BlazBlue: Chronophantasma Screenshots Show Unlimited Mars Mode, Kagura Mutsuki

By Spencer . June 7, 2013 . 3:06am

BlazBlue: Chronophantasma comes to consoles with two more characters and modes seen in other home versions. Unlimited Mars mode is designed for advanced players and pits them against tougher versions of the BlazBlue characters.


bbchro-32 bbchro-34 bbchro-35  bbchro-36 bbchro-37 bbchro-38 bbchro-39 bbchro-40


And for beginners, BlazBlue: Chronophantasma has a tutorial mode. Rachel isn’t the only character that guides you through the tutorial in this game and it might be worth playing through to see conversations with other characters like Noel.


bbchro-20 bbchro-22 bbchro-21


When you want to learn more advanced techniques you can try challenge mode, which has players execute specific combos. BlazBlue: Chronophantasma shows the commands you inputted on the bottom of the screen.


bbchro-26 bbchro-24 bbchro-27  bbchro-25 bbchro-23


BlazBlue: Chronophantasma also has score attack mode. You can clear this by defeating 10 computer controlled characters, but you can’t continue if you’re defeated in this mode.


bbchro-28 bbchro-31 bbchro-30 bbchro-29


Here’s a look at Kagura Mutsuki one of the new characters in BlazBlue: Chronophantasma.


bbchro-19 bbchro-18 bbchro-17 bbchro-16 bbchro-15 bbchro-14 bbchro-13 bbchro-12 bbchro-11 bbchro-10 bbchro-09 bbchro-08 bbchro-07 bbchro-05 bbchro-04 bbchro-03 bbchro-02

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  • Go2hell66

    I like that new training stage

    • It kinda looks like the Danger Room/Training Room from the Marvel vs. Capcom series and Capcom vs. SNK2.

  • MrJechgo

    Izayoi with Jin and Kagura in story mode? She will break the Imperator’s mind control sooner?

    • TokkanRAM

      Fun fact: Her breaking free of the Imperator’s control is actually mentioned in her official character profile. I could elaborate more but that would be spoiling stuff from the arcade stories. (her profile doesn’t really count as a spoiler since it’s publicly available on the official website)

      • MrJechgo

        The thing is that Izayoi is the final Arcade boss for some characters, meaning that some of these events could happen during the middle of the story instead of the end.

  • Tonton Ramos

    Why is Kokonoe in the NOL office?!

    • Luke Blackwood

      Because everyone and their moms work for Kagura, apparently.

      Not so surprising, since everyone and their moms hate the NOL as well, and Kagura is plotting a coup on the NOL.

  • Shariest

    Kokonoe spotted…Raising Hype…

    • Surgeon of Death

      It’s…..It’s over 9000!!!!

      • Shariest

        *Head Explodes*

    • Abyan Haidar

      why everyone loves Kokonoe?

      • Shariest

        It usually thrives from being a cat-person…Or liking animals in general. So the idea of a human + animal is more intriguing.

        Also she is an interesting character! The backstory sets her as a person that might be one of the strongest in that universe! And people wan’t to play as her to see that power…
        And fighting style for the matter.

        You could also say that she stands out, which might give her fans. Technological mastermind is not a bad reputation in BlazBlue-universe :)

        That was all from the top of my head!

        Oh.And she can be a little rough. Which might’ve baited Tsundere-fans :)

  • anthony apduhan

    Judging by the first 4 pics after battling Azrael… Kagura is such a pimp…

    • XiaomuArisu

      Even Jin isnt safeXD

  • XiaomuArisu

    Dont seduce me…..I will buy it anyway!

  • Ni
    • Wappuli

      That’s actually 13 hits changing into 14 hits.

  • I was just sold on the game by these screens


    Can’t wait till they announce more DLC characters~~

  • TheExile285

    My body is mega ready for this

  • Kagura has that “Look at this sh** over here” look on his face. I shall use himz.

  • fireemblembeast

    Still loving their new looks!
    And the screenshots are amazing *_*

  • DemonicX

    So hyped! I am seriously hoping for a US release date announcement at E3.

  • Chee Yang

    Somebody fill me in. Is this the 3rd or 4th release update or is this a new installment for the series?

    • Neppygear

      It’s a new installment.

  • Vash bane

    tutorial mode?
    for the love of the overseers yes

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