, if so i would buy it in a heartbeat. That action figure looks amazing.

  • British_Otaku

    Already ordered Ace Attorney 5’s Limited Edition and got my eye on other figures… Perhaps I’ll get back to getting the figure in the future.

  • konsama

    That case looks freaking awesome. Damn japan-only exclusivities and damn region lock. -_-

  • Niermyico

    No lie. I would gladly spend $80+ for the 2 way case set, just for the case.

  • ShadowDivz

    Meanwhile… In the rest of the world…

  • isotrex

    Probably 1% chance of having it in the west. hehe j/k

  • Go2hell66

    that is some nice looking gear o_o

  • Happy Gamer


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